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  • CloudStrifeCloudStrife Posts: 28 New Member
    Good Custom content would be Sims 4 Golfing town or Sims 4 Carnival Town(expansion packs)
  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 500 Member
    Brooms for bust the dust, please?
  • SpotVirtualSpotVirtual Posts: 1 New Member
    Not exactly a MOD but we created a 3D Virtual Workplace and would love feedback from the Sims community. Check us out at Thank you!!
  • VaniliciousVanilicious Posts: 52 Member
    Does anyone know of any mod that fixes the fact that when the sims ask for a drink at the bar, then they stack up with each other ending in a reset because they all stayed in a chat with the bartender?
  • TashiroSatoTashiroSato Posts: 4 New Member
    We need a Sims 4 Career Mod(Military)also Sims can eat MRE Meals (breakfast,Lunch,Dinner)
  • AbbeypuffinAbbeypuffin Posts: 1 New Member
    yea, sorry, i simply made an account to post my idea

    im not really interested in waiting 24 hours and making "15 posts" and "get 25 points" to simply drop my idea for the developers to read.
    i dont feel "hoop jumping" is necessary.

    but here was my suggestion, maybe for Sims5 or hopefully somebody can make a mod for sims4

    1) i wish there was a mod to bring back Sims 3 satisfaction system, where my sims passively generate SP if their "mood" is high enough

    players should simply select their sims "ideal mood" in CAS, hot-headed, genius, creative, etc

    these dont give "random moodlets" anymore...
    instead WHEN your sim is in the designated mood, THEN they will generate SP (similar to sims3 "very happy")

    so for example, the ideal mood for a "Gloomy" sim is sad, thus when 'Very Sad' you will generate Satisfaction over time.

    2) in addition, completing a whim should convert the little "Whim icon" into a moodlet that would THEN contribute to the emotion state THUS 'generating SP over time' ... instead of simply dumping lumps of SP.

    that way, a series of sad whims over the day will contribute into writing that sad novel or sad painting
    AND generate sad satisfaction points over time while the moodlets are active.

    and then... potentially, that pesky optimistic sim can ruin your "sad mood" with a "brighten day pep-talk" interaction/moodlet.
    thus inturn providing reasons for the PLAYER to socialize/avoid being social during moodlets.

    it's like... providing an actual REASON for sims to be in a mood state rather than to simply perform a "mood" action.
  • TashiroSatoTashiroSato Posts: 4 New Member
    We need a MRE mod that allows you're sim to eat MRE Meals(Army Rations) Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
  • TashiroSatoTashiroSato Posts: 4 New Member
    We also need some mods for a Nuka Cola Vending Machine(Fallout 4 styled)So Sims can buy different flavors of Nuka Cola
  • TashiroSatoTashiroSato Posts: 4 New Member
    For the Sims 4 Nuka Cola Vending machine it could come in different styles and colors(fully interactive with you're sims when using this)
    And for flavors to buy Sims can choose from Nuka Cola,Diet,Zero,Cherry,Vanilla
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