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Gathering your suggestions about Mods/CC use with the Gallery!



  • VampellaYTVampellaYT Posts: 7 New Member
    Anyone want to redo Skyrim Horn Lights by Historic Life? Their blog page just says Error 404.
  • cutiebabe420cutiebabe420 Posts: 2 New Member
    I’m on console and everytime I go to the gallery and get a house it makes me lag extremely bad because almost all houses built are using mods. I’ve found it extremely difficult to find anything with out them. If anyone knows a creator that doesn’t use them and builds nice houses, please let me know.
  • VampellaYTVampellaYT Posts: 7 New Member
    I don't have much CC for my houses. If I do use modded items, it's only a painting or two unless the build has medieval themed items.
  • VampellaYTVampellaYT Posts: 7 New Member
    Or wall paint.
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