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Runaway Teen Challenge [Updated 03/10/19]


  • simmer005simmer005 Posts: 3 New Member
    @Rainydayz179‌ do you know where I could clothes that look like my sim is homeless/Runaway like ripped jeans and torn shirts.?
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    simmer005 wrote: »
    @Rainydayz179‌ do you know where I could clothes that look like my sim is homeless/Runaway like ripped jeans and torn shirts.?

    Unfortunately Sims 4 didn't come with any. I don't use CC so I'm not sure if there's any out there.
  • rinarooorinarooo Posts: 50 Member
    simmer005 wrote: »
    @Rainydayz179‌ do you know where I could clothes that look like my sim is homeless/Runaway like ripped jeans and torn shirts.?

    Unfortunately Sims 4 didn't come with any. I don't use CC so I'm not sure if there's any out there.

    The Sims 4 does have some ripped jeans from the base game. That's what I put on my homeless teen :)
  • BadmagicBadmagic Posts: 1,610 Member
    edited February 2015
    Just wanted to thank @Rainydayz179 for posting/suggesting this game play, not really ever played "challanges", used to get a great deal of enjoyment starting homeless sims in #3 as a break from generational games and this runaway scenario might be just the thing to help me retain interest in playing #4.

    A small thing to check was in regards to lot requirements, the majority of free lots seem to be 20 by 30, as I usually replay a scenario often I made myself an 'abandoned park' residential lot for frequent reuse as I did with my homeless sims in #3.

    I wanted to clarify the 10x10 and also the furnishing requirements, my first attempt at a dry run didn't go so well, I've omitted the bed from the lot as I felt I wanted to earn it and instead placed three of the default park benches, on my dry run it turned out they lost interactions, no sitting or napping so v1.1 of the lot uses the normal bench available in buy mode with no comfort rating.

    I went with the benches first as a means to 'nap' but also to border the 10x10 square being placed in the 0 and 11 grid lanes, 10x10 seemed large initially but, I'm sure when it comes to actually building it will feel much much smaller, also, four benches, one on each side felt kind of excessive so I placed a 'basic' monkey bars on the fourth side, as a teen I get no interaction option with it or environmental bonus, so, presumably its acceptable.

    Speaking of environment, I was careful to only use trees, bushes, shrubs, rocks etc with no environmental or otherwise beneficial rating, unless they have an additional 'hidden' rating of some kind, it also felt kind of sparse for an overgrown and abandoned park so have build the ruins of a small groundskeepers shack, its missing wall section, part of the roof, uses an arch instead of a door to indicate the door itself was destroyed or removed during or since the fire, contains no furnishings of any kind, no lights or anything and cannot and will not be used, it also has 1 generic park bin next to it just for appearance as during play the teen has nothing to dispose of when 'at "home".

    I just felt a horrible fire would explain why nobody goes there any more, not necessary other than for my own foibles as to why it was abandoned.

    Anyway, I took a couple of shots, one of an overview of the lot, sometimes its just easier to illustrate for me with an image rather than reams of text, if you take a look you can confirm if I've missed anything obvious or overstepped the maximum requirements in some way.


    I'm looking forward to starting, I made the family already but couldn't choose male or female to start so made both along with a mother figure, I intend to flip a coin when I start the real game and delete the spare sibling pre-placement.


    I felt the "why me" looking animation from the "Loves the outdoors" trait to be fitting which brings me to my last request for clarification.

    Allowed one trait such as "loves the outdoors" or not allowed, just wanted to confirm.
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Badmagic Great job with the park. What a cool idea. Good luck choosing who lives, lol. Yes you are allowed the loves the outdoors trait. One trait that is beneficial. So you couldn't take the loner trait as well for example. Any more questions just ask!
  • BlueReptileBlueReptile Posts: 1 New Member
    edited February 2015
    I decided to try out this challenge, it sounds fun!
    I already made my family and killed off the mother, TWICE because my game didn't save :(
    In order to make the challenge longer I want to turn it into a combination challenge, where my runaway teen will aim to get the Rosebud achievement!
    That way I feel like I would want to keep playing on my household even after completing the challenge :D
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @BlueReptile Interesting idea adding Rosebud. Good luck! :smiley:
  • BadmagicBadmagic Posts: 1,610 Member
    edited February 2015
    @Badmagic Great job with the park. What a cool idea. Good luck choosing who lives, lol. Yes you are allowed the loves the outdoors trait. One trait that is beneficial. So you couldn't take the loner trait as well for example. Any more questions just ask!

    Thanks very much for the kind comment @Rainydayz179

    I went ahead and just started today properly with v1.1 of the lot and it seems to work fine.

    I was intending to chronicle it in screenshots, but, after playing for just over an hour today I really don't think I'll manage that, stopping to enter 'headlineeffects on/off' every few seconds kind of killed my enjoyment a little, (read as a lot).

    That said, I did do it today so figured I'd try to share what I have, the first 24 hours, due to forum oddities with approval that never arrives I'll edit the section with image thumb links in immediately following this post below this text, a reminder, yes they are tiny, click them to load the full image, I felt the smaller clicky is better so people won't have to load a bunch of images if they don't want to.

    edit~ Originally I didn't intent to include Morag's demise as it's a runaway and she was a tool to place Anthony but... well... I got clicky happy so...

    Meet Morag Young, a vile woman, mean, evil and hates children.


    Morag's son Anthony, a slightly simple lad, with a love for the outdoors but a nasty habit of being clumsy and unsure of himself.


    Just about to launch into another one of her incessant tirades a funny look spreads across Morag's face, her complexion pallid, her eyes suddenly dull, un focused.


    Clutching her stomach, contorting in pain, I guess burritos for breakfast wasn't a great idea after all.


    A visitor approaches, a friend to all in the end, the last friend any of us will ever have.


    Woops, says here you were due to go in an unfortunate scuba diving incident 40 years ago?! Oh well, better late than never.


    No, you can also get them finished in a lovely shade of puce, not tacky at all, works wonderfully with a water feature I find.


    I don't mean to be rude but, I kinda, well, need to get on, I have this challenge to start and, its already 11 am, you see and, please don't misunderstand but, if you could see yourself out, no, I don't have a door but, yes, thanks, talk to you later death.


    Morag always hated her son, but she was all he had, all he knew so, he was gripped in a deep depression, ambling, almost stumbling down the road he wandered into the nearby park drawn by the sounds of children's laughter, seeing their joy he wanted to join them, put his own feelings aside and make them smile.

    Unfortunately, the poor kid he first decided to say hey too got the fright of her life.


    Soon he made good friends with the girl whose name was Martina however and all was forgiven. The same could not be said for the young boy Alexander who was markedly less impressed with Anthony's attempts to entertain.


    Feeling a little dejected but happy in his new found friend he spotted his change, a couple of ladies sharing lunch at a nearby bench had just cleared away their plastic cups and half eaten lunch but left the platter, not having eaten since the morning Anthony realised he was ravenous and cautiously made his way to the bench, he did draw a little attention from one of the ladies, maybe it was Martina's mum, he didn't know but grabbed a plate loaded down with two servings and headed for a nearby bench a little away from the chaos of the playground without incident.


    It was early evening by the time Anthony was finished with his meal, stuffed to bursting he used the restroom then on coming out realised it was getting kind of late, he wondered where the day went, all the kids were at home, probably in their beds, their parents, sitting in front of glowing TV's, the park, empty, making him reflect on his situation, not really knowing where to go, where else he could go, he started to make his way back to the old park, he knew nobody ever went their anymore, not since the incident so he would be safe, left alone and if a storm started he could use the old shed, at least try to get out of the cutting winds.

    Again, deep in his own thoughts, almost stumbling down the road at a snail's pace, quickly and quietly crossing the street when he saw a young woman walking towards him from further down the street, he didn't want to speak to anyone, didn't want unnecessary questions when he walked right into a young girl, about his age, she could see he was in distress and she tried to reassure him, she even managed to coax a wry smile and giggle from him.


    Late now, he doesn't have a watch anymore, but it must have been past midnight, as much as he wanted the company, he was falling asleep on his feet, he did ask the new girls name, it was Helena, as a bit of a perfectionist she seemed to be telling him he needed to go and get some sleep so taking her advice, he thanked her with a friendly hug and they made for opposite directions.


    Finally, making his way back to the park, by the time he got there he was almost dead on his feet, sprawling on the bench and pulling his sweatshirt around him for warmth, he fell into a deep sleep.


    It was a restless night, waking every few hours, not sure if it was bad dreams, bad memories or the bad back he was beginning to get from the stiff cold bench. Eventually, rested but still tired, he begrudgingly swung his feet off the bench and onto the grass, he was cold, frozen solid, stiff, hungry.


    Yesterday he made some new friends, as much as he needs friends it was not a productive day, he needs to change that, he needs to think differently, make some priorities.

    Not exactly the most appetising breakfast but... beggars cant be choosers.


    ok... ok... they are hotdogs not fish that he bought from the sale of the fish, shhhh!


    After breakfast he really needed the loo bad, the closest being across town, it was the longest 500 yards/2 hour long waddle of his entire life, on the bright side he did notice some mushrooms on the grass verge on his way back, adding them to the apple he managed to find while fishing he started a self sufficiency program, it will take time but, every little helps.


    Now something around here is starting to smell and it's not the hot-fish-dogs he had for breakfast coming back to haunt him, off to the gym this afternoon I think.

    Anyway, sorry of that all was boring, I've not really participated in this stuff before so... Looking forward to continuing his life anyway and thanks again to @Rainydayz179 for suggesting the game play.
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Badmagic Good luck with Anthony. I enjoyed reading about his start.
  • biglil711biglil711 Posts: 162 Member
    Is there a cheat to get rid of their money?
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    biglil711 wrote: »
    Is there a cheat to get rid of their money?

    testingcheatsenabled on and then money 0
  • NannnyNannny Posts: 2 New Member
    edited February 2015
    For my challenge, I started my sim, Lena Spear, with her family (Mom, dad and a younger sister) and 1 random dude. I then moved her out with the random dude and killed him - I mean, uh.....Watched him drown himself.... and began my challenge.

    I actually added a rule for myself -- if I traveled to a lot and someone from her family was at the lot I had to leave immediately and pay an extra 10 dollars for a "keep quiet fee" (I pretended she took a taxi to where she went and would pay the taxi driver extra so he'd stay quiet about seeing her). It was hard because for the first few days where ever I went, her dad always seemed to be there! It was frustrating and costly!

    But now, Lena is a level 10 fisher with a small quaint home and a garden in the back. She just aged up and just got back from vacation! (1 night stay at the camp grounds as a birthday surprise!) She's a Young Adult now and I'm thinking I might get her to build a relationship up with her family but I don't know yet.

    I'll have to post some pictures soon! :)
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Nannny What a cool idea having family still living. I'd love to see your pics.
  • NannnyNannny Posts: 2 New Member
    @Rainydayz179 I thought it'd be fun. My sim Lena, lives in willow creek while her family lives in the other town. I wanted it to seem like she ran away to a whole new town -- plus, I didn't have the heart to kill off her parents and I didn't wanna have to take care of 2 homeless kids haha!

    And I'll get my pics up as soon as I find them. My computer is being a dingus lol.
  • NuclearMayhemNuclearMayhem Posts: 2 New Member
    After reading this I thought I'd start my own challenge. I followed all the rules except I started right away instead of before the guardian died. To get around this I built a nice little box for the guardian to die in therefore she had no real contact with outside world and could not interact with Gina.

    It started off well. Small 10x10 area surrounded by trees with only a park bench to sleep on. Poor Gina Askew had run away from home and was determined to make it on her own. She would fish the local pond and grab the local flowers/fruits as they grew. It was exhausting work and within a day she had managed to save up to buy herself a bed after getting lucky with some fish.

    Just as the bed was delivered she decided she couldn't go that far and passed out on the sidewalk.

    Now that she had a decent bed to sleep in she felt she could take on the world. People were kind enough to leave plates of food lying around for her to eat and only had to take minimal trips to the park to meet new teens. Everytime an adult came near to talk she would run away to another spot just incase they decided to rat her out to the authorities.

    After a couple days though people stopped making food and she started to have to eat the local produce that she'd picked up. It was getting harder to talk to people. Between the running around and not having a shower in her cove it was getting to the point where she could no longer stand her own smell let alone getting close to others who would then complain about her smell.

    Gina wanted a break and to talk to people again so she ran off to the local Gym and borrowed one of their showers. She was really scared someone would catch her because it was filled with adults but she cleaned up nice and ran back home. It took another two days but she was finally able to save up enough money to buy a semi comfortable tub so she could keep clean. Ah taking a bubble bath was so great. Being clean was awesome and allowed her to talk to others.

    During the next day or so Gina would spend time fishing to save up enough money to buy a garden. She really wanted a large one so she could have multiple plans growing. She knew she was close to being able to survive on her own without having to leave the lot and fished and fished. She was so close she didn't want to leave the lot and determined it was easier to soil herself and wash up than it was to go to another lot and use a toilet. This was working really well for her until that jogger decided to run by her sanctuary. She was so mortified that someone caught her having a bath after soiling herself that she died on the spot.

    Poor Gina, died before she could even find love and had just planted a batch of strawberries.

    The really sad part, she died before the guardian did. Somehow during one of her trips to the park the guardian on the lot managed to get food (or at least her hunger bar had filled). Considering she was in a locked room with no door I'm not sure and I was really careful to not bring her on any of my trips.

    I did take a couple pictures that I will edit into this post probably later this weekend. Apparently my firewall at work doesn't like photobucket.
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @NuclearMayhem I am so sorry your teen died! If you have Outdoor retreat it has an outdoor shower. The reason I said don't leave the neighborhood until the guardian dies is because yes they somehow get out! I have no idea how it happens. It happened to me. So you can have a shower and whatever you need on the lot until they die and then get rid of it and the challenge starts. I think you may be able to drown them now that we have pools but I've never tried it. Good luck if you decide to try again. If so let us know. :smiley:
  • Glimmer50Glimmer50 Posts: 2,364 Member
    edited February 2015
    @Rainydayz179 You can kill off your guardian using this cheat: sims.add_buff buff_death_elderexhaustion_warning

    I like it better because you don't have to watch your sim suffer. Mine died instantly.

    I am doing this challenge again but wound up not using the camping stuff because it would make things to easy. This is such a fun challenge. I just love it.
  • MadamKroftMadamKroft Posts: 26 New Member
    I just uploaded a Let's Play for this! ^-^ The struggles, I love it.
  • fjmg_2003fjmg_2003 Posts: 5 New Member
    Hello everyone,

    I been lurking this thread for quite some time. But this is the first time I post. I been watching a lot of game plays on YouTube about this challenge. I really like this challenge and I decided to give it a try and do it. I'm not a gamer so I have no absolutely idea how to do a good gameplay but I will try. I uploaded my introduction video on YouTube today. Also English is my second language so I have a very strong accent. If you watch my video apologizes for that and I hope you understand what I am saying. I'm also quite new on the sims games. The sims 4 is my first sims game I play so I'm still getting used to the controls specially because I play from my laptop.

    I cannot post the link to my gameplay yet but my youtube username is fjmg2003 in case you want to check it out.

    Thanks for creating this challenge. I'm very excited to do it :)
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @fjmg_2003 Here's your link:Introduction. Welcome to the Sims. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :smiley:
  • fjmg_2003fjmg_2003 Posts: 5 New Member
    > @Rainydayz179 said:
    > fjmg_2003 Here's your link:Introduction. Welcome to the Sims. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Thank you. I hope my sim gets to be as successful as Lyla. I do have a couple of questions. What is the cheat to subtract the 10 simoleons? and do we need to wait to have all the money to built the tiny house or can we do it little by little?
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @fjmg_2003 The money cheat is testingcheats on then hit enter then type the amount of money and the amount of money you want him to have. So you'd look at what he has and mentally subtract 10. And you can build the house as you go if you want, it's up to you.
  • SmileyBabesSmileyBabes Posts: 2 New Member
    Hey im thinking about doing this challenge. my youtube channel is: Smilebabes .Zoe If anybody would like to check it out! Thanks.
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    Hey im thinking about doing this challenge. my youtube channel is: Smilebabes .Zoe If anybody would like to check it out! Thanks.

    Let me know when you start and I'll post a link to your youtube for you. Good luck!
  • SmileyBabesSmileyBabes Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank again and of course :smile: Just recording it now.
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