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Runaway Teen Challenge [Updated 03/10/19]



  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    @Rainydayz179 No worries, it was confusing, but it's cool. :) I went ahead and deducted simoleons for his visits to Sylvan Glade. Jerrad is one day away from aging up to young adult now. When he was 3 days away, I had him start using up his 3 'vacation' days I'd saved so he could work on getting his responsibility character value out of the negative/red.

    I had him brush his teeth, pack some sack lunches, take out the trash and bought 4 school projects for him to complete. It took no time at all to get him out of the red and into the green. The projects seemed to make it go towards positive the most.

    I thought about just cheating it up for him, but decided that would probably be against the rules. However, I did have to use the debug cheat to get the school projects. I'm guessing that's okay since he still had to buy and complete them? It's better than just using a cheat anyway, he had to work for it! ;)

    I don't know what he could do to get his grades up, he's got a D now. But wonder if it even matters. Does their grade count for anything when they age up?

    Jerrad has three friends now; Lucas Munch, Malcolm Landgraab and Elsa Bjergsen. I think he and Elsa might end up being an item. It took no time at all for them to become 'good friends.' He's known Lucas longer and had more interactions with him and they're still just friends. Elsa's bar is twice as full and they've only had one chat and cloud gazing session. :)
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Karababy52 I always find the projects clicking by room sort and the little violin I think it is on kids. It has the journals and a few of the kids skill items too. You can get a lot of responsibility from dogs by training them and cleaning up poop and stuff. There's no way to get their grades up without going to school that I know of. It affects their future job. B grade starts at level 2 and A starts at level 3. There's no negative effect like there was in Sims 3 though.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    @Rainydayz179 Ah, okay, I looked in there, but didn't see them, must've scrolled right by. Oh well, it's all good. I'm not too fussed about his grade anymore then since I doubt he'll be getting any kind of job. He makes a pretty penny just fishing, gardening and breeding frogs. I've set some new goals for him now that he's a young adult. Well, he's been working on these since the start.

    But anyway, Jerrad wants to grow at least one of every plant available. Hopefully to perfect condition, but he might not live that long unless he buys youth potions. So far he hasn't used any of his satisfaction points and I'm purposely trying NOT to use them. I've had a habit of relying on and using those too much in the past.

    He has a greenhouse now for out of season plants, in season will always be outside though. They grow more produce that way for one thing, plus that's something else I've never tried before. As soon as my Sims can afford one, I've always built them a greenhouse and put everything in there.

    He's working on a goal of catching every fish available too and toward that end he made a trip to Granite Falls. The goal for that trip was mostly to get a Growfruit seed since those are the very best fertilizer, but he also picked up some other seeds and stuck around to fish a little. I decided any fish he catches there he'll mount and display on the wall at home. Jerrad has a Perch above the windows in the kitchen now and he caught some rainbow fireflies. He put those beside his bed.

    When he aged up I gave him a couple new outfits, cut his hair so it's back to the original dark brown color and he has a soul patch and goatie now. He looks so different and very much a young adult instead of a teen. I was pleasantly surprised that his voice actually changed on it's own to a deeper tone. Jerrad is the first male teen I've ever had age up in my game so I didn't know that would happen. I love it!

    His home/lot is worth around 22000 now with the greenhouse, plus for his birthday since he had the funds I made the house bigger and updated some appliances as well. It still has a very rustic feel to it though which seems a perfect fit for his character.

    His friends are all still teens since I didn't turn aging on for townies. Elsa keeps coming over for visits and inviting him out, so I'm thinking about maybe turning aging on for townies, at least until she ages up to young adult so it doesn't feel weird having a teenager pursuing him. If I do that, I'll see if there's anything romantic wise possible for the two of them. Otherwise, he'll just keep looking around for another possible mate. Or, I might not have him marry at all and just adopt. *shrugs*

    Soooo, that's where I'm at with this challenge, I think it might be finished? At least as far as the teen arc goes. I don't think there's any rules after they age up is there? He doesn't have to pay for travel now does he? Is he 'required' to get a job? I hope not. lol But if so, perhaps he'll be a Scientist. IF, it's not still currently bugged that is. I heard it's a mess at the moment with co-workers not showing up, or if they do they don't wear the Scientist career outfit, especially the males. There's a trend toward dresses and heels going on for them. lol Could be fun to see what happens I guess.

    Scientist doesn't fit with his character though, I just love that career. Perhaps Botanist would be better or something... OH! Chef! He could do that since that is my last goal for Jerrad. I want him to cook/bake at least one of every dish available, including the City Living food stall recipes and the experimental dishes.

    If I stick with this, which I'm hoping will happen, I have a tendency of stopping and moving on to something else once my Sims have a somewhat nice house, it's going to take a long time to reach all these goals I've set for him. Maybe it's too much, but I LOVE a challenge. ;)

    Happy Simming! <3
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Karababy52 Sounds like he's doing great! What you're doing now (perfect plants & fish collections) is actually another challenge... sort of. It's called Living Off the Grid. It's close to Runaway Teen in that you can't use electronics and such. I did it years ago and enjoyed it but thinking back I doubt I'd want to play with so many rules again. I think you couldn't even leave the lot. LOL!

    Anyway, perfect plants and fish collection alone is difficult enough right? Lucrative though. And no he doesn't need to get a job for you to count it "complete" just a house really. Are you thinking of making it a sort of legacy? The End My Suffering challenge has one gen challenges in a row. It's supposed to start with the ABC baby and then Runaway Teen. I think next was Black Widow. I never got that far because my teen's dog was bugged and I rage quit. One day I'll get back to him.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    edited April 2019
    Yes! I've actually played that challenge with a Sim I named, Terra Demeter! She was named after a word for Earth and the Greek Goddess of Agriculture. This was a long time ago, before the gardening update when grafting for rares wasn't borked. You're right, your Sim couldn't leave the lot. I love that challenge and successfully finished it. I only played it the one time though. I should try it again, I bet it would take much longer now or even be impossible to do.

    I also played a challenge called Living off the Land and the Eco Existence Challenge, which are both similar. I play a lot of challenges. lol I am toying with the idea of making a legacy type game play with Jerrad. Not officially though if I did, I wouldn't follow Pinstar's rules. I don't like to play challenges with a lot of complicated rules with points for tasks you're required to do or deduct if you don't. I've tried a few like that, notably the Homeless Challenge which was a lot of fun and though you did get points for certain things, it wasn't that hard to tally. I've actually played that challenge numerous times in numerous ways, including the Homeless Elder Challenge.

    The Rags to Riches style of starting any game play is my absolute favorite, probably around 95% of my saves start out with a Sim on an empty lot with no funds. lol There's just something so satisfying about starting with nothing and working to help my Sims become rich. I love it!

    I've never heard of The End My Suffering challenge, is it listed here on the challenges board or do you have a link to the rules? I'd love to take a look at that, it sounds interesting. Especially since I've never tried the ABC or Black Widow challenges either. I checked out the Black Widow challenge, but it involves killing Sims and I normally try not to do that. The one time I did for a challenge was in the Random Legacy challenge (not completed yet). My founder rolled to have three ghosts on her lot. She ended up woo hooing three elder gentlemen. I didn't like doing it though, but at least they died happy! ;)

    EDIT: Oh no! How was the dog bugged? I actually rage quit a challenge involving bugged dogs too. It was the Wolf Pack Challenge and my dogs kept getting stuck on a pile of rotten fish. Gah!
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Karababy52 Oh gosh you're right with the way that grafting was borked I don't think I'd even enjoy doing that challenge again. I too usually start out with nothing. It just so much more fun. I also maintain the Random Legacy rules you mentioned. :D The Drifter Challenge is a great one of course and can be done just a generation at a time although I never have.

    I did the first gen of End My Suffering with the ABC baby which I called Alphababy. I'd taken the final child from that, which, incidentally ended up being number 26 since she had triplets in the end. I called it The Runaway and it ended up branching off into this idea I had of him adopting these ghost dogs. Which ended up being completely bugged. I have no idea if ghost pets have been bugged all along and I'm the first to actually think to adopt some as pets or what? I plan to get back to him eventually.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    @Rainydayz179 Oh man, I didn't know the Random Legacy challenge was yours too, very cool! Out of all the different types of Legacy challenges, I like that one the most because it keeps things fresh and unknown. The only reason I stopped playing it is because my old laptop couldn't handle so many Sims in one house. I had my founder - Gloria Gamble, daughter - Greta, two helpers - Glen & Vanessa Chance, and their daughter - Carley. I know that's only five, but my laptop was very old and very laggy.

    When Greta aged up to YA, the Chance family moved out, so it was just Gloria & Greta. But, Greta rolled to have four children and two helpers which would've been even more Sims in the house. I put it on hiatus. I should revisit that legacy again now that I have a computer that could most likely handle it. I miss them, played them ALOT! :)

    Same as my Time Lord challenge. I loved playing that with my Sim - First Artist. She regenerated twice to Third Artist before I had to put it on hiatus as well. The Tardis had just become way too big for my laptop to handle.

    Never tried the Drifter challenge. Wow, I can't imagine having 26 children, in one family right? Must've taken a long time. Bummer the ghost dogs didn't work out. Did you intend to bring them back to life with ambrosia treats? I had thoughts of adopting the German Shepherd Captain, but never went through with it. Kind of glad I didn't now if they're bugged. I don't know if they're bugged for anyone else or not. I haven't had Cats & Dogs very long or played that pack very much myself.

    Good luck when you do get back to them, I hope it works out better for you! :)
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Karababy52 Yea, I love the Random Legacy and the original creator hadn't updated the rules in like a year so I volunteered to take it on. I almost always have a full house in that one so I understand what you mean about so many sims completely. I actually build their houses to fit a large family. :D

    I've never done Time Lord. I think I've read the rules a few times but it wasn't what I was looking for at the time. Drifter is one of my all time favorites. It's the reason I started doing the whole starting from nothing thing. Each generation starts with §0 on an empty lot.

    With the Alphababy I had her take a youth potion in order to get the kids all in one generation. She had two sets of triplets and only two single births (I think) so it wasn't too bad. Nothing like the torture that is the 100 Baby Challenge.

    I wanted to leave the dogs as ghosts. Make him earn the money to eventually bring them back to life and maybe breed them. But they were sick. And you can't give a wellness treat to a ghost dog. I couldn't even check him in at the vet clinic. I had no choice but to cheat him the money for the ambrosia treat so he could give the wellness treat. Then when he traveled home with the dog it was a ghost again! I ended up fixing it with MC Command Center but by then I was just too frustrated to even go back and adopt the second dog. :'(
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    edited April 2019
    @Rainydayz179 Ah, okay, I remember something about that. I think I asked some questions for the creator, but another Simmer ended up answering them for me. I'm glad you volunteered to update it. I'll have to revisit that thread again and check it out. Thanks for doing that by the way! I should've built a big house right from the beginning, but I didn't because of the whole lagging thing going on with my old laptop. I just added on rooms as needed.

    The Time Lord challenge is a lot of fun. What I liked about it the most was how you're 'almost' playing with a different Sim after each regeneration because you're supposed to remodel them to be completely different, they have a new aspiration, traits, change appearance, and/or gender, redecorate the Tardis, etc. I think I need to take another look at the Drifter challenge. It's been a long time since I read the rules. I like the sound of starting out with nothing on an empty lot. That's right in line with my modus operandi. :)

    Oh cool, I figured that must've been what you did. Boy, you got that right with the 100 Baby Challenge! Pure torture! I started a save file for that challenge but didn't last very long. I think my first Mother had two toddlers with two babies and I quit, running into the night screaming whilst pulling what was left of my hair out. LOL I couldn't stand listening to the babies crying all the time! I could've muted it, but then how would I know when they needed attention? I couldn't keep an eye on them constantly or she would've gotten nothing else done. It was awful! If I could figure out how to get by that annoying feature, I might try it again or continue the first save.

    Aww, man that just bites big time. I'm sorry it happened to you but I'm glad I know now. Don't think I'll adopt a stray ghost pet if that's the case. I can barely tolerate all the sick strays that are living as it is. Makes me so sad, I just want to adopt them all! I haven't had as much fun with Cats & Dogs as I was hoping I would. It was fun creating all my real life pets though. Collecting the feathers was fun too. I actually was able to do that without even having a pet at first. My Sim lived on the lot with one of those hunting bushes on the free area behind her lot. All the strays would jump in that thing to fight the birds and then drop the feathers when they came back out. She simply walked over and grabbed them. Free simoleons! Lastly, I just LOVE Brindleton Bay, it's a beautiful world! :)

    Anyway, Jerrad's doing well. He just needs the red-tailed black shark & batfish to get all the base game fish, then he just needs the rest of the ones in Granite Falls, JA and a few from other packs to have them all! The garden is going to take the longest I think. He has a good number already, but only about half of every plant in the game. Plus, only a few are at the 'excellent' level, most are just 'nice.'

    Also, with grafting borked, I'm a bit worried about getting an orchid. Jerrad's grafted for one, but I've tried getting an orchid in ALOT of other saves since the update and still haven't been successful. Might try sending Jerrad to Geekcon so he can use the rocket to get one that way. Or build his own rocket. He'll need to go to space anyway for the UFO plant. :)

    Not too worried about having him cook one of every dish, that'll be easy once he starts focusing on it. He's at level 7 in cooking now, hasn't started gourmet or baking yet. He's only tried I think 4 or 5 of the 27 food stall recipes and none of the experimental dishes. Oh well, I'm taking it slow on purpose. With my Super Sims, I spent a lot of time just grinding skills, they had no life. I don't want that for Jerrad. :)

    I apologize for always writing so much OT stuff in your thread, I hope you don't mind. I'll try keeping it to a minimum from now on. I tend to ramble at times. :/ Happy Simming! <3
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    Karababy52 wrote: »
    I apologize for always writing so much OT stuff in your thread, I hope you don't mind. I'll try keeping it to a minimum from now on. I tend to ramble at times. :/ Happy Simming! <3

    haha well you are mentioning the challenge with the updates on Jerrad! Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

    If you follow my blog link you'll find all of the challenges I maintain in the top menu. Easier than sorting through forum threads trying to find updates. Time Lord sounds awesome. Maybe I'll try it when I get bored of my current project. Although, I don't see that happening anytime soon. :) I actually finished the 100 Baby before we had toddlers. I don't think I could do it otherwise.

    I absolutely love pets! I have at least 2 in most of my households in my current save. A few have like 5. I've had a mod almost from the beginning that stops all of the strays from being sick and dirty. I have another that adds dog walkers and strays to the non-Brindleton 'hoods. I think adopting a ghost pet would be fine as long as you planned to immediately use the ambrosia treat... which is super expensive.

    Good luck with that grafting. I did manage to get some dragonfruit. I was pretty shocked.
  • wheatberrywheatberry Posts: 20 Member
    I like this challenge very much since Sims 3. However, you make your rules too complicated for Sims 4. I am now following the rules from MTS.
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 259 Member
    Loving this! I have combined this with the ideas behind the castaway challenge (they're kinda similar anyway), and it's a great spin-off with a spare teen from my legacy (have been playing sims for years, but need to take a break from the legacies from time to time as it gets boring. I'm not much of a generations player). Would 10/10 recommend. :)
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,250 Member
    I've created a runaway princess that is a vampire, I did her dark form as her true identity including fancy clothes, her normal form is rougher, different color hair ,since she dyed it I think I'll use her to do this challenge
  • HeartstoneHeartstone Posts: 3 New Member
    @Rainydayz179 can we use portable items like tents and coolers or anything that can fit in our "bag" till we can afford a house.
  • LillithseaLillithsea Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey there! I know I'm superlate to the challenge, but reading what you all have done with it really inspired me. Here is a link to the start of mine.
  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 142 Member
    Good day everyone.

    I am really excited to start this challenge soon.
    I just have one question I cant seem to find an answer too within these 19 pages...

    If your teen has the money for a guitar, can she use it to make money? I thought about the part where you have to remain 'out of the picture' and if performing with a guitar would help.. haha!

    I find that using the guitar is more realistic then painting, but I am also wondering about that skill.. like public easels or when you have the money for your own..?
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Lisamango0 If you want to perform for tips you can. I think most people don't because they're trying to keep any adults from noticing their teen, ya know? Painting is something you can do without interacting with other sims unless you're selling them at the market I suppose. But, you're right, it's not realistic if you just sell them to the air. That's why I've always preferred playing with the consignment shop in Sims 3.
  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 142 Member
    > @Rainydayz179 said:
    > @Lisamango0 If you want to perform for tips you can. I think most people don't because they're trying to keep any adults from noticing their teen, ya know? Painting is something you can do without interacting with other sims unless you're selling them at the market I suppose. But, you're right, it's not realistic if you just sell them to the air. That's why I've always preferred playing with the consignment shop in Sims 3.

    Thank you so much for your answer!
    It really depends on the backstory I guess. Now I want to play more then one runaway Teen challenge haha!
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    @Lisamango0 A friend of mine @Onyeka001 made a new challenge that you might be interested in. It fits right into the performing for tips idea you had. Townie Life Challenge
  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 142 Member
    > @Rainydayz179 said:
    > @Lisamango0 A friend of mine @Onyeka001 made a new challenge that you might be interested in. It fits right into the performing for tips idea you had. Townie Life Challenge

    OOH sounds interesting!! I am checking this out later!
  • ArialisimsArialisims Posts: 120 Member
    Im just starting a runaway teen challenge for the first time and I linked back to these rules it sounds so fun!! I just put up an intro video to all the characters in case anyone would like to check it out.
  • CyberFae0306CyberFae0306 Posts: 3 New Member
    I love this challenge! Its so creative and fun to play with :)
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,938 Member
    Hi! Hopefully it's still OK to post here as Runaway Teen is a staple challenge. In order to simulate a teen running off with no money (moving them out of an active household with no money) I have redone Ward Park as a Tiny Home Residential lot for $0. Everything is debug and there is a 10x10 gravel square in the middle. The "gate" is open at the back of the lot and it is very private.

    Ward Park Hideaway

    Runaway - Edith Warden
    I will add the links when gallery is available.
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