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List of Challenges (Legacy and Other) for Sims 4



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    TamaraCadéTamaraCadé Posts: 3 New Member
    Maybe you could add some CAS challenges, like random genetics, ugly to beauty, no CC, gender swap...

    I don't own these ideas but I have seen them done on YouTube :smile:
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    cckeimigcckeimig Posts: 7 New Member
    > @EuphorialQueen said:
    > ☆☆New☆☆
    > Rosebud In The City Challenge
    > *Requires City Living EP
    > Advance from the Pits to the Penthouse
    > Created and tested with the help of @Buttonsginger

    This one looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to try it out!
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    KaiPlayzKaiPlayz Posts: 2 New Member
    Hey! I made a challenge, The Big Brother Challenge! It isn't exactly like The Big Sister Challenge it's definitely different and I feel very prou of it! here is the link, hope you consider checking it out!
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    serraderooijserraderooij Posts: 3 New Member
    This list is so useful! :D
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    ZylriaZylria Posts: 2 New Member
    I am not certain that this list is still being updated, but if it is I would love to add my challenge to the list. Here is the link:
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    Adam_uk68Adam_uk68 Posts: 3 New Member
    If you are doing the Prison challenge , this is fun , i will post my Prison i built its huge but perfect for the challenge :)
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    malak_malouka_lovemalak_malouka_love Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi! I made a new challenge of the sims 4 if you're interested. if you are, please add it to your list !
    here it is:

    Hi ! this challenge is for the sims 4 wich goal is to build the perfect hotel, entertain and satisfy your guests, max all skills, your one aspiration (more if you want to) and live a great life!
    Rules: not to use cheats at all. You may use custom content as long as it does’nt give you more advantage than others who don’t.
    Also , if you want to make the challenge more ”challenging” then you can make as a rule not to buy traits that give you advantage for building skills faster. This is optional.
    The challenge requires at least 3 generations. So you must marry your sim, have children, and build your legacy.
    Step 1: create
    create your main sim. The traits must all be good or bad. The only bad traits that are allowed to be mixed with good ones are loner and goofball.
    If you want to make the challenge more interesting then you can choose the loner trait to make hard for you to make friends\ enemies\ lovers. Yes, it is possible to have more than one love interest. The essential is to have children for the next generations.
    So after you create you sim, create a second sim as a maid and a friend . thay must of the same gender as you. You must good friends/ best friends with them. Next it is important to create another sim that is your bodyguard. They will shut off and even fight off your enemies off the hotel. You must be acquaintances or friends. Nothing more. they must be male simply because they are the strongest. But you can change that.
    After you move in your house wish would preferably built by you, build in another lot a hotel wich you would build in the public entrance, a modern seating area and a few modern rooms. Try to make the master bedroom wich your sim would sleep in with a double bed, and objects that would attend your needs simply because you will be spending most of the time in the hotel. Try to make this room nice while the others must be neutral until you have enough money to change and add rooms. Also, rooms must be only on the first floor until later. And delete or lock the doors without the front door wich must be done nicely. Bring wherever you go with you your bodyguard.
    Step 2: start making relationships
    Now you must start working on your relationships. First, you must be making that friendship with your maid stronger. Then get to know you bodyguard.
    After that, start by only talking to people nearby. Your bodyguard close to you always of course. Make friends, enemies, lovers, acquaintances, and true love. And start talking all day! If you find true love add them to household Then return to your home lot and attend to your needs and sleep the night. You cannot wander around after midnight.
    Step 3: have visitors in your hotel
    The next day, visit your hotel with your bodyguard and make your friend clean up and attend plants if you have any and cook meals. If the house is already clean, the plants watered, and a few meals cooked, then your friend may come with you. If you find a few people in the seating area, get to know them and rebuild the doors to each room and with each guest you’re talking to, go with them to an assigned room then leave and delete the door. If you find a whole family then talk to them all at the same time and then do the same process. After midnight lock sleep for the night while your bodyguard stays awake to guard the door from strangers. If you have brought your friend with you, then you can make her cook a few meals, clean up and then she can go back home or you can make her sleep next to your main sim. It wouldn’t be a problem since they are just friends. Or you can buy her a bed in your main sim’s bedroom. This was day two.
    Here’s your schedule for the weeks until your sim becomes an elder:
    Monday and Wednesday: visiting your hotel.
    Tuesday and Thursday: staying home and building skills and aspirations and hanging out with you friend.
    Friday: day you make a few changes in to the hotel,then formal dinner party.
    Saturday: spend time with your lover(s) alone and for baby if not pregnant .try . Maybe hang out with friends in the afternoon. You can stay up after midnight if with your bodyguard or lover.
    Sunday: huge informal party with friends preferably a costume party or a house party.
    If you have more than 50000 simoleons then you can add the second floor.
    Then if you have more than 100000 simoleons you can add the third floor.
    If you have more than 200000 simoleons then you can build basements!! For entertaining your guests of course!
    That’s it. Hope you enjoy!
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    Pinky02156Pinky02156 Posts: 9 New Member
    Can you make an updated version, because personally, these didn't seem fun at all for me. Thank you sooooo much though!!! :)
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    VannaRedVannaRed Posts: 167 Member
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    :o sorry.
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    dyldyl Posts: 5 New Member
    The Gemstone Legacy! please check it out we worked super hard on it! <3
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    marinwolfmarinwolf Posts: 2 New Member
    So, when getting the baby, do we need to woohoo, or use the in-pregnant cheat or what?
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    ElisabethDsElisabethDs Posts: 20 Member
    There is this other version of the generations challenge
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    ElisabethDsElisabethDs Posts: 20 Member
    There is this other version of the generations challenge
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    WhyICraveDeathWhyICraveDeath Posts: 1 New Member
    I have an Idea for the new Pack (Dogs and Cats) (If there isn't a aspiration) The Crazy (Dog/Cat) Lady/Man You need to have at least 100 cats in your life time, each time one dog or cat dies you get a new one.
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    QueenAyaQueenAya Posts: 5 New Member
    I have an idea for a challenge too
    It might exist already but let's see. So "Hardworking sim challenge"
    Create one Sim Young Adult male or female (traits are up to you)
    Cheats are not allowed except for money cheats in the very begging for a house of your choice
    You must have Get to Work

    Become a doctor and complete all the tasks till the green bar is full every shift you have, you have to complete all.
    You can fulfill the sim needs in the Hospital.

    Same applies but
    The only needs you can fill in the workplace is hunger.
    You cannot use a bathroom/shower/sink till the shift is done exception is if the task requieres you to wash your hands.

    Same applies but
    You cannot fill any needs in the workplace .
    If your sim dies from hunger its game over.
    You have to talk twice to 2 different sims in the workplace

    You have to fill the task bar from the job every shift until your Sim is an Adult.

    Any thoughts about this?
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    Girls_run_the_worldGirls_run_the_world Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi I was playing the 100 baby challenge and I made my own version with 2 mums to start off with that are sisters, (so it is easier)
    The rules are:
    Pretty much the same as normal but one mum works and the other stays at home looking after the kids (in the first generation)
    With 2 sisters who live togther (no cheats) one mum has to get a job and earn money but the other mum can garden and fish or write books or paint.
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    Mariah_1254Mariah_1254 Posts: 48 Member
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    *sorry just noticed this is an old thread*
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    EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    The original poster is no longer active.
    I was able to locate @Nicarra60 and verified she does not intend to update any of her threads here.
    @Meeshelby has created a new thread to host links to Sims 4 challenges.
    Would there possibly be a way to lock this thread and keep it for reference only?
    Thank you
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