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SHARE Your Storylines, Pictures and Give Out Storylines Ideas?!


  • PlaceboBettyPlaceboBetty Posts: 7 New Member
    I love the plot of Gilmore Girls, so I changed some of it up and thought this was a cool backstory.

    So we start off with a widowed mother and her Ivy League-bound teen daughter living in a small town where everyone knows everyone. The teen daughter's crushing on a bad boy that the mother doesn't know about, and the mother's seeing the teen daughter's teacher, which the daughter doesn't know about.

    Other little details I thought up are: A guy that runs a cafe feeds the mother and daughter because the mother has no culinary education, and he's also crushing on the mother. The daughter becomes the girlfriend of the bad boy she's crushing on and he gives her a taste of what it's like to be bad. SHe gets home late one night and her mother throws a fit (totally optional tho).

    Hope someone out there likes this :)
  • Mickeyjo10Mickeyjo10 Posts: 91 Member
    My story is a rotational save right now. I am playing out the story of the Delgatos, the Hecking, and Catrina Lynx. I am also playing some sims that I have created. The current house is the these two siblings Mela and Taylor. There parents gave them this house in Newcrest in their will. Mela is a critic and is annoyed at her sister. She is dating a single father named Dean Hinson. She is annoyed at her sister because she doesn’t have any motavation to get promoted at her job, and is even dating an inmate. Taylor likes to go to bars and Woohoos a lot of guys. She has the perfect arrangement. She get get emotional intimacy from the inmate she is dating, and physical intimacy from the guys at the club. There is this guy who has a crush on her at work, and he may or may not have seen her and the inmate together.
  • BloodWolfSavageBloodWolfSavage Posts: 1 New Member
    I’m just starting this but I’m gonna make a whole account with vampires and some aliens and humans and I was gonna make clans pirate vamps wizard vamps fairy vamps and stufff and depending on which clan your what not ur in is what powers you have I got to lazy though
  • 4Simmers4Simmers Posts: 1 New Member
    Well, i started my family legacy off with a family, the Ross family: Leonardo and Jenisa Ross had 2 sons and 2 twin girls and another girl. Leo Jr, mike, and Nina and Elisabeth and then the youngest is Tina, they lived a happy life until Leo jr left the house to go live by himself, Leo went on to become a successful Tech mogul creating various Apps and even buying into the Astronought business, he went on to even travel into Space where we met an Alien, which he had to bring back home, right? lol. he married this alien and well he seems to be having a good life, while his parents decided to open a restaurant, everything was going great until Leonardo sr suffered a Heart Attack and Passed Away, leaving his wife to be widowed,
  • Mickeyjo10Mickeyjo10 Posts: 91 Member
    I have a story where a girl named Veila is the president of a cooking club at her school, but ages up and starts running her mom’s bakery. Her Vice President Cooper starts running it. He asks this girl out named Camila and she says no. He is really upset so he decides to take a walk and meets Veila again.
  • brusselsgriffonsbrusselsgriffons Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey guys I made this family Where I made a YA female named Braiden who was a beautiful kind of rich girl who had big dreams of being an author In the same house I made a Adult named brydie male they were married he must always be mean to her and every Wednesday and Friday she visits her bestie vanessa at her house(but her in a couple of doors away)she will get pregnant by him but not find out till they are divorced and he s moved into a house with a woman named corella(put her in)braiden sends the baby(girl:raelee(ray-lee)(boy:jack) brydie and corella get married and start to raise the child and vanessa and braiden move in together when it is a child vanessa and braiden go to see it and discover brydie run off and left them alone.And that's where I left of
  • EmmySimsEmmySims Posts: 47 Member
    I love these ideas, so precise and complex. I can never stick with one household for more than an hour, so I will not be posting, but will be reading :D
  • yaybackwardsyaybackwards Posts: 1 New Member
    I know that it's been awhile since you posted this but I thought I'd add to the long list of ideas!

    I'm pulling out an old legacy that I've always loved, but never got to continue because my computer crashed, which seems to be why all my legacies end, and starting over because it's a long one.
    Naomi Herrington has always had the brightest looks on the world. She believes in true love, being herself, and being an empowered, independent woman. Growing up she always wanted to be a star on stage, ruling her world without anyone telling her otherwise. She says goodbye to her family in Widenburg, and moves to San Myshuno to become a singer. She trains everyday, and gets a job as a barista, but preforms songs every night at a cafe, and never misses karaoke night at the club. She works hard, with just her guitar and voice, and finally gets an internship at a record label. Soon enough, a boy moves in next door. And boy is he a hottie. But he can never respect anyone else's space! He plays his music way to loud and it drives Naomi crazy. She always has little spats with him every night because he plays music too loud. While she does love the music he plays, it's just too much. But he doesn't care at all, and teases her still. She decides to just let it go. She befriends a few girls in a neighborhood nearby that she meets a flea market, and become really close. They do a ton of karaoke at the club that's just across the street, and it becomes their hangout. One day, Naomi has a conversation with the boy that lives next door, and she sees him in a new light. He offers to buy her a drink at the bar in the art museum downstairs, and they look at art together. Drinking a little too much, they go off and spend the night singing songs in the streets, painting graffiti all over the city, and finally end up in the center of rich city people. They both complain about how those people were handed life of luxury, and never had to work a single day to get it. Naomi opens up about how she thinks that all the plastic surgery, fame, and fortune gets to their heads and that she would never let that happen to her. The boy, Perry Vazquez (forgot to mention), tries to kiss Naomi, but she brushes it off. The next day, Naomi is in the coffee room, getting coffee and bagels like usual, and hums a tune that she is working on. One of the biggest celebrities, Trent Jackson, happens to walk by and hear, and wants to hear more. He takes her to the recording studio he's working in, and she sings the song, which he ends up loving. He helps her get it produced, and sold. Naomi goes home, bumps into Perry, and tells him the good news. He tells her that he is over the moon for her, and offers to take her out to dinner where he ends up kissing her finally. They end up going out, and all is going right in Naomi's world. The song is released as her first single, and it's a hit. It hits top 10 on the charts, and she is discovered by Trent, who wants to sign her. Naomi is living the life until Trent makes a move on Naomi. Naomi tells him she's got a boyfriend, and that she doesn't appreciate him trying to take advantage of her. Trent starts offering her new things everyday, and it starts to pull Naomi under his spell. She starts taking the gifts, and keeping them secret from Perry. One day, Trent offers her a new apartment, and she tells Perry which causes him to become very upset. They get into a huge fight, and Naomi calls it off, and Trent soon starts to try and get Naomi for himself. Trent and Naomi begin dating, and it causes a lot of stir. Perry stays in the apartment, and avoids Naomi at all cases. Naomi shares the luxury with her friends, and they begin their own careers as Instagram celebrities. They turn self centered, and become fake friends of Naomi. Naomi gets involved in the life of luxury and fame, and makes a big reputation for herself. She gets work done on her face and body. Trent and Naomi get pregnant, and have two kids, Kate and William. Kate is 5 years older and once Kate turns 10, Naomi and Trent break up, and Naomi takes both kids to a new apartment, and hires a nanny and butler to take care of the kids who she never pays attention, Kate and William create a infamous reputation for themselves getting in fights all the time, and becoming known for their ghetto character. Naomi meets a sugar daddy who she needs to keep up with the fortune and they move into a penthouse with her kids and sugar daddy. Naomi tries to beg Trent to take her back, and they start a side thing. Naomi becomes a dependent woman, and her children grow to hate her. Kate meets a boy who she runs away with the moment she turns 18 and falls out of touch with her family, and even her brother, and William still has five more years until he can move out. Trent calls off their side thing, and falls out of touch, and Naomi shuts him out from her life completely. Naomi has a kid with her sugar daddy, and he ends up leaving her. She continues producing music which starts to lose it's "Naomi" touch. When William is 17, he finds his dad, Trent, and discovers that he has changed completely, donating his money to charities, and living a new life. William and Trent spend a lot of time, and get along well. William gets in touch with his sister Kate again and Kate and William begin spending a ton of time with their father learning to change their ways and live a better life. When William turns 18 and graduates high school, he says his final words to his mother and shuts her out forever. Naomi has gone from a innocent, independent woman, to a corrupt, knocked up celebrity who is living a life that everyone wants to live, but never realized had so many lonely moments.

    How dark, huh? But I'm planning to have play William as the main character next as a writer who is going move to the suburbs and get a dog, and live with his dad, taking care of him. I'm not sure what to do after that, but if I meet someone I like, then I'll maybe come up with a story idea after that.

    But yeah, that's my idea!
  • IzabelPlayingIzabelPlaying Posts: 3 New Member
    This is a VERY bad/evil storyline, if you get offended by that then don't read on. :smile:
    Dianna (Young adult.) and her younger sister Amy (Teen.), are very close. Dianna is a very unflirty sim and wants to get out of doing anything romantic. Amy is the exact opposite, she's very romantic, loves going to parties, etc. Amy was begging for her to go to a party, Dianna didn't want to do it, but she didn't want to let her sister down either, so she went. Dianna met someone and was talking to him, having no interest in him. They talked and talked for the next 5 years, she was his best friend, they were very close. Max (The boyfriend.) met her (Dianna's) sister, Amy, Dianna went off to work shortly after. Amy and Max weren't friends at all, they tried to be, but they hated each other, despised each other, Max hated her so much he wanted to break her, make her feel helpless, make her feel that everything that will happen in the future will be all her fault. Max convinced Dianna to go to another party, but she said: "Okay...fine...but after this, I'm not going to any others." Max made her drunk, (Of course Dianna didn't want to, but she secretly loved him so much and was the only person she really trusted aside from her sister.) Max flirted with her and asked her to be his girlfriend. Note that Max was still cheating on her. A few years after Max tried for a baby with Dianna, she was pregnant. THAT IS ALLL I HAVE DONE SO FAR BUT HERES WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN: When she gave birth she was joyful, and happy, as any mother would most-likely be. Amy and Max still despised each other, but this time Amy took it to far and fought him. After that Max said, "You don't want to mess with me, you're still a pathetic teen." She replied "Really? Try me, there is nothing possibly that you could do." Max said "Well... you're going to be sorry you said that.." Max talked to his friend, about that situation. Dianna was found murdered. Amy yelled at him (Max) and blamed him for everything. Max said, "Well, I told you so, maybe you should have left well enough alone." Max was heartless and didn't care about anyone. Amy went from being a younger sister, to have to act like a mother. Amy expressed her emotions through being a singer and built a fanbase, she loved her fans more than anything in the world. Amy found someone, tried for a baby, got pregnant, and had 2 beautiful little girls, and was a great parent. Her kids grew up (I do not have a storyline for the next gen yet.) and had grandchildren. Amy was so blessed and thanked God for that every day. As an elder, she got to see her sister, Dianna. Amy said, " did you get here?" Dianna replied with "That doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that we're here now...I love you." That is all I have when I get to the next gen, I will make a storyline. c:
  • MoonBaby0803MoonBaby0803 Posts: 34 Member
    Can anyone help me with plots or gameplay ideas or something? I'm trying to make myself a little list of different things to do in the Sims and more unique families because I want to start recording but I want a good list going first. And if anyone knows a survival or experiment threads I'd love to see them!
  • IzabelPlayingIzabelPlaying Posts: 3 New Member
    > @MoonBaby0803 said:
    > Can anyone help me with plots or gameplay ideas or something? I'm trying to make myself a little list of different things to do in the Sims and more unique families because I want to start recording but I want a good list going first. And if anyone knows a survival or experiment threads I'd love to see them!

    You could do the Not So Berry challenge, it has storylines to it, and in that challenge, you are able to do things in the Sims 4 that you wouldn't normally do.
  • ShinePlaysYTShinePlaysYT Posts: 1 New Member
    There are three teens: Harry Beckham, Holly Beckham and Aries Purvis. The group were friends since birth because their mothers were very close. Aries is an alien and only Harry and his twin sister Holly know. Harry and Holly's parents Annie and Adrean divorced as the twins were toddlers which left Holly a little bit desperate for friends because she felt like she was missing someone. Harry has a huge crush on Aries and Aries does too. The two start hanging out more and it starts to make Holly feel like the third wheel. Harry really liked Aries but he already has a girlfriend named Bethany Evans. Harry had to learn how to get over Aries because when he took Beth to prom (you can have prom mod or not idc) he saw Aries with Holly. They were supposed to be going as friends but things were getting flirty. Harry wouldn't stop staring at Aries and Holly. After him and Beth danced he saw Holly and Aries making out with made him very angry. He looked at Beth but she was staring at Holly in not a disgusting way. She was looking st her in a desperate, forlorn way. Beth liked Holly. After that night Aries broke it off with Holly because she claimed she was just drunk. The two no longer remained friends because they thought it would be to awkward.
  • jennabennawennajennabennawenna Posts: 22 Member
    I just started one where this seventeen-year-old girl (Kat) meets a nineteen-year-old guy (Jack) at a dance party and they click, start dating, whatever. She hides this from her parents because she knows they'll disapprove, possibly make them break up, and she doesn't want to risk it. She wants to wait until she's eighteen (in a few months) to tell them about it, so for the time being, she sneaks out a lot, stays out past curfew, or lies to her parents about where she's going. Because of this, she gets in trouble a lot lol. But in those few months of lying and being secretive, Kat becomes distant from her family and even begins to resent them because they are trying to control her (all out of love). But her little sister is her weak spot, she loves her and would do anything for her. I think I'm gonna have Kat run away with Jack and the little sister gets sick or is in danger and needs Kat, anything that would make Kat take a step back and realize that she's been causing a lot of trouble for her family or whatever. idk
  • VictoriaSims5150VictoriaSims5150 Posts: 1 New Member
    I havent gotten very far into mine...and no screenies and it isnt very intresting but here goes! I have two families i kind of switch between but the langstons are the main ones. Mariana langston, formally a wells, lived in a tiny apartment in the spice district in sanmyshuno. Her bestfriend and her boyfriend, maci and devon, live next door. And so does a guy, who isnt bad to look at. His name is christopher livingston. Mariana and christopher got kind of close. They were always over at each others house or going to the animal park. They both loved animals! Finally he asked her to be his girlfriend and they also had their first kiss. It was all going pretty fast so she asked him to move in. Everything was going quickly and mariana wouldnt have it any other way. Soon mariana found out that she was pregnant! 1, 2, 3rd trimesters went by and she had TWINS! Jackson and Hailo. They were in love. The apartment was overflowing and they had to move. They moved to a quaint house in in oasis springs with 4 bedrooms. Meanwhile in the other residence, devon asked her to marry him...mostly only because maci had found out she was pregnant and her family was very religious! So...they got married and had a kid named brian (i didnt name him, the game named him while i was away). Okay back to the livingston residence! The toddlers were nearly children so christopher popped the big question. Of course mariana agreed and they got married at a little chapel with their family and friends. On their wedding night she got pregnant...Again! And was blessed with twins...AGAIN. 4 small was going to br tough...but oh she was happy. Koby and Oliver came into the world! Boy do i feel had for little Hailo. She has no sisters! Thats as far as ive gotten...Hope you enjoyed!
  • OliCaitOliCait Posts: 310 Member
    I'm hoping to soon start posting a story with teen pregnancy, incorporating the concept of living in a run down flat and having to balance work and raising a child. I'm working on the rules at the moment, but I'm not completely sure. Any ideas guys? :)
  • ThelovelyJaida_ThelovelyJaida_ Posts: 1 New Member
    Here’s my story so it’s a family of four the dad is a crocked cop who steals from work and dating one of the prisoners the dad has boy girl twin teenagers he hates the daughter kyla and pushes he’s son Kingston to become a rebel and follow his foot steps the mom died of heartbreak from watching the father cheat on her with a dozen girls. The father gets fired for bad behavior and becomes an acholic and the bullying of his daughter Kyla has become worse he kicks her out and Kingston finally stands up to his father moves out with Kyla too now there two broke teens on the run !
  • KittySimmerKittySimmer Posts: 10 New Member
    So Ummm this is my first story so the grim reaper bought the goths out of there home made it grins murder castle he needed a wife so he met A sweet alien chick they married and took care of the prisoners but she didn’t wanna have kids so he burned her and the prisoners in fire so he.Set a wife shy girl sweet who was a vendor she was not fond of him but she married himantway and he found her by the park of The city she married him to get out of her mothers home tho he bought three Alien dancers had a kid with this woman then he grew Overprotective
    Of that kid so he locked her in a room with toys and a dead cat a tv bed Shower shower sink and toilet he put windows were the door should be and talked to her through there the wife cannot leave only him so he hired a butler the wife an her became close friend but grim hooked up with her and divorced the other wife the other wife bought a new house and took her child grim now pays child support and can only text or call the child so the butler and grim married and had a kid and he did the same as he did to the other the butler wife died so he married again by this time he had 4 prisoners and 80 graves outside lol the new wife bore another baby girl named Julie but put her up for adoption without grim knowing he was mad but ok he got an alien dancer prego and miss treated the good child she was like a little pink princess but he threw her out of the home so the little girl lived in space alone the mother Ailen had a Disguise so disguise she easily snuck out she raised Carley to be compassionate well mannerd and responsible grims Locke away daughter was insensitive bUt responsible then Julie of course was all in the good with her life skills grim died and the kids didn’t wannna be in that house so the house now has two women sisters who do the same as grim together with there husbands there kids are always put up for adoption grims now has 10 grandkids
  • KittySimmerKittySimmer Posts: 10 New Member
    Another r story is Ellie met Wyatt in a bar they hit it off and started dating then moved into an apartment they had two twin girl Nessie and sia I like weird names sometimes on there he cheated on her when the kids were child I’d say 10 he had already got it Ellie pregnant with her third child Ellie walked in in Wyatt and Elise Ellie threw him out moved to windeingberg with them and continued with her doctor career she meet a co worker named jay they got along got married after a while raised there three kids And later found out Wyatt got Elsie’s pregnant right before he died they met the sister and they would call her everyday the twins later found love and moved out they had kids Ellie got pregnant again sia has two kids aiden and Sade I didn’t name them nessie has one kid tree I didn’t name her my sis did for me Halsey grew up Halsey was Ellie and Wyatt’s third her and Nadia moved out Halsey got into a relationship with Ellie and jays butler and he left Halsey for an older woman Nadia helped her out still does Halsey named the boy James later the girls found love but still live together jay and Ellie had a girl evie because it’s plum Ellie ok sorry and that’s we’re im at btw Nadia was Wyatt and Elise’s daughter
  • KittySimmerKittySimmer Posts: 10 New Member
    ok Guys that’s it love ya thanks for reading my Story idea
  • M0771MM0771M Posts: 1 New Member
    I've just started playing as a band of homeless thieves/pickpockets. They are all girls and do busking and begging as well as stealing things. I've only just started playing so I don't have any screenshots yet, but creating the characters has been fun so far!
  • EA_CianEA_Cian Posts: 1,359 EA Staff (retired)
    Evening (well, at least, where I am) folks!

    Just a quick reminder that while the storylines you create in your gameplay are up to you, if you're going to be sharing them on the forums they do need to follow our forum rules. This is just something to be mindful of as we discuss our storyline ideas.
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  • SimmerValeSimmerVale Posts: 1 New Member
    Cats and dogs LP

    Cadance Pace Teen
    Aspiration - Friend of the animals
    - Dog Lover
    - Loves Outdoors
    - Goofball
    ~career vet~

    younger sister - Harmony Pace Child
    Aspiration - Butterfly social
    - outgoing
    - Vege
    - jealous
    Wants to take over the family business and will do anything to do so.

    older brother - Jamie Pace Young Adult
    Aspiration - Public enemy
    - Mean
    - Evil
    - Cat Lover
    He is very mean. He lives with his parents but will move out later with a guy (boyfriend). he was kicked out for not taking over the family business but he thoughht it was because he was gay.

    mother - Beatrice Pace
    A - Soulmate
    - vege
    - Snob
    - Materistic
    loves big nuts. They are very strict parents.

    father -Blake Pace
    A - Famously Weathly
    - Genius
    - Snob
    - Hot-headed
    He owns a restaurant which was pased down from genoration to genoration. He wanted to give it to the oldest but he didn't want it and neither did Cadance.

    cat - Sylvester male
    - Affectionate

    dog - Frankie girl


    JAMIE -
    He was always met to take over the family business but he didn't want to he. Because, he felt like he didn't know who he was. He meets this guy Liam Cas, while living he parents, and the guy helps him understand who he is. He secretly starts dating Liam. He gets kicked out 3 months later & gets kicks out & moves in with his boyfriend.

    She's very pink & organized. She wanted to be very sucessful even after the line of cadance and Jamie not taking their places. She was picked last for the company but wanted to be picked firs because she belived she was better for it. She wants to be successful & doesn't care about family.

    Cadance -
    Her family is very sucessful (rich) so she doesn't make much friends because they don't want to be friends with HER. She becomes really great friends with her dog Frankie, because of the no friends problem. She knew Jeffory all her life, but became friends with him as a teen. She also becomes friends with Terra & Aurora. She works as a teen with her friemeny Brooke. When she is a young adults her parents ask her if she wants to take over her family company. She is very close with Jamie & says "NO". They weren't very happy about that. She said she move at the end of the week. The parents were relying on the brother which is why they kicked him out. She called Jeffory crying that she had no place to live & Jeffory said that he was also moving out and that they could move together. They moved into bridleton bay.
    Jamie broke up with his boyfriend & moved in with Cadance & Jeffory.

    Jeffory Vane Special Agent/Musician
    A - Friend of the world
    - Dog Lover
    - Cheerful
    - Music Lover

    Terra Rammala GeekTec
    A - Computer Whiz
    - Perfectionist

    Aurora Dans
    A - Soulmate Dectective
    - Unflirty
    - Bookwarm
    - Good

    Jefforys Family
    Luke Vane - Dad
    Lola Vane - Mom
    Don Vane - Younger Bro

    Terra's Family
    Elaina Rammala - Mom
    Callie Rammala - Grandma

    Brooke Highster - future vet
    owns chawa & hairless cat

  • katrinasforestkatrinasforest Posts: 423 Member
    edited December 2018
    I just finished a storyline that involved an epic battle between aliens and vampires.

    The aliens were convinced the vampires were a plague on Earth and it was their duty to eliminate them and save this poor, helpless planet. But one alien was an evil overlord who secretly wanted to take over Earth in the name of Sixam.

    A few vampires made truces with the aliens and actually helped them defeat rivals. (The vampires in my game are not known for banding together in times of trouble--they're very much everyone for themselves.)

    Any vampires who joined the aliens' side had to have a strict diet of plasma fruit/packs only. They also had to change their dark form to an alien form.

    Eventually, the dust settled, the evil alien was defeated, true treaties were made, and Sixam-Earth Peace Day is a holiday on the calendar now. It's in the summer, and it is celebrated by going outdoors, doing water activities, gardening, and just generally enjoying the Earth and its beauty.

    Now I'm playing Get Famous so we'll see how that goes. :)
  • CerysWCerysW Posts: 16 Member
    I started of with the Barnhart family (who i made) Elizabeth Barnhart, the mother. Evil, Romantic and Erratic. John Barnhart, the father. Evil, Hot headed and Ambitious. Kaitlin Barnhart, their daughter. Music Lover, Romantic and Vegetarian.
    Kaitlin was always getting A,s as a child. and to everyone at school she was a happy child. However at home her parents were both criminals and she would always have to clean and cook for herself. every night her parents would argue and end up in her room fighting. Her up bringing was rough which explains that when she became a teen she started getting into the wrong crowd. she started dating Malcom Landgrrab, who has the evil trait and would always skip school and go out late with him. her grades dropped to a D and when she thought her and Malcom would be together for ever he started flirting with other girls. they then broke up and she went to the Blue Velvet bar to cheer herself up which is when she met Liberty Dyer (i made the Dyer family before but didnt know what to do with them) Liberty was a young adult but got on with Kailtin really well. they spent the whole night talking until Kaitlin got a call that her Father had past away. she went straight home but her mother shouted and slapped Kailtin saying it was her fault. Kailtin Texted Liberty and went straight to hers and moved in. She got along with Liberty's parents, India Dyer and Jeremiah Dyer. Liberty got Kailtin onto a better track and By the time she graduated and became a young adult she was a Grade B.
    Liberty had recently broke up with her girlfriend Dina Caliente and wanted to move out of Willow Creek. Which is when Liberty and Kaitlin decided to move to San Myshuno and get an apartment together. Kaitlin meets Naoki Sasaki and they start dating. there relationship is constant arguments. Despite all Liberty had done to stop her from going back to her old ways Kaitlin stays with Naoki. it wasnt long until Kaitlin is pregnant with Naoki's baby. Liberty meets Misuki Tamaka and they later on get married. Kaitlin meets Hunter Bagley (a sim i made) at the Wedding Ceremony and they click instantly. she goes back to his apartment as she is on her third trimester and is having problems with Naoki.they sit down and have deep conversations for hours. it was getting late and Kaitlin was really tired. so Hunter asked her to stay the night. and they had their first kiss. the next morning Kaitlin goes home after leaving Hunter breakfast. She went straight home and spoke to Liberty. She realised that she had deeper feelings for Hunter than she had for Naoki and decided to end it with Naoki. She went back to Hunter's apartment later that day to tell him how she felt. he asked her to be his girlfirend, and even though it was really fast she said yes. she moved in with him leaving Liberty the apartment with her wife. Kaitlin then gave birth the her twins. sebastian and kylie. the twins are now toddlers and they see Hunter as their father as their biological father, Naoki hasnt bothered to see or talk to them since the break up. Liberty and Misuki have adopedt their new daughter, Sydney Dyer who now has Kaitlin's old room.

    i still play this world and im planning on Kaitlin and Hunter getting engaged and having their own baby together. however i need to get a bigger apartment or house as they live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the twins are going to need their own room soon. i have a plan for Sydney Dyer and im still thinking of a story line for the twins. i have so many ideas for this world. if anyone has any ideas on what i should do next than please comment! i love reading all these stories and ideas and would love for something new to happen. im so excited for what will happen next thank you for reading Xx
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    Okay so I know this is an old forum, but when I look up "Sims 4 Storylines," this is the first thing that pops up, so I figured I'd share mine.

    So basically my original main character is named Kaylee Stewart and she lives with her dad and little brother. The idea is that her mom left when she was 4 years old, and they haven't heard from her since. Anyways, she is a part of the Paragons, and is very close friends with all of them (including a self-added member; her best friend.) So she is living a pretty normal life as a high school student, when there is a new student at the school name Lucian French. Basically, the usual happens, they meet, become friends, and fall in love. Then Lucian's rival, Vladislaus Straud, finds out about Kaylee and tries to attack her, but Lucian shows up and causes him to leave. That was when Kaylee learned the truth; Lucian was a vampire. Basically it took awhile, they fought about it, but in the end, she forgave him for lying to her and accepted him for who, or rather what he was. But she made a decision that she did not want to be one. They continue to date for a few months (not actual sim days obviously, I'm just kind of pretending it was a few months.) While they were together, they were unaware of Vladislaus' plan. So basically Kaylee and Lucian were getting back from a date and he walks her home and leaves. While they were out on their date, Vladislaus had gone to her house and drained Kaylee's family of blood, then lit them on fire to cover the tracks that they were murdered. She came home to find them dead, while Vladislaus was watching in the dark corner. Then he flew out as mist. So let's fast foward like 2 months or so (again not actual sims days). Kaylee had taken time to mourn and accept that her family was gone. She still didn't know that it was Vladislaus though. Basically following Kaylee's family's death, Kaylee and Lucian got closer. Eventually (even though they were teenagers) he asked her to marry him and she said yes. When they got married, they moved in together in a new house. They both graduated high school (I made Lucian age up just so I wouldn't have to have him skipping school everyday as a teen). Then Kaylee found out that Vladislaus was the one who killed her family (that part is more detailed but I won't get into it cause it right now). She went behind Lucian's back and created a vampire cure to cure Vladislaus with. She stupidly went to Vladislaus' house and confronted him. They fought and she lost. Vladislaus decided as punishment, he would turn her into a vampire. So he did and then when she was still in transition, he compelled her to forget it. Meanwhile, Lucian found the ingrediants Kaylee had used to make the cure, at the bar and immediately went to Vladislaus' mansion. He found Kaylee lying on the floor unconscious and grabbed the cure out of her bag and cured Vladislaus. Then he took her home. They were both unaware that she had been in transition for awhile. Then Kaylee got pregnant while she was in transition which would cause some complications (I'll get into that later). Eventually they found out that she was in transition and she became a vampire. They assumed that the baby would be a vampire as well since she was a vampire now and there wouldn't be a 50/50 chance (or so they thought). Then she had the baby. That's when she realized that because she got pregnant while being in transition, that the child would have a 50% chance of being a vampire and being a half vampire (ik that isn't actually a think but I'm just going to pretend).

    Anyways, that's as far as I've gotten so far. I hope you enjoyed the story and got some inspo for your game if you want.
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