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SHARE Your Storylines, Pictures and Give Out Storylines Ideas?!

Hey guys, so I love the Sims 4 and I was wondering what are your storylines?!!

Share with the community your stories and your pictures and come back and update whenever you want, if you don't mind, also explain your storyline for other players to be inspired to do a similar one (or same one). xD I just notice I do the same typical ones and I would like to be inspired and get to know you guys creativity. I watch youtube videos of simmers playing and I'm loving their storylines but I would like to know more storylines from different people!

You can also give out random storylines you came up in the spot for others to be inspired!

If there is another thread like this I'm sorry I didn't saw it! :s You can post a link to it for me to see it! :D

(Don't worry, I won't judge you if you got a "weird" story)


  • RARAWRARAW Posts: 863 Member
    I'll start with mine, I'm in my Mac so no pictures yet, but mines right now is not creative at all! It is just me my boyfriend and his brother starting out poor and working our way up with average jobs. It is different from real life because I'm planning to graduate from a University and he is going to the military pretty soon. So I want to live a life in sims 4 that I can not have in real life!
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 23,647 Member
    Haven't had a chance to post pictures yet but here's my current storyline:

    Stephanie Lee started out on her road to comedy stardom. She hasn't made it yet, but so far she'd gotten up a couple of levels and is now a C-lister. After romancing Mitchell Kalani of the Roomies household for a bit, she got tired of his dilly-dallying and ended up with Cliff Tatum, a townie with no known residence; he moved in with her and they're now engaged. He's now got a job as a writer's assistant, and has finished his first book which he self-published. After they get married, I plan on having them adopt a child then maybe try for a baby.

    After I get this one well underway, I plan on trying my main story; my Simself living with two men (one modeled after my husband, the other after a friend of mine) and see which one wins her heart and which one is a "friend with benefits". o:)
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  • RARAWRARAW Posts: 863 Member
    I have not adopted yet but definitely you gave me me a great idea to do with my storyline since is something new to do, I never adopt. :(
    Stilljustme that is too funny if you end up with the friend in the game and your real life husband sees that! lol
  • DatkidDatkid Posts: 430 Member
    Nate River has been put in charge of 7 patients at Willow Creek Asylum and must become a Bestselling Author in order to get out.
    Day 1 was going pretty smooth, Evelyn spent most of her time talking to the gnomes.
    And getting to know the other patients
    Nate spent most of his time alone eating or reading
    However, later that night while Nate was napping Evelyn and Gloria ran up stairs "Hey soooo...."
    There's a fire downstairs Mr. River
    After putting the fire out, Nate went back to bed and Walter ended up passing out in the tub.
    Nate's got a lot of work ahead of him.
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  • RARAWRARAW Posts: 863 Member
    Datkid that is so creative! Never seen a storyline like that! I hope Nate River makes it but still keeps in contact with his patients as good long lasting friends! :) Or just decides to stay there anyways and takes care of them and makes it like a hobby or family business or something! Or gets with one of the patients maybe Evelyn? ;) . Evelyn talking to the gnomes the whole day. LOL
  • DatkidDatkid Posts: 430 Member
    RARAW wrote: »
    Datkid that is so creative! Never seen a storyline like that! I hope Nate River makes it but still keeps in contact with his patients as good long lasting friends! :) Or just decides to stay there anyways and takes care of them and makes it like a hobby or family business or something! Or gets with one of the patients maybe Evelyn? ;) . Evelyn talking to the gnomes the whole day. LOL

    That wouldv'e been a possibility! Sadly however,
    Evelyn is no longer with us. I buried her out back. I wish we had ghosts so the asylum could be haunted!
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  • Namor98Namor98 Posts: 39 Member
    Well I had this one household where it was this super attractive single woman who had a ton of kids from different guys but they were dirt poor and living in this tiny three bedroom house with six people. The woman never married and just kept on having kids and getting into all these complex relationships that never worked out.
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  • hmae123hmae123 Posts: 1,860 Member
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    I have a rotational save right now. My households include a young woman, Alyssa, she owns a modest little bakery. She has the foodie, creative and romantic traits.

    She lives next door to my sim David who is a police officer who happens to love frequenting her bakery for her sweet treats. He never cooks so he makes sure he keeps his fridge stocked with her goodies. He's a bro, active and self assured sim.

    Next to him lives a married couple, Brody another police officer, who is also a bro, loves outdoors and is family oriented. His wife, Hanna is a foodie, loves outdoors and is also family oriented. They are sort of a hippie couple, they love being outside, doing yoga and gardening. She's in the science career really only because I wanted to try that career out.
    They have a son named Salvatore who is a loner. (The game named him while I was away)

    I have a few other families in this save but I only play them here and there to keep the "world alive and they run other retail stores for my sims to shop at, so I won't mention them. :-)

    The main story is about the two couples who become best friends as they go through life. David and Brody are already really close having worked togethar and sharing the bro trait.

    David and Alyssa have just started dating, (the way to a mans heart is through his a stomach they say, lol)

    Through David, Alyssa met Hanna and Brody and she and Hanna have bonded over their love of food.

    The four of them have gone on vacation togethar and bonded more.

    It's been a really fun save to play. I am hoping for some twists down the road due to aliens and what not. ;)
  • babyroo1111babyroo1111 Posts: 35 Member
    I am currently re-creating an old legacy I played back when The Sims 3 came out in 2009. I have attempted numerous times to have successful legacies, but I never get past the first generation. The only exception being my aforementioned first legacy, the Mayhews. The Mayhew's reached the 8 generations before a glitch caused their demise.

    I am speeding through the generations using mods (though I have to wait again until all of my mods are updated due to the current patch) to get to my favourite sim of all time, Azulie, who was the 6th generation heiress. After she is born again I plan on going against the Mayhew's history and have her marry into the current legacy I am playing in the Sims 4: the Raabs.

    The Raabs' are a cadet branch of the Landgraab line, resulting from an affair between Nancy Landgraab and Don Lothario, though Nancy later divorced Geoffrey and married Don and had a legitimate child with him. Don and Nancy's two daughters took up the name Raab, and currently I have both daughters, Mona and Myra, as duel heiresses. Mona is married to Devin Rouya, the daughter of the first Sim I created in that save file. Myra is married to Cassidy Clark, whom I created and adored enough to marry her into the line. Through a same-sex pregnancy mod that I have (which I am waiting on being updated), Mona and Devin have produced Don's first grandchild: Juniper Raab. I plan on having Juniper marry Azulie Mayhew and having the Mayhew name take over from there (yes, I'm big on primarily playing lesbian sims, since I am a lesbian as well).

    I am undecided on whether I should have Juniper and Azulie have slightly altered versions of the children, and thus grandchildren, Azulie had originally, or scratching that and starting anew with new kids. In the Sims 3, Azulie married a man named Leo and that line led to the 7th and 8th generations. Maybe I could have Azulie marry Leo and have her two original daughters with him before divorcing him for Juniper and having kids with her? Hmmm...

    I have so many stories to tell? Should I tell of Don's 20+ offspring, almost all of them coming from different women (include all the Caliente women, as screwed up as that is)? Or should I tell of the history of the Mayhews? Is this the place to reminisce?
  • acrazycatladyacrazycatlady Posts: 1 New Member
    My storyline so far is an elderly lady who is retired from painting (she is level 9) Her husband passed away and her daughter(she is 21) and son(he is 23) moved away. Since she is so old she started to need help so a man that used to be friends with her son and now lives across the street agreed to help her from now on. Her daughter comes to visit her mom and notices the guy and she gets upset that her mother didn't just call her and ask her for help, therefore her daughter decided to move back in with her mom and take care of her becoming a writer. Yet the guy still comes by and helps out her mom.

    That's how far I have gotten not sure what I want to happen so now it is up to you what you want to happen!
    Don't have any screenshots sorry.
  • gamingstylistgamingstylist Posts: 115 Member
    I don't have screen shots but my storyline I'm playing with is a runaway teen couple that got married Chris (klepto cop) and Alicia (artist). At work Chris starts stealing and Malcolm Landgrab catches her stealing on a case instead of telling on her he starts flirting with Chris. Alicia expands her business of paintings and furniture making between her painters job enough to expand the house and expand their family which Chris happily agrees to and they have three girls (Sophia,Heather and Ametha). While their lives seem to be perfect around the top of Chris' police career and Alicia is around the top of her career and dreams of opening a shop for her woodworking and paintings, Alicia mysteriously disappears and is found dead. The children are devastated and are not used to being around Chris , she tries her best caring for her children and solving the case on Alicia. As she investigated she realizes that Malcolm is the biggest suspect but no one will accept that he could be the killer and the case goes cold, he tries to get closer to her and she decides that if the law can't touch Malcolm she'll get revenge on her own . They got married in private, Chris sending the children away on a trip with a relative she gets him drunk and he confesses to her that he invited Alicia to his home and killed her (handbuzzer kill mod) (that where I am now and have plans of switching Chris' career to the crime career after she overhears a prisoner talking about stealing something can can bring loved ones back) . lol I'm too imaginative in sims sorry lol
  • duckprincess8duckprincess8 Posts: 3 New Member
    So my family started when my friend asked me to furnish a house for him. As I was decorating the office space in the house I made a character in my head.
    He was a scrawny guy, but was still easy on the eyes. (I can't provide a picture because I play sims on my desktop and I'm on my laptop). He was alone and his dream ever since he was a child was to be a chief police officer. After a few days of unemployment since he moved out of his parents house, he was browsing online and he found there was an option for a starter police officer career. He wanted a bit more of a head start, but this was better than nothing so he took the opportunity. His name is Kevin Gibson by the way. He has been so focused at work that he hasn't had time to interact with anyone. Then the welcome wagon came to greet him. It was a couple adult sims and one or two young adults. One of the young adult sims was named Allie and she was a pizza delivery woman.
    Kevin is the type if guy who would only make friends to schmooze off of them later. So he would only be friends with Allie so he could get free pizza, or with Geoffrey Landgrab so he could get some small "loans", etc. Sadly Allie lost her job as a pizza delivery woman and therefore Kevin had no reason to be friends with her if she was unemployed and had nothing to offer him, right? (I know sounds like a plum) Wrong. He kept hanging out with Allie and he didn't know why. They built a strong bond that he never had with anyone in his LIFE. As a kid he would spend his time watching cop movies and playing detective with himself, and no one shared the passion he did for being a police.
    Kevin and Allie hung out all the time and watched movies and talked about stuff and they eventually became best friends. Allie really opened Kevin up to the world of socialization, and just hobbies in general. So Kevin had a party at his house for some people he met whilst just walking through the neighborhood. There was this one girl that he seemed to find attractive. His first instinct is not to talk to her because he doesn't want to have a distraction from work. He ended up confronting Allie about it and she said to go for it because there are one night stands in real life. And she said that the first person that you meet is not necessarily going to be you life partner. So he went for it.
    He went up to her as she was walking out to the backyard and they just bonded as friends the whole night. They stargazed and talked about their interests and he realized she had similar ideas that he did. He still did not admit he had a crush on her. After days of non-stop work, he was thinking about her A LOT. Her name was Neveeah. He hung out with her a couple of times, then he eventually decided to ask her out on a date, and that is when they started her romantic. They didn't kiss until the second date, but by the third or fourth, he asked her to be his girlfriend and sure enough she said yes.

    At the point in the story where I am is here and they are boyfriend and girlfriend and Neveeah and him woohooed for the first time. Kevin is at level 8 of the Detective career. Kevin asked Neveeah to move in with him and she said yes. When she moved in she needed a career and I decided to make her pursue the writer career.

    For where I want the story to go....
    The house I built is 147, 833 (with some renovations because at first is was 183,000 and that was too much so I cut out some stuff out). I wanted Kevin to be able to move out with Neveeah to this house and out of their one bedroom starter house. Once they do and Kevin is level 10 (chief) of the detective career, they will have two kids (one age group apart). One is a girly child who is obsessed with Voidcritters (kids room stuff pack only). The other is a teenager and is kinda goth/emo. I am sure that the children are going to have some storylines too, but since they haven't happened yet, it haven't really thought about it. Neveeah and Kevin will divorce by the time that the second child ages up into a child due to the fact that either she didn't like Kevin's workaholic-ism or his personality. Or she is a gold digger and just wanted money and he found that out and he divorced her. So I know Allie hasn't been mentioned but she is still brought into hang out through this whole thing but nothing amazing has happened to her. She is still unemployed and is having money troubles after getting fired from being a pizza delivery woman.
    Kevin sees lots of potential in Allie, so he offers her as a position as his secretary (fake position). So he helps her with paper and lives in his large house. She helps with cleaning and cooking but nothing else really. And Kevin is dating around to try to get back into the game because he thinks that his two children need a mother figure.
    Meanwhile, Allie has been bonding with the kids a lot. She had become really close with the child. And the teenager is a little bit more unsociable, but she still likes Allie.
    So a couple girlfriends and one engagement later, Kevin is very stressed out about this whole love/work/kids deal that he has to deal with. So he gets drunk with Allie one night when the kids are asleep. And they kiss and fall in love and get married and the kids love her more than their mother.
    Assuming I am still playing this family at this point I will move them into a larger house and Allie and Kevin will continue to have kids.
    And they live happily after ever :wink:

    If you want the house (that is cheaper), Kevin Gibson, Kevin and Neveeah, Allie, and that whole family as it all progresses, then I'll put them on the gallery. My username is duckprincess8
    :blush: Have a great day! :blush:
  • BennetasticBennetastic Posts: 1 New Member
    Here is my storyline so far:
    Sydnee Mueller grew up in a happy household until her parents "took a break". Her mother always assured her that her dad would come back as soon as he felt better within himself. A year later, her mom told Sydnee that she and Sydnee's dad were separating. The thought broke Sydnee and she refused to talk to her parents for months. Her dad clearly moved on and built a new and wealthy life with his new wife (Maria) and children (Marcus and Clarissa). Sydnee's mother had full custody over her since her dad didn't seem to have any interest in taking care of her.
    Sydnee grew up always wondering why her dad didn't care and that impacted her emotionally, she always wondered why her dad never wanted her. Her mother became a alcoholic long after the divorce and had new men in the house all the time. Sydnee was sent to live with the aunt, uncle and cousin after her mother lost custody of her and her dad wasn't interested. Sydnee graduated a month ago and she wants to leave her aunts and uncles place and live her own life, her dream is to one day own a restaurant or a bakery.

    Have fun with this storyline if you decide to try it!
  • duckprincess8duckprincess8 Posts: 3 New Member
    @Bennetastic I love it!
  • noxximsnoxxims Posts: 134 Member
    I've started writing a story about the Goth family! You can click my signature to check it out :)
  • TreadwellTreadwell Posts: 20 New Member
    Somehow looking for inspiration for a new plot for my own game I've become more inspired to continue my current one reading all these great legacies and stories!

    I like playing the Sims with pre made characters so when I began I used Willow Creek and added my own family. What I do is play the family and every 25 (sim) years I.e a child in the beginning, Alexander Goth and Olivia Soencer-Kim-Lewis would now be mid way through young adult and in fact these 2 were married in my own game. So every 25 years I save/Share all my families to see how they have changed and build the storylines around their traits, jobs and relationships.

    Feel free to check out my legacy, I'm currently playing generation 13 and have about 350 sim years behind me!

    Happy Simming!

  • TreadwellTreadwell Posts: 20 New Member
    Silly me forget that this isn't linked to The Sims 4 Gallery.

    If you want to check me out search PaleoBenologist.

  • EmSimsxxEmSimsxx Posts: 1 New Member
    Ok, here it goes.

    I started off with a YA sim, called Lily. Lily didn't get a job, and she became good friends with Eliza and Bob Pancakes, and moved in with them. Not long after, Bob got Eliza pregnant. Whilst pregnant, Eliza cheated on Bob with J Huntington III, and eventually Bob found out. Bob started yelling at Eliza, but then Eliza went into labour, so Bob decided to go to the hospital with her for the baby. Eliza gave birth to a girl, called Emma, and, as soon as Eliza, Bob and baby Emma get home Eliza and Bob started having a giant row, and they became enemies and got divorced. However, Bob got enraged and had a heart attack! This made Eliza a single mum, with just my sim, Lily, to help her. However, Eliza was charged for murder, and went to prison. This means that my sim is left looking after Emma, whilst seeing J Huntington III.

    Crazy, right?!
  • TheYayToastTheYayToast Posts: 465 Member
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    I decided to reboot my legacy because I wasn't happy with where it was going and how many times I had cheated for money. Haha. So I decided my heir's daughter would become the new founder. I had her grow up achieving the childhood aspiration of Artistic Prodigy and then the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration as a teenager. As most teenagers do, Rose decided to rebel against the thing she had done all her life. She became a musician and moved out to her own lot when she became a young adult. I'm having a blast playing this legacy with no cheating.
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  • NateCurateNateCurate Posts: 2 New Member
    Sasha Coleman grew up with an unhappy life. She often witnessed her parents, Drew and Eliza, arguing, and sometimes getting physical. She was a very smart girl, and tried to ignore the arguing by drawing, playing Sims Forever, or doing her homework. She was very close to Eliza her entire life, but Drew despised her and Sasha wished he would just be proud of her. Sasha grew into her teen years, nothing changing between her parents. Sasha met Ethan Miles in high school, and they began a little romantic relationship. Soon, Drew and Eliza divorced, and Sasha moved from Oasis Springs to Willow Creek with Eliza. Sasha and Ethan's relationship decayed, and they stopped talking. Sasha became a Young Adult, and moved out. She still lived in Willow Springs. Drew soon died of old age, and Sasha wished he would've said "I love you" before he passed. Sasha met Elliott Nemo, an Adult. Eliza passed away quickly after that. Sasha took her time with Elliott. It took her weeks to build up the courage to ask him out. He accepted, and, by that time, Sasha was already pregnant. She knew that the Coleman residence would need money to raise a child, so Sasha a job in the business career. She soon gave birth to a baby boy named Walker. Walker was always rude to her, and visitors. After only a few days after Walker was born, Sasha sent him to boot camp. Elliott had become and Elder, as Sasha was still an Adult. They got married, and Elliott finally moved in. Within a week, Elliott had passed, and brought devastation to the family. After weeks apart, Walker finally returned home, two days after Elliott's death. A day after that, Sasha gave birth to Elliott's son, Taylor. Now, with no man in her life, Sasha knows it's too much to handle two boys. She is debating whether to send Taylor or Walker to her next of kin, to live with them. She is currently still an adult, and in a tough situation.
  • LenateaLenatea Posts: 1 New Member
    Starts with a female sim, Kiera who is a doctor. She really wants to focus on her career and her dream is to get all the way to the top. However, she starts a relationship with her colleague, and he eventually moves in with her. She thought the fact that they're working together wouldn't get in their way, but it did, since he couldn't handle the fact that she exceeded him at work with promotion after promotion. They tried to patch it up and decided that getting engaged would solve everything. All seemed well, but the same night as their engagement, her fiancé thought he'd make them a nice dinner to celebrate, and ended up starting a fire where he died. Kiera mourned for a long time and buried herself in work but after delivering her first baby, her own biological clock started ticking and when she meets a new neighbor, a shy, single prospective programmer called Akihito, she allows herself to fall in love again. Things progress a little faster than expected as Kiera finds she is expecting only a few days into the relationship! Her new boyfriend takes responsibility and moves in, working hard to move up in his career to take care of his new family. Double the happiness when Kiera gives birth to twin girls! The days become hectic for the couple, but they are blooming, doting on their two girls and daddy Akihito is doing really well as a programmer. The girls grow but over the years, kids, work and daily life stress takes its toll on Kiera and Akihito's relationship. In an attempt to reignite their passion, remembering those early days when the girls were little and their relationship was good, they decide to try for another baby and to Akihito's joy, it's a boy. Kiera, however, develops postpartum depression and isn't really able to bond with her son, so the boy is mostly cared for by his father and teen sisters, who adore him. Kiera's work suddenly becomes more challenging and she realises that the spark is gone and once again, her solution is to bury herself in work. What she doesn't know is that Akihito has been working up the courage to propose, but he is discouraged by Kiera's cold attitude. He seeks validation from social media and has an affair. One becomes two and after the third affair, Kiera finds out about it and shut goes down. Everyone are miserable and their son starts having nightmares and waking everyone up in the middle of the night because he thinks there is a monster under his bed. Akihito's affair is about to ruin their family, and it doesn't help when Kiera loses her job over a mishap at work. She starts spending her days shopping and suddenly their daughter Kanae announces her engagement to her boyfriend of 3 years. Finally, the focus shifts, and they all have to pull together to make Kanae's wedding perfect. This means a family intervention because Kiera being laid off means their income is more than halved and so is their savings, due to Kiera's spending sprees. When Kiera sees how hard Akihito works to pay for his daughter's dream wedding, Kiera starts remembering why she fell for him and they finally make up. Days before their daughter's wedding, Akihito reveals a big engagement ring and proposes to Kiera, who accepts. A last minute double wedding is due, and everyone are happy. Not long after, Kiera and Akihito become grandparents. Their other daughter becomes a rock legend and their son stays at home to take care of his parents as they grow old. Finally, their son marries and even though there are some turbulence between Kiera and his son's wife, they live happily together.
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,097 Member
    I have a number of storylines! Currently I am playing through The Selection Challenge and Royal Kingdom Challenge all time favourite storyline was finally played out in the Sims 4 a year or so ago.

    Phoebe and Connor were in the same year at school and despite their parents being really good friends the two always despised each other! They got into verbal rows on more than one occasion and family and friends often joked that it was because they actually really liked each other. Frustrated by her family and friends and the looks that Connor was starting to give her, Phoebe moved interstate to study medicine at a top university while Connor stayed in their own town and pursued a career in policing.

    Connor and his buddies were really close and were constantly hitting up the pool, going camping or just being a bunch of Bris and enjoying a good game on the television. Phoebe refused to come back home during her university was only after completing her degree that she returned home for he holiday season and ran into Connor and his buddies. Something was different between the two and despite a few uncertain moments of tension and awkward encounters at events that mutual friends held...Connor finally asked Phoebe out in a date and the two ended up dating for two years before getting married and having two kids. Phoebe stopped pursing promotions after she made it too surgeon and Connor was happy being a detective.
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  • Polishsimmer12Polishsimmer12 Posts: 1 New Member
    My sims story so far and what I want to happen- Lizze and Austin Kendrick a couple the lives in willow creek just recently gave birth to twins Sofia and Phoenix. Living in a very suburban neighborhood. Later in the story- Austin celebrates his promotion with a coworker named Daisy and gets drunk and woohoo's with her. she starts to send love letters thinking he's single Lizze find's the letter's in a secret stash and confront's Austin. He tries to tell her what happened but she doesn't want to hear it. that day they go to court and DIVORCE. She kicks hime out of the house but now realizes she needs to get a job or do work from home. what will happen next?
  • LabratsLabrats Posts: 1 New Member
    I havent got any pictures atm. Lillian Grace has just moved in with her mother Ellen Brown and Daughter Gwendalyn Grace. Lillian has found herself a job at the local cafe while her mother watches Gwen. It wasn't allways this way for Lillian and Gwen. Gwendalyn Rose-Ann Grace was born in a Manion owned bye her father Lord Stephan Grace. Lillisn met Lord Stephan when they were both at the hospital for different reasons. Lillan thought he was the niced man she had ever met. After minimum courting Lillian agreed to become Lady Lillian Grace. After a year and a half of marriage Gwen was born. Thats when it took a turn for the worst, Lord Stephans mother Lady Rose-Ann didn't like that the next heir to the Grace fortune was female and believed that Gwen should have been a male. Lord Stephen believed the same as his mother and started pressuring Lillian to have another child. They kept trying and trying but it wasn't happening. Lord Stephan started drinking and when he came home he would physically abuse Lillian. Lillian put up with the beatings for months until one day he laid his hand on Gwen, After everyone was asleep Lillan excaped the Grace manor with Gwendalyn and never looked back. She moved into her mothers Ellens and got a job. Thats where im up too. Its not that good
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 30,140 Member
    Gen 1-An woman from the country called India moves to Windenburg because of the werid deaths of her almost husbands who were also her cousins. She married a Chinese man and they had 3 kids-two girls (carly, Molly, and Derek), one boy. Later one more (Hannah)

    Gen 2. When Carly, Derek and Molly are children-Mom spoils Carly and Berando spoils Derek..and they both treat Molly like a servant this continues into the teen stage . As a teenager Carly falls in love with YA (Herbert Little) and after two years with him he kidnaps her and revels he's Darcy Grant and she has to be in Molly's place kind of and be his (and his eventual family) servant. When there he marries and has two kids, Emma and Jacob Grant (twins). Carly escapes when she's 18 and goes back to her family. Hannah, who was born not long before Carly was kidnapped is a kid now. One of their neighbours, Bjergsens has the mindset of "father's a criminal, son must be as well" and put it on their youngest daughter, Kerry. She (Kerry) started a Jacob-Haters club. But Hannah started a First Chances club for Jacob&Emma. As Teens Kerry says something that broke the camel's back and changed Kerry to a duel. During the duel, Kerry injures Hannah so badly that she need a blood transfusion and if Jacob hadn't been a match she would have died. The families (Grants-Jacob&Swansons-Hannah) still hate each other so that Jacob&Hannah have to meet at night. It only takes a supper for people to get used to each other. As YAs Hannah and Jacob get married and they have twin kids, America&Lucy. Then they have one single birth and then twins.

    Gen 3
    America loves her family dearly. Kerry knows that America&Lucy are smart so kindly asks Hannah if her son (Harley) could join their homework club. Slowly Harley gets America seperated from her family and the one true friend she has (but she doesn't know it at the time), David. As teens she's caught stealing stuff and is kicked out of her own home. She then moves into the Bjersgens' home and basically has an experience similar to her Aunts' experience with an added touch of drama. On New Year's Eve she and Harley go out for supper in a restaurant and then go to a club to ring in the New Year. America wakes up in Willow Creek's park with no idea how she got there. She goes back to Windenburg and goes to the homeless shelter there where she;s shortly arrested for stealing some jewel-which she is totally innocent. But the judge is a racist and finds her gulity. With the help of David, the Mafia (Dragos) and Tony "Meatball" Corresnei she's is discovered innocent. As YAs they get married and will have 4 kids in total, one twin birth and two single births. Twins being Elizabeth and Cora. Single birth both being boys.

    Gen 4
    Elizabeth loves playing in the Great outdoors. But Cora doesn't so much and really hates the time their parents are away at work and all they have is the nanny. A family moves in next door who are from Afghanistan. Cora is jealous that the nanny and parents spend so much time with Elizabeth and one with her. As teenager they both have crush on the same boy-but Elizabeth makes moves first. She find Cora&boy kissing a couple of times-the first time she let it go, but the second is during a school party at school. That creates a catfight between the two and America revealing that Elizabeth is bethroed to Johny Wood, the boy nextdoor. During one unchaporened event they woohoo ..and you get the picture..they have two children Juliet and Halley.

    Gen 5
    basically almost a J&R story with an added twist-Johnny and Elizabeth break up because Johnny is actually is gay. And Elizabeth during her adult years (the children's teen years) fall in love with another man. As children Juliet has dreams about a boy. Elizabeth and the girls create a band called the "Muses" on one of their nights at a coffee house in Willow Creek, Elizabeth is running late and its because there was an attempted kidnapping of her at Windenburg's library that night. It just happened a teen boy in a Flash costume happened to show up and beat the kidnappers' behinds. But at this point her clothing is ruined.. At first her sister and mom didn't like it but then decided to wreck their dresses as well. Near the end of Gen 5 there's a poltican in the story who implents a one-child policy . And that's when Juliet with be you know..same as her mom with her and her sister. One will be named Selene and the other is unknown. Selene will be given to her distance cousins in Newcrest.

    Gen 6
    Selene also known as Cinder because of a burn on her face has always been treated like garbage by her adopted family. She doesn't know who her true family is just that she was given up when she was just a baby. Cinder isn't allowed to ask questions about her true family. She basically is experiencing her her great-grandma (America) and her great-great aunts (Molly and Carly)'s experiences. As a YA she finally moves out and moves to City where she first does food critic. Then switches to politician and eventually beats her rival, the said politician that implented the policy that made her family give her up. Therefore, fulling the prophecy.
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