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  • TrickyKnowTrickyKnow Posts: 4 New Member
    I just started a new family. Robin and Stacy Downing are sisters, Robin has a habit in dating married men but felled deep in love with Mortimer Goth and had two kids with him while he was still married to Bella. Stacy however is different she's dating a dj whom she thinks is the one.
  • LidiflyfulLidiflyful Posts: 8 New Member
    Ok well I have been a vested Sims player since 1 so I enjoy playing on the old stories from the first generation.
    At the moment I have a great storyline which involves new and old faces.
    In my world, the Goths and the Landgrabbs are enemies as old as time. The sucess of the Goths laid on Mortimers shoulders so much so, he passed away suddenly from heart failure - leaving his son, Alexander the sole beneficiary of his empire and Cassandra was to inherit his lands and estate, cutting his wife Bella out of the will completely because he knew, and had always known, about her on and off affair with Don Lothario.
    Heartbroken and penniless - Bella now has to rely on Alexander to keep the cash flow coming in. But Alexander is young, headstrong and evil. She knew she could not control him on her own so she arranged his marriage to Nina Caliante - daughter of her old friend and confidant Katrina. However little did Bella know that Katrina has married off her other daughter Dina to the mysterious Malcolm Landgrabb Jnr - who has lived as a hermit these past decades since his father's death.
    No one knows what the Landgrabbs have up thier sleeve, and no one knows the exact age of Malcom Landgrabb Jnr, since he and his family have not been seen for so long (I basically aged Malcolm Landgrabb down because he was far younger than Mortimer but far older than Dina so just made him Landgrabb Jnr). Some say it's his son, some say grandson, what is certain is that the Landgrabb/Caliante partnership is more successful than ever and Alexander is so desprerate to out shine the handsome and charismatic Landgrabb that he has sent his sister Cassandra to be married to the Karr-Goths. A distant branch of the Goth family - he also sold them the Goth Estate along with her and bought a new mansion to accommodate his ever growing family, and ever growing Empire of Evil, now that his wife is pregnant and so is his mother - with the illegitimate child of Don Lothario.

    Cassandra has told no one of her girlfriend, Michelle, who she was planning to run away with and leave this life behind. She is devestated by the match to a distant cousin and is trying desperately to try and get out of the marriage with her estate in tact...

    Not sure how to play it from here. I was thinking she has a horrible marriage but bears him children, and years later becomes brave enough to flee into the night with her lover and children in toe.

    But I made Byron Karr-Goth last night and I went a bit over board and made him extremely attractive (the Goths and Karr-Goths are decended from Vikings so he has that look haha) and the personality I gave him (hot headed) seems to match really well with Cassandras! Oh well watch this space...
  • bmjohnston28bmjohnston28 Posts: 8 New Member
    I have a new storyline. Mortimer and Bella Goth have twins, Amelia and Cordelia. Cordelia met Nathan Vogt, a young aspiring doctor. They eventually wed. They had two children, William and Walter. One day, after work, Nathan came home to find his wife waiting in the kitchen. She says she wants a divorce. She feels his always misses the big moments. They divorced after multiple arguments. Now, Cordelia is trying to find someone that she truly cares about. The kids and Cordelia moved back home with Mortimer and Bella, now elders. While jogging, she runs into Nathan, and meets his fried, Glenn York. At this point, I am now playing this story. I will give an update of this story. Enjoy, and feel free to follow the general plot. :)
  • isla_sims_xx08isla_sims_xx08 Posts: 3 New Member
    hey this is one of my storylines
    the family
    carlina Dixon (child)
    Marianna Dixon(teen)
    rielle Dixon(teen)
    malia Dixon(young adult)
    tom Dixon(adult)

    so malia and tom are married .Marianna was adopted as a baby then they decided they wanted another baby but naturally and welcomed rielle .next carlina. they live in willow creek they 50,000 simoleons(cheats bar: motherlode)tom is a astronaut. Rielle is a barista. Tom and malia
    try for a baby they get pregnant I used cheats to make her give birth they had a boy named joel if a girl would have been barbera that's as far as I have gottenxx
  • bmjohnston28bmjohnston28 Posts: 8 New Member
    Hey everyone! I have a new plot I am using after I got bored with my previously posted plot (see two posts above). I recently took up a new plot. Liberty Lee married Don Lothario, who moved out of the Caliente residence (I added Katrina's husband, who I named Mario Caliente; Mario divorced Katrina, and Don moved in for a while). I used MC Controller to marryLiberty and Don since they didn't have a good romance. Don and Liberty had two kids, Xavier and Javier. Don divorced Liberty because he lost interest in their marriage. He moved back in with Katrina, and they eloped soon after, preventing either one of them from losing interest in their affair. Don and Katrina had Salvatore, and the twins, Marina and Sebastian. Currently, Liberty is trying to find a date to take to a Landgraab party. She is trying to show Don that she is better off without him. I will give updates soon, and post other plots that I come up with/play.
  • TinyTTinyT Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm going to start one with a woman and her boyfriend move in together,but his super flirty womanizer best friend needs a place to stay for awhile. One night while her husband is working her and her husbands best friend end up sleeping together. The affair goes on for awhile behind his back. Then she ends up pregnant and doesn't know who the father is lol. I'm going to try and go as long as possible where her husband doesn't find out.
  • islaxxislaxx Posts: 2 New Member
    Hey guys I'm currently working on ALOT of storylines but this is my favourite
    Sahara Garcia is married to Farah garcia(same sex couple)they are rich and live in oasis springs they decide they love each other so much they should adopt so they adopta baby girl and name her carleigh .she becomes a teen and decides she wants to marry the boy whos family has been feuding with the garcia family for over 70 years because the jones family stole from the garcias but karl was not a theif but carleighs family still refused so they run away to windemburg
    now the lovebirds are young adults they get married and have triplets Jane,ariana and Kelsie now children Ariana makes a friend derek ...more soon
  • AshleyTheLlamaAshleyTheLlama Posts: 6 New Member
    I was reading through this and thought I'd share my story line that I'm still playing with.The main character is Lauren,who wasn't even born when I started (And she is an adult and I cried because she is even closer to dying!!!) Also I am into writing so this was fun for me to write it like this! But the point of this save was for me to do things I have never done before,or rarely do,like having my sims cheat for instance. And I congratulate anyone who reads ALL of this.Really,you deserve a medal for sitting through all this.

    I started out with Evelyn and Jason Bird,along with Layla Gould(Evelyn's mother,who was supposed to be apart of this,but died!)
    After just getting married,Jason and Evelyn decided to move into their first home in Newcrest,leaving Evelyn's mother in San Myshuno. The couple was happy,going out on dates,walking around the new town,and just doing everything they could together. Everything was perfect...until Anna Heaton arrived.
    While Jason was out buying Evelyn a gift,he ran into Anna. They clicked,and Jason felt himself developing deeper feelings for her,even though he knew it was wrong. He went back home,where Evelyn gave him the surprise that she was pregnant. Jason was so happy,he forgot all about Anna.Then,while Evelyn was away at her job in business,Jason got a call. It was Anna...asking him out on a date. Against everything telling him NO,he said yes. He couldn't resist. I mean,he was going to have a child with Evelyn,this was WRONG! But he did it,he said yes.
    They met up at Chez Llama,and had a great time.The food was great.The two got along well,and when Anna went to kiss him,he didn't reject her. That's what he remembers,SHE made the move...not HIM...
    When he got home so late,Evelyn,who was almost in her third trimester,asked him where he was.All he said was he was called in for a quick assignment. Well,it made sense,he was a secret agent.Why would he ever lie to his wife he was so faithful to?
    The next day,Jason felt sick. He had cheated on his wife.He swore he would never let it happen again,and went to work,right after giving Evelyn a quick kiss on the cheek.When he got home,exhausted,that night,he got another call.Anna Heaton,his phone read.He looked at the text.She wanted to go out again.Jason almost said no.Almost.But he had so much fun with her last night. I mean,Evelyn wouldn't be home just yet. And,he could just say he couldn't cheat on Evelyn.That they should stop hanging out.So instead,he accepted it.This time,they met up at the park this time,and Jason forgot all about his promise when he saw Anna.
    When Evelyn came home that day,expecting to see Jason,maybe,if she was lucky,dinner? Instead,she saw neither. Just a note from Jason saying he had another quick assignment.Evelyn was suspicious. Two in a row? Something was wrong...But she shrugged it off,grabbing a snack to keep her pregnant stomach full. Jason got home,Anna's last kiss still on his lips,and saw Evelyn.She embraced him.He hesitated for less then a second before returning it. Jason knew it was disgusting,but he loved Evelyn and Anna he pursed Anna while still being a "faithful" husband to Evelyn.That night,Evelyn gave birth to two twin girls,Lily and Lauren. When Jason and Evelyn brought them to their new home,they woohooed,Evelyn oblivious to Jason cheating on her.
    In the morning,when Jason was off,he made Evelyn breakfast.She quickly ate,they kissed,and she left. Jason watched her go on her way to work. And just as he was about to relax,Anna called again,inviting him over.This time,there was no hesitation...That time,they ended up going to bed together. About half an hour after Jason got back from Anna's,Evelyn came home from work. Jason embraced her,ignoring the part of his mind that was ROARING at him for doing what he was doing to her.
    Soon,Lily and Lauren aged up to toddlers,Lily being so fussy,and Lauren being a little clingy,along with being suspicious of her father. Still,Jason was having an affair with Anna. Then,Anna came to him,revealing she was pregnant.He was terrified,but so happy.While she was still there,he woohooed with her in his bed he shared with Evelyn. When Evelyn came home,she went upstairs to change,and found her husband cheating on her.Jason tried to calm her down,but only made it worse.Evelyn realized she was a fool,and they quickly got divorced.Jason ran off with Anna,taking Lily with him.He ended up having another set of twin girls,Adeline and Leah,with Anna.Jason left Evelyn to raise Lauren on her own,and convinced himself she did something to him....even though he knew she did nothing.
    Evelyn,with little money,and her heart in shreds,vowed she would raise Lauren the best she could.Evelyn struggled with the bills and being a single mother,but she managed. She was so happy when Lauren aged up to a child.
    Lauren,for as long as she could remember,had wanted to be a famous musician.Her mother saved up enough money to buy her her first violin. Lauren loved it.,she practiced all the time,got an A in school,and grew up hating her father. Hating him for cheating on her mom.For abandoning them.But she was happy with her life. One day while at school,Lauren met Nicia Everen. They ended up hanging out,and became best friends. Little did Lauren know,Nicia was developing a deep crush on Lauren.
    Finally,it was Lauren's birthday.At this point,she was now a music lover,and a vegetarian.(I have no reason for making her vegetarian) Evelyn was so proud of her. Lauren was an A student,had gone through a milestone in her aspiration already,and was also starting to date someone named Jaxon Rowe.Evelyn decided to take her on a vacation to Granite Falls. Lauren and Evelyn camped in tents since they couldn't afford a cabin,but had so much fun at the campfire,fishing,and exploring the woods.
    When they got home Evelyn felt a little sick,but shrugged it off. Lauren went off to school that morning,and Evelyn went to work.When Evelyn got home,Lauren downstairs doing her homework,she felt worse. Within half an hour she passed away from a heart attack.
    Lauren was devastated.No,her mother couldn't be dead, Her mother was EVERYTHING to her! This had to be just a bad dream! But sadly,it was. Lauren was forced to move in with her father,stepmother,twin sister,and half sisters.
    Anna HATED Lauren. It reminded her that Jason had kids with someone else. Lauren inherited Evelyn's red hair,Lily had Jason's black hair,and Anna had blonde.But even though it was terrible,Anna felt smug that he left Evelyn for her.

    And anyone who wants to read more,please tell me,because we still have lots of drama to go!
  • AshleyTheLlamaAshleyTheLlama Posts: 6 New Member
    I messed up a few times.. the biggest one at the end. It WASN'T a dream! Not was!
  • chmocachmoca Posts: 7 New Member
    I wanna start off by saying this involves cheating partners so skip it if it offends you.

    I was getting bored with my legacy so I started with a family of four, child Russell Lancaster being the main sim. His father was a business man and he always wanted his son to carry his legacy. This influenced Russell a lot so he spent his childhood acting like him. No toys, no fun, just practicing speech on the mirror. But he met some other child members of the legacy and became friends. He "decided" not to waste his life by being a workaholic and he started having fun.

    Vivianna Potts moved in to Willow Creek before high school. I moved her in to Oakenstead with an elder npc; I imagined she ran away from an orphanage, begged to move in the elder sim to take care of her.

    Russell and Vivianna met and started dating. They broke up after a while as Vivianna had no future plans yet and Russell was keeping her busy. Russell was sad but they were best friends and decided to stay that way. Some sim days later Vivianna got close with his friend Prince Schwartz. They started dating. Russell was single for a while but eventually he started dating someone as well: Tessa Gary Najera from the legacy. Vivianna and Russell were so happy for each other and remained best friend even after teenage years.

    I bought City Living at that moment and to my luck I got Romance Festival right off the bat. I was playing Vivianna and Prince (as he moved to her place) so I made them go. I made them marry in the heat of the moment. Then, Russell called Vivianna to drink sakura tea. I sent Prince to bathroom and made the best friends grab the tea. Obviously they got flirty. I noticed that there were special romance interactions of the festival which applied to their situation perfectly (joke about getting together, hello!) so I made them flirt a little. Even though their romance was an almost full red bar they accepted each other's moves. I wasn't paying attention to Prince but he saw it. He gave his wife a frenzied kiss and they left for home. I made them fight a bit but they made up eventually. I switched to Russell. Apparently Tessa was there as well and she was sad. I decided to move them in in an apartment as an "apology". So even though there was an awkward moment nothing damaging happened and everyone moved on.

    Russell and Vivianna continued to be best friends without any awkwardness. She had twin boys, he got married to his girlfriend. I decided that I was sick of this cycle and start spicing things up a little. So the actual cheating started. Vivianna never accepted romantic interactions but Russell seemed like he was ready for them. Still it was hard (if you tried to get exes back together you know what I mean), I would send the spouses to work and make them flirt. Even though they had a pink bar they would reject kissing etc. But I managed to get them closer after a while.

    They were "so in love" that they would wait their spouses to sleep and woohoo until the morning. I never got caught and everything was going smoothly. Russell got his wife pregnant and at the last day of pregnancy Romance Festival came back. I made them go. I spotted Vivianna so I made Russell flirt with her a little. Prince saw it AGAIN without me noticing and started kissing Vivianna. Of course this time Russell was getting sad as well and relationship was damaging. I decided that this will be the breaking point so the next day Russell invited Vivianna over and asked her to break up with Prince. She actually didn't. Then Russell and Tessa had a boy. And another boy. Aaand another boy. Without cheats or traits they got triplets.

    I decided to continue with the divorces. Vivianna was rich. She divorced Prince. I cheated to remove 30.000 simoleons from her and made Tessa get it. Russell divorced her as well. Prince moved in with his twins to Oasis Springs and Tessa went back to her mother's place with her triplets and filled up pockets. I actually made Russell apologize from Tessa and she accepted it! They remained friends.

    Vivianna and Russell didn't waste any time and moved in to a sweet apartment. They became closer with their step-children and kept having a nice relationship with their ex-spouses. Later on they got married and Vivianna got pregnant. STILL WITH NO CHEATS OR TRAITS I got triplets (this time all girls thanks to strawberries), making it twice in a row. I don't know how to take care of them and I seriously think my mods and cc are breaking the game little by little...

    Prince and Tessa are happy as well, so happy ending. I plan to make Vivianna and Russell get old peacefully together then, continue with the main family. Let's see how it goes.
  • nianoo322nianoo322 Posts: 1 New Member
    > @isla_sims_xx08 said:
    > hey this is one of my storylines
    > the family
    > carlina Dixon (child)
    > Marianna Dixon(teen)
    > rielle Dixon(teen)
    > malia Dixon(young adult)
    > tom Dixon(adult)
    > so malia and tom are married .Marianna was adopted as a baby then they decided they wanted another baby but naturally and welcomed rielle .next carlina. they live in willow creek they 50,000 simoleons(cheats bar: motherlode)tom is a astronaut. Rielle is a barista. Tom and malia
    > try for a baby they get pregnant I used cheats to make her give birth they had a boy named joel if a girl would have been barbera that's as far as I have gottenxx

    love it
  • GeorgewinchesterGeorgewinchester Posts: 1 New Member
    I created two new lovely diverse families.

    The first one is the Levitsky.
    Peter Levitsky, a scientists, moved to Oasis Spring, met a local bartender who I forgot the name because I killed her after a few while for plot. They got married and have 3 daughters. The first born, Alexandra, the genius. The second, Anna, the creative. And the youngest, Alissa, the social butterfly.

    The second one is the Hawthorne.
    John Hawthorne and Rosamund Hawthorne (because the Watson, that's why) newly married couple, moved to Widenburg. They both pursued their career on Medical. John was level 8, Rosie was 5. They had 2 genius prodigy kids, Stephen and Claire.

    Claire and Alexandra dated in highschool, moved in together when they are young adults. On their house warming party, Steph and Anna met each other too and kinda hit it off as well. Claire works as a doctor and Alexa is an astronaut. They got engaged when both are on they hit level 5 on their job.

    Steph and Anna Hawthorne married young, now they are adult and they have 4 children, Brianna (young adult) (a painter), Nikolas (teen) (genius, A high schooler), and opposite twins Valeria (cheerful, social kid) and Anastasia (genius, geeky, A grade elementary student) (kids). Steph works as tech guru, Anna as business woman.

    Claire and Alexa Levitskaya (now adult, both level 10 on their jobs, no cheat!) have 3 kids. Twins, partner in crime, best friends, Alexander Levitsky and Lyucia Levitskata, both are genius young adults. Alexander moved in together with Yuki Behr, now a doctor. Lyucia live together with her cousin Brianna, now a scientist. The third child, a teenager, Lucas Levitsky. A genius, outgoing kid. A student, work as barista. Currently dating the Landgraab's son.

    Alissa lives with her father and the Hawthorne elder, now all are retired. Alissa works as a chef. (level 6 works, 8 cooking, 7 gourmet, 7 bartending). She's single and I don't plan to match her with anyone until Peter died because Alissa loves her dad too much to leave him.

    Can't wait to see the next generation!
  • AshubiiAshubii Posts: 649 Member
    I just began the Decades challenge, which I've been gradually posting to a blog as a story (I haven't shared the blog yet, because I'm shy). I usually don't plan out storylines for legacies and challenges, so when I began this I wasn't really thinking too much about it and tried going with the flow. That didn't really work out, so the story kind of shifted before it fully began. I'm also no history major, so I know this isn't totally historically accurate. I do my best c;
    This isn't the story as it's written on my blog, but this is basically some of the background info. This is also going to be long, I'm sorry :(
    Lillie Loften is a young woman living in Windenburg in 1890. Her father, Jasper Lofton, was a fairly successful business man,
    though before his death in late 1886 he kept hidden from his wife - Florence - and Lillie that they had been going bankrupt. Lady Lofton and Miss Lillie didn't find out until the very day of his funeral. They were forced to give up their home and move onto the secluded Island off of the mainland, where Florence had inherited a very small vacation cottage from her own father years ago. Their place in society had fallen, and they were forced to live off what little money they still possessed. More than once Florence tried to marry Lillie off, but Lady Loften was too proud to give her daughter's hand to a more common man, and no man of status would ever wed a penniless woman with no dowry or titles.

    In 1890 money was becoming especially tight, but by luck a young politician from Willow Creek had moved into a house he had inherited on the Island. The Ellsworth's were an old family of Windenburg, but Mr. Charles' great-great grandfather had abandoned the home and moved his family to Willow Creek during his time. Florence immediately sent Mr. Charles an invitation for tea, and the polite young man graciously obliged. But Florence lied to him, claiming that she and her daughter were simply vacationing on the Island for the summer; he was still so new to town he couldn't have known about their history.


    Mr. Charles expressed to the ladies that his home was in need of major cleaning and renovations, as it was almost unlivable, but he hadn't the time to tend to it. Florence then suggested that perhaps Lillie could serve as a temporary maid to help Mr. Ellsworth. At first the man was shocked that a lady such as Lillie would ever serve as a maid, but he was desperate and eventually accepted.


    Miss Lillie kept a very small room in Mr. Ellsworth's home, making it easier for her to do her work. He paid her weekly, and each week she would visit her mother to share in her earnings.

    Over time Miss Lillie and Mr. Charles grew quite fond of one another, and a year and a half after she had begun to aid him (the house was looking much better!) Lillie thought perhaps he might consider marrying her.


    Mr. Charles even sought advice from his well to-do friends, but upon hearing that Miss Lofton was the woman he was considering marrying they swiftly informed him of the young woman's true status. Marrying her, they said, could compromise his career.


    And so with this in mind Mr. Ellsworth ended the professional engagement he and Lillie had had for almost two years, claiming that it had become too inappropriate.


    Nearly a year later he married Lady Amelie Kimble, the daughter of a well to-do politician he worked alongside.


    More has happened with Lillie since, but i'm going to leave it at that here~
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 30,148 Member
    I have this whole (contersvial show/book that has the S word ) theme going. HAM is still alive but uncouncess, but due to (reasons) Jane her twin feels guilty and is wearing a headcovering..and there are other people including Jane's 3 (now) ex-friends who are also involved in HAM's attempt (blank)-and they believe HAM is lying/a plum-seeker and they also got the same "reasons" prior to Jane did-so they make a mess outside of the school of "smokes" butts, etc and Jane finds them and starts to clean up-and they told the vice principal that Jane was outside smoking and the VP went outside and sees Jane with a cig in her hand and suspends her for smoking on school grounds despite her protests ... is that believable?
  • LidiflyfulLidiflyful Posts: 8 New Member
    Flutegirl I am loving the blog! You should definitely make it public, you have put a lot of thought and effort into that and people will appreciate it.
    MadamLee your story is believable of course! Post what happens next soon I would like to know what happens to Jane.
    I have and update on the Goth family...Several! So it may be long. Please refer back to my last post on May 8 for part 1 of the Landgraab/Goth saga.

    Part 2: Expansion

    The Caliente/Landgrabb alliance, looked so promising and powerful but the arrangement dissolving. Katrina has hit on hard times. She has aged and Katrina, known for her Vanity, rushed into a marriage with a penniless gym instructor named Earl. Earl Sandana is an elder too so they will live happily forever, Katrina said to the disapproving looks from her daughters Dina and Nina. And Katrina was right, they were happily married for some time until Earls mistress, Zoe, 40 years Earls junior, turned up on the doorstep in her third trimester with Earls child. Katrina kicked Earl out and he left - with half of the Caliente Fortune!

    Malcolm has sympathy for this mother in law, after all if it wasn't for her he wouldn't have his beautiful wife Dina, who has given him two sons, securing the Landgraab Dynasty. However, he cannot go down with a sinking ship - with a third of his companies assets now gone, he needs to find new allies... the Nobel and Dastardly House of Goth. Bella is growing ever weary of her new role in the sidelines. With Alexander now head of the household, the matriarchal influence has passed to Nina, which Bella finds insufferable. SHE (Bella) is the head of the Goth household, it is her that is respected, feared and admired by all! And she does not like the influence her daughter in law yeilds over her son, especially now they have 2 children, Karlie and Xavier Goth.

    One day the elderly yet dashing Jaques Villa-Real visits Goth Mansion. He has moved to the neighbouring town of Windenburg, and wishes to pay his respects to his old friend and associate, Mortimer Goth. Bella learns that Jaques is on the market again after the mysterious disappearance of his wife. Bella sets her sights to seducing the old moneybags in an attempt to restore her power over high society. With Jaques on her arm the Goth fortune could rival that of the Landgraabs, and this is a easy feat for Bella. She is young...too young....she seems not to have aged a day following her own mysterious disappearance from Sunset Valley all those years ago...Needless to say Jaques falls head over heels for Bella and they are married within the month - under the condition that she cuts all ties with Don Lothario, her lover and father to her youngest child Mae.

    This is heartbreaking for Bella, she enjoys her and Dons open relationship, and he has been her only constant for so long... But she has more to gain than lose so she ends her affair...for now at least. Mae is free to visit her father but he may never enter the Villa-Real estate. (Even though Don is a love rat he is actually a very doting Father to all of his illegitimate children).

    With her new husband sated, and her affairs in order Bella begins to enjoy her renewed power and influence over the affairs of Society and that of her son - Villa-Real now being the largest shareholder in the Goth Syndicate. stormy night. A hooded figure darkens the doorstep of the Villa-Real estate...

    Knock, knock,knock

    Bella sends her man to answer the door to no other than her older brother Michael Bachelor!


    Micheal has been presumed dead for many years. He faked his own death back on Pleasantview to escape the life his parents had planned for him, after many many failed attempts at sending him to business school. Only his death enabled him to explore the world as an adventurer, and free himself of the burdens of inheritance and forced marriage.
    However, Michaels age is advancing. He is not the wild eyed adventurer he once was, and he wants to secure a future for himself and his two sons, who he fathered illegitimately during his travels across Afroasia.
    He wants his inheritance from those years ago, the only problem is that it is tied so tightly with Goth assests, dividing them would be an administrative nightmare, and Michael hated Mortimer Goth and his auspcisous ways, he always made Michael feel like a nothing - Michael will show him, and his nephew Alexander too....

    What does Michaels return mean? Surely this is more than money - something he has never cared about?
    Will Bella keep her perfectly manicured talons latched onto power?
    How will the Langraabs react to the sudden expansion of their enemies powerbase? Can Malcolm Landgraab land the support of Darren Dreamer - The creative visionary? (yes I am resurrecting all the legends!)

    End...for now.

    I am looking forward to playing out this long lost brother thing. I have made and bought back Michael Bachelor as an old colonial sort back from his travels but I think more can be done with this other than inheritance. Let's see how he aligns himself with...if at all! Suggestions very welcome!
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    seems that is still life i will post mine here since Vampire expansion has been out a while. I decided a vampire named Ronja Luna (succubus?) Seductress to lure boys to be her boyfriends and drink their blood after wohooing them and goes the next hot victims until she fin her dream man that teaches her to be good again and brings it out of her since she kind and good underneath it all.

    She first start hanging out with Caleb Vatore that was only one ever to welcome her to neighborhood in forgotten hollow, could he be the since he is the vampire and that he changed her(?) and one that is on her age that she can't drink from?. she hasn't slept with and they are best friend though their romance bar is been reduced but could there be hope?

    And then after failed flirting at other boys she found Don Lothario the player, went on 2 dates and have a steamy with each other and was first vicim of the seductress and being bitten, drank from.

    After shortly being done for Don for now she found Akira Kibo who is the fresh new blood for her still haven't asked to be her girlfriend yet :open_mouth: :tongue:

    Though it shall be ingesting how that will go since he has trait jealous in his personality.

    Sorry if the post is a bit messy. hope you understand :blush:
  • NAPK1NSNAPK1NS Posts: 90 Member
    Haven’t been able to collect pictures yet cos I wanted to avoid the default sims for now until I get some expansion packs so my silly self won’t accidentally kill off my sims so far after saving, but I can still share my sim’s backstory.

    Sims 2 timeline: they’re dead
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    @Lidiflyful Took me a few days to see this, but thank you! I actually did move my story from Tumblr to Wordpress, and while I haven't advertised it yet I do keep the link my signature c:
  • AshubiiAshubii Posts: 649 Member
    I recently found an old vampire story I started writing when I was 13 (a good 12 years ago, yikies!) and decided to try rewriting it using the Sims 4! I'm not going to go into the full storyline, because I'll be ready to share a link to the blog beginnings soon. But it does involve a vampire who makes a living as a sort of bounty hunter and ends up plum off some demons.

    I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to badly edit some ~magic~ effects into some screenshots today. I eventually settled lol

    "Don't say a word."

    It's always a creepy book that starts all the trouble...

    Ready to throw some vampire magic balls! Totally sounds intimidating...

    Did someone say demons?

    "What's the rush?"
  • LidiflyfulLidiflyful Posts: 8 New Member
    I really miss the magic and witchcraft in the sims. In fact Sims 2 was probably my favorite overall. Although I tip my hat to the flexibility of Sims 3 but it just didnt look as good!

    I had a really long legacy with the Sims 3 Magic bundle. Made a secret witches coven that was passed own through to great-granddaughters, which is good for me ad i play my sims with pretty long lifespans.

    I haven't got Vampires yet, but i am sold! Although do the NPC Vampires bite? I don't want all my sims becoming Vampires!

    Shame what happened to Don @Angelcaro90 but i guess he had it coming! I like the 'Black Widow'esq storyline.

    My Don is a player so much so he has multiple families! It's an interesting way to play. He has his main house, where his fiancé lives, she was the Spanish maid employeed by the Landgrabbs. He also got Melody Timmons pregnant while he was in a relationship with her mum, so he moved her and his son out of their mums house and bought them a small place in Newcrest. Whenever I play Melody I invite Don over and ask him to 'Move in' and he stays there for a few days. He then hops it back over to his main house where his soon-to-be wife will give birth to his 'legitimate' children. It will be an interesting story line in a few generations!

    He also has a Toddler with Bella Goth called Mae, she lives with her Mum in the Villa-Real estate as per my previous post.

    I have quite few storylines going, how many do all of you have? Do you play 1 household and just let the town fill with npcs? Or do you have a few families? Just for my own curiosity!
  • AshubiiAshubii Posts: 649 Member
    I had an idea for a new storyline, but if I follow through (and I likely will) it might take me a while to set up. I'd like to tie it along with a challenge, but I feel like I'll end up having to combine aspects of several challenges to make it work.
    I'm a big Mass Effect fan and I really like the premise of Andromeda: being sent to a totally new galaxy with absolutely no way to get home or contact home and being forced to survive and build a new civilization.
    So I was imagining this in the Sims 4 while reading about the Abandoned challenge (I think that's the one?) where you play a teenager taking care of a sibling. Then my brain took off into inspiration-land and I'm pretty sure I might turn this into an actual sims story.
  • Kiera_maeKiera_mae Posts: 1 New Member
    Here's my story:
    It all started with Madalyn. She'd always been a young, carefree girl who enjoyed yoga, painting and gardening. She had a child pretty young who she named Jordyn. Jordyn was the complete opposite to Madalyn. Jordyn was always very focused on school, and as a young adult work, which was the business career. However, after her first promotion, a particularly charismatic guy friend from work convinced her to go out and celebrate with him. One drink led to another and they ended up woohooing. A couple weeks later and Jordyn's pregnancy test came up positive. She tried to tell the father, hoping he would help and support herself and the baby but instead, a couple days later, he quit his job and moved out of town. Jordyn tried to support herself for a while ( by the way this bit is before toddlers were out) but she just couldn't handle the stress alone. Eventually she asked Madalyn for help. Madalyn convinced Jordyn to move back in with her so when the baby came she could help and a fe months later, Yasmine was born. Jordyn went back to focusing on her career while Madalyn, who was retired looked ,after Yasmine. Once Yasmine was a child, she never really saw her mother, who worked during the hours Yasmine was back from school, so Madalyn mainly influenced Yasmine. Yasmine was a good child, who never really caused much trouble. She had a's in schools and a nice group of friends. However when Yasmine aged up into a teenager she started staying out late, going to parties in the middle of the night, and at one point, she even tried searching for her father. Madalyn had a talk with her and worked out that all Yasmine really wanted was attention from her mother. Jordyn felt terrible and started going out on more outings with Yasmine on her days off, getting to know her, teaching her about the business career. Jordyn wanted her to get a part time job, but Yasmine told her she would earn her money through writing stories, which Yasmine loved to do. Yasmine had almost finished her first book, when Madalyn died. By now she was very old and Yasmine and Jordyn tried to plead with the grim reaper but he refused. They just didn't know what to do. Madalyn had done the cooking and the gardening and she was the main caretaker for Yasmine! Jordyn had no idea how to cook and didn't even have much experience looking after a child, so she didn't. Jordyn would hardly eat and Yasmine would eat microwaved meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. She was allowed wherever she wanted to go, whether that was a party at the ruins at 3 am or the library after school, JORDYN JUST DIDN'T CARE. Yasmine mainly stayed at home however, mourning, but she did find comfort in one friend, Alex Goth. He would always listen to her and help her, and eventually they became more then just friends. Alex was the reason Yasmine got up in the morning, showered, and went to school. She even began teaching herself how to cook a few meals from Madalyn's cook book. Seeing Yasmine, growing and learning like this made Jordyn want to do better for he. She started getting up earlier to make beakfast for them both then go on a run. She started working harder at work again, and quickly she was at level 9 of her career. she was making 2000 simoleons a day, and they more then wealthy enough to move out of the little cottage, but neither of them wanted to as they couldn't bear to leave what they felt was a piece of Madalyn. Time flew by, and it was Yasmine's birthday.she had a party with all her friends, then asked Alex if he wanted to live with her, and he of course said yes. Seeing as the goths and Yasmine's family were very rich, they were able to afford a big house very quickly, through little work of there own. Yasmine knew that Alex wasn't actually that nice of a person, howeverr she'd managed to convince herself he was. But he was lazy, mean and noncommittal. Yasmine fell pregnant, and she waited expectantly for him to propose, but he never did, in fact, a beautiful, inquisitive baby boy Isaac was born, and still no proposal. He did get a job, but after work all he would do was play video games and ignore Isaac and Yasmine. Yasmine absoloutely loved Isaac, she would play with for hours, be the best parent she could be and on the weekends she would bring him to to visit his Grandma, all the while Alex would sit at his computer, and during the weekends, he'd invite over one of his friends from work, Meredith. Meredith had no idea Alex had a child and another on the way, and Alex certainly made sure she didn't find out. However, one weekend, after the commute from willow creek to widenburg, it turned out Jordyn was sick and Yasmine and Isaac went home. this was when Yasmine found Alex and Meredith in her bed! Yasmine kicked Alex out straight away, and Meredith explained that she had no idea so Yasmine forgave her. Yasmine knew that she couldn't afford the bills of this massive house without Alex so after giving birth to Charlie, moved her family to San Myshuno, into the arts quarter. ( Isaac is the heir of the next generation so this is mainly focused on him for now) Isaac was always a very inquisitive, thoughtful toddler and as he grew into a child, he was very interested in doing well at school, making potions and experimenting. He didn't have many friends, but he enjoyed being alone. As a teenager, he loved progamming and video games, he was a geek and a genius, so he was good at school and computers, he also loved chess and books. Yasmine encouraged him to find more friends and eventually he did. His best friend was a girl called Molly and no, he didn't fall in love with her, but i think she always had a little crush on him. But Isaac's crush was a girl called Sofia. She was amazing at the guitar and music, and Isaac thought that was amazing. One day at school, he finally got up the nerve to ask her out, an to his surprise, she said yes. They went on a date to chez llama, and ended the night in a first kiss. Flash forward a few years, they're both young adults an Isaac asks her to move in with him. They move to Widenburg into a cute little 2 bedroom house. Unexpectedly, Sofia becomes pregnant a couple days after Isaac proposes! When the baby is born, to both Sofia and Isaac's surprise (and mine) it was twin girls! They named them Kaylee and Isobel. Isobel was always a very angelic toddler, and indeed a very good child as well, whereas Kaylee was always very wild, and as an child, extremely active. Isobel always worked hard in school, had a lot of friends, and very much enjoyed painting at her creativity table. Kaylee joined the renegades, loved the monkey bars and the outdoors, and never tried at school. As teenagers, Kaylee and Isobel would constantly be arguing over anything and everything. ( the heir for the next generation is Isobel, so i'll be focusing on her now ) Now, Isobel had had a couple of relationships before, however none were serious enough to last long. When a new boy Josh, moves to her school, Isobel falls for him, but they were never serious and they both knew that. But one night, they woohooed ( thank you mc command center cheats for this) and to her dismay, she's pregnant! She knew her parents would be angry as they had always hoped that Isobel would grow up successful even if Kaylee didn't. Isobel tried to hide it for as long as possible but eventually she has to tell them. Just as she had worried, her parents were extremely angry with her for being so careless. They told her that they would not help because as far as they were concerned, it was a mistake and Isobel should get rid of it. But Isobel refused, and she quickly moved out, but not before sharing an emotional moment with her sister, who apologized for always arguing with her and promised that she would visit her. Isobel hurriedly moved into the spice district, into a tiny 2 bed apartment. At this point Isobel still hasn't told Josh, in fact they haven't talked for a while. But finally, a month before the baby will be born, Isobel asks Josh to meet at the park. She shows him the bump, and to her surprise, he's happy! Still teenagers, Isobel asks him to move in with her and he happily accepts. Things are going great, and a month later, baby caroline is born! A few weeks later, Isobel and josh age up into young adults and Josh is finally able to get a full time job! Isobel looks after Caroline in the afternoons,then goes to work in the evening when Josh gets back and he puts her to bed. This routine continues for months, and Caroline is a toddler. Isobel's happy, but Isobel doesn't know that Josh isn't. He's getting bored never flirting or woohooing with Isobel, and is growing to hate the dad life. He starts meeting up with girls while Caroline is sleeping and Isobel's at work. Isobel is very trusting however, will she catch him?

    So far I've been having loads of fun with this family, I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • LeahLovesSimmingLeahLovesSimming Posts: 3 New Member
    So, What I did was.. I haven't made them yet but I know the story! It's kinda weird. So it's a mom and a dad. The parents Aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy. They're Snobs, Mean, and Perfectionists. They had a child, named Kendall, She is always gloomy. She hates being the rich kid. She hates having millions of maids getting her food everyday, she thinks she can do it herself. At elementary school (or Grade School) She meets a boy named Alex. (No, Not Alexander Goth XD) She turns into a teen and she falls in love. They start to date. Then, her family gets worse. They start abusing her. She can't take it. She decides to run away, to go live with Alex, who lives on the other side of town. She gets his okay. When she gets ready to go, Her parents don't let her and lock her in her room. She is in there for a day. She finally escapes the room (you decide if you use this) and runs off. The next day she gets a phone call from her parents. She doesn't pick it up. She's still walking to his house. Her parents show up and she's taken away. You decide the rest! Its your story! Have fun with this, ik it's bad :P <3
  • chmocachmoca Posts: 7 New Member
    I > @chmoca said:
    > I wanna start off by saying this involves cheating partners so skip it if it offends you.

    >.............I plan to make Vivianna and Russell get old peacefully together then, continue with the main family. Let's see how it goes.

    So I got obsessed with this story. Russell and Vivianna got old and died. Guess who ressurected them as ghosts, turned them into young adults, and making them accomplish every single aspiration?

    Here's the happy couple (hate being a new member) / 343uq (I SWEaR NOT VIRUS)

    Writing a novel about it and did a machinima... It's bad so I won't publish it, oh well.

    Happy simming you all.
  • EmberW0lfEmberW0lf Posts: 10 New Member
    I've seen a lot of people saying how they try to have legacy families but find it hard, and never make it past gen 1 or 2. I used to be that way but after years of changing households constantly, I've created a legacy that I love so much. You have to start with a sim you LOVE. You can't just hop into CAS and think 'well she looks good enough. She'll have to do' You have to make sure your sim is perfect, and if you get tired of them, give them a makeover! And if you're struggling, get some cc. I know cc isn't everyone's thing but try it out, it can make so much of a difference. And if you don't like the way most cc looks, try maxis match. It blends really well with the game and makes it so much better. Some people go all out with cc, others just have a few pieces, like me. Other people just have some hair. So find your style of playing. Take things slowlyyy. One of the biggest mistakes I used to make was that I'd start with a husband and wife with teenage kids. Don't do that, it takes the fun out of a legacy. Don't cheat money either. That also doesn't make it any fun. I cheat needs sometimes but thats because I prefer storytelling and focus on the storyline more than the gameplay. If your legacy is getting boring, don't let it. Like I said before, give them a makeover. Switch it up, you could move house, have another child, adopt one, even get another pack if you can afford it and have wanted it for a while. Give yourself a change of scenery. Starting businesses is also helpful since it's something you can focus on and it can really help. just don't let your legacies get too boring and typical. And if you feel like there's nothing you can do, skip to the next generation. Hope this helps! :smiley:
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