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  • CatsforthelonelyCatsforthelonely Posts: 12 New Member
    My current story goes back many generations but the current generation is 5 siblings, (renee, jonesy, Ingrid, Joaquin, and Theo). I’m focused on Ingrid Joaquin and Theo.

    Basically, ever since Ingrid was in high school she’s wanted to be a star so she’d go straight to hot spots after school and sing until late in the night and then go home, sleep school and repeat. She was always a really good student still though, and she was dating this sim named Darling in game and they hit it off real well, but Darling was unflirty and when Ingrid wanted to make things official Darling resisted and they broke things off. Eventually she becomes a young adult.

    During this time, Joaquin is being an irresponsible teen and gets this random girl pregnant after a hook up from a dating app. He doesn’t think much of it, until she calls him saying his son Lawson was born. Joaquin is a trouble maker and always has been, but he wants to be there for his child.

    Theo is a teen too and he’s been practicing music in his freetime but he’s pretty boring.

    All this time they’ve been living in Renee’s house but now she’s just had a son named Bradley with her husband and it’s about time for her to kick her siblings out.

    So Ingrid, Joaquin, Lawson and Theo all move in together and Ingrid makes money as an actress, increasing her fame, and becoming pretty cozy with Thorne Bailey, the disgraced celeb who is married and has 3 kids. Lawson ages up to a toddler and Joaquin becomes a YA and gets a job in crime. Eventually, Ingrid convinces Thorne to leave his spouse for her, and gets her pregnant. By the time she has her first son (Zachary) she and Thorne have eloped and Lawson is a child. Joaquin and Lawson fight constantly, but no one wants to separate the boy from his father. Soon, Ingrid gets pregnant with her 2nd child. Theo is abducted by aliens and gets pregnant too, and Joaquin has just gotten another girl pregnant as well.

    Currently, Ingrid has just given birth to her second son Austin, Theo has just had a miscarriage (mod) and we’re waiting on Joaquin’s second child.

    Soon after, I plan on kicking out Theo and Joaquin to live together Cause Joaquin is an plum and Theo is insane. I plan on keeping Joaquin’s two kids though and raising them as my own, maybe even bowing out of the spotlight to focus on the kids.

    Yeah so that’s where I’m at. I hope you liked the story :P
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