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  • CatsforthelonelyCatsforthelonely Posts: 12 New Member
    My current story goes back many generations but the current generation is 5 siblings, (renee, jonesy, Ingrid, Joaquin, and Theo). I’m focused on Ingrid Joaquin and Theo.

    Basically, ever since Ingrid was in high school she’s wanted to be a star so she’d go straight to hot spots after school and sing until late in the night and then go home, sleep school and repeat. She was always a really good student still though, and she was dating this sim named Darling in game and they hit it off real well, but Darling was unflirty and when Ingrid wanted to make things official Darling resisted and they broke things off. Eventually she becomes a young adult.

    During this time, Joaquin is being an irresponsible teen and gets this random girl pregnant after a hook up from a dating app. He doesn’t think much of it, until she calls him saying his son Lawson was born. Joaquin is a trouble maker and always has been, but he wants to be there for his child.

    Theo is a teen too and he’s been practicing music in his freetime but he’s pretty boring.

    All this time they’ve been living in Renee’s house but now she’s just had a son named Bradley with her husband and it’s about time for her to kick her siblings out.

    So Ingrid, Joaquin, Lawson and Theo all move in together and Ingrid makes money as an actress, increasing her fame, and becoming pretty cozy with Thorne Bailey, the disgraced celeb who is married and has 3 kids. Lawson ages up to a toddler and Joaquin becomes a YA and gets a job in crime. Eventually, Ingrid convinces Thorne to leave his spouse for her, and gets her pregnant. By the time she has her first son (Zachary) she and Thorne have eloped and Lawson is a child. Joaquin and Lawson fight constantly, but no one wants to separate the boy from his father. Soon, Ingrid gets pregnant with her 2nd child. Theo is abducted by aliens and gets pregnant too, and Joaquin has just gotten another girl pregnant as well.

    Currently, Ingrid has just given birth to her second son Austin, Theo has just had a miscarriage (mod) and we’re waiting on Joaquin’s second child.

    Soon after, I plan on kicking out Theo and Joaquin to live together Cause Joaquin is an plum and Theo is insane. I plan on keeping Joaquin’s two kids though and raising them as my own, maybe even bowing out of the spotlight to focus on the kids.

    Yeah so that’s where I’m at. I hope you liked the story :P
  • TheEternalEmberTheEternalEmber Posts: 1 New Member
    I always dreamt of creating a whole town based upon rotational, interactive households that create a story. A little while ago, I wanted to do this in my livestreams, but I'd have my viewers help decide in the plot. I'm still working on the whole idea, suggestions?
  • beeblegoxbeeblegox Posts: 28 Member
    My current plays are all pretty different.

    One is to see how many children one female sim can have in one playthrough with aging on and no lot traits, or reward traits. I have gotten really lucky so far with a set of triplets and twins!

    SuperSim - I am playing this Sim with Aging Off after they reach young adult, but with no cheats. Basically, I want them to have all traits, skills, collections, aspirations, jobs, etc. I am hoping this will force me to actually experience some of the features of the various game packs and expansions I never use during my normal gameplay.

    I am also doing a generational let's play for my sister and I's youtube channel.
    Checkout our Youtube channel:
    A Legacy Let's Play with two sisters sharing a Sims 4 save file.
  • ladyankh40ladyankh40 Posts: 24 Member
    I love reading sims stories, and telling them also. It’s nice that the community has this little corner for the storyteller in all of us has a place the share and grow. now i can’t wait to get my points up so i can show off my SimsStories.
  • DaJuiceMane513DaJuiceMane513 Posts: 2 New Member
    So I am always conflicted with what town to play in for long term legacy. So I have decided to spread the love. Ill write a story for my initial founder. Where I start them out as a teenager in the home they grew up in, with a mother, father, brother and sister. To give some background and "roots" to the founder.

    Once the founder becomes a YA, I move them out to a different neighborhood. Once settled, the founder will remain in their new neighbor hood the majority of the legacy.

    The original founder has up to 7 kids. Each of these kids would also move out to a new neighberhood when they rrach YA with only ONE of the children growing up to remain in the home town.

    Essentially, by the time Gen3 starts, everyone will be in their own respected towns all carrying the legacy a completly different direction. I like the idea of seeing how this plays out. How each branch of the legacy differs depending on their town and attached expansion.

    I plan on getting this wrote up officially soon and involving several sub challenges. Something that will take a long time to play out but involve as much of the game as possible. Almost having a feeling like you "beat" the game when you are finished.

    If anyone has any advice, tips or ideas for helping me get this set up, wrote out and started... Id highly appriciate it. Thank you!!
  • ElisdreamElisdream Posts: 1 New Member
    So recently, actually, just a few days ago, I started playing this really charming challenge in Sims 4, based on historical facts and this whole and really interesting historical atmosphere. We’re starting in the 1870’s, with no electricity, without showers, only bathtubes, and manual and some artístic work to make money of, like woodwork, fishing and painting. I really wanted to create this really cute couple of “just married”. I literally think they’re adorable. So, this is the story: Anthony and Margüeritte Gudwin, just moved in a little house in Forgotten Hollow. They live off the woodwork of Anthony, who creates and sells forniture while sweet Margüeritte spends her time taking care of the house and garden. Margüeritte soon founds out they’ve been blassed with a really great soil in their bakyard, so she starts planting apple trees everywhere that grow very quickly with a beautiful quality. Their home soons starts to be know as “ the apple tree house” in the neighbordhood, (besides of course, of the woodwork of Anthony) and Margüeritte soon gets this reputation of the lady who bakes the most delicious apple pies in town! What only her husband knows, its that behind this really sweet and devote image of a spouse and housewife, it hides a really brilliant and creative woman. Margüeritte best passtime its painting, being actually really talented, but because of her being a woman in this era, she would be ignored as an artists and bad seeing. Instaed, her husband sells her paintings pretending to be the author and receibs all the critics and acomplishments for her work. Maybe later in the future she will get reconized by the society she once had to hide from, as many others artist in their own times.

    Upgrade: Babies arrived! They just sucessfully went througt their first pregnancy only to found out they've had twins! William, the older twin and baby girl Eve are just born, and both mommy and daddy are pleasantly happy to first experience paternity. <3

    delectablysporadicdelusion (doc)(tumblr)(doc com) /post/183370051179/sims-4-decades-challenge-and-legacy
  • SimslegacySimslegacy Posts: 1 New Member

    I have this family and they live on a farm.
    The main character is Heddie-Maye (young adult) she is the oldest sibling. Her younger siblings (teens) are twin boys. She also has a younger sister (child.) They also have a dog.
    All of them live on the farm with their dad. Their mom died in a car accident almost 5 years ago. The farm is currently in debt.
    They live on a huge farm (60x60) and only have 3,000 simoleons. Their only income is from the crops (they can't have a job) but they just had a really hard winter and more then half of their crops died.
    Heddie-Maye is super focused on the farm and doesn't want any distractions. The only thing she does that doesn't involve the farm or her family is reading and singing. It's her only escape.
    One day she's at the town library when this guy sees her from a distance. He goes over and introduces himself. Heddie-Maye likes him, but she can't have any distractions. So, she quickly leaves.
    Her dad is getting old so she refuses to ever think about that guy again. Her only focus is to be the farm and her family.
    Her father is always telling her that she should have a life outside of the farm. But, she refuses.
    One day she goes into town to get some things. As she walks around town she begins to sing. Then the guy from the library hears her and goes to talk to her.
    He's a musician and attends school at a music studio. He talks to her over coffee and encourages her to try to get into the studio. She says she can't because of the farm. He then walks her home.
    Her father tells her that she should take this opportunity.
    Eventually, she decides to enroll.
    She gets into the studio and now she must balance the farm and the studio.

    That's what I have so far. Soon there should hopefully be some more drama.
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