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    @Springfairy556, I went with Kings Crossing and it is set as a Local watering hole. :)


    Medieval Inn and Tavern. Come ye Gallant Knights and weary travelers. We've food and Ale a plenty and lodging up above. There are games for ye to win and music to entertain ye. ~ DNA Request for Springfairy556 ~ by romagi ~ Enjoy!



    I just realized I posted on the wrong thread.XD I didn't realize there were multiple ones about.Sorry about that LOL.

    Username: Springfairy556
    Preferred builder* (If none, leave blank):
    Type of lot (laundromat, club, library, park, etc.): Medieval themed Bar
    Which EPs and SPs do you have?: All except sweet treats
    If you have Showtime, which edition do you have (basic, Limited, or Katy Perry)? katy Perry
    Lot size (dimensions): 25 x 15
    Public restrooms? Ladies restrooms and mens restrooms, bar area
    Favorite color schemes: browns, tans, reds and greesn
    Colors you dislike: neons
    Do you want it furnished and decorated? Yes please
    Can patterns from Create-a-Pattern be used? absolutely
    Required - Please list the owned Store content that can be used: All items can be used except for Gold Edition of Dragon Valley, and any items from Midnight Hollow.
    Please list the Dr. Pepper and T-Mobile promotional items that can be used: None
    If you will be placing this lot in an EA world, which one?: It will be in a custom world called praaven:
    Link to specific building or plan:
    Special requirements (subway, parking, registers, etc.)? No modern day appliances please.Also, for lighting could we use some sort of candle looking lights or fire places.The world takes place in the early 1100s
    Is communication required before the builder begins work? Only if the builder finds it necessary =)
    Additional instructions?: Would like to please have a medieval bar and inn built, would like it two stories please, with the bar and entertainment on the bottom and on second floor, bedrooms for patrons to sleep.

    Below is a inspiration picture of the style/color of the world:
    This is one of the lots in the world, but the floor is semi broken, so I'm hoping to have a lot built so I can replace this lot with it.Thanks in advance! If any more info is needed,please let me know.^_^
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    Wow! that was super quick.Thank you so much! I love the performance area! That was a nifty idea!
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    @Springfairy556, The smaller lots are faster to do and since I had started on it earlier I wanted to get it to you before Christmas. Enjoy! :)
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    Kings Crossing Inn is a very nice medieval Inn and Tavern! :) The Tuder style of the venue and the exterior design looks great! Very nice medieval furnishing of the interior! It looks very nice the way that the wooden tables and chairs have been set up for Sims to enjoy sitting there having a drink from the bar and meal. It is nice that the woodstove oven is there to cook meals in,The stone texture of the walls gives a great look to the build. Very nice performance stage area! Sims will enjoy watching other sims playing the musical instrument whilst sitting at the table. Very nice fireplace sitting and reading area. Sims will enjoy resting there reading books in front of the fire.
    It is a very nice Bar and Inn! :)
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    You nailed this medieval build as usual Rox. It looks so authentic. I love the bar wall with the shelving and clutter. Very atmospheric lighting. Well done indeed. Rec’d :D
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    Kings Crossing Inn is a fantastic Mediaeval tavern in true Tudor style. Love the authentic interior design, looks very realistic :)
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    Kings Crossing Inn is fantastic Rox! You do this style so well. :wink: You really gave it a true medieval feel in every aspect of this place. Great job!!
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    Kings Crossing is amazing! Love it! <3
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,117 Member

    Kings Crossing Inn is wonderful and I now have another one of your fantastic lots to fit exactly into Rflong7's Supernatural world.Download and rec :)
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,601 Member
    King Crossing Inn looks fantastic! I agree with Soocoolsim 100%!
    My Page
    Please check out my latest creation: Ye Olde Charmer -- Farmhouse
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    Thanks so much for the kind words and support everyone!! <3
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    @romagi1, thanks again for taking my request on! :)

    Over the next day or two, when I have time, I'll put together some photos and google maps screenshots with better annotations - including all the sheds etc. marked out - and send them to you via PM.

    I would prefer the garage set straight, please (but yes, one probably a bit closer to the house, as you suggest).

    The small room with a window which protrudes slightly from the right of the back door (when viewed from the back garden, in the photo you mention) is the utility room, which is visible on the floor plan (it's unmarked, but it's the small room down the far end of the kitchen, to the left of the back door because the floor plan is shown from the front). However, the red brick wall you can see further to the right of that, behind the bush, is part of next door's house, where the two houses are attached, so you can ignore that bit. I dunno if that makes sense? But as I said, I'll annotate some photos with more detail for you so hopefully it will become clearer. :)

    Re: the roof - just to check I'm understanding, the choice is between the deeper overhanging style as seen on the middle window or the lighter style with a bit of roof exposed underneath as seen on the two outer windows in that pic, correct? Honestly, I'm torn; I think either works well enough. All else being equal, I'm leaning towards the deeper style to cover the roof underneath the window, but feel free to go with whichever is easier/causes the least complications with other aspects of the build.
  • illusieillusie Posts: 10,237 Member
    Gothic Essence is just wow. Wonderful job <3

    Kings Crossing looks amazing and is just perfect.

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    Thanks so much @illusie!

    @anonymolerat, I had worked on it abit more last night and was liking the straight garage best so have a pic with it closer. I'm just adding bits of landscaping as soocoolsim will be doing the actual landscaping. :) We are each doing the part we like to do best! :mrgreen:

    I'll get a picture of the back of the house tonight to better show what I am talking about on the back of the house.

    The nook in the dining room seems to have a curve to the top of it. I have a pic showing it with a store arch. Your choice, I can use the arch or leave it straight like the one in the study.

    Also have a question about the upstairs sliding door. Posted it in the following link since it has a link to a store door.

    WIPS are on the first page of this thread, here:

    Edit: I have the pic of the back area in question in the above link.

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    @romagi1 Thanks for bearing with me!

    In terms of Store items in general - don't worry about limiting it too much, feel free to use whichever items you feel work best for everything. I have enough free SP to get the Art Studio for the stairs, and I truly don't mind spending extra to buy whatever else you want to use for accuracy, since this has so much sentimental value to me. :)


    Although the dining room nook is slightly angled at the top of the wall, it's not actually arched, it's open all the way to the ceiling (the top is hidden by the ceiling beam in the foreground in the photos I sent previously; I'll try to find a photo from a different angle). So no need to use the store arch; straight like the nook in the study is fine.

    The sliding door on the bathroom technically slides in front of (not into) the wall to the right side of it (when seen from the landing outside the bathroom), but since that isn't exactly possible, I think a 2-wide door that slides in front of the other half of itself, like a closet door, would be closest? Feel free to use the store door.

    The Art Studio stairs do indeed look a bit more accurate than the Storied Tale stairs, so yes, go ahead with those. (I'm seeing "Currently not available for individual sale" on the Storied Tale stairs anyway, only available as part of the Brunch at the Old Mill set right now - maybe it changed recently? - so they're not much cheaper than the Art Studio set regardless! :p )

    I don't mind about the upstairs fireplace being functional; fake is totally fine. So, option b - fake with the store picture - please and thank you!
  • anonymoleratanonymolerat Posts: 15 Member
    Oh also, I just noticed the floor plan doesn't show the electric fireplace in the living room, but it's visible in photos. I guess fake would be best for that one too, since it doesn't have a chimney above.
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    @anonymolerat, not a problem! :) Lots to do around the Holidays for us!

    I saw the fireplace in the living room so I have one there but if you want @Sandraelle to put the TV in front of it I may have to make it fake. I'll have to see how close the TV can be. The chimney isn't a problem, I can move those around and or delete them.

    I'll get the other changes fixed too! :)

    The window by the front door I could probably make closer with a store window but that should be about it on my part Sandraelle will probably need some for the interior tho.
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    @anonymolerat, I think @Sandraelle and I are done with the build and interiors so I'm passing this on to @soocoolsim for the landscaping. She'll have to finish her current request first so it will be just a bit. I must say I enjoyed this request with trying to replicate items as much as possible. It may not be exact but it has a wonderful homey feel to it.
  • anonymoleratanonymolerat Posts: 15 Member
    @romagi1 and @Sandraelle, thank you so much! @romagi1, I’m so happy you ended up enjoying it, I was worried it would be a real chore. I love this weird old run-down mess of a house so much, and it makes me really happy to know that it’s brought a little bit of fun to someone else too. :)

    @soocoolsim, no rush, take your time with your current request first. I’m putting together some more exterior photos and details for you whenever you’re ready. :)
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,512 Member
    @romagi1 and @Sandraelle, thank you so much! @romagi1, I’m so happy you ended up enjoying it, I was worried it would be a real chore. I love this weird old run-down mess of a house so much, and it makes me really happy to know that it’s brought a little bit of fun to someone else too. :)

    @soocoolsim, no rush, take your time with your current request first. I’m putting together some more exterior photos and details for you whenever you’re ready. :)

    @anonymolerat , I too, enjoyed decorating it and trying to come up with ways to replicate parts of this house as close as I could, since some things we just can't do due to the game limitations. :)
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 867 Member

    @romagi1 Thanks for taking my request. I really love what you've done with the outside, it looks really nice.
    romagi1 wrote: »

    On the ground floor there is a twin nursery, 2 couple bed and baths, library/office, formal living room with the grand piano and bass, formal dining room (that seats 12) with a wine cooler attached, kitchen, guest bath, mud/laundry room, billiards room with a professional bar and a garage that houses 3 autos and the inventors table. The motor court has room for several parking spaces and a second garage that houses 3 more autos.

    The second floor has the master suite with bed, sitting and bath, boy bed and bath, girl bed and bath, an art room and informal family room with TV and entertainment for child and teen ages.

    The attic has the Alchemy.

    I should have plenty of room in the backyard for a large garden spot, play area and pool.

    Will this fit your needs?

    It'll fit my needs really well. It sounds like it has everything the family will need currently and in the future.
    romagi1 wrote: »

    I have a large basement in but since my computer simply can’t handle a second basement level especially on that size lot, I’ll have to leave that for you to install when you need it. Since this is for sculptures and collections; is there anything beside some collection stands, shelving and chests you need in it?

    Are there any other skill items you would like included?

    Is your founder married, male or female?

    Can I use green as an accent color in the boy’s room?

    I was going to put 2 beds in each of the child rooms then you can turn them into bunk beds if you need more. Will that work?

    I'm not sure now if I'll need a second basement level anyway. As for what else might be needed, I think that collection stands, shelving and chests are all I'd need. I'll just need some free wall space to hang some paintings my painters make but that's about it.

    I can't really think of any other skill items I would need other than a gym but that's definitely optional.

    The founder was a married female. I lost the original save due to a computer issue that is now fixed but I am working on recreating what I've done.

    You can use green as an accent color if you want. I just didn't want like full green or yellow walls but as an accent it would be perfectly fine.

    2 beds in each child's room will work perfectly. I doubt I'll have more than 4 children at a time but like you said, I could easily use bunk beds if needed.

    I think that's it, if you have more questions, I'll be checking in a little later today. And thanks again for taking my request! :)
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,289 Member
    @Brandontaylor, Thanks for answering the questions so promptly! :)

    Would you prefer a small gym instead of the sitting room in the Master suite? I'll look for other options.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 867 Member

    @romagi1 You're welcome.

    That would probably work if that is the only way to fit it in. The family has a few members who have to work on athletics for their job performance. If you do think of another way to fit it in, that's fine too. I'm off for today but will check the forums tomorrow. :)
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