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The Sims 3 University Blogs - read em' and share your comments here!


  • 787happiness787happiness Posts: 12
    edited April 2013
    hello everyone I don't know if many have had this problem but I have University Life. The gifts my friends send me are the regular gifts because the luxury care package, basic care package, ect. don't appear so my friends can send them, but I can send them to my other friends who have the UL EP... what is wrong, do I need an update? Please help! Thanks
  • wolfmanjack9900wolfmanjack9900 Posts: 59 New Member
    edited April 2013
    It would be nice if EA would make sure these expansion packs worked with the other parts of the game already released.
  • samiyeahulovemesamiyeahuloveme Posts: 3
    edited May 2013
    i bought university life and entered the code for the extra content (the toga party stuff) and it never appeared on the game menu to upload it and its not on the game
    edited May 2013
    Sims 3 University is so much fun
    Thank you for making it
    I like that sims can use the laptop on the floor and have a sketch pad to draw in:D
  • RahataniRahatani Posts: 146
    edited May 2013
    University Life is fantastic! I love all of the new CAS items (the Men's dreadlocks are so yummy!) and the new career options.

    Thank you for making such a fantastic EP! :D
  • rowina10rowina10 Posts: 6 New Member
    edited June 2013
    I got university already and I think its super fun until University was over :( and you have to say goodbye to your friends!
  • MmamoteMmamote Posts: 1 New Member
    edited June 2013
    sammy654 wrote:
    Are you able to have children while in university? Or is that not allowed like in the Sims 2? Super excited for University!
    it is so allowed
  • jenniferh111jenniferh111 Posts: 1
    edited February 2014

    *akward silence bcs it's already 2014 and I still don't have it*
  • SweetTooth2001SweetTooth2001 Posts: 3 New Member
    edited March 2014
    I'm new to the sims forums... The only time I'm really on them is when I have issues on the sims. (Not new to sims) What exactly do you DO on here? Someone please reply. javascript:emoticon(':wink:');:wink:
  • Megan066Megan066 Posts: 2 New Member
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    I Love University! :D My Sims Are Level 5 In Everything! :P
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,320 Member
    edited May 2014
    I've just installed University Life and haven't gotten to do much yet though I love to be able to use the laptops everywhere and that there's a cheap one to put in my houses for newcomers.I got a visit from the mascot in one of my legacy games.
  • beanietwinsbeanietwins Posts: 1
    edited July 2014
    Jarsie9 wrote:
    Two words: VENDING MACHINES! :mrgreen:

    Also, thanks for bringing back the original cheer from the Sims 2 University. Now could y'all PLEASE do us a favor and publish the words to that cheer? I'd kind of like to cheer along with the cheerleader, but it's hard to do when I can't quite make out the words. The only ones I know for sure are: Gerbits, Gerbits, Vo Gerbits!!!
    Vada soola brone, vada solla brawn, vada ay be oda ay be donk donk donk! Gerbits, gerbits, vooooooo GERBITS!

    I tried my best! :3

    So excited for this EP!!
    Thanks for the cheer! I like the song but always mess up at the end! So far I'm loving University Life! If possible come check out my blog, If you hadn't noticed, my name is Beanietwins. :!: :) :D :-)
  • LavenderZayLavenderZay Posts: 710 Member
    edited August 2014
    I've had University for a while, and I LOVE IT! The University lifestyle is so much fun! I love playing with my Sim at the University so much that when he or she (most of the times my Sim is a she) finishes the credits required for their degree, I find it kind of emotional that they are done with being a young adult and I feel sad for them that they're done with all of the fun at the University. Such a fun expansion pack though! My Sims spend a lot of time at the University coffee shop, it's a quick place to go to keep their energy and hunger up. Also, the vending machines are a ton of fun, but I don't use them a lot since my Sims always get sick after having something from there. :? Awesome expansion pack (and the only one I have!) :D
  • IamVictorHueIamVictorHue Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi guys and I have a problem regarding the University Life social group. Before this I got the extra trait in level 8 of all social groups but recently I found the extra traits disappeared!!!! I think this happen after using the dreampod dream about opposite trait... Any way can I get back my extra trait? Please help me! :s
  • katniss990katniss990 Posts: 1 New Member
    edited October 2014
    Im sorry if im being way off topic, but i need help. I just got TS3 university life plus so i can have university life and the base games. I installed TS3 and when i started installing university, it said to update TS3 so university can run. I started updating it and it update in progress pease wait. I have a really fast laptop, and its been 2 hours since i started updating. its still on the same screen . Please help me!
  • CJoyceAcerCJoyceAcer Posts: 9 New Member
    I was debating whether or not to get University, do you guys think it's that worth it for $21?
  • Mason_simfieldMason_simfield Posts: 4 New Member
    Probably. Also, I have a question. If I have 3 sims and send 1 to University, how do I take care of the other 2 sims at Hometown?
  • igazorigazor Posts: 16,929 Member
    edited September 2017
    Probably. Also, I have a question. If I have 3 sims and send 1 to University, how do I take care of the other 2 sims at Hometown?
    You don't. The game can only simulate one world at a time. When your actively being played sims are in a different world, the one they left behind goes into a state of suspended animation where nothing at all happens until active play returns there (end of the term in the case of Uni, traveling back home from a vacation in the case of WA worlds). In fact, if you time things just right, you can arrive back home in time to see the sims you left there still waving goodbye to you. But in any event, it will still be the same day and time as when you left and nothing will have happened. :)
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  • Mason_simfieldMason_simfield Posts: 4 New Member
    Thx, at least Sheila and Preston will be fine while Mason is at University.
  • lucyajoneslucyajones Posts: 31 Member
    Is it true that you are ready to have youngsters while in college? Or, on the other hand, is that not permitted like in the Sims 2? Super energized for University!
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 576 Member
    I have finally decided to send one of my favorite sims to university.

    Everything has been going great until she has now fallen in love with one of the characters in her dorm.

    My question is. How do i make him "active" (currently he's inactive as are the other 7 members in the dorm).

    In Sims 2 i was able to shift click someone and add them, here i cannot seem to do anything as he's already part of the household. I can right click his portrait to check on him or follow him but i cannot still cannot control him.

    I do have Nraas Master controller installed and i have found a few instructions on how to make a sim active, however i don't actually get all the steps mentioned.
    I really would like to make him active, so that i can control him and make sure he wont break up with my sim too, of late he's been almost passing out from hunger and i would hate something to happen to him as he is absolutely perfect for my sim to marry once university days are over.
    I have read other people have problems with having control of all the sims, yet i struggle to make one more sim active for me to control.
    I would really appreciate if someone could assist me, i want to continue to play their story out, but i'm scared of losing him (this inactive character) as he truly is the perfect little sim for my sim.

    PS I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i thought being under the university area might be suited, please put into the right section if need be.

    Thank you in advance.
  • igazorigazor Posts: 16,929 Member
    edited November 2017
    @bebasim - Hi there. Uni World is special in many regards. You do have some choices, but making a dorm roommate active temporarily with or without mods, as one might with an inactive resident in a homeworld, isn't exactly one of them.

    Dorm roommates are part of the underlying NPC household. PortraitPanel (or is it Traveler) only makes it look like they are part of your sims' household; they appear on the panel to the left for convenience sake but they are not meant to be selectable or playable any more than a maid or a mail delivery sim is back home. There could be hundreds of sims in that NPC "household" even if they don't all appear on-screen at the same time, so it can never be the actively played one.

    But what you can do is force the sim into your actively being played household. In a future Uni term you could live off campus and do the Ask to Move In social interaction. From where you are now, I think you could force this to happen with MC > Add Sim (not sure if this option shows up on current roommates, you may have to separate him from the dorm first). Then he will not only be playable together with your sim, but he should return home with your sim and join her household there. That may not be exactly what you wanted just yet, though.

    The one mistake players sometimes make is that they call (by phone) for their Uni friend to come visit them back home and add them to the household or world from there. The visiting foreign (Uni) sim that arrives that way is a scaled down version of their full selves and doesn't typically come over for a visit with enough data to be added to a household permanently that way without becoming corrupt. It's much safer to add them to your household while in their own world or use MC > Add Sim > Homeworld > (filter to Uni) on a residential lot tag (your own or some other one) once back home to drag the full-fledged sim into it when ready to do so.
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  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 576 Member
    Hello there Igazor i some how knew i would be hearing from your mastermind again. ;)

    Daft this sounds harder than I thought it is to be honest. Sims2 was so much easier... but it does not compare to sims3.... bugger.

    I did save him through CAS and onto my pc in my sims folder however exchange has not let me upload sim characters for some time now, pets i don't have a problem with but sims just wont upload, most of my own 5 generations i have saved on my pc but just cannot upload them, so i'm not sure if it will work this way either. As i would really like them both to study uni together, kind of cute for the storyline... I am now wondering after reading your reply if that might be easier? But i want to try this way first i guess and leave that as a last resort, if nothing works.

    From my understanding there are two ways to do this, your second paragraph is making a bit more sense, re files corruption etc... I might have to give this one a try, so If i can make his home world the uni base, then somehow work out how to make him active for me to control him? is that correct?

    However i can see i will be asking a lot more questions. I haven't mastered MC very well as it's such a huge program, i get nervous that i might stuff something bigger up and lose all the work I've put in the families and lives i have. So i'm prepared to ask almost step by step questions just to get it right.

    Saying that, i am willing to try and learn... biggest question as i can see i'm unsure of a few things, would you mind if i pm you further questions especially if i get stuck? As this is all new terrain to me and i'm already nervous, i just can see something going wrong for me.
    If i knew how to make him this perfect in CAS I wouldn't bother with this, but boy when i was hunting for a dorm room for her to sleep in she had already made an impression on him, and when i took a closer look i thought wow a hottie sim... just can't let him slip away.
  • igazorigazor Posts: 16,929 Member
    edited November 2017
    @bebasim - Wait, it isn't really that complicated. I wasn't sure what exactly you wanted to do, hence all of the choices. In order for a sim to be controllable, they must be a member of your traveling party or your active household.

    I think all you really have to do is wait until the term is over and, once back home, use MC > Add Sim > Homeworld > (filter to Uni) on your home lot to add the sim to your active household. Would strongly suggest having Overwatch, ErrorTrap, and Traveler in play though to clean up any duplicate sim data.

    It's only tricky while living in a dorm, if you move the bf out and back in again, he may still be an uncontrollable roommate which is not what you want. The problem is that you can't move your own sim off campus in the middle of the term because she will then stand to lose her class schedule and will have to drop out. This is one of those special things about Uni World that one has to be careful with.

    In the meantime, until this term is over, you can't exactly force him to study but you can feed and try to take care of him. :)
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  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 576 Member
    LOL Ahhh makes sense now. I've had the game on pause and saved it 10 times as i'm not wanting anymore to happen until i work out how to keep this sim.

    OK so what I'm understanding is during her first term (she is on for two) i can't do anything with him, apart from follow him and as you so adorably said feed him lol. Once this term is over she will head back home for some time before her second term is that correct? Sorry this is really all new to me, i have wanted to try university out for some time, but reading people's posts many times since i purchased it had me wait until now to try... and it's already making my brain hurt lol (not really) but you get what i mean.

    Ahh ok so this part... "once back home, use MC > Add Sim > Homeworld > (filter to Uni) on your home lot to add the sim to your active household." Would this make him come to do the second term in uni also? Or he would just sit there and wait for my main sims return.

    Yes i read somewhere that you can't move houses or dorms when at university and playing around with things can bring on some issues/glitches.

    What i want is for me to be able to control them both while at uni, if possible? If that means i have to wait until the 2nd term i'll do that. I just hope this all works :)
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