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ExOtIc Sim! A Modeling Competition ~ Assignment 4 + Results!



  • SquallySqually Posts: 491
    edited March 2010
    Depends on the theme that you're going for. I take it that you're looking for a more fantasy like idea over sci fi?

    Fantasy wise, you could do a "destiny" kinda deal, where certain characters are destined to be certain people. Like in the early Final Fantasy games, where there's a warrior of Light/Dark/Fire/Water, etc. Just replace your own themes and the like. And uhh.. something like that~

  • DarkslayerDarkslayer Posts: 9,074 Member
    edited March 2010
    Uhh Miracle... I think EA just deleted your modelling post. It won't let me access it anymore, not even from the link here ^_^;

    My picture is ready but I currently have nowhere to post it.
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