December 2nd- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Friday Highlights November 18th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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November 18th - Friday Highlights

Hello folks, the Holiday Season is becoming real. All the shops here are already selling Christmas stuff, and I've seen a lot of houses decorated, not to mention the town with all them lights and vibes. I loooove it, it's so beautiful and nice! ✨😍

How was your week, did you start putting up your decorations? Tell me everything about it...

Quick recap on our latest news:

💠On Thursday we had a Sims Delivery Express! 💚. Dance to @Anitta’s “Prooshtis,” 💃 while checking out the two new hairs courtesy of @DeeSimsYT, new mustaches 👨, a new scenario & more! All are available in-game now!

💠Learn all about the CurseForge mod squad & custom content hub for The Sims 4 here!

´ Twins Cassidy(taking the selfie) and Hadley Ashborn after they became children <3`
Adorable screenshot shared here by @HillyBeth.

🔹We´ve got a gameplay question for you, guys. In the thread "What type of venues do you use at Henford-on-Bangley?" started by @emere, Simmers have been sharing what they usually do to keep themselves entertained without affecting gameplay? There are tons of cool suggestions there, so why don't you stop by and share your experience as well? :relaxed:

🔸Let's' continue talking about playstyles. How do you guys manage a full house, is a question many of us might have asked until we decided to try. At the moment, Ive been playing a five Sims household and must confess that sometimes it can get messy. Truth is, not everybody will be happy all the time, and yes, they will fight each other! I never pause the game, quite the opposite, I tend to speed up time so things will happen faster, so to make sure I won't make a mess of it, Im always creating extra saves. 😎 In the thread " Playing 3 or more sims in a household, is it difficult for you too?", @Markoosh invite us all to share the mastery of managing a busy family. 🏡

🔹Now let's take a minute to unravel a mystery. While @aaronrulz was going through their ´Strangerville ` experience, they came across ´Summer Holiday` wearing a somewhat unusual outfit -> I believe some of you are familiar with this scene, as I have seen Summer wearing them "exotic garments" in my game. 🤣 As for answering the question, " Why is she wearing this?", that we will never know, but it is funny!

🔸Of course, I haven't forgotten about our builders and building aficionados. This time, I came across the prettiest 'starter home' I have ever seen! Created by @slvrlipes82 :love: Well done, your house is lovely! 🏠😍

🔹Todays last pick is for all our Sims 2 players out there. We are interested to read about "How do you decide how many kids your sims have?" in this great discussion by @Seera1024! :blush:

That's it for today, peeps! I hope you enjoyed these Friday Highlights - and as usual, if you have any recommendations for future mentions, please send them my way! I love finding out about all the cool, exciting stuff that might be flying under the radar otherwise.

Have a great weekend and stay safe! :heart:


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