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Project Rene: Base Game Content vs Pack Content

filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,621 Member
I would like to have a conversation about Project Rene and it's potential content distribution in the Base Game vs Packs. To start, staple pack themes (that have been repeated throughout the franchise), I believe NEEDS to be in the base game; Seasons, Pets/Animals, University, Active Careers/Business, Generation/Family, and Fame. All of these themes are staple parts of an average human life in some way shape or form, and would greatly contribute to a fleshed out life simulator with variety and range of the types of lives a sim could live in just the Base Game.

Beyond the potential these themes would provide in the Base Game, I also believe it would expand the possibilities of the types of DLC the team could make. Having these features in the base game would mean the team wouldn't be limited with how they can use or expand these features in DLC that they develop, creating the potential for these themes to be continuously built upon and refined as more content is created. For example, even though Seasons would be in the Base Game, they could still create a seasons themed Expansion Pack that delivers more weather and climate types, new seasonal related gameplay and activities, more seasonal related consequences and effects that influence the environment and the sims within it, etc. Another example I can think of is Pets, having pets in the Base Game would mean they could create an expansion pack that expands the pets adding more pet interactions, pet related activities and objects, pet types, animations, and so on. As it is right now with themes like Seasons and Pets being in a Pack instead of the Base Game, the potential to further expand these themes just isn't very possible or realistic, and I consider that to be a limitation.

I would also like to see the return of some gameplay systems and mechanics that have been introduced throughout various packs, in the base game of Project Rene; Retail/Business', Clubs, Lot Traits and Challenges, Customizable Holidays, Reputation, Character Value Traits, Self Sustainable gameplay, Eco Footprints and NAPs. I don't want an exact dupe of these features, but something that mimics a similar function. Again, having these features in the Base Game only expands the potential for DLC to use these mechanics in any way, shape or form without limitations.

I truly believe having all these features and mechanics in the Base Game would be a win win for both the Base Game and any potential packs that may be created. It would also be something new for players to explore and experience instead of getting the same old pack time and time again. But this is just my hot take, I'm curious to know your thoughts.


  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 32,506 Member
    Seasons and Pets/Animals are big sellers for EA.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,796 Member
    edited November 12
    Smaller is the basegame, bigger will be the need of DLC.

    Not everybody like the same thing, if they remove the very popular features from the packs then less people will buy them.

    As we look at the last 12 months, about 90% of all revenue was from extra content, not the base game.
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,469 Member
    The challenge will be to find a way that they can have a base game that is offering a good set of features while leaving room for future DLC.

    I think they should strive to offer a wide range of basic features and then future DLC can expand upon those features, like offering new ways to play and create with those features. This will give them more options when making DLC and new worlds.

    The game should offer better management features too like for example offer ways for the player to assign roles to sims and controlling them more easily so they could make future DLC like Restaurants and Hotels play better.
  • ncisGibbs02ncisGibbs02 Posts: 1,790 Member
    Smaller is the basegame, bigger will be the need of DLC.

    Not everybody like the same thing, if they remove the very popular features from the packs then less people will buy them.
    As we look at the last 12 months, about 90% of all revenue was from extra content, not the base game.

    I don’t like the weather system for TS4 so haven’t got Seasons.

    I wouldn’t like a base game which had weather that couldn’t be customised to what I would like. Even an off switch would be good for me.

    I see fame and occults as DLC as I wouldn’t want those system by default.

    @logion I like the sound of better management features. Options for individual Sims might be complex but if assigned roles at a workplace that might work.

    I love building in The Sims 4 👷👨🔧💻
  • jcp011c2jcp011c2 Posts: 10,807 Member
    I know they're the two big sellers but it's time to have basic weather and basic pets in the base game. Or at least, basic weather and make pets the first DLC. They can still expand on weather and holiday events, etc in seasons, but the game doesn't need to have just sunny days for the fist few years. If mobile-level games can have rain from the start, Sims can too.
    It's kind of sad that I have to point out that anything I say is only just my opinion and may be a different one from someone else.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,796 Member
    edited November 13
    The basegame could include a light rain at least.

    I mean a lush world with Sunny days in loop is very strange.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 5,796 Member
    So far they always offered, weather, pets, shops, and businesses, etc. as separate DLC, which maybe suited them development wise, but for us players was a bit underwhelming coming from a fully fledged game to a bare bones base game. So with this in mind, maybe for TS5 they could offer basic features in base game and then expand upon them in DLC. Weather in base game, we get full weather effects, with cold and hot weather outfits, umbrellas, snowball throwing, and then in DLC they add various seasonal activities and sports. Same with Pets, we get basic dog and cats in basegame from small pool of pets up for adoption, and in DLC we get Vet, pet training, pet shows, pet career, small pets, outfits, and choose our own breeds and what not. With business, we should have basic grocery and clothes shopping at least in base game, and then expand upon the business side in DLC with ownable shops and entertainment venues. Also would be nice to have at least bicycles in basegame, and a public transit system even if the neighbourhood is not fully open, like in TS4, and make it feel like an open neighbourhood by being able to fully interact with the environment. No more decor buildings in the middle of the neighbourhood with no function to them, especially if they are designed to look like shops and public venues.
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