[OLD] Broken/Updated Mods & CC: July 26 '22 High School etc. Patch and August Patches

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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: July 26 '22 Sexual Orientation/High School etc. Patch and August Patches

This thread is superseded by https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/1003466/broken-updated-mods-cc-sept-13-2022-patch/

This topic is for collecting reports on mod and custom content status after the July 26, 2022, Sexual Orientation/High School etc. patch, the August 2 hotfix patch, and the August 30 patch. Most mod updates are reported here; updates that only add a translation and non-broken CC updates generally aren't.

A few notes to keep this thread helpful for others and manageable for me:
  • This is not a help thread. If you need help finding out what mod broke, read the lists!, do a 50-50 (see later this post for link to instructions), then if needed visit one of the Discord support servers: If you can't use Discord for some reason, this is still not a support thread. Start a new thread.
  • Please don’t report mods as cleared for the patch UNLESS you are the creator or their representive or you have a link to where the creator reported this.
  • Please don’t ask about mods. If there's an answer about the mod or modder, it's on page 1.
  • DO NOT mention or hint at mods that break Forum rules (NSFW/18+, etc.).
  • Fully test mods before you report them broken (instructions below). When you report them broken, tell me how they are broken and how you tested. I cannot list mods as broken without this.
Thank you for helping keep this list working! Your support keeps information flowing to Simmers in many places online beyond here.

Mods that breaks the T-for-Teen game rating CANNOT be named or discussed in these official Sims forums. It’s against Forum Rules. Some creators of these mods also won’t be reported here depending on how sending you to their content works. Please see creators’ own social media.

Also not listed: Mods/CC by people who copy other people’s mods/CC, copy other companies’ copyrighted content or trademarks, pirate software or openly support software piracy, do not release free public updates within a reasonable time (3 weeks for CC), or are otherwise not in compliance with EA's policy on mods.

Before reporting a mod is broken, test it:
  1. Back up your saves in case you save over or corrupt a favorite file while you’re testing.
  2. Remove everything else from your Mods folder. Leave only the mod being tested. This is the only way to be sure that the problem is not a conflict between mods.
  3. Delete the localthumbcache file. This step is important because the file holds the memory of mods. If you don’t delete it, you could still just be seeing a mod conflict or different broken mod.
  4. Open your game and test to see if the mod is doing what it should. If it’s still broken, please let me know! Tell me how it’s broken and how you tested it, and let the creator know too.
  5. To test if a last exception (LE) is being generated and why, you can use TwistedMexi’s Better Exceptions and/or Deaderpool's core MC Command Center files. These files rarely break after game updates. If you need help reading an LE, please head to a Discord server (see below). The Forums are an extremely awkward place for LE support, and this is not a support thread.


Broken Mods
Outdated Mods
Cleared by Creator
Updated Mods - please note that some modders (e.g., LittleMsSam) are in a separate list following the main one
Broken and Updated CC
New Bugfix Mods and New Mods for the Patch/Pack
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