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Giveaway: TS4 High School Years (Winner Announced)


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    StarDreamerStarDreamer Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you so much! My favorite subject is either English or History, depending on what we were learning.
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    MelisendreMelisendre Posts: 195 Member
    Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite subjects was arts.
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    PuzzlingMysteryPuzzlingMystery Posts: 167 Member
    My favorite subject was science.
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    Cabelle1863Cabelle1863 Posts: 2,251 Member
    My favorite high school subject was history. I had this incredible history teacher that sparked my life-long interest in the subject. :smile:
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    silentcyborgsilentcyborg Posts: 210 Member
    oooh this is a tricky one! I'm torn between saying history and German. Like a lot of you guys, I was lucky to have a fantastic history teacher, who talked about history like she was reading from an adventure novel. But she also retired part-way through the last year, and German became my favourite subject (though I wasn't great at it lol). Thank you for the giveaway :)
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    SimChiSimChi Posts: 143 Member
    It's a toss up between Band/Music, or Woodworking/Carpentry. Thanks for the giveaway.
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    illusieillusie Posts: 13,824 Member
    My favorite high school subject was Biology.
    Thank you for hosting!
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    RDaanRDaan Posts: 88 Member
    edited July 2022
    My favourite subject subject was Math! Liked it so much that I graduated last year with a Master of Mathematics! Thanks for this giveaway, always very much appreciated!
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    EvilWitch83EvilWitch83 Posts: 140 Member
    My favourite subject was Maths. Thanks for the giveaway.
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    danceswithchaosdanceswithchaos Posts: 95 Member
    My favorite class was Drama, but I enjoyed Advanced Biology as well because I loved the teacher.
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    airmanairman Posts: 18 Member
    My favorite was History. Thanks for doing the giveaway. :)
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    lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,444 Member
    Thank you for the giveaway... :)

    Social Studies was my favorite class in HS.
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    emberelfemberelf Posts: 63 Member
    Thank you for the chance of a giveaway! My favorite subject was History.
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    stephAnie1864stephAnie1864 Posts: 200 Member
    I always enjoyed English. Thanks for the giveaway!
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    IcewolfIcewolf Posts: 710 Member
    I'd say biology and art.
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    EternalSunshineEternalSunshine Posts: 341 Member
    Please enter me!
    My favorite subjects were Psychology & Criminology.
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!
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    TimBitTimBit Posts: 281 Member
    Honestly, my favourite class ended up being Drama.
    All through Elementary School, I had bad stage fright, and treaded the yearly speeches we had to do from Grades 6 - 8. So, when I entered High School, I thought,"Why not? Maybe this will help me get over it."
    It unlocked so much of my creativity and helped me get through the stage fright, completely! It ended up being a lot of fun.
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    DrakosDrakos Posts: 451 Member
    My favorite subject was physics, thank you doing these giveaways.
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    Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,940 Member
    English, with History as a close second.

    Thank you :)
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    Bhawkins0402Bhawkins0402 Posts: 78 Member
    My fave high school subject was Art. Good luck everyone!
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    SimsAddict_244SimsAddict_244 Posts: 274 Member
    My favorite subject was History.

    Thank you for the giveaway :)
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    fae_brassfae_brass Posts: 81 Member
    I want to say art & design but they were often a bit boring. I really liked psychology A level.
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    BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,973 Member
    My favorite subject was history. :)
    Thank you so much for the giveaway as always, @simgirl1010 ! <3
    Sul Sul!
    On my blog (German) you'll find two completed vampire stories 🦇 and an ongoing ghost story 👻.
    I'm also posting about my I'm surrounded by idi🤪ts! - challenge, in which I've now reached gen 9.
    Thanks for stopping by! 👋
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    DiassaDiassa Posts: 156 Member
    My favourite subject was biology. Since I was a little girl I always looked for animals, wild and domestic. I loved birds and I quickly learned to recognize them. In High School I gathered caterpillars in bushes and I raised them to butterflies at home :) I even got an A grade for that :) I also loved genetics and how it works, I was also interested in plants, especially trees (I know all of them in my country).
      The Sages appreciation club
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    HiruwolfHiruwolf Posts: 1 New Member
    This is bit difficult, since I'm not entirely sure, which is equivalent of high school here in Finland. If we g o by common subjects, my favourite has mostly been english. But if we count my vocational school, where I got my defree in sales and marketing, my favourite was either Customer service classes or the class for store display decoration and advertising text. I liked the business english courses too. Since we have so different schooling sucture here, I hope I provided answer that qualifies.
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