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Giveaway: TS4 High School Years (Winner Announced)


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    LesleyALesleyA Posts: 30 Member
    Probably unpopularly my favourite was Maths, although I did like German. Thanks for the giveaway.
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    crimsonnclover324crimsonnclover324 Posts: 73 Member
    My favorite class from high school... that's an easy one, Floral Arranging! Yeah, I went to a very agriculturally-focused high school.

    If I were to pick one that was more mainstream, I'd have to go with Creative Writing. :)

    I always love your giveaways, no fuss and fair!
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    Simlie20Simlie20 Posts: 59 Member
    My favorite subject in school has always been foreign languages (Spanish, French etc.). I believe biliteracy is such an important skill to have and opens doors to new opportunities, people and cultures, but also just communication in the workspace as well remaining in touch with all the different countries. Thank you again for the giveaway!
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    GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 2,215 Member
    edited July 2022
    Foreign languages for me, too! English, French, Italian, Spanish... I always loved learning them.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!
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    RamblineRoseRamblineRose Posts: 814 Member
    My favorite subject in high school was art and history. Thank you for the give away.
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    fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,535 Member
    My favorite subject in high school was sociology. Took it as an elective my senior year and it quickly became my favorite class.
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    Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 7,104 Member
    My favorite subject was American Government
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    ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 586 Member
    While I was always really good at math, I preferred anything in the arts. once in high school specifically theater and choir!

    Super excited for this pack, thanks for the opportunity with this giveaway!!
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    lemonellalemonella Posts: 423 Member
    edited July 2022
    My favorite subject in high school was criminal studies or anything I could relate to criminal studies (psychology, sociology, history, etc.)

    Oddly enough, I dreaded math and went on to become a CPA. Shows you that accounting and math are not one and the same!

    Oh, and thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

    EDIT: please disregard my entry!
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    EniracYEniracY Posts: 1,008 Member
    Psychology :D Thank you for the opportunity.
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    gc6164gc6164 Posts: 516 Member
    Visual Arts :smile: Thanks!

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    Loves2draw1812Loves2draw1812 Posts: 169 Member

    My favourite subject at school was..Art (big suprise lol)
    Thank you for hosting another giveaway! :)
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    jpsulsuldagdagjpsulsuldagdag Posts: 450 Member
    My favorite subjects in school were English and History. But if I have to pick one, hmmm maybe History.
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    Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 913 Member
    Thank you for this.
    My favorite subject was English, despite sometimes having to write essas on why an author used the color red so much. They just liked the color.
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    gemjasgemjas Posts: 211 Member
    My favorite subject was English Literature!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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    pxelskiespxelskies Posts: 1,064 Member
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! My favourite subjects were English and German (2nd languages) :)
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    mikamakimonmikamakimon Posts: 470 Member
    I was a bookworm back in high school, and enjoyed English Lit the most.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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    blueyblueskyblueybluesky Posts: 1,379 Member
    Thank you for the giveaway :)
    My favorite subject was Art, it was the only one I was any good at and got good grades in. Plus it was fun so that's a bonus.
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    TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 736 Member
    To enter simply respond with your favorite high school subject.

    That's a tricky one. Not only had my tastes changed over time but teachers affected them as well. I'd go with geography.
    I like fantasy and a bit of Sci-Fi. Want to know what I'm reading?
    I also like wandering the hills.
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    CeridwenCeridwen Posts: 229 Member
    My favourites were Music and English. Thanks for the giveaway! <3
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    MindofyMindofy Posts: 313 Member
    My favorite subject was always English, but I always had a soft spot for art and history. Math, however, was a nightmare for me!
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    cynciecyncie Posts: 4,842 Member

    Favorite subject in High School was Music: choir, glee club, ensemble. Plus, I was the pianist.
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    AyradyssAyradyss Posts: 912 Member
    Thanks for doing these giveaways! I'd have to say my absolute favorite was computer classes, though those were actually not really official yet. (I've been around for a bit -- when I was in HS, the school had just gotten computers in and didn't yet have a formal class structure. Those of us interested were doing after-school sessions, pretty much learning alongside some of the teachers.)

    To choose a 'regular' class, I would go with Geometry. It's like a whole class on doing brain-teaser puzzles -- had a lot of fun there.
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    AnmirlaAnmirla Posts: 3,841 Member
    I think Biology was my favorite. I love science and it's a precursor to medicine.
    My 9th grade Psychology class gives it a hard run though. I loved that class and it was one of my favorite teachers.
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    HaflingerHaflinger Posts: 975 Member
    My favorite class was definitely history. Although literature was a close second. In my sophomore year, they did a dual subject class for us GATE (Gifted and Talented Education, I think it's Honors or AP now) English/Social Studies students where one half the semester we had one teacher teaching a philiosphy class (where we read Siddhartha, go figure) and the other half was Greek Mythology. That was my favorite course for the win.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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