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How many sims can you handle at once?



  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 6,525 Member
    4. I had twins.
    I’ve long since discovered four is my absolute limit.
  • TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 421 Member
    6. I had "a few" kids.
    4 is okay (parents and two kids). 5 is still doable (one of the grown-up kids moving in his future spouse) but then it gets tougher with management, even though I have several bathrooms. The worst is the lack of fridge queue so I either need to drag a plate out or micromanage them coming to the fridge one by one (otherwise they complain about pathing/fridge being occupied).
    The most I ever had was 7 - the 3rd generation pair, their three kids and to-be spouses of two of those kids (but I moved one of the pairs out soon and the third child followed shortly after to her BF's house to leave me with 4 again).

    I had a "full house" once but that included two dogs.

    I pretty much time it so the grandparents can help with early kid raising but die during the toddler stage.
    So, in short, I weave back-and-forth between 4 and 6 most of the time.
  • LindsaySeddon1LindsaySeddon1 Posts: 283 Member
    5. I stole from the neighbors!
    5, but my multitasking abilities are dramatically hindered as soon as a toddler enters the picture.
  • Bluefairy286Bluefairy286 Posts: 253 Member
    edited June 2019
    6. I had "a few" kids.
    I just can't handle travelling to a lot with one of my sims and leaving the rest at home to fend for themselves. When I return all my sims motives are messed up and it ruins the routine I had.
  • haisinhaisin Posts: 208 Member
    5. I stole from the neighbors!
    I can handle 5, but I only enjoy it in small amounts, and sooner or later I tend to split these large families into smaller ones. I have never tried more than 5 and I'm not looking forward to try it :smiley:
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,448 Member
    2. Being alone sucks.
    Usually two, occasionally three. Sometimes, I'll play just one young adult if I want her to accomplish something specific (like exploring all the JA temples). However, I'm mostly focused on raising toddlers and kids, so if I've got two parents in the house, one ends up getting sent into a rabbit hole job to get her out of my hair while the stay-at-home mother takes care of the toddler, helps with homework, etc.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    6. I had "a few" kids.
    Usually 4, five tops and after that, I age up some children and start to kick them out so it doesn't take so long to do anything.
  • loutredorloutredor Posts: 404 Member
    8. Please send help.
    The bigger the household, the happier I am :) actually I wouldn't mind being able to have more sims in one household considering each pet takes a spot (I avoid using mods). I never had a lot of trouble managing my sims, when the toddlers were released it took me a little while to get used to playing them without too much trouble, but now I am fine. Sometimes I like to have a sim or too that I let run freely and do anything they like so I guess that helps too. But I like to control at least 5 or 6 sims.
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,669 Member
    8. Please send help.
    I had one family 4 adults, 2 young adults, 1 teen and 1 child for a long time. 1 adult and 1 young adult with rabbit hole jobs, the teen and child were A students, 2 Adult sims didn’t work, one fished and took care of the plumbing, the other other gardened and baked. The remains young adult did most of the cooking except when the teenager did. The last remaining adult was a Doctor that made it to Level 10. The children and teen had several friends because of club meetings at their house. I did have aging turn yet though. The arrangement worked out well. I finally decide md to move one set of grandparents (2 Adults) out of the house and give them a small house In Brindleton Bay, so they could have a hunting dog,
  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,543 Member
    It's all about timing I think.

    In one Test family, Caleb and Roxanne are going to be having 6 Sons. When the time comes these children are going to become werewolves
    for Roxanne's First Pregnancy She had triplets: Aiden, Cain, and Wren. They will age up together, and once they reach toddler/child Stage,
    it will be time for Roxanne's Second Pregnancy and She had twins: Orion and Brian, aging The triplets up, helped because they can somewhat take care of themselves. and Once they become Teenagers, and Orion and Brian are children, Roxanne's last, Somewhat Accidental, Pregnancy, she had one last baby Tyron. and The triplets helped out keeping the the twins in check, while the parents focus on the youngest.

    I didn't have, Vintage Glamour at the Time, so Maybe I'll hire a Butler and a Nanny when the second time around (Werewolves) comes.
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  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    2. Being alone sucks.
    I play a lot of households - I don't use mods or CC so I have lot of households and micro manage them all including the major Maxis Sims as well. I also control aging on all my households so they all vary. I generally start a household with either a single Sims - newly turned YA and build up as I go along - although I do have a few room mate households too - and eventually they will have families etc - etc. I never plan the size really in advance. Sims pick their mates although I do try sometimes in steering them toward a specific mate if they seem undecided at certain points. LOL.

    But honestly I sort of let the game decide for me on all aspects of size and family members. Like is I think a family is big enough and parents start hinting they want another baby - well if they are good parents and their youngest is well into child age - then sure - why not. I;ve had good luck with that little sim a lot of times.

    I like stories the game leads me to better than most I think of anyway. They are almost never boring.

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  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,280 Member
    Four sims at a time is comfortable but I’ve had more. One sim is kind of boring imo.
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  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,034 Member
    5. I stole from the neighbors!
    5 is comfortable for me. Add a 6th though and I fall apart and go into panic mode when everyone starts doing their own thing. It really bugs my micromanaging brain!
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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 1,365 Member
    8. Please send help.
    Its hard to play less than 9 cause I love big families. I have 2 adults. 2 toddlers 2 kids and 3 teens. Send help :#
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • RIP-Troika-GamesRIP-Troika-Games Posts: 221 Member
    edited June 2019
    8. Please send help.
    I'm currently playing a household of 8, and this comment fit so well right now. Send help!
    I have to pause so often to check so no one is doing something suicidal, so it ruins the flow. But every now and then I just focus on one or two and let the others be on full autonomy. Though, even then I've to pause occasionally and check on them since they aren't always that good at taking care of themselves. :#

    I can handle them, but a lower number of sims is a lot more comfortable.
  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 658 Member
    2. Being alone sucks.
    2 is my comfort zone but my larges household atm is 4 sims and one dog, had an 8 sim household one time it was horror!
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  • RainbowIslandRainbowIsland Posts: 20 Member
    Just 1. I'm not good at all at multi tasking.
    Not sure what I should vote for. I enjoy the game the most while playing only one sim and focus on whatever it is that I want to explore. That said I also like playing families even in full houses every now and then. Its just that time goes by way to slow in big households that after a couple of simdays I'm craving to play something different.
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 608 Member
    8. Please send help.
    > @phantasmkiss said:
    > Whatever I start with, whatever I intend to do, I usually end up with a full house. I play with full autonomy, which means sometimes Sims wander off to do things I don't want them to, but it also means that they (usually) take themselves to the bathroom, so I can concentrate on other things. Pause is my friend.

    This seems to be my MO too. lol
    My current game I'm trying to slowly take over the sim world with my own sims. I hope my game doesn't crash from all the sims and gallery houses/rooms I've put in (you guys do gorgeous house/room builds, btw!).
  • MaiaPlaysSimsMaiaPlaysSims Posts: 211 Member
    8. Please send help.
    I have ten in my game right now thanks to MCCC.
    Two elders. Two YAs. (One a vampire, but he would only just be aging to adult if he could age.) Three teens, two of which will be YA very soon. Two children. And one toddler. It's a lot of fun. I enjoy the crazy house life.
    However, after the two older teens are YA they will be getting married (not related- the girl was "kicked out" by her parents after she got pregnant and my family took her in) and they will move into their own little apartment with their toddler son.
    So, my home will be a bit less crowded then. And I'll get to try playing with a smaller family as I switch between the two households.
    But, I love the craziness. It makes the game so much more fun for me. There is always something to do and someone to play with. I absolutely love it.
  • aveniceglassaveniceglass Posts: 128 Member
    3. I wasn't expecting an addition.
    I like my sims to be as happy as possible so when theres too many people in the red, I just cant handle it and i either cheat or give up lol
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