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Rebuild: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,976 Member
    @kiwicantdie - At least Adahy and Pauline make cute babies? But the pregnancies definitely seem to be rough on the poor girl. Elaine's face, when the triplets arrived, was pretty hilarious, poor thing must be a little confused.

    @EMSimmer30 - I really love Alanna's red hair green eyes combo it goes so well together and she is a cutie.

    @Heckstress17 - I for one am excited for another nooboo for Brooklyn and Victor. I really hope its a boy, fingers crossed! For now I am leaning toward Lyric I like her genetics the most between her and her sister.

    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild |Simtropolis
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    I'm also gonna update now and comment later. I went a little pic happy, please tell me if it's too much!

    After being in mourning of their feline friend, the Hugo's desperately needed a vacation. Off to the beautiful isles of Sulani they went. (It would be awesome if there was a way to make Sulani a destination world and truly vacation there, but I wouldn't trade that at the cost of being able to live there.)

    Sunscreen! I appreciate the small details.

    It was the girls first time seeing the ocean and the first thing they did was hop in the water to snorkel!

    Cadence saw a dolphin under the water, but there was no option to interact with it, and it eventually disappeared :disappointed:

    Victor sailed around like a pro, while simultaneously ditching his wife and kids :lol: It's okay, Mr. Mom earned his break.

    He even set some fishing traps, but then forgot to check up on them...

    Meanwhile the youngest of the bunch, Melody, played in the sand. (You have no idea how long I spent in build mode looking for that bucket, only to discover it appears once you click on the sand to play :smirk: )

    Over the course of the day, Mom, Cadence, and Lyric, all built a sandcastle with her.

    She was adorably excited each time they finished one :)

    It's a shame toddler's can't use the swings, but Cadence and Lyric got to enjoy them.

    Cadence lookin' like the coolest kid ever.

    I love this kid. If she loses her cool when she becomes a teen I'll be devastated.

    Brooklyn snuck off from everyone and found this isolated grotto like spot to veg out in.

    It was beautiful. I can't blame her not wanting to go back to the kids :tongue:

    She convinced Victor to ditch the the kids the sailboat to join her. :wink:

    Good thing the girls were occupied because they were making out until the sunset. They don't have an electric love connection like other sim couples of mine, but they do have their moments.

    When they got home later that night I realized that Brooklyn had gotten a tan! :love:

    Anyway, the Hugo's weekend of fun continued when they all headed to the park.

    It's a good thing that the girls have each other because not a single child ever came to play the whole day they were there. A glitch maybe?

    It was kind of nice to have the park to themselves though. Melody even ended up getting the attention she deserved, but as an independent toddler, never whined for.

    You can see Brooklyn's tan lines! I don't know why I'm so fascinated by the tanning system :lol: but I am!

    Melody's actually a total sweetheart, and an angel of a toddler. My anger was misplaced lol forgive Mel! It's not your fault you aren't genetically diverse.

    Cadence was totally in her element. She's been dying to go to the park since the moment she aged up, and was taking full advantage of the freedom.

    Look Ma! No hands!

    Lyric wasn't as entertained with the playground equipment as her sister. She started making messes out of bordem and got scolded by Dad. :confused:

    She was a good girl and cleaned them up right away. :smile:

    The day at the park came to an end, and after dinner that night Cadence showed some interest in her Mom's growing belly all by herself. Maybe she'll be less angry about this sibling then she was Melody lol

    The girls came home with identical school projects and quickly got to work. Cadence thought building a model solar system was a total bore and nearly fell asleep.

    While Lyric, being the genius she is, was super excited to show off all she knew. She enlisted the help of their Dad to complete it.

    They ended up with two very different variations of the solar system :lol: but they both got the same amount of extra credit. So who's the real winner? :tongue: Spoiler, it's my fav :lol:

    Everything may seem like sunshine and rainbows in the household, but I assure you, it's not! :joy: I'm doing my best, but I'm waaaaay over my head here. I like to micromanage my sims, and it's really hard with so many people in the house. Especially with one of them being a toddler, and the other being pregnant.

    I was super relieved when it was finally baby time! I was gonna have Brooklyn go to the hospital again but she didn't get the option. Instead I got a pop-up saying a bassinet was being provided by social services (anyone else panic when reading social services or just me? :lol: ) and before I knew it Brooklyn was having the kid in the office.

    :heart: :heart: :heart: I can't believe it!!! A BOY! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Chord, we have waited so long for you! :bawling: Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! :joy: :lol:

    He's the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen in my life :cry: lol no but for real. YAY! I'm so relived they don't have to have 5 kids lol and I'm patting myself on the back for being patient and not cheating :lol:

    That's it for now. I haven't played again since he was born, but I'm dying to see if he'll be the chosen one and be blonde and blue eyed lol Also I totally spaced and forgot to update and link the family tree. I'll do that and get it posted in my signature in a bit. Happy Simming!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Back for comments :smiley:

    @OJenn - I'm always happy to see you drop in :smile: I know it's a busy and exciting time for you, but I do miss having you here! Maybe once the baby arrives the sims will be your solace. After my youngest was born It was a great way for me to destress. Anyway, I should be leaning towards Lyric because of her genetics too, but there's something about Cadence I really like. I've learned to go with my gut about picking heirs, so we'll have to see how I feel when they're grown, but on paper Lyric should be heir. Unless the new baby is an even better mix. *fingers crossed*

    @debjameswhite - I didn't know you were stuck in the city while your reno's were being completed. I'm not a city girl at all so I can understand you wanting it to be over with. I'm having more fun playing in San Myshuno then I thought I would though. I am starting to miss having an actual house and yard. I was right to only do the 5 generation challenge in the city, and I'll totally be following in your footsteps and heading to Sualni once I'm finished. Six babies!? :joy: You vastly overrate my simming ability lol! I admire all of you with your big families, but I'm about tapped out here with my family of 5 :lol:

    Hooray for another update! I think Brad and Aimee are my favorite couple of yours this playthrough. What's Brad's new job? Did a new job come with Island Living or is he doing a profession? Either way, any job that requires a fit guy like himself to be in a speedo is a-okay with me. Aw, their first Christmas together :heart: I've read others having the same issue with party invites, only being able to invite sims who live in Sulani. I know I saw a mod fixing it, but hopefully there's an official fix coming soon. For now it's kinda neat to pretend that Brad and Aimee truly are living on an Island far away from family, and it was too far for them to fly out. Jace Jr. is a cute guy but that's a downer about him not being eco friendly. There's always something wrong with the Loudon guys :joy: They're so beautiful that they're cursed! Anyway, thank goodness Aimee wasn't alone at the hospital. I'm so excited for twins. Like I said I was uncharacteristically hoping for a set in my own game, so this will tide me over until I can try again next generation. I love that she was all over Brad as soon as they got back to the house :joy: Also yay! The grandparents finally made it over from the mainland! I cannot wait to see what the girls look like as toddlers.

    @Kiwicantdie - I think you do an amazing job typing up your updates. You should get extra credit in your class having to read through my replies and updates that are filled with slang and typos lol I'm forever blown away and impressed by people who are fluent in multiple languages. I have so much respect and admiration for you :heart: I took 3 years of Spanish in school and can barely tell you my own name in it :joy: So don't try to say it's easy because I know it's not! Anyway lol I don't think the triplets were karma. You don't have to love every kid your sim pops out, and Iguana did have a face only a mother could love :tongue: It made me feel 10x's better knowing I wasn't the only one to shaft a poor toddler over their plum looks :lol: But yeah, I wasn't really expecting to have so many kids this generation, and yet here I am lol. I've had big families before and just gotten so annoyed with it all I didn't wanna play anymore. So I'm always careful not to overdo it, but thankfully it hasn't been bad this generation... yet. I can't believe how many girls there are right now! You, Deb, and I all have nothing but girls. It's kinda crazy. Like you said Brooklyn's having a mid-life crisis. I like to think she's questioning why she's with Vic, missing Augustus, and trying to convince herself that everything's fine and dandy in her marriage by having more kids lol.

    Your in game family tree is the most perfect little pyramid of sims. Well done Salali lol! I think you and @debjameswhite are absolutely insane for keeping track of every branch of your family tree :joy: but I'm looking forward to seeing how big they get by gen 10. Good luck to you both lol. Moving on, Pablita! :love: She's such a creep, I love her! :lol: Pauline is so done, this mildly incestuous scene happening before her eyes is no big deal. 3 toddlers and an Iguana will do that to ya. NO CODY! Ugh I hate how short pet lifespans are :bawling: I wanted to see him grow up with the kids so bad. Thankfully the toddlers aging up adorably somewhat cheered me up. I am so relieved for you :lol: I was a little worried about their genetics, not gonna lie. I'm a bit bummed that if you pick one of them that Salali's eyes won't be carried on, but it's still an accomplishment they lasted this long. Also, nerdy sidenote, but I'm pumped that Selene is a brunette, because every time I hear that name I think of Selene from Underworld lol. I love Irene and Aurora, and right now if I had to pick I'd say Irene just because that was my Grandma's name, and I can't pronounce Aurora to save my life :joy: I can't even say it correctly in my head... Sleeping beauty was a nightmare to watch lol I'm getting off track. I KNEW IT! I knew Elaine was gonna grow into her face! See, she's completely adorable now. As are Oliver's kids :love: Amiyah has my heart. I wonder if his near elder crisis baby will be as good looking as the girls? Awesome update! I'm glad to see you aren't ready to quit after playing through 4 toddlers at once. You're stronger then I am my friend :lol:
  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 120 Member
    @Kiwicantdie I am so glad my and others tips has helped you :smile:

    Tiara and Nikki got to go on their honeymoon to Sulani! While there they got to see Nola, her husband River and their kids Briana and Bruce. Seeing baby Bruce must have done something because once they returned I found out Tiara was expecting...Really, ladies, really(This is what I get for having full autonomy on). The household also got notifications of marriages for four other Lovell descendants and pregnancies for all four.(Just expanding the Lovell lines for me to track) :neutral: There was also sad news as the days went by with the deaths of Misami and her wife, Edward and Ethan. Edward's widow, Emma and her husband, Marina and her husband, and Matthew all became elders as little Alton Lovell came into the world, became a toddler and took the focus of everyone in the house. Lol (Even Luke, Alanna and Logan spent more time playing/teaching Alton than doing their school work!) The final days of playing gen 3 arrived with a bunch of birthdays. First was Nikki and Caleb becoming elders and Luke a young adult. The next day was heir Alanna with the big young adulthood and Alton into childhood. The last day, Sunday, the day of rest was anything but with Logan entering young adulthood. (The patch seems to have messed with my birthdays as they should have been more spaced out than that but oh well.) Logan later that same day got engaged and married to his high school sweetheart; they then moved to Del Sol Valley so Logan could pursue his acting career. Luke invited his new fiancee to move in with him in order to help with both the elders and Alton as he will not reach adulthood before his parents pass. :( Finally, our heir Alanna has moved out and I will tell you about her place in the next post to save room here.

    Adult Logan
  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 120 Member
    Alanna's house

    So, I built the house but for the story line I am pretending that as the property is on a rise and the house has a foundation and is made of stone that it survived the worst of the flooding and just needed new flooring, wall paint/tile, lighting and basic fixtures and appliances. I took screenshots of it empty and will add what little furniture Alanna can buy after the cost of the house/lot and she and her future spouse will buy more as they go. When it is time to start gen 5 I will upload the fully furnished version of the house to my gallery. (If anyone wants the mostly empty version I can put it up now.)

  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,199 Member
    Oh my gosh guys. I logged in tonight and looked at my screenshot bin and it was empty! Guess I better start playing!!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,199 Member
    Sometimes if I get a break at work I read any updates that might be available and I write comments in my head that I think I've posted...then I actually get online at home and I'm like "What? But I remember commenting!" Then I respond, "Yes you commented to yourself..."

    @Kiwicantdie I love your update and I love your family tree. I'll just say good luck with tracking every Austin until generation 10. I know that was my intent with my first go at the challenge as well! I hope you can do it! I plan to spend many evenings lost in your family tree.

    I can't believe that first picture is of Willow Creek! It looks like such a city! It is very gloomy! Eeep so scary! It looks like maybe it was gloomy because Pablita was on the way! Of all the sims in the world to attack she needs to bite her brother?? Pauline! "Ummm yeah, hi Pablita, just don't bite me ok?" Oh then poor sweet Cody. What a good pup. I love him. Aww the triplets are all adorable. I can't believe we've lost Salali's eyes already! That picture reminds me of the commercial for Halos.

    You capture the best images. I love the picture of Aurora afraid of her own poop. Too funny! I'm having a bit of trouble with Hygiene myself with the twins. I'm not sure why. I don't usually have a hard time but here we go. The toddler pics are all so adorable! The party looked awesome and look how well Eliane aged up! She's adorable!! Poor Eliane! Give her a brother!! >:)

    @Heckstress17 I wish Sulani could be a vacation destination too! I love your pics of going there with the family! I have not yet used a floaty. Do you just take them there for the day and have them enjoy the parks and such? I love Cadence! I don't usually get attached to a sim before they're teens but I just adore her. I can't blame Victor for ditching the family. He needs a break too! Thanks for the tip about the sand! Melody looked soooo cute. I love seeing everyone giving her attention. That tan is amazing! I still haven't seen that. I wonder if it's because I haven't used sunscreen. I keep waiting for Brad to get a sunburn. Oh my gosh those projects! I've never let my sims be lazy about their projects. I love how different they are!! I love Cadence!! I was wondering what name you would use for the baby boy. Chord is prefect :)

    so for your questions...Brad is a conservationist. There are other jobs as well I think like being a diver. There might be one more that I can't remember.

    @EMSimmer30 Logan looks very good as does your house.

    Chapter 34: News

    It seemed like mere minutes before our little angels became toddlers. The wild one Chloe does not need hugs from Mama.

    Somehow she already has the traits of being marketable and waterproof? How?

    Little Drew the charmer was not so lucky.

    But she was lucky to get to spend some pool time with Daddy.

    Eventually, Chloe and Mama joined in on the fun.

    Mama read Chloe a bedtime story.

    Drew was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow so Dad just tiptoed away.

    At work, in his work clothes, Brad discussed conservation with the locals.

    Aimee stunned everyone with news of a new family member.

    Brad couldn’t contain his happiness over it.

    Aimee’s parents were able to come down to the island for a visit.

    She shared the big news with everyone as if that belly isn’t a dead giveaway!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Hey everyone :smile: Quit your slackin' and get to updating! Don't make me use my summoning powers :wink: I can't decide if I'd rather use my free time today to post an update, or play. I'm probably gonna play :tongue: But I did upload my current family in all their cc-less glory to the gallery. I love having everyone's sims in my game, especially your families, so if any of you wanna upload yours I'd download them asap! My sims are always in need of friends.

    @debjameswhite - :joy: That picture from the halo commercial definitely resembles the triplets in @Kiwicantdie 's game. I reply to text messages in my head all the time. I completely understand how you could do the same with the forum. To answer your question about the floats, they were in the water when my sims got to the beach. No need to bring one with :smile: and yeah, my sims have just been visiting the beaches and spending the day there. I'm glad you like Chord's name. It was a lot tougher to come up with a musical themed boy name. My alternative was calling him Alto, but I liked Chord more.

    I was really hoping you'd update last night, and was bummed when I saw you say your screenshot folder was empty. I'm glad you were able to fix that :smile: Aw, the girls are red heads :heart: I feel for Aimee getting rejected for a hug from Chloe. She's trying to grow up way too fast with her mystery traits. How strange. My game has been super glitchy since the last patch. I'm constantly having to reset my toddlers because everything they touch ends up getting stuck in their hands. I'll have to see if I have any odd traits on any of the kids. Anyway, Drew is adorable with her curly hair. I can't remember if I mentioned it before but I think Drew is an adorable name for a girl. I love the picture of Aimee reading the girls to sleep. She's such a pretty sim. Then Brad in his short shorts being all zen with the locals :love: Yesssss another baby! Brad practically squealing in delight is the best. Aimee may have been able to hide her pregnancy if she wasn't wearing a belly shirt. I'm pretty sure her family filled in the blanks before she officially told them :lol: Fingers crossed for a boy!
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 174 Member
    @Heckstress17 I uploaded Hope Galloway to my gallery. I think my gallery is under djfyouup024 I aged her back down to a young adult
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 174 Member

    Here for an update

    Cameron aged into an elder and Hope just had to take a picture with him 06-25-19-5-50-40-PM.png A day after Cameron turned into an elder it was Eros's birthday. 06-25-19-5-57-09-PM.png (I rushed aging up Athena too, I wanted to see what she would look like) Eros and Hope 06-25-19-5-58-43-PM.png Eros and Cameron 06-25-19-5-59-43-PM.png Eros and Apollo with his tan 06-25-19-6-00-09-PM.png Eros and Athena 06-25-19-6-20-59-PM.png Athena and Hope 06-25-19-6-21-45-PM.png Athena and Apollo 06-25-19-6-22-00-PM.png Now that Eros was a young adult it was time to make his way in the world. He didn't want fame like his grandfather and mother. He bought a house close to the wharf and moved in. He did bring some pictures to put on his wall of family 06-25-19-7-10-22-PM.png The first thing he did after the welcome wagon was to try his hand at nude sunbathing 06-25-19-8-32-11-PM.png For his chef aspiration he needed to throw a dinner party and what better place than at his own house. He invited the guest and set the time for 5. Everyone showed up 06-25-19-8-52-52-PM.png The party was turning into a hit 06-25-19-8-53-30-PM.png Even Nalani from the Island came. It seemed he only had eyes for her 06-25-19-8-54-01-PM.png He got gold on his first dinner party. Later in the week he invited Nalani over to hang out they decided to have a little dance party 06-25-19-9-09-38-PM.png Eros knew it was time to meet one of the women that he was set to marry. He went over to Gretchen's apartment and introduced himself "Hey, I'm Eros. Ya, like the God. So uh I think we are going to have to get married" 06-25-19-9-22-54-PM.png There did seem to be a strong connection with them as soon as they shook hands. The lights in her apartment weren't very bright but they decided to take a selfie anyways. To get a good feel for how they look together Eros is super tan as well 06-25-19-9-24-16-PM.png Saturday was Family day and Eros decided to invite Gretchen along to meet the family. The table they were sat at had a high chair their before so I put in a chair but Gretchen still sat by herself. 06-25-19-9-30-17-PM.png While out at the Restaurant one of the workers died 06-25-19-9-29-00-PM.png Eros decided to comfort Gretchen with the loss of the person neither of them knew anyways 06-25-19-9-31-17-PM.png Later in the evening Eros took his first shot at making the grand meal in his house and invited the family over. 06-25-19-9-36-16-PM.png Gretchen looked like she was fitting in nicely 06-25-19-9-36-23-PM.png After everyone left Eros was feeling pretty lonely. There was always people or an animal in the house he grew up in. He knew what he needed to do. He called up the animal service people and she brought over 3 cute kittens. The first one did not like Eros so he went on to introduce himself to the other two 06-25-19-9-39-34-PM.png He picked one up and instantly fell in love 06-25-19-9-39-56-PM.png Than he picked up the Calico and also loved that one 06-25-19-9-40-27-PM.png He played with both trying to get a feel for which one would better suit him. In the end he chose Sophie and Snugs. He couldn't pick between the two 06-25-19-9-47-11-PM.png The kittens loved to sleep sophie looking cute 06-25-19-9-47-38-PM.png while snugs looked comfy 06-25-19-9-48-43-PM.png It was finally time for Eros and Gretchens first date the went to a diner in Newcrest. While there they had their lunch stolen by 2 people 06-25-19-9-51-42-PM.png And the waiters set their dirty plates on their table 06-25-19-9-53-53-PM.png Eros wasn't going to let this ruin his date so he pulled a mistletoe out of his pocket and kissed Gretchen 06-25-19-9-54-17-PM.png

    So who do you think Gretchen and Eros 06-25-19-9-24-16-PM.png Eros and Nalani 06-25-19-4-48-32-PM.png I know I'm supposed to choose Gretchen or the other one for gen 5. But im stuck because Eros and Nalani look soooooo good together. Help me decide!
  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 120 Member
    @blondiebabe923 I think Gretchen is too similar in looks to Eros and mixing up genetics is part of the fun! I think you should make an exception and use Nalani but unless you want to work in mermaids for future generations you might want to make her fully human first. Lol :wink:
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 174 Member
    @EMSimmer30 I'm ok with the mermaids in the family lol. They look really good together and they get along so well.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,199 Member
    @blondiebabe923 Eros does look good with Nalani but since she's not one of the mates I'd say you have to go with Gretchen or Autumn. Part of the fun of the challenge is seeing what happens when they use the same sims use as potential partners. Seeing what different genetics you get from the genepool mates. For example your kids with Cameron look very different from the ones I got when he was in my game the first time and then again when he was my genepool mate. Just my 2 cents.
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,184 Member
    Hi all <3 I'm back now that I'm done with work and finals. I don't know how summer's going for you, but here it's so hot that I'm afraid my pc would melt if only I start playing :joy: ... that said, I love coming back to more updates from you. So here I am :blush:

    @OJenn they definitely don't make the cutest babies ever, but I'm fine with how things have turned out.

    @Heckstress17 I'm never upset about your pic-spam. As a matter of fact, I would always love to see more <3 shower me with pics please! Aaaaaw Sulani. I've just downloaded the expansion now that I have time to play it, thank god I was able to play it vicariously through your pics :wink: Brooklyn and Victor making out in that grotto/pond is now one of my fave moments about them. Tanned Brook looks stunning! I'm loving watching your fam spending time at the beach or at the park... I think there are so many kiddos in this household that it's ok if no other kiddo shows up at the playground :joy: Cadence <3 I adore her. I love how different she and Lyric are... and it even shows in their home projects lol. Bless them <3 The pic of dirty/smelly Melody next to almost-peeing-myself Brooklyn gave me such major flashbacks vibes about my current Austin fam that I almost no longer want to log back in game :joy: YOU HAD A BOY- I mean- BROOKLYN HAD A BOY ( :joy: lol) bless the heavens! I'm so happy for you and relieved for Brook, which no longer needs to have a fifth/sixth/seventh pregnancy :joy:
    (Stopped slackin' as you can see :tongue: )

    @EMSimmer30 totally random but <3 do you have any pic of your family tree? I'd love to see it if possible!
    Also, Logan looks pretty good, he has such a nice figure! The house you build gave me major Windenburg vibes at first but then I realized where it was placed lol :joy: it's really good, thanks for putting it up on the gallery!

    @debjameswhite aaah that sad moment when you realize there are no more pics in the folder :joy: I feel you.
    I'm already regretting trying to keep up with every single Austin out there, but... I gotta try :joy: --- that commercial pic looks so accurate compared to mine I almost can't believe it! Lol what a great moment! OMG LOOK AT YOUR REDHEADS TWINS <3 I'm dying, they're so cute! Chloe might already be my fave. I'm so glad to see that your family is already expanding. Also: I think I've already said it before, but I'm loving the new house :blush: can't wait to see it filled with kiddos.

    @blondiebabe923 every time I look at Eros I feel like a teen once again :joy: loved all the selfies! Athena grew up looking beautifully, of course. Awww the new kittens are to die for. I'd pick the mate from the gene pool obviously, but you know... you can always sneak a kid with Nalani if you really want to :wink:
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie | Family Tree
  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,184 Member
    an update <3
    (toddlers' invasion II)

    Pre-update info: I've rebuilt the entire neighborhood in my spare time. Now there are two more empty homes, a public pool and a tiny restaurant. I don't think I'll visit the restaurant or the pool any time soon in game, but they're there lol.


    Also... every time I see Juliana in game I get a bit mad at her. Still thinking about the gorgeous tanned/greeneyed babies Ad could have made with her.
    (+ of course she's standing inside a bush :joy: my bushes never fail )


    Jace's been visiting Ad too :mrgreen: but differently from Pablita, he's really polite and never tried to get in uninvited.


    The three heads of my personal Ghidorah may look cute, but don't let their appearances fool you.




    Once you take away their toys, it's all a different kind of music.




    Ad and Pauline have been doing their best, but it ain't easy.




    I mean... caption this :tongue:


    The toddlers have also created some sort of tension between the two of them. I don't really know what's been going on, but I've seen them bickering and being tense around each other for a while. They're both exhausted.


    Eliane, on the other hand, confirmed to be over her horrifying toddler days. She's a super well behaved child.


    Seeing that her parents don't have time to take care of everything, she helps around the house.


    The triplets, on the other hand, try to make things worse every single day.


    It's not unusual finding them conspiring about world domination babbling in Eliane's room. I actually adore watching them chat like this, it really looks like they're up to no good.


    Aurora's the one that comes up with the plan, Irene tries to deter her by using her charming skills and Selene... well, fussy Selene can't but side with Aurora :grin:


    Adahy's been thinking of ways to keep the triplets occupied since he's pretty tired to take care of them 24/7.


    He's plan was... to actually host tons of toddler playdates. I mean- I have to combine his aspiration with his current life as a father, right?
    Here are Steven's blond triplets, btw. Ad's not the only one to suffer.


    The Austin household started to get overrun with toddlers.



    Irene's the one that loves these days the most. She's the charming little girl that can't stop hugging everyone.


    ... almost.


    I thought that it could have been cute doing stuff like this, instead... it's a nightmare.


    Worse than the zombie apocalypse.


    Sometimes I even forgot a few of them outside, sleeping in the cold.


    First snow <3


    Well that escalated quickly.


    Eliane was so excited to see the snow, I was almost able to feel excited too. Sigh.


    After a few days, things started to get better between Ad and Pauline. Maybe it's because I can see the triplets' birthdays at the end of the tunnel :tongue:


    Or maybe it's Irene's charming power, which is able to let go of every grudge.


    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie | Family Tree
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    edited July 1

    Big update time! With some surprises lol

    I've never had a cat use this thing till these kittens Sophie loves it 06-30-19-4-46-11-PM.png Snugs and Sophie sleep so nicely together 06-30-19-4-46-32-PM.png Sophie aged up first she is a furry one and constantly needs to be brushed 06-30-19-4-49-41-PM.png Next was Snugs 06-30-19-4-52-11-PM.png He enjoys sleeping with Eros 06-30-19-4-54-50-PM.png Eros invited over Nalani to try and see where things could go 06-30-19-5-00-41-PM.png He invited her on a date to the bar on the beach in Sulani. Things were going well 06-30-19-5-08-34-PM.png He worked up the courage and had his first kiss with her 06-30-19-5-09-29-PM.png Than followed by a make out session lol 06-30-19-5-10-11-PM.png Back at home, Snugs and Sohpie were being playful 06-30-19-5-19-13-PM.png Poor Snugs is scared when someone comes to the door 06-30-19-5-20-24-PM.png The next evening Nalani invited Eros out on a date in Windenburg 06-30-19-5-24-31-PM.png He wanted to show off his photography skill and insisted that he take a picture of just her 06-30-19-5-24-53-PM.png After Dancing for a bit he decided to take things to the next level and they snuck down to the walk in closet to have some fun 06-30-19-5-26-37-PM.png He invited her back to his house and they snuggled up on his bed 06-30-19-5-32-45-PM.png The next morning it seemed the Sophie and Snugs were really mad at each other 06-30-19-5-35-18-PM.png It was Family day so Eros invited everyone over. His dad and Nalani finally got to meet and chat a bit 06-30-19-5-38-48-PM.png Athena is not a cat person apparently because she was yelling at poor Snugs and now he doesn't like her 06-30-19-5-39-16-PM.png Eros took the plunge and asked Nalani to be his girlfriend 06-30-19-5-39-53-PM.png While making the grand meal for everyone Nalani took it upon herself to help Eros clean 06-30-19-5-41-48-PM.png Hope showed up late, but Eros was ok with that, he got to spend some time with just him and his mom. 06-30-19-5-43-54-PM.png Eros wanted to impress Nalani with an expensive dinner so they went out to Le chaz. 06-30-19-5-47-45-PM.png While waiting for their food, he was staring loving into her eyes 06-30-19-5-48-22-PM.png He stepped away to have some choice words with the server and host because his food got stolen again, and his parents sat right across from them, dad still chilling in his underwear 06-30-19-5-53-02-PM.png After the date was over Eros came home and this happened. Sohpie had kittens. 06-30-19-5-58-20-PM.png The next day was a work day so Eros headed off to work, just as he got there, he got the call he was dreading noooo.jpg He told his boss that he had to leave to go be with his family. He rushed over and as soon as he got to his moms house he gave her a hug 06-30-19-6-52-29-PM.png Hope was so distraught 06-30-19-6-55-16-PM.png Eros tried doing what he could to cheer his mom up 06-30-19-6-55-25-PM.png He was also there for his brother 06-30-19-6-56-53-PM.png Once back at home he picked up sophie and gave her a comforting hug for himself 06-30-19-7-00-31-PM.png The next day was Harvestfest and he needed to make is super special for his family. While cooking the grand feast Hope aged up to an elder 06-30-19-7-04-02-PM.png After the guests left Eros took Nalani to the beach. He was also distraught that his father passed away and he needed a distraction she was a pretty good looking one 06-30-19-7-19-01-PM.png He wasn't quite sure what he was doing but he was lonely and decided that now might be a good idea to pop the question 06-30-19-7-19-17-PM.png She said yes of course 06-30-19-7-20-16-PM.png He was exhausted from the last few days and went to sleep. When he woke up, he knew he made a mistake. He wasn't ready for marriage. He loved Nalani but they had nothing in common, he couldn't force her to leave her island and the water where she is meant to be. He broke it off with her. He felt terrible about leading her on and hoped they could still be friends. A few days passed and he was still sad about everything. Gretchen called and asked if he needed anything. He invited her to come over. She gave him a very comforting hug 06-30-19-7-53-04-PM.png They talked for hours and ended up snuggled up on the couch. Finally Eros knew what was missing in his life. It was Gretchen 06-30-19-7-54-24-PM.png He worked up the courage and finally had his first kiss with her and sparks were flying 06-30-19-7-57-02-PM.png He eventually bought a bigger and beautiful ring and proposed to Gretchen 06-30-19-8-17-30-PM.png She said YES! 06-30-19-8-17-48-PM.png 06-30-19-8-18-08-PM.png They headed back to Eros's house and planned the wedding for the next day. Eros broke down and asked Gretchen to move in 06-30-19-8-23-26-PM.png It was finally time for their big day. They wanted a beautiful beach wedding 06-30-19-8-36-13-PM.png They said their vows and sealed it with a kiss 06-30-19-8-37-23-PM.png It was a wonderful day for a wedding 06-30-19-8-38-23-PM.png They cut the cake and did not smash it into each others faces 06-30-19-8-43-09-PM.png The day after the wedding it was Winterfest and as a married couple they decided to decorate their first tree 06-30-19-9-06-11-PM.png One of Eros's good friend from the island who is a merman but I cant remember his name, stopped over for a visit and Eros gave him a present 06-30-19-9-11-21-PM.png Saint Nick showed up and Gave Eros and Gretchen gifts 06-30-19-9-15-03-PM.png 06-30-19-9-15-50-PM.png Gretchen and Eros enjoyed life as a married couple, they snuggled up on the couch and watched a new episode of their show 06-30-19-9-26-14-PM.png After it was over, Eros was getting ready for bed, but Gretchen had something to share with him 06-30-19-9-29-59-PM.png He was so excited! He was going to tell the little one so many stories of his dad and do the things with him that his dad did 06-30-19-9-30-06-PM.png The pregnancy was going by fast, Gretchen was already in her second trimester 06-30-19-9-51-08-PM.png Eros loved feeling the little one kick 06-30-19-9-58-05-PM.png Gretchen being in the Athletic career never let up on her excising. Even though she was pregnant she wanted to stay in the best shape she could 06-30-19-10-01-36-PM.png It was finally New Years Eve. They watched the ball drop together and kissed at midnight 06-30-19-10-04-49-PM.png Third trimester was looking pretty good on her 06-30-19-10-05-17-PM.png Later in the day it was time for the flea market. The items there weren't any good so Gretchen and Eros shot some basketball instead careful Gretchen you might go into labor 06-30-19-10-11-37-PM.png And thats exactly what happened later that night. Gretchen rushed off to the hospital and called Eros at work to meet her. He was pretty scared 06-30-19-10-20-16-PM.png Who should be the doctor assisting in this birth, but Nalani 06-30-19-10-20-29-PM.png "Listen I know things didn't work out with us, what are those things? Should you be doing this?" 06-30-19-10-21-35-PM.png "Please for the love of all thats holy, put that back and don't harm my wife or child" 06-30-19-10-21-47-PM.png A baby was born safely. Because Eros's is an aspiring chef they went with food names. His name is Colby. He was a pretty good baby, and aged up into an independent toddler 06-30-19-10-32-17-PM.png
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    I was gonna post an update but imgur is taking forever to upload my pics. I'm gonna try it again later. In the meantime, comments! :smiley:

    @blondiebabe923 - Thank you for uploading Hope! I've already placed her in my game and my family has bumped into her, but she's too famous to give them the time of day :joy: Anyway, about your update. :love: Eros is such a good looking sim. You really hit the genetic jackpot this generation because Athena and Apollo are equally attractive. Especially Apollo with his tan :wink: Sophie and Snugs are too cute. I think Snugs is my fav. Athena needs to get with the program :tongue: It's a bummer that Nalani couldn't have been a genepool mate, her and Eros really did look great together. I had trouble picking my heir's spouse this generation too because she liked someone "off limits". Maybe Nalani will pop back into his life someday? :naughty: I like how Ero's realized he rushed things with Nalani, and didn't wanna make her leave Sulani. The way he was able to bond with Gretchen after was nice. She seems very sweet. I think she'll be good for him. His proposal to her on the island at sunset was beautiful! As was their wedding :heart: I can't wait to have an Island wedding in my game. Colby is adorable! His name was a really great pick since your going with a food theme.

    @Kiwicantdie - I'm glad I haven't scared you off with my pic spams yet :lol: Sometimes I'll be editing pics and have like 70 and think to myself I wonder if I can getaway with making this one update? :lol: Anyway, yay for being done with work and finals! I've been so bored this week and refreshing the thread like every hour hoping one of you would post. I won't feel too bad hounding you to post if school isn't getting in the way :joy: Obviously I'm super happy you updated. I love how finished and full your Willow Creek is feeling. I hated having my sims live in a literal empty neighborhood as I took my sweet time trying to build community lots. You definitely don't have that problem. Aw Jace :heart: it's so nice to see him alive and well and being a good boy. Too bad he didn't offer to help Pauline and Adahy with the girls :lol: Wow do they look overwhelmed. I hate that those little monsters angels are driving a wedge between my favorite lesbian couple! But hey, checkout Elaine the unlovable being a complete angel. I'm rooting for her. Oh wow :worried: that's A LOT of toddlers. Nope nope nope! You're insane :lol: I had one toddler playdate with 3 toddlers and decided I'd never do it again. It's nice the girls got to meet their cousins though. Triplets are apparently a thing in your game right now. I hope the girls grow up soon for your sake. And also I'm dying to see how they'll age up. :wink:

    @debjameswhite - I just realized I don't have another update to comment on from you :disappointed:
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    @Heckstress17 I know, I might marry her off to someone and make them have babies and in 5 generations one of Eros's decendants will run into one of hers and finally get married lol. It was hard. But I'm going to stick to the rules. Cant wait for your update! Also glad that your sims bump into Hope!
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    Update! A boatload of birthdays!

    In my last update, baby Chord arrived and completed the family. Melody, dethroned youngest, was thrilled to have a little brother. I think she's just hopeful this sibling will like her :lol:

    She was terribly overlooked, but had the best of the toddler traits for being alone, independent :tongue: She did just fine working on her skills via her tablet.

    Her birthday was shortly after the baby was born, and thankfully that wasn't overlooked.

    Melody became an adorable child :love: Out of the 3 girls she's my favorite looks wise.

    I mean seriously, how cute is she?? There's heir potential here.

    She rolled the music lover trait like her Dad and is currently trying to learn the violin.

    She isn't the only one. Big sister Lyric is also contributing to the noise. Victor gave her a few pointers and thankfully she isn't too horrible to listen to.

    The next day Mel and Dad bonded over their love of music, and Victor gave his youngest daughter the same pointers he gave her sister.

    Then it was time again for another Birthday. This time Lyric, the oldest. (I have no idea why her eyes went all demon on me??)

    She rolled the Klepto trait :joy:

    Now let me just say, she's not hideous, and I'm not upset with how she looks. BUT...

    She did inherit her Dad's serious lack of jaw... and looks a bit ridiculous... she's seriously doofy looking at times :lol: Sorry Lyric.

    Either way it is what it is. Mama Brooklyn is super bummed all her babies are growing up.

    Next up was the baby! This was the moment of truth. Will he be blonde?! Will he have blue eyes?! Will I break my new laptop in half?!

    And then at last, yes! I have my blonde! :heart:

    He doesn't have blue eyes, but that's just fine with me because he's sooooo cute!

    Even the mayor of grmupy town is in love.

    I had a little break in between the week of birthdays so Lyric took her little sisters to the park. I was excited that she was able to "play" on the monkey bars with them, but she just stood there smiling creepily...

    Lyric eventually found herself trying to skate. She didn't do too bad.

    While Cadence and Melody killed it on the monkey bars :sunglasses:

    Then it was time for the final birthday of the kids.

    A grumpy, lonely, snob? Yeah, sounds about right.

    Once again, not disappointed, but not thrilled either? If I were deciding based on looks alone she and Lyric would be out.

    Lyric has her moments where she looks pretty though. She's definitely not hideous, but that one little defect is just enough to drive me insane.

    And Cadence is definitely pretty, but there's just something left to be desired about her and I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just being picky because I have the luxury of having 4 kids to pick from lol

    Which leads me back to Chord :heart:

    It's dangerous, but I'm really placing all my hopes and dreams on this kid. :joy:

    He lives up to his wild trait. I think Victor would've preferred they'd had another girl lol

    But girls are no walk in the park. Especially teenage girls. Lyric's a hormonal mess. Always crying, needing constant validation etc. She and Cadence are like night and day, but Cade is always there for her.

    Even if Lyric's dramaqueen antics give her a massive headache...

    But I'm so ugly! I literally have no Jaw! (She's not ugly, but this isn't a good look lol)

    Sweet, unassuming, Melody is looking better and better all the time :lol:

    and how she looks up to her big sister is just too much :heart:

    Then just when Melody was pulling out in front, the literal golden child aged up.

    And I don't think he could be any cuter!? :heart: :love:

    He's a social butterfly, and having no trouble making friends :smile:

    He even met the adorable Orion Riggs! @JordanNicoleJJ :smiley:

    Orion noticed the dollhouse at the playground was in it's permanently smashed state and walked away all sad before Chord could BFF it up with him...

    Not on my watch! Chord and Orion are gonna be friends. I'll force it lol but I don't think I'll have to.

    That's as far as I am in game. I'll leave you with this CAS comparison pic of the kids. I think Chord is truly the best mix of his parents, so far anway. Melody and Chord are winning the heir race at the moment. I'm curious who all of you prefer?
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    @Kiwicantdie Ok, I will try to post a pic of the family tree so far. If it works I'll post again explaining who everyone is. Here goes :wink:

  • EMSimmer30EMSimmer30 Posts: 120 Member
    Yay! It worked! (Not the best with tech, lol)
    At the top is Troy Lovell, not shown was his wife Jordyn; they were generation 1.
    Next line from left to right is: Orion, Olivia and Ophelia(Heir)
    Next line from left to right is: Edward, Emma and Ethan-Orion's kids; Matthew and Marina-Olivia's kids; Tara, Tiara(Heir) and Taylor-Ophelia's kids
    Next line from left to right is: Zayne- Edward's son, Mateo- Emma's son, Luke and Logan- Matthew's sons, Isabel and Brylee- Marina's daughters, Bronson- Tara's son, Alanna(Heir) and Alton- Tiara's kids, Levi- Taylor's son
    Last line: Alonso- Zayne's son, Bret and Julio- Mateo's sons, Hillary- Isabel's daughter, Nash- Brylee's son

    Also, not shown are Noel and Nola Perry, Tiara's half siblings and Briana and Bruce, Nola's children who are mentioned in the last update.
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    Hey guys! I've been working on this update for days, but I've also been sick, so it's been super hit or miss. I feel better right now, so hopefully I can get this posted before I start feeling worse again. I will be back for comments, not sure when, but I promise I will!

    As many of you know, I'm not good with big families. This one might have a slight potion dependency, but I'm keeping them all alive, okay? :lol:

    Thankfully the kids keep each other entertained for the most part. Orion's such a good babysitter :smile: He's totally not just using her art table to get a scouts badge

    Andy is the closest to Cass by far. I can already tell she's going to be the protective big sis if anyone picks on Cass for being an alien.

    I was really over the toddler phase and seriously contemplating the 'send to homeworld' option when Cass was a baby, but I can't even be mad because alien toddlers are the cutest things ever :blush:

    Leo is definitely the 'forgotten' middle child, but I think he prefers it that way :sweat_smile: He likes experimenting on his science table, alone, and wants to be a scientist like his dad when he grows up.

    The boys are doing well in scouts -- they both only lack their outdoorsy badges. Reed and River are planning on taking them camping after the holidays. (Can we talk about how opposite they are for a second? Orion is a carbon copy of their dad, and Leo their mom. Sorry boys, your sister definitely has you beat for heir :lol: )

    Sev finally maxed out her career and is now in the planning stage of opening her own restaurant! Reed made sure she knew how proud he was :wink:

    With Sev working longer hours than ever, the kids being busy finishing up school before break, and the holidays right around the corner, Reed had a moment of quiet to take his youngest to the park -- for the first time ever. They decided to disguise her so she could just have fun without any judgement.

    Turns out, she didn't really like the park anyway :lol: Those slides can be scary!

    But Reed is a pro at the whole parenting thing by now, and he cheered her right up :smile:

    Clover couldn't help but notice his pro parenting skills and come over to the childish weirdo she is :lol: (I'm so glad she's still alive in my game, I love her so much lol)

    Meanwhile, Cass was trying to give the whole park thing another shot...

    But Oliver terrified her with his creepy monster impression. She's a lost cause. (Also @Kiwicantdie I think Oliver has officially lost it in my game...first moping the grass, now scaring toddlers...Strangerville must be getting to him. I'm so sorry :grimace: :lol: )

    One last thing before the holiday spam -- Reed's birthday! He was a little worried that everyone would forget with everything else going on, but Sev surprised him with a fancy cake to celebrate :smile:

    It was a small party, just the immediate family, but everyone was loud enough to make it seem like a huge party :lol: It was perfect as far as Reed was concerned.

    He and Sev slipped away to the hot tub after the kids went to bed...she wanted to give him his, er, present in private :wink: :smirk:

    Back inside, Reed got his adult makeover...uh, yeah, he's still got it :flushed: :love:

    And he knows it too :lol: Out here posing like a Calvin Klein model... :no_mouth:

    The night before Winterfest Eve, all was quiet in the Riggs house...

    ...until it wasn't. Reed woke up in the middle of the night seeing "strange lights" and went to investigate. Sound familiar?

    *insert much needed eye roll emoji* No no no no no. I am NOT raising another toddler, no matter how cute Cass is. NO.

    Reed slept in and kept his surprise visit to himself (now we play the waiting game to see if he's preggo...), while everyone else woke up early to bake cookies.

    They made a huge mess, but they had fun, and that's all that matters :blush:

    Did you guys know that you can "decorate" sugar cookies?!? So cool!

    Reed finally woke up, and they spent the rest of the day decorating the tree. The boys also hung up their Winterfest crafts they made to earn their artsy scout badge :smile:

    Baby Cass wasn't much help as far as decorating goes, but her adorable excitement got everyone in the Winterfest spirit :blush:

    They couldn't help but just stand back and admire the beautiful tree afterward.

    It even inspired Orion to burst out into Winterfest carols :lol: The kid's got heart, I'll give him that.

    His singing must've summoned Father Winter...or like, Father Winter's emo son :lol:

    Whatever, I'll give him a makeover least he brought the gifts :lol: Orion and Andy got pretty good gifts, but poor Leo got a lump of coal! My sweet baby totally didn't deserve that :angry:

    "Hi Emo Santa, can I also have a pretty box?" I seriously felt SO bad for Cass for a minute there...she kept asking him for a present, and the action would go through, but he never got up to actually give her the present!

    FINALLY he got up to give her a gift, and omg, she's just so adorable when she gets overly excited! Guys, my heart completely melted...

    She didn't even care about the gift inside, she just wanted her own pretty box. SO precious. Seriously my fav child ever even if she's clingy. I'd say Winterfest Eve was a 100% success!

    That night wasn't interrupted by another surprise alien visit, so Reed woke up early to cook their ham dinner, and when everyone else woke up, they opened the rest of the presents.

    I don't remember what anyone got, but they look happy so it must've been good :lol:

    Most of the family came for dinner. Philomena was busy, but Blakely came, as well as River and his beautiful family :heart:

    I really need to have these two families do things together more often, they always seem so happy to see each other. (Also, I'm so glad this gen is still alive in my hurt so much seeing them pass in everyone else's games :cry:)

    Toddlers will be toddlers...I caught these two slipping away from the party to dance in the foyer :lol: All in all, it was an amazing Winterfest! (I would've had more pics, but sick me forgot to pause my game while I was distracted with other things, and it was already the next day in-game when I came back, sorry :grimace: )
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    @Kiwicantdie I love the shots of your town! They look so good. Aww how is it Jace doesn't look scary at all. He looks so sweet and friendly and when I see Pablita, I love her but I am terrified! Awww they do look adorable! Give them toys!!! I love Adahy's face as he's regarding that dirty little toddler :). OH NO! Is that a toddler bite? I've never had a child bite before haha! Eliane is super cute now. She looks so sweet. Seems her parents need some sweet. Look at her helping! Good girl!! Oh many toddlers! Hahaha worse than a zombie apocalypse! It is super cute!! I'm so happy things got better between Adahy and Pauline.

    @blondiebabe923 your cats are really cute. Eros and Nalani are a very cute couple. Awww so sad that Cameron died. I really love him. Oh popping the question! Oh no! I mean I know it had to happen but how sad. Glad Gretchen was there for him. Congrats on the baby. How strange that Nalani was the doctor! Colby is a little cutie.

    @Heckstress17 Update below was done tonight just for you <3

    Aww sweet Melody, I'm sure Chord will like her :) She did age up to a cute little girl! I love when they all play violin together. I was just looking at the picture of Lyric thinking, is she aging up to a demon? Then I saw your comment. hahaha. I can't wait to see what she looks like though! OH NO Klepto trait. I hate that one so much. I have to say I love the new dice roll thingy though! She's not bad, but your right. There's no chin. Awww poor Brooklyn! Oh my gosh Chord is so cute!! I don't know, maybe it's because I love her so much, or because you didn't show her lack of chin, but I still adore Cadence. I know what it's like to pin all your hopes on a child and then have them dashed. I haven't been super happy with any of my kids yet either and I'm sad because I love Brad and Aimee soooo much! I can't wait to see what Melody looks like! Chord really is a super cute kid. I agree...he could be the one!

    @EMSimmer30 Always love the Family tree pics :)

    @JordanNicoleJJ Oh no! Don't be sick now! I hope you feel better!! haha you're cracking me up with the potion dependency comment! I'm not sure how I feel about the alien child :) I can't wait to see how she ages. I still haven't used the scout thingy but at least I finally have a kiddy pool! Oh I love that Sev will open her own restaurant!! Oh my gosh! Cass is adorable in her disguise! I'm really happy to see Clover in your game too! You just made me remember I had meant to put her mine too and forgot! Aww I love Reed's surprise party. Sev is so good. Oh my gosh Reed! No don't be abducted again!!! I think my most abducted sim was Greysen. I love all your winterfest pics. I did not know they could decorate the cookies. That's super cool. Poor Leo! Why coal? So mean! Oh I'm glad Blakely could come to the party! I love the update :)
    Chapter 35: Life Changes

    Sean’s last living sibling died and everyone was very sad. I really liked Atticus. Remind me not to base things on eye color next time!

    I think Aimee pregnant in her belly shirt is adorable.

    Brad loves just sitting and watching his girls. Whatever they’re doing.

    They love hearing stories from Daddy!

    @Heckstress17 I literally read your comment about toddlers getting stuck and then my toddler got stuck.

    Mom needed a relax day, so the family went to the beach on the next island. Dad entertained the girls while she relaxed with her belly.

    Eventually he got his turn to play.

    Their day of fun must have been what they needed because it set things into action.

    They’re so happy about this.

    Later that night they had their new baby boy Emery home.

    That same day Grandpa Caleb called for Aimee to visit. She went in her johnny!

    She learned he had a new wife.

    Even though in game he doesn’t recognize Aimee as a family member anymore, the family tree still does!

    Once again, he wanted to give her eternal life. She said no.

    He asked again. He insisted.

    He must have known the news they were about to get. He’s tired of losing his family.

    Aimee rushed to her father’s house.

    “Dad, I’m going to be so worried about you. Please move to Sulani with us!”

    Happily, Sean agreed and moved down to the island with his daughter. Caleb and his new wife are keeping the house in Windenburg for them.

    Annoyingly, with Sean came one of his Stans.

    Aimee shooed her away immediately.

    Sean got right to work making himself useful. First off, Grandpa duty with Emery.

    Brad loves his little toddlers. Oh btw, that’s Henry to the bottom right. He was Nicolette’s cat and came with Sean.

    Sean has been comforting the cat who is lost without Nicolette.

    Brad got a promotion and his island buddies wanted to take him out. Dudes! Why would you take him to Strangeville?

    I guess this is fine.

    He did have a good time with his coworkers.

    The next day he received confirmation he’s doing well.

    Funny, there was no welcome wagon when Aimee and Brad moved in, but as soon as Sean moved in the neighbors were suddenly concerned.

    Sean wasn’t suspicious at all!

    One day, I just happened to notice a bunch of pacifiers in Aimee’s tray.

    Sure enough, she had some news to share that she’d been keeping from all of us.

    I’m super excited, so don’t ruin this Brad!

    Of course he didn’t.

    Then they told Sean who was just bemused.

    Brad celebrated by taking the jet ski out.

    Meanwhile poor little Emery was making a mess.

    You’d think with 3 adults in the house we could avoid this!

    Sean stepped up and took care of the issue.

    So it was sad, but to make room for the new children, they closed in the porch on the second floor.

    Yes, this is another spoiler…

    Aimee has invited Sean to use her tower room so he can continue writing. Henry is always close to Sean.

    Time flies when you’re having fun! It was the girls’ birthday. None of the family showed up to the party. :(

    Brad got the job of taking the girls to their cake. Poor Aimee is super tired.

    Drew is on the left and Chloe is on the right.

    The stan came back and Brad tried to talk to her about conservation. She left.

    Finally it was time to welcome the new nooboo to the family.
    Welcome Baby Flynn.

    I’m pretty in love with Brad and Aimee. I hope their kids live up to it!
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    (Nevermind my 9123812362314 hearts, I gotta shower u all with love lol)

    @Heckstress17 as if I could be scared off by any pic spam! I'm here for it :tongue: as a matter of fact, I'm on your same boat every time I have to update and skim through dozens of pointless pics. I swear I always post like 1/5 of what I capture in game. You can summon me any time you want, I have much more free time now :blush: and I hope you're not done with my hordes of toddlers 'cause there's more of that coming >:)
    Look at Melody <3 she's beyond adorable! You know I have a soft spot for Cadence, but I do agree that she looks like the cutest at the moment. I'm always loling at the pics of sims playing the violin... as a violin player myself, I relate way too much :joy: I can only imagine the noise that amateur players make in that house. YAY FOR THE TEEN YEARS <3 Lyric does have a really small jaw but she's still beautiful??? Girl, get your self-esteem up 'cause you're stunning. (Also, things always look bad during the teen years for sims since genetics naturally squash their faces to make them look smaller, I think she'll grow up into a gorgeous adult.) Chord is the chosen one, I can already feel it :joy: also, I might be wrong here but... he looks like he's the only one that totally got mama Brook's jaw genes? :joy: isn't that another point in his favor lol? I love how teen Cadence turned out! I know you're not super thrilled, but I am >:) the girls look adorable together as teens, having their hormonal mental breakdowns #reletable. Aaaaw I can't believe that Chord aged up already! He's sooo cute <3 I was so happy he met Orion at the park, I hope they'll become bff soon! Btw you're not the only one, I'm 100% rooting for him as heir at this point even if I don't know how he's going to age up :joy:

    @EMSimmer30 thanks for posting the family tree! <3 I love it <3 I always love seeing how generations pass in game, it gives me a weird sense of fulfillment:joy: your tree is growing bigger and bigger, I'm sure it won't stay in one pic alone for long.

    @JordanNicoleJJ I'm so glad you updated! <3 lol I'm going to say it every time you come back in the forum. I'm sorry you've not been feeling good, I hope whatever it is it goes away soon. My health plummeted too as soon as I finished my finals, but I was lucky to get back on my feet in a few days. So get better <3 I'm sending good vibes your way <3
    Aaaaaw your big family! I stole it already from the gallery and put in my game but I'm afraid that at this rate they'll grow up and die before you're able to post here :bawling: Lol I totally feel the potion dependency. You gotta do what you have to do! Andy and Cass' bond is so adorable, I love it <3 also kudos to you for loving this adorable little alien toddler even if she has the clingy trait :joy: Leo is still my secret fave, tho, even if he's a tiny clone of his mother. I love Cass' disguise, btw, she totally looks like she could be Sev's genetic child too. Ahw my heart Clover is still alive over there :bawling: get Oliver out of Strangerville now before he starts working for the Mother :joy: also, Oliver, leave the poor alien alone before she calls reinforcements and you get abducted outta there :joy: aaaaaah I wasn't expecting Sev and Reed's birthday! I mean, I knew they were coming sooner than later, but somehow I still wasn't prepared. I love Reed's makeover :flushed: he just never stops being hot. I can't even blame the aliens trying to get him a second time, really. I've been playing for years and you still managed to teach me something new lol what the hell??? Now I gotta go decorate cookies in my game too! Yay for Winterfest! <3 I'm- I think I'll never stop laughing at your Santa :joy: that's just- oh gosh, I can't believe it. Well, kudos to emo-Santa for giving a present to Cass and make my heart melt for all the cuteness. I'm so glad that River and Livvy are still alive in your save <3 I'm not ready to see them go any time soon.

    @debjameswhite Jace's an actual gentleman in my game, while Pablita's Satan 2.0 :joy: yup my toddlers are biting left and right whenever they're feeling grumpy and I can't do anything about it. It always happens autonomously too, so I never catch the moment in camera but the bite mark itself.
    I'm so glad you posted! <3 I wasn't as glad to see your update begin with Atticus' death, tho. Seeing Brad in full dad!mode makes me feel a little better, even if I hate seeing sims dying like this. He's so precious when he takes care of his daughters. Also, totally random, but now I'm so used to seeing them in Sulani I think it will be hard watching them go back home (?) in the future (???). Congrats for the baby boy! And congrats to Grandpa Caleb for finding love again :joy: aaaww look at your big family tree <3 I love it <3 --- why the sudden death notifications??? :cry: this is so sad. Thank god Sean moved in with them before he passed away via notification. Lol of course he brought his stans along too! I hope Aimee manages to teach them a lesson about privacy! I'm so happy that the island is improving with Brad's care, I still have to play with that feature and I can't wait to see how it turns out in the end! Lol all them neighbors being really concerned about superstar Sean :joy: Aaaaw Aimee is pregnant again! Look at how gorgeous the twins are! :flushed: They look almost identical except for the eyes?? Another boy is here! The red gene is strong in this gen and I'm loving it!
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie | Family Tree
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    I'm back for another update <3

    Guess who's about to age up in game? >:) my precious little devils.
    Honestly, I don't even know how I managed to survive this. It's been seven days of hell, in game, but you helped me so much with your tips <3
    The nuggets will soon be no more.


    As you can see, I've left the last update in the middle of winter. For being one that loves seasons to the moon and beyond, I gotta say that this time around I was really stressed about snow and the cold weather. That's probably because of Island Living release, but oh well. For a few days, before buying the pack, I imagined that the snow was actual sand.


    When the sun was shining, I sent the Ghidorah out to play with it.


    But they weren't exactly in love with it like Eliane. They've always been more concerned interacting with one another rather than playing with the surroundings.


    Irine brought her squishy butterfly everywhere :joy: -- she was more interested in it than the snow itself.


    Selene lived her last toddler days more and more independently.


    Who cares about snow when you have the best toddler playground ever? Lol.
    This pic actually gives me anxiety. As a babysitter, I can barely stand watching Selene on top of the slide. Grab that child before she falls down and cracks her head open for god's sake!


    Happy birthday, Queen Ghidorah. The worst is finally over.
    As usual, every party in this household is a dance party :joy: mom & dad invited every cousin for the occasion, and they had already aged up.



    Dance! :joy: (you can tell that they're Adahy's "party animal" daughters, in a way.)


    This adorable cutie is Rebeka (? I don't remember the spelling #fail), Oliver's last born.
    She turned out to be another gorgeous mix of Oliver and Liliana.


    Irene had to give her all the love, of course.


    Speaking about Oliver and Liliana, now they're both elders. So, thankfully, no more babies.


    If I have to be honest, I actually rushed to age them up like 5 minutes into the party 'cause I couldn't wait anymore :joy: I waited for Ad to come back home from work and immediately sent him to age up the girls. No more toddlers! YAY!




    Here they are, in all their glory.

    Irene, the bookworm (with the social butterfly aspiration)


    Aurora, the self-assured (with the artistic prodigy aspiration)


    And Selene, the dog-lover <3 (& the whiz kid aspiration)


    As you can tell, Selene's the only one to get Pauline's face shape, so I have a pretty good idea of how she's going to look. I can't really tell what the blondies are going to look like as adults tbh. I haven't peeked yet :tongue: well, they'll be identical, but who knows how their faces are going to transform. I'm scared :joy:

    As soon as the party ended, they immediately started doing their homework like the good girls they've never been before >:) gotta get them A.


    One day till Winterfest, and the snow still hadn't stopped falling.
    At this point in time I was truly winter-exhausted :tongue: can't it be spring already???


    So you know what? The girls have grown up, it's time to peek and see how Sulani's doin' at this time of the year.


    Pretty horribly, if you ask me. The day I sent them there it was cold and cloudy. The girls were freezing in their summer clothes. I couldn't have chosen a worse day to visit the beach, really.


    The girls didn't even try to test the water at first. They decided to build sand castles instead.


    Or swing a little.


    Pauline was the one that couldn't be bothered about the weather. She rushed in the sea as soon as she saw it. Too bad she couldn't even get a tan with that plum clouds.


    What the heck is this supposed to be???? :joy:


    Finally, the girls decided they couldn't care anymore and went for a swim too.


    RIP PAULINE 2019-2019 :joy:


    Ad took care of the food while the rest of the family went for a swim and couldn't be bothered to look if his wife was drowning or not :joy:


    The weather was the worst, but Sulani still managed to make me fall in love.



    ... well, until...



    Of course it had to rain too *eyeroll forever*
    I guess I won't be back till spring or summer.


    The family rushed home, but... they forgot that Willow Creek was covered in snow???? :joy:
    Ok then. Freez to death. Go on.


    Not even one of them changed in their cold weather clothes till I manually forced them.
    I think they would have rather stayed at the beach, drenched in the rain, than go back home to the usual winter :joy:


    A snowball fight was sort of a must, at this point.


    Combo throw!


    Selene got hit so hard in the face with snow that she merged with the grass :tongue:


    And finally, Winterfest! <3
    The girls gathered around the tree that Pauline and Ad placed in the living room during the night to turn on the lights together.



    Most importantly, a mountain of presents!


    I don't remember what they got (silly me), but they were all tiny/cute toys.





    Guess who came for Winterfest? @Heckstress17 :tongue:


    Well, Ad invited Pablita over, so of course Jace had to come too xD


    Pablita decided to go straight to Cody's grave instead of coming through the front door :cry:
    I'm sure that if she could have given immortality to the little dog, she would have.


    I also found Christine bartending outside, and... she's pregnant??? Even if Curtis is an elder now???



    It was one of the usual parties, but special in a sense since I know that many of them won't reach summer :cry:
    The new gen is growing up so fast.


    Speaking about elders, Pablita spent a lot of time chatting with Oliver and enjoying every minute of it.
    She knows that he doesn't want the eternal life, so she's making the best of the little time remaining.


    Once everybody else got home, the girls went outside to wait for Santa with the llama game.


    They played till late, but they all ended up going to bed 'cause they were way too tired.


    Of course as soon as the last one of them got under the covers, Santa arrived *one more eyeroll*


    But the best Winterfest gift was yet to come.
    As soon as Santa left, Cody came back to say hi.




    I miss him.

    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie | Family Tree
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