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Late Night Bugs - Compiled List in first two posts


  • CinderellimouseCinderellimouse Posts: 19,380 Member
    edited August 2012
    Hi all!

    I'm sorry if this has been mentioned, I did a search and nothing really showed up.

    I have just completed the mixology challenge 'professor of drinks' where you learn 42 drinks from around town and a message popped up saying I could now make 3 special custom drinks, however there are no new drinks listed on the bar interactions. Where are they? Is this a bug?

    I do not use mods and all my cc is official EA stuff. I have created many custom drinks and my sims mixology level is full. I am playing in Bridgeport.

    (Also: I cannot order omniplants using the mailbox, the interaction cancels itself; and my inventor doesn't get the option to make a simbot, even though he has the special item from the science facility)

    Any ideas? Thanks.
  • CinderellimouseCinderellimouse Posts: 19,380 Member
    edited August 2012
    Oh! And I wish mixology was a profession so it could be my sims offical job. She ended up becoming a nectar maker.

  • Nickname_FailureNickname_Failure Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    These are my game breaking bugs and since Error 12 is already mentioned and has been here for atleast 2 years i have to say it mildly that EA doesn't care to fix this bug. Even though they say that their game is fully 32-bit supported (and 64-bit seems to solve it for some) which is rubbish. Playing without mods doesn't change anything, actually worsens depending on the mod.

    1. Sims, usually those who are not in the active household will after a while not get their skin loaded so they look like a character from Half life (the first game) plastic like. The sim which would normally be fat isn't. The details are very bad and this usually also leads to error 12 or the next bug i am going to mention.

    2. Trying to save a game or going out of CAS makes my game stuck in the saving/loading screen. This is usually after the bug above which has been here for over 2 years as well like error 12, if not more. The game itself runs and i can easily Alt+tab to get out, but its stuck forever.

    If the creator of this thread want me to i can take a picture of it to actually prove my point.

    I have updated my graphics card before playing and have more than enough to fulfill the minimum requirements to play the game. The game needs a fix when it comes to memory allocation.

    Srsly EA.... Srsly.
  • JoJosiothJoJosioth Posts: 8
    edited November 2012
    Eep, seems the digital aquarium doesn't play nice with Supernatural fish. The Fairy Damsel appears as rainbow trouts and luminous salamander as a frog.


    I tried clearing my cache and completely replacing the digital aquarium but it had no effect.
  • da13371amada13371ama Posts: 78 Member
    edited February 2013
    Gnjburgess wrote:
    decoyboy wrote:
    just got the problem where sims get stuck on club lots. mine were stuck on plasma 501. i tried removing it and re-adding it, and also just removing it. they are all still stuck. so annoying.

    Im having the same problem also at Plasma 501, but not as bad. EA still hasn't fixed it, and it just makes me so mad.

    EDIT: Replacing the lot fixes the problem. But it brings up another problem. Plasma 501 is on a 40x55 lot....they don't have those....

    i'm having this problem too, but in Aquarius. Waylon's Haunt's bartender was going in and out of the bar, so i decided to follow her to see where she was going...then... :shock:


    no wonder Waylon's Haunt was empty.

    Elevator were working fine, my sim made it up to the club including some other sims, the rest on the ground floor just stood around not tending to their needs.
    tried resetsim * but all the sims just drove back and wouldn't go home.

    deleted the building and resetsim * and they still drove back
    some stayed some when home then later came back. :?:
  • DebbidooDebbidoo Posts: 1,555 New Member
    edited March 2013
    Stuck in nightclubs. Mine used to congregate at the elevators and never actually go in them. There were wet pants and a few starvations. I was patient. I was curious to see how bad it would get. :) Did you know that NPC vampires tended to die easily?
  • lucy109lucy109 Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    My town keeps going to the park, but it's kind of weird because they're not dying, even the vampires. They're wetting themselves and passing out but not dying. Well I don't think so anyway. Resetting sort of helps, as after they seem to have more control over themselves, but they still go back to the park.
  • lilnycgurl92lilnycgurl92 Posts: 5
    edited June 2013
    Ever since I updated the newest patch, my sim can't self employ themselves into a band. How do I fix that?
  • gigi21480gigi21480 Posts: 98 New Member
    edited June 2013
    Not sure if this was ever mentioned, but when my sim has a wish to visit x hotspots (visit 5 hotspots or 10 or whatever), even if I hit that number, the wish doesn't fulfill. It just stays as promised until I un-promise it.
  • lilnycgurl92lilnycgurl92 Posts: 5
    edited July 2013
    i cant self-register a band anymore ever since i updated my patch, any idea on how to fix that?
  • Snowdog2000Snowdog2000 Posts: 15 New Member
    edited July 2013
    There is a bug which makes it purely IMPOSSIBLE to advance past Level 1 in the Film Career. And a bug which makes childrens legs stretch in family photos if they are wearing the sailors outfit from Generations. And the Error 12 still hasn't been fixed.
  • bernahanbernahan Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    NPCs of the LN don't wear job uniform. Mixologist, bouncer and pianist work in their everyday outfit. All the NPCs of base game (and the other exp. packs) wear job uniforms but these have the problem. Previously I didn't have any problem about this, it's happened recently. I think after the newest patch
    (I have no mods, just a few cc)
  • Shadowolf95Shadowolf95 Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    My sim orders drinks and it never appears in their hand. instead, they just hold an invisible glass everywhere until i tell them to sleep.

    The first time it was fine. they had a glass and got into a hot tub. then ever since, they can't hold another.
  • ChillyWigglesChillyWiggles Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Not sure if this has been posted or not yet cause I couldn't find it amongst the list.

    My Sims won't go to work and I've tried the changing into work clothes before hand. It did work for a bit but now one of my Sims still won't go to work even after changing into her work clothes.

    So I went to the dresser and thought maybe plan outfit and changing her work clothes would work but now it's turned into another problem. Now when I click plan outfit it goes to create household and just freezes the entire game on the loading create a household screen.

    Also I'm having issues with the slide bar on build/buy mode. Every now and then it just starts freaking out and quickly going up and down in its own.
  • darkrogue671darkrogue671 Posts: 13
    edited October 2013
    There are soooooo many posts... The issues that I did not see are mainly around the Criminal career path.

    1. When your shift starts @ 12AM (starting @ Level 7, I think) the carpool arriving in an hour notification appears, but the carpool never shows up.

    2. My sims ends the work shift early (the time varies - sometimes it's over an hour, other times it's mere minutes) making it very difficult to advance from the "missing work" penalty. This happens the same time as #1 when the carpool never shows up.

    3. My sims get "caught" by police more than they should. They more than meet the criteria (I've tried it both ways - under/at skilled or overly skilled) and have an "elated" mood. It seems to be triggered somewhere between the 1-5 lvl of the criminal career, and almost always happens after I do the opportunity to drop off a package to the World Adventure worlds. The next day I go to work, I promptly get arrested everyday afterwards and it won't stop. I haven't accepted that opportunity since I noticed it, but once it is offered and I decline the opportunity, my arrest chances seem to increase drastically. Very frustrating.

    4. Some of the criminal career uniforms (particularly lvl 7 & lvl 8 uniforms) do not load properly or at all. I've been privy to seeing barbie and ken doll sims who got out of the shower (totally nude, no blur boxes, no details) because of this issue. If there were details I may not have been bothered by this "problem" at all! :wink:

    5. I may have missed this but I didn't see this one. I've notice a bug that when the carpool arrives, whatever I am using (shower, TV, toilet) that can break has a drastic increase of the item breaking. I always have to question if I'm the only one having this problem and I didn't see it on the list... just wondering if I am NOT the only having that problem.

    Question - when you reach lvl 4 in celeb status you get the limo as a mode of transport. Why can't a limo be added to the sim's inventory? It would alleviate the navigation issue with the limo/subway transfers which is frustrating to say the least and could be used like a normal vehicle. The only thing different that would need to be made is a lock placed on it so the limo can't be placed on a lot, gifted, or sold. Want to keep it out of the inventory? Simple, make it a service that the sim can call and temporarily have it in inventory until you go home then it's gone. I think taxis and limos should be called for like in the older versions.
  • eggplantavengereggplantavenger Posts: 2
    edited November 2013
    I noticed that on your main post for glitches that you didn't have anything updated for LN Sims not going to work. I've been playing around with it because I'm running into that bug a lot. Especially with my female sim Actress. I do not have any mods and I do not have CC on my computer. I probably have the patch but I'm not 100% sure. I've looked and I can't seems to find it. It may be something to do with the fact I have a Mac and I use a portable drive to run my sims 3. I do this because Sims doesn't run on my computer. I get an error screen whenever I try to play it on my main computer.

    I do usually use testingcheatsenabled true and make their feeling static. Just so I can make them both work happily without any issues. (and well play bc I have the issue where all I'm doing is running after them to make sure their happy all the time and no matter what I do I have to have them pee and eat twice just so their need bars change.}

    My male musician had that issue only once. He was;
    1. On a date
    2. Just got Woohoo on a saturday morning.
    While he was having Woohoo the carpool wouldn't honk the horn to let him know it was time to leave and only honked twice before leaving. Another time I tried to have the ******* stop (it didn't work the sims had it even tho i tried to stop it) and he made the car after asking to leave the date and just ended up standing in front of his work after being dropped off. So I tried again, reset them after I tried to have them stop Woohoo (and failed) they ended up reappearing beside the bed. The both of them and I ended the date and he went to work with no problems.

    My Female Sim has had many issues with not going to work.

    If she's reading a book, having woohoo, or playing piano on the movie lot she will not go to work in the beginning of it. I can't try the fix where someone said to relocate the lot because the movie lot is one of the biggest in the area.

    If I have her play the piano in the park instead (and do not have her teleport to work) she'll run off towards work without problems. Least in the beginning.

    If I have her read a book to up a skill or have her work on a skill like cooking or writing she'll just stand there even when I cancel the action. I've fixed this by resetting the sim. But the bug seems to adapt to this and I'll get to that later.

    If I make a new career outfit I'll have the problem where her career outfits (both of them) will vanish from her outfits. I haven't found a fix for this. I've just gone back to the last save point and stop myself from trying to get her a new outfit. Which semi bugs me considering I really dislike the default career outfits both of them have. He has no issues with it. However I did make a new formal wear for her at the same time because I'm planning on them getting married soon and wanted her to have a new outfit. It seemed that one stayed while the others vanished. I haven't tried to just make both outfits at separate times yet, figured I'd try that on saturday when he's the only one needing to go to work because I don't wanna put too much aggravation into it.

    Resetting the sim no longer works. She'll just stand there unmoving while he runs off to his carpool car to get to work. She's at a higher level. He hasn't made it to the point where he's a rock star yet and she's already an actress. Maybe that has something to do with it?

    So I tried something different. I still had testingcheatsenabled true working but I didn't make their needs static. She still didn't react to the carpool at all. Even when I cancel out of it have her teleport to the sidewalk and click on the car. I have found that I can teleport her near her work and make her go to work without her needs static. The only problem with this is that she'll end up going to work late. However it will not eject her from work once she's in there and I can make them happy and their need static while they're at work.

    The problem I can't seem to get around is that even when I have their needs static they seem to not go to the strongest 'mood' portion of their job. granted they're both still pretty high on it. it's the second highest but I find it strange that they're all happy but will not be at the highest level. I have tried to get extra bonuses for when they walk into work. Have them eat something so they're stuffed, brush their teeth, Listen to music. All bonuses don't matter and they're still at the second happiest level. However if they just had Woohoo the male will be extremely happy at work while the woman will not (even when she's the one that initiated it). And this issue happens even when they're at the highest level of Job requirements for promotion everywhere else.
  • cKayD19cKayD19 Posts: 3
    edited December 2013
    So, I was trying to take out all my CC but wanted to play. I selected "run without CC" and it was working alright, but now I keep getting this "Exception raised unhandgled page fault on write access to 0x7dadfff0 at address 0x1022bb92" any time I try to open the launch window. I got that error on my CC installed content page a lot, which is why I was trying to remove it. Now that the launcher won't open, how do I remove my CC?
  • ceeceefluffymaryceeceefluffymary Posts: 4 New Member
    edited January 2014
    :cry: im asking a question I have a sims family and I have 2 kids and the mom is preggers and I want to change her into a teen and whenever I do if I change her looks or redo her room sims 3 keeps crashing and its happened 3 times already :x
  • ceeceefluffymaryceeceefluffymary Posts: 4 New Member
    edited January 2014
    and I meant the child into a teen
  • EricallyErically Posts: 75 New Member
    edited January 2014
    There are no celebs anymore -.-
  • Purrrkitty4Purrrkitty4 Posts: 1
    edited January 2014
    Hi! Im having some trouble with my sim. Im currently playing in Bridge Port in a small apartment. Everytime I tell my sim to get some food from the fridge, instead she takes the elevator downstairs and that bubble with the footsteps and a red line appears.
    PLEASE PLEASE!!! someone help!

    i tried reseting my sims and it doesnt work!!!
  • tamatctamatc Posts: 2
    edited February 2014
    i cant self-register a band anymore ever since i updated my patch, any idea on how to fix that?

    I'm having the same problem!!!
  • OpenOtakuOpenOtaku Posts: 1
    edited March 2014
    Um hi. I've been having problems trying to download Sims 3 late night, and I'd like to know if anyone could help me.
    Anyways: I've installed and uninstalled Late night on a vicious repeat because every time I click on the launcher for late night it says :"There was an Error starting sims 3 launcher" and I've tried going around it, and it seems that each time I do, it loads the last expansion pack I downloaded, and none of the new content shows up either. And even when I try to upload another launcher it says that the disk to my other game is missing, and does not say ANYTHING about Late night. It says "University CD missing" So what should I do?! I have no clue but I really want to play the game. Please!
  • JCayce5698JCayce5698 Posts: 7
    edited May 2014
    For some reason my skills are improving VERY slowly, I've read that this expansion might be a cause to that. It took almost four days to go from 6 to 7 Martial arts...with the fast learner lifetime reward...

    Is there a confirmed fix to this? Please help!
  • tauradeetauradee Posts: 3
    edited July 2014
    Can I build night clubs in the university life game
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