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Late Night Bugs - Compiled List in first two posts

This post is not maintained by me anymore.

Generations bug there is here:

Pets bug thread is here: Pets Bug Thread - Please post your issues here

Important Update Nov 30:
The new patch is out but don't get your hopes up just yet.

Before patching please take a moment to read these threads:
New Game Launcher Patch is Available *Please Read*
Late Night Prepartion Tips & Tricks (this one goes for the patch as well)

If you experiencing a new but and you are patched to 1.18/2.13/3.9/4.6/5.4/6.1, please post here: Late Night Bugs - List of problems and fixed problems after patch 1.18/2.13/3.9/4.6/5.4/6.1

I will need everyone to test on a CLEAN game. Old saves that are messed up, probably stay messed up.

Read the first post of this thread for instruction on how to get a clean game without reinstalling:

Please report your issues (or fixed issues in the thread linked above). If you do not intend to patch just yet and have issues not reported, please report them here.

Reporting Issues

Please read the first two posts before posting anything.

Remove your mods and check without (YES! ALL OF THEM) before posting anything

There have been lots of reports and there are lots of issues that have been addressed. If your bug has been mentioned, ONLY post if you have new info to add. There are a few bigger bugs that lots of people have. I have either started a new thread for those or found an existing one and linked that one. Please post in those threads. If you have links to any of the other problems, please provide them.

I will try to put as much info in this two posts as possible. I'm also always on the hunt for solutions that do work. I'm not going to list every single suggestion that was made in this thread but I've gotten pretty good at keeping things people say in mind. If I read something similar somewhere else, that just might lead to a working solution that I will post.

I thank those people out there who actually find and post solutions and apologize for not giving credit to most of you. By the time the fix reaches me, it's not possible to know, who came up with it in the first place. You're awesome.

Little side note: I won't be answering post anymore. I will keep reading and update those first two posts for you and answer completely new problems (but not the ones that are addressed here).

When stating your bug, please include the following information:
- What OS are you on (there are some issues that seem Mac-Specific)
- Do you use any mods or cc (if you download from the exchange, then you have cc)
- If you don't have any mods, state if you never had any or if you took them out.
- If you have any mods by Twallan, they have been updated (yes, MasterController too). If you have the newest versions and run into bugs, you might want to check his threads. Just because they are updated does not mean, they are free of errors. Take out the mods to check if it's not the mod that is at fault. Be careful, some of them have to be taken out in a certain way. Check the threads for more info.
- Post some basic info like RAM, CPU and Graphic Card. Not interested in any DxDIAG. Do not know how to read them.
- Please do not just link other threads. I don't have the time to read trough tons of posts. State the problem in a few short words and maybe add the link as extra info.
- When answering a question of mine, please quote your original problem and maybe my question.

For older bugs also refer to this post: TS3 + EPs & SPs - Known Glitches & Causes

I am recommending a few mods in this threads. I'm not going to link them on this first page though. Use google to find them or ask in the thread.

Preparation Tips & Tricks

Late Night Prepartion Tips & Tricks

Reinstalling your game

Reinstalling your game should be your last resort. Try removing your user folder in documents folder first. You can just rename it to TheSims_Backup. The folder will be recreated at the next startup with only the necessary folders (some are created when first used). If that does not help and you really have to reinstall, follow these instruction, not skipping a step: Game Help:TS3 Uninstall

Technical Issues

These issues belong in the technical section. There are lots of threads about that there and people who can help better than me. You should report your DxDIAG there.

Crash Troubles
- DEP Problems
- There is a problem with some AMB lots that crash the game, namely the fire station. What the game does when creating a new neighborhood is look in your library if there are appropriate lots. If so, it just puts them on a lot and does not seem to check any restrictions in size or if they have access to a road. This makes your game crash. Remove ALL your lots from the library prior to starting a new game and add them later. To do so, just remove the folder library from your documents folder. If your game still crashes, remove all AMB lots and build them manually.

- Clicking on the Sub Way Station
- Using Stage Tool
- Custom Content, Corrupt Savegames --> Rename your folder in Documents to TheSims3_Backup. A new one will be created on startup. Then try finding the culprit by adding back one folder after the other

Cannot Save - Getting Error 12, 13, 16
12 & 13 are out of RAM Errors. Either get more RAM or a 64-Bit System. LAA has been done for those by standard by EA: BUT, when you patch, only the base game and the last EP get updated, so LAA is only done for those two. Manually patch the rest to have LAA for all.
16 is a savegame corruption. Use Save as (and the different name) instead.

The Sims3 Laucher has stopped working --> EA is looking into this problem.
Do DEP for the Launcher as well. See above.

Issues with Launcher, EADM and Downloading
Please read this thread and if you need further help, post there.

Launcher, EADM and Downloading

Right click the icon on the desktop. At the bottom it should have Properties. Click that. Then click on the tab that says compatibility. Click that Tab. It has a box that shoudl read compatibility mode. In that box it should have Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Use Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Another possibility is to run the launcher as Administrator. That fixed the problem for me.

There has been a EADM update that is suppose to fix the issue: "Game Launcher not Responding & Stopped Working"

Lagging & Freezing Issues

There seems a lot of lagging going on since LN. While you're computer could be at fault for this if you have a lower end machine, also people with high end machines seem to experience this issue. Sometimes it helps to defrag your computer, make sure all your drivers are uptodate and clean your registry with CCleaner or some other tool. It really can make a difference.

Game Lag / Stuttery Animation --> EA is looking into this problem
One possible reason for freezing/lagging is, if a Sim or a Car is stuck somewhere. You can either search your neighborhood to find them, enter every single household to find them or get Twallan’s MasterController and reset them all in one go. To delete cars that stand around on streets, use testingcheatsenabled true, then shift-click on the car and do Object-Delete

For people with the lags and game freezing (not Sims freezing), please contribute here:
[Common]Data collection and analysis: Intermittent Freezes and Lags

Cars in the City and Inventory
Since LN EA seem to have overdone the car thing. There are tons of cars in public lots and in Sims inventories. Also there seem a lot of taxis crusing the town. There are two mods that can help you with those issues: Twallan's Overwatch Mod does a clean up on those everynight. blugenjutsus Taxis Overhaul Mod over at CrazyTown can help reduce the number of taxis in your town.

The main problem with the cars seems to be that temporary cars don't get cleaned-up. According to twallan this is a very old problem (actually his very first mod took care of that problem) and was fixed at one point, now it seems back. Hopefully it can be fixed again.

Crowd gatherings in front of buildings
Some lots seem to draw Sims and they can't be get rid of. If you reset them, they just come back. Crowds seem to seriously lag the game. For some it helps to delete the rabbit hole itself and place a new one.
--> Twallan's Overwatch mod now has a fix in place for this issue

Instruments in Inventory
Like cars, instruments seem to spawn in inventories. It's unclear if Sims just take them from lots of if there is another issue around.
There are tons of threads on this issue around.

Game freezes at a certain time, nothing can be done
This is a bug that has been around for a while. I have no solution. There seems to have been a connection to alarm clocks and the self-employed careers. This might be fixed

Time freezes at a certain time. Sims go on about their business.
I have not enough info about this bug at the moment. Please post in the above thread.

Interactions take forever
I have not enough info about this bug at the moment. Please post in the above thread.

Sim resetting/ teleporting somewhere else
While doing certain actions, sims seem to get reset. They either get teleported out of buildings or just have actions fall from their queue. There have been many different, yet similar reports on this problem. It seems to happen more for the new multi-rabbitholes but it also happens on or community lots or even at home.

One problem seems to be that seems tend to freak out a lot. Fire, Birthdays, Birht, Celebs, Vampires, Ghost and more are all reasons that the drop whatever they are doing. Since those occasions are getting more frequent (especially since Vampirism and Celeb Status seems to spread like a disease), that could be one reason for sim crowds and queue dropping.

(queue dropping and resetting can also be caused by mods, depending on the XML file that was altered).

Sims freeze and get stuck a lot
This seems to get worse with LN. They get stuck in bed (especially Vampires) and resetsim firstname lastname (name of your sim) only helps temporarily. I do not know how to fix this but I believe it to be the first step towards invisibility and missing UIs (see below). I believe, if you see behavior like that, it's a sign of serious savegame and sims corruption. I have no idea, how you can solve it, but I recommend using mods like StoryProgression (you don't have to turn it on for the bug fixes to work), Overwatch and MasterController to avoid this (it's no garantue, but twallan has a lot of checks in place).
- Sims keep gettting stuck in bed
- Sims are all stuck in front of certain buildings and cannot be somewhere else
- Questions for the people with the "large group"/stuck sims glitch

Invisible Sims
This Bug has been around since WA. It seems to get worse with every patch. First they would only get invisible when coming back from vacation, then it started to spread through the whole neighborhood. trupsmooth has posted some very interesting observations about this in this thread: Late Night - glitches. It seems that if you enter edit town or save the game if a sim is frozen, he will get invisible. If you save now, you will get a missing UI error (there are other actions that can break the UI like removing a scripting mod in the wrong manner). Twallan has two mods that can help you with those. The DebugEnabler has an option to bring back invisible sims while the errorTrap should repair some errors that cause the UI error. I have not have this problem and did not use either actions. If you have problems with those, please ask Twallan himself. He is one of the most patient and friendly persons, I have ever met on the Internet.

Please answer these questions at MTS and read their workaround (yes, I'm sorry but they do involve mods): [Common] Missing Sims and/or User Interface]

Problems with Multirabbitholes
Quite a few problems people are seeing seem to be connected to the new Multirabbitholes. They seem to be faulty, causing quite a few problems:
- Sims not able to go to work
- Sims not able to complete opportunities
- Sims not able to get rewards
- Mass crowd of Sims in front of lots (this might also be connected to stars and vampires that make Sims freak out all the time, want autographs/pics or have to puke).

The simplest solution ATM would be to tear down the Multirabbitholes and use the ones the Rabbitholes from Sunset Valley instead. You might need to start a new game or at least drop all opportunities.

Lots set to No visitors allowed
Quite a few community lots are set to no visitors allowed. The same is true for the lots in Sunset Valley so I really don't know if this is an issue or not. The setting is supposed to deal with autonomous drawing of Sims to lots but strangely, changing theses to visitors allowed has helped people with numerous problems. I'm uncertain as to why this is but it's is worth a shot.

To change, go to Edit Town and change the type of the lot to community - visitors allowed. This will trigger a few messages but I think it's save to ignore them. Let me know if it helps with any more problems concerning lots.

So far it helped with:
- Sims not being able to go to work.
- Sims getting thrown out of the stadium when reloading the game
- Sims not being able to win games in athletic track.

Credit for this goes to ruthybell from the German forum

Empty club
An empty club is a symptom of a bug, not a bug itself. There are several factors to this (see below).

Things you can try
--> Replace the club
--> Get rid of the ropes.
--> Hot spots have generally more people.
--> Search for crowds of sims in your town. If so, reset that lot by going into edit Town and then build/buy mode for that lot. They might be coming back to the lot, so try to replace it if they do. If it's a multirabbithole, consider getting rid of it altogether and get the rabbit holes for Sunset Valley.
--> Read this on how to check how good your Computer is and how to trick your game into more visitors although it's ❤️❤️❤️❤️: How to Fool Your Game Into Giving You Full Clubs

My own experience on this
There are several factors, one being your computer. For me, the dive clubs are always pretty full, the others are not. I have lots of people come to a club and then can't get in because of the bouncer/ropes and just leave again. Depending what time your sims comes, it might seem as if no one is coming.
Normally, when you are going to a community lot, other idle sims are pushed to go there too. If all sim are stuck somewhere, they can't of course, so that might be another reason for empty clubs.

Threads about this
- Clubs are empty
- So the empty clubs isnt a glitch?

Known Issues and Solutions
These are issues with solutions or workarounds. If those don't work for you, please post

Cause by Mods
The Sliders don't appear in my game, I can't switch the gender of my sim anymore
This is due to the following mod: UI Mod--CAS Basics--See Your Non-Default Skintones
Remove the mod, delete your Cache files and restart your game. The sliders will be back.

My Sim can't play in a band or use any of the new instruments.
Some Mod that changes something with the skills of your sims --> Remove

My Sim can't make drinks at the bar at home
Some Mod --> Remove

My Sim does not turn into a vampire
Some Mod --> Remove. It could take a while though until the Sim is fully turned.

Thought and talking bubbles are huge and empty, +/- signs are huge, No effects from the new effect machine, no fish in the digital Aquarium, fire not visible, build sparkles don't go away
NoMosaicAMB mod. Mod has been updated. Get the new one at MTS. This Mod can cause other issues, especially missing or strange effects.

No Books in the book store
Any Mod that changes anything with books. Remove and delete your cache files. If you have empty bookshelves, you will need to replace them. There are no skill books in the Twinbrooke library, which is actually part of a architectural job. I don't know if it's the same for Bridgeport. Just buy a new bookshelf with skill books

My sims have no social interactions
Any mod that changes the social behavior of your sim. If you have that problem for just one sim, it might be an actual bug (s. 2nd post)

Bug Workarounds
Walls don’t connect properly/ thin walls
Build a door or a window into the wall and it should reappear.

--> SimGuruLily: Can everyone seeing it please update your graphics drivers and post your DxDiags

Sim got stuck at the bar because he couldn't leave before it closed
Resetting your sim with the cheat resetsim firstname lastname (name of the sim) should transport them back to their home lot. Do that for every stuck sim. You could also go in Edit Town and use buy/build for that lot. All Sims will be reset automatically.

--> SimGuruLily: Does this only happen at bars with velvet ropes? Were the Sims doing a certain interaction when the bar closed? They should be pushed to leave at closing time, so we’ll need some more details on this.
--> Sim was woohooing in hot tub when the club closed. They finished and were then trapped.

I can't place the lots
You will need to change the lot type so that they fit the building you want to put on it. Make sure the symbol of a lot is that of any empty lot and not a empty house. If it’s a empty house, bulldoze it first.

Can not place lot on unroutable terrain: Sims and Buildings are banned from such areas. Lots cannot be placed here. Error in the map that needs to be corrected by EA.
--> SimGuruLily: Once a map is shipped, it cannot be changed anymore.
--> Extra info by mortimer can be found on page 71 towards the end.

I know too little about CAW and building worlds to actually understand this. There seem other issues around

My Sims skills do not advance
If it's the first skill point your Sim need, let him take a class. Should work afterwards. If not, please report.
--> SimGuruLily: Do you guy have any mods in ?
--> The workaround does not seem to work for everyone. Please answer the questions in the linked thread.

My Butler has vanished but I can't get a new one
(credit goes to Tootsyim1): Use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true and make the butler hate the family. They will then call and quit.
--> SimGuruLily: How/when did the butler vanish? Can you still call him up?

There is another me running around town (Clone Issue)
This has been around since the beginning. With LN it seems to get worse for there are so many new NPCs in town. What the game does when it creates a new Sim is, that it sometimes just uses a Sim that is in the library. If you have a copy of your Sim in the library, this will lead to a clone of yourself. To avoid this, just empty out your library. You can export the Sims you want to keep and save the Sims3pack on an external disk. The two Sims (sometimes more) have no connection to each other whatsoever.

There is another clone issue that has been around since WA. That clone is different and is actually the same Sim as yours. They are connected and deleting them will result in corruption of your own Sim. I once had a clone being stuck in a house. While mine was walking around and behaving completely normal, the other one just stood there and could not be deleted or anything else. No mod (well, did not try Awesome) would get him to budge and if I will ever go back to that game, he will probably still stand there.

My Sim can't use the supermarket and can't fish
This is due to unknown seeds in his inventory. Remove them (old issues)

My Sim does not get the extra trait when growing up
Use testingcheatsenbaled true, then shift-click on Sim and choose Add trait to add the missing trait. Don't use randomize or all the traits will be randomized. You might need to change panels and if that still does not stick, change the Sims hair. Type testingcheatsenabled false to turn of the cheat afterwards.

To avoid this error, take your time while picking. Make sure the pic in the window has changed to the older version of your Sim. This is a very old issue and has been around since the game came out.

Issues EA is investigating
Sim doesn't go to work
- A few solutions are posted in the first post of the linked thread.

Elevator problems
- Toddlers can use the elevator to get down, but not up. The stretch in the process.
--> Toddlers can also cheer which also make them do the stretchy thing.

Problems with Meters
- Babys and Toddlers are very hard to please. It take a lot of effort to get their bars up.

Opportunities cannot be completed
- Opportunities for buildings that are in other hoods
- Opportunities for the new multi buildings
--> For now cancel the Opportunity or replace the rabbitholes (see above).

Not fixed Issues from previous patches/EPs
- Excavation bug

- Sim runs instead of jogging
- Feeling shy moodlet around the sims own infant.

Problems with Clubs/ Bands
- Party lights/Strobe lights don't work right

Problems with EA-Cloth
- Flute forward dress makes a leg disappear
We cannot reproduce this issue. Please remove all CC and mods and try again in a fresh save.

--> Also see post from ellerobbe on page 68 in the middle.

When moonlighting as a mixologist, Sim does not serve guests --> What traits does your sim have ? Might be connected to the Loner trait or if you have testingcheatsenabled (if you have SP or MC, chances are high, that you do).

Problems with Vampires
- Disgusted Moodlet gets stuck after a while
Crinrict's Help Blogs -- Twitter
Please do not send me PMs/post on my wall if you're looking for help. I can't attend to those. You can find me at AnswerHQ.
How to report bugs at AnswersHQ
AHQ Tutorial


  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited January 2011
    Please don't report those anymore. If you do have extra info or solutions, please post.
    I've tried to group the bugs.

    Not Bugs (Explanations by SimGuruLily)

    - Excessive Puking
    This is due to Sims being near Vampires, it scares them.
    --> Might still be an bug cause it's too much puking.
    --> My theory on this bug: I have learned that they puke when around a Vampire that was out in the sun too much. Since there seems to be a problem with Sims not taking care of themselves and Vampires being out all the time, this is probably just a follow-up bug and not the main problem.

    Remark: There is already a mod that stops this: Stop Puking When Around Vampires by [email protected]

    - Certain sims can't start a band
    Your Sim must have at least 1 skill point in one of the 4 instruments before they can start a band. They must also do it by starting it with another Sim who they have a decent relationship with and who is also not already in another band. If this is behaving differently, please explain the problem further.
    --> If you are using any hidden trait mods or MC, don't set the band skill for them. It should only be set for people that are already in a band (thank you to bluegenjutsu for finding that).

    - Sims change into formal wear on several inappropriate occasions.
    Are they Insane? This is intentional if so.
    --> NO. They actually change cloth when not supposed to and do not have the insane trait.

    - Can't dance on tables.
    Right, they should only be able to dance on counters and the special bar table (and only if the route is not blocked).

    - Muscle definition does not change when working out
    Correct, this can only be set while in CAS when creating your Sim. Working out will not affect it. If you still cannot see it in CAS, consider removing custom skins.

    - Ghosts hunters job cannot be completed for ghost would go behind walls (elevator) and stay there
    If you can't reach a certain ghost, another one should spawn in an appropriate location so you can complete the job.

    @Kryldost: Uses moveobjects on and put a speedy pole under a pool if you climb it then reach/stand on the pool floor.
    We kindly refer to this as a “Don’t do that.” So, don’t.

    - Plasma spoils very fast and cannot be placed in a fridge.
    This is because it’s technically a “Quick Meal” which can’t be put back into the fridge. Thankfully you can get an infinite supply out of the fridge anyway, so just get rid of these if they start to stink.

    - Dancing on tables is not available all the time
    There are a lot of requirements to meet to get this to become available, I’ll detail them:
    -Sim must be a Party Animal OR Inappropriate OR have had at least 1 Drink from a professional bar
    -Music must be playing
    -The interaction is only available on Counters and the bar-style table (Paddy’s Irish Pub Stand)
    --Sim must be at a bar venue OR at a party
    -The path up cannot be blocked
    -There must not be any hanging ceiling object above the bar that they would hit their head on

    - Sims don’t do the new dance moves
    They must “learn” the new moves after doing the regular old dance for a while.

    - Vampires can go out the in Sun most of the time and not get a negative moodlet!
    It takes a little bit for it to show up. You have a grace period.

    - Sims change their favorite food when turned into a Vampire
    This is intentional. Vampires like Plasma.

    - Business Career has different hours now
    This is intentional if you are living in Bridgeport.

    - My Sim suddenly has a relationship with his car
    That is a feature that came with the fast lane patch (you don't need the addon to get it). There is a mod over at MTS by Buzzler that cures that.

    Issues with Custom Content
    - Custom Skins (the non-default kind) seem wonky atm and should not be used. If you have any in your game that you did not download, you will need to delete the sim it came with.
    - Quite a few windows seem to make problems. Either they disappear in the wall or thy crash the game. You should check for updates.
    --> The Cellar Arch and the Bahaus transparent window from the Store seems to be affected by this too. Pics can be found on page 78, beginning. Post by Pary.
    - In my opinion, Sims 3 does not like CC very much, especially the old one. If you have ANY kind of problems, take it all out. If you do have the patience you can start sorting through if. If not, play without or get new stuff. Don't go overboard. Only leave the stuff in you really need. And remember: If you download from the exchange, you have cc. It's in the sims3packs. There is a lot of bad cc around. Check this thread: for further info on that.

    Issues with Store Content
    List of Faulty EA Items

    Reported Issues

    Edit Town / Town view
    - Bulldozing removes the lot from the world.
    --> SimguruLily: What lots is this occurring on?
    --> Zeekslider: Empty lots. Lots with NOTHING on it. If there is a single title or one piece of a wall, bulldozing works properly. But if there is NOTHING on the lot and you bulldoze it, that's when the lot gets removed.
    - The distance of lots to the side walk is very difficult and not functioning correctly. When placing a lot on an area the lot is either too big or cannot reach the side walk.
    - Houses homes manors and what not are sinking in to the dirt.
    - Moving to an Empty Lot is impossible. The game reads it as if there are no lots available to move if you select that option. Instead, Empty Lots come up under the House button.
    - Fountain & Pool Curves are not working right. Paintings won’t move up and down --> Remove all old savegames
    - Old house is show instead of current one. Zooming in shows the right house
    - Houses disappear from town view
    - Disappearing map tags
    - Camera doesn't work well.

    - Default for Chin slider is all the way to the left.
    - Ghost Mummies are brown almost black instead of grey like they used to.

    Build/ Buy Mode
    - Wall Speakers only play classical Music --> Use shift/ctl-click to change.
    - When moving the saveguard gates they leave behind black poles. --> Pics to this problem can be found on page 60, upper half, post by amberwaves
    - Terrain paints: the "light dirt" has turned to just plain grass
    - Only one usable item is usable if you use the up/down feature. Info by ZeekSlider on page 91 towards the end.
    - On Banzai Fusion the parking spaces cannot be deleted --> Public markers are hidden in the elevator shaft.
    - Terpsichore Studios has two extra invisible floors above the roof --> Missing Skip Level Markers.
    - In penthouses with balconies, furniture can only be placed with moveObjects on.
    - Buggy basement ceiling tiles sticking up through the ground. Seems related to changed in ground elevation.
    xifu wrote:
    If you find that you are unable to change a community building, parking structure/garage, or apartment in Edit Town -> Build/Buy mode, it is because there is a Public Room Marker on the lot somewhere (some are hidden in the elevators or foundations.) The Public Room Marker is a silver orb that can only be seen by activating these three cheats:

    1. testingcheatsenabled on
    2. buydebug on
    3. restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off

    After these cheats have been set, you can now see the Public Room Marker. You can also see two other silver orbs called Hidden Room Marker and Skip Level Marker. If you move out a household to make an apartment bigger by removing the Hidden Room Marker, the cost of the apartment goes up because of the extra room available. This is not a bug! It is meant to do that!

    People can find more information about using these three markers at these places:

    Soundproblems and Music problems
    - Sound from a certain action does not shut of
    - Sound does not play at all/ suddenly stops.
    - Sound from one mode, plays in another
    - Stereomusic not working properly
    - Public Speakers can't play custom music
    - Buy/Build/CAS Mode Music not playing or staying (go to Options and choose a song)
    - Sound locks up when Kids ride a bike (CPU usage very high)

    Graphic Issues
    --> SimGuruLily: Try removing CC and any custom skins. These seem pretty odd.
    - My baby has a 'head patch'. Looks weird.
    - All kinds of strange Animations
    - Pop-Ups flicker
    - Blocky Hair or holes
    - Black, Red or blurry windows.
    - Blocky trees
    - Animations are out of Sync
    - Ghost sims have ghost hair and eyes while changing cloth --> Pics to this problem can be found on page 39, towards the middle, post by Aprilise
    - Grass patches on road:
    - Stairs with railings have a blue box around them.
    - Windows are missing if zoomed in. Just holes in the wall.
    - Instead of walking, Sims slide a little bit.

    Problems with Skills, Meters, Wishes & Moodlets
    - Moods and Skills Meters are static
    - Making friends got a lot harder
    - Sims don't gain experience from playing the guitar --> Might just be the bar not showing (see below)
    - Missing moodlets
    - Moddlets that don't go away (Hunted, disgusted, new home for Sim that already lived in a house when someone new moved in) --> Use testingcheatsenabled true and shift-click on the moddlet. If you're lucky, it stays away.
    - Blue skill bar not showing up when watching cooking channel on the new TV or the Iconic Jam Guitar
    - Strange wishes that cannot be fulfilled or don't get fulfilled even though they are.
    - Teddy bears make socials go down faster.
    - Charisma learning gets canceled
    - the job performance meter barely moves up or down, if at all.

    Problems with the ServiceNPCs
    --> SimGuruLily: Service NPCs are notoriously lazy, but this sounds excessive. Check for any mods and remove them. We’re not seeing anything nearly this bad.
    If you have any missing ServiceNPCs, check if the are maybe stuck in front of some building (see above)
    - No bouncer or mixologists on duty --> Actually stuck somewhere ?
    - Butler never comes or leaves --> Actually stuck somewhere ?
    - 50 or more ServiceNPCs show up
    --> Caused by Chaavik-ChildrenCanReadSkillBooksAndAllBuyableBooks-AM.package (Mod)
    - Maid, Babysitter & Butler are super lazy and never do anything. They just stand around until it's time to leave.
    - ServiceNPC cars are stuck in front of the house --> Delete them with testingcheats. See above.
    - Repairman does not repair salvaged items any more --> Probably a fixed bug. People want it back
    - ServiceNPCs with roles get replaced frequently, making it impossible to complete certain opportunites.
    - Butlers go up and down and up and down. No Reason.
    - Repairman only repairs stuff when watched or not at all
    - Butlers get stuck on counters
    - Hottub kills Repairmen (when they try to fix it)
    - General butler wonkyness.
    - Butler throws laundry on the floor instead of putting in dryer or line.
    - Butler constantly making group meals.

    Elevator problems
    --> Use Twallans DebugEnabler to reset elevators: NRaas --> debugenabler --> option --> Objects --> Force Reset
    - Sims get stuck in the elevator (see above)
    - Sims freeze when woohooing on the elevator
    - Sims get in each other's way while going on the elevator
    - Elevator never comes because it seems broken (esp. Aquarius)
    - House with elevator keeps catching fire.
    - Elevators take too long and the sims are never on time.
    - Fire can spread into the hall of your apartment building, making the elevator unusable.
    - Strange behavior after birthday in an apartment house. Details can be found on page 72, toward the end. Post by rebekahtownsend.
    - General elevator bugginess.

    There is a mod that helps reducing the waiting period for elevators: Faster Loading and Moving of the Elevators by [email protected]

    Problems with Clubs/ Bands
    - Cant get into the clubs even though I have enough stars
    --> SimGuruLily: Perhaps that’s a matter of opinion. Maybe you really do need more stars?
    - Public speakers stop playing and people stop dancing. Speakers still enabled. Need to be disabled and enabled again to play again.
    --> This is caused by the overwatch mod which stops the music for all stereos (including speakers) at 3 am in the morning as part of a nightly cleanup to avoid other issues. It will be changed in the next phase, for now just use a overwatch tuning file to stop the nightly cleanup.
    - Can’t interact with another sim cause that one is watching the piano player. Piano playing has to be interrupted.
    - Switching the music does not seem to have any effect
    - My band can't get a gig
    - Sims can only JAM or play blues --> Not a bug. They can play the other options only in gigs.
    - Cannot ask someone to join the band
    --> might be connected to a mod.
    --> Sincerbox: Celebs with less stars can't invite a Sim with more stars into a band.
    --> See also section Not bugs - Sims can't start a band)
    - Hotspot has to be reset manually
    - When you ask someone to leave the band, it's not registered correctly that they have left.
    - Sims can't rejoin a band.

    Problems with Challenges / Lifetime Awards
    - The Professor of Drinks challenge fails to add the new special drink (could be mod related, so if anyone vanilla game can confirm this)
    - "Super Friendly" charisma skill challenge does not seem to work any longer --> Might be connected to Vampires.
    - Sim mastered her skill in piano and read all the piano books 5-9 but for some reason won't get the master tracks.
    - After finished Amateur Rock Finder challenge and Awesomest Rock Collector in the Universe challenge while Unique Rocks Analyzed reached 100%, saved the sim to library, and then used this sim to start a new game, the percentage of Unique Rocks Analyzed became a random number, and the states of two related challenges became unfinished.
    - Can't take pic of theater (again ?)
    - Long Distance Relationship does not work
    - Outing LTA does not work
    - No Jealousy Award does not work right for normal Sims (it does for Vampires)
    - Vacationer does not work
    - If there is a drink challenge the Mixologists, they run away and leave the building before my sim can order a drink

    Money troubles
    - Musicians & mixologist don't get tips or the tips are not added to the household funds.
    - Sims payment is not added to the household funds anymore.
    - Cannot purchase any of the venues
    - Sim can't collect venue money (maybe only Celebs ?)
    - Coupons don't work properly anymore.
    - Money from selling sculptures is not added to the funds.
    - Suddenly getting lots of money

    Subway System
    - Sims show a very irrational way on how to use it (take cab/limousine to subway station, take sub to station (sometimes the same one), take cab to destination)

    Problems with celebrities / parties
    - Sim reaches level 5 Celeb status on her name plate, but not on her status bar. It stays at about 4.9.
    - Celeb Sim that was at the spa at time of work begin, stayed at spa but was shown at work
    - Celeb can't go to the lounge anymore
    - When invited to a party, there is no host or the party is over shorty after cause all already left.
    - Getting lots of invitations and even when declining them getting messages for missing them.
    - Party End Message not appearing.
    - Paparizzi can't be asked to leave and are a major pain --> Aren't they supposed to be a major pain ?
    - Can't get in the house a party is held. Counts towards attending anyway.
    - No food when invited to a party.

    Problems with Vampires
    --> SimGuruLily: Try again with no mods, please.
    - Vampires don’t turn but just float in the air forever
    - Animations for Vampires don’t work (Hunt, Turn)
    - Vampire can’t run --> Mod that makes mummies and Simbots walk normally.
    - Cured Vampire still gives have the negative moodlet ‘hunted’
    - Vampire Lounge isn’t working
    - Vampire skins are not showing in Live Mode
    --> Try turning of 'Enable Advanced Rendering'
    - Vampires don't sleep longer when told too
    - Vampire children learn SUPER fast (supposed to be twice as fast, but it seems faster)
    --> Happens to lots of people. No mods involved. They seem to go from 1 to 10 in less than an hour.
    - Vampires have no teeth
    - Vampires pass out randomly
    - Vampires freeze easily, resetting them seem to make it worse.
    - Celeb Sim disappeared after a Vampire read their mind.
    - Reads minds wrongly (about being single or not)
    - Vampires die and spread very fast. They don't seem to take care of themselves at all.
    Silver16 wrote:
    Drinking the vampirism cure only works half-way:
    all the motive bars turn green, the purple haze around them does not go away, Thirst does not turn back into Hunger (though it works as Hunger from a mechanical perspective), the Hunt interaction does not disappear, skin/eyes turn back to normal, can't be sure about fangs as mouth no longer opens, vampire "bite mark" on neck does not disappear, vampire "bed" is disabled, can ask other sims to be turned into vampire again, read mind interaction is available at night time, vampire moodlets for sleeping long/night time are still around, vampirism cure is not available for purchase...

    Laundry/ Cloth troubles
    - Washing machine becomes unusable and has to be replace frequently
    - Sim can't change his cloth. Does die Animation but nothing happens
    - Washing machines are spitting the cloth out
    --> SimGuruLily: Try placing a new copy of the washing machines if you are on an old save. If that doesn’t help, can we get some more details on these? For instance, what does “spitting the cloth out” actually mean?
    - dirty laundry appears on the roof out of reach of Sims when they change clothes or bath.

    Career/ Job Problems
    - Stylists and ghost hunters have troubles getting into houses where they are supposed to do a task --> might be connected to houses with gates
    - Check-Up Action got canceled, now there is no interaction and crowd still thinks sim is sick --> might be connected to a mod
    - PI can't rummage through trash
    - Meeting Held Meter drops to 0 every time sims goes to work.
    - Teleport to work does not work for the Multirabbitholes
    - Sims don't change into working cloth properly. Work outfits show up as miscallaneous 1 instead of work cloth
    - All kinds of troubles with the fireman career (existing problem)
    - Sims wear random cloth to work (even naked) --> probably not cc related.
    - Sim can't win any of his games. The score always ends up being 5-9 and it's really not helping with getting him to lvl 10 in the profession sports career track.
    - Stylist portfolio is still in inventory even after switching jobs.
    - Research on Computer was not fulfilled in Science career even tough it was done.
    - No money and the work experience bar does not go up for Film Career
    - After completing the Ultimate Invention Opportunity to the point the Sim is to actually create a simbot, one is unable to select the option on the invention bench
    - Moving/ Switching families resets the solved cases for a PI to 0 (existing bug)
    - Sims start working as soon as they get into the car and even when they are standing outside the building the tab says they are working when they are in fact not.
    - Mystery Invention not showing up
    - Pregnant Sims have to go to work.
    - Carpool not showing up.

    Aging Problems
    - Age get reset when using tattoo chair or stylist
    - Sims won't age up anymore. They just stand there forever and then go about their business
    --> Temp workaround: Aging bug quick fix
    - A certain sim won't get older (mostly with Sims created in CAS)
    - Toddlers age resets when using mirror and dresser
    - Twins are 2 days apart in age.
    - Elders not dying.

    Problems with groups
    - Sim can't play the piano while in a group
    - Sims that are invited either don't come over at all or come in groups and then leave immediately, saying they are bored. Sometimes they are stuck in front of the house.
    - General wonkynes
    - Going on group outings with bikes / motorcycles the Sims in the group tend to just stand around and not go in a club/bar/whatever.
    - Groups don't take the same car when moving from one place to another.
    - NPCs in groups social drop when on outings.

    Problems with LN features in other hoods
    - Apartments are not recognized as home. The whole building is taken into account.
    - No vampires or stars in other hoods --> Turn Story Progression on if you want them. If you are using StoryProgression Mod, that normal. Will be changed in the next phase.
    - Ceiling too low problem in Barnacle Bay --> Windows ?
    - No mixology classes in SV.
    - In Barnacle Bay, everyone is a Star.

    Relationship / Friend Problems
    - Marrying a sim makes them be only friends
    - When getting married, Sims still wish to move together altough they already live together.
    - Teens getting the option to get married.
    - Sim in the friends list are suddenly not in the list anymore.
    - Try for baby got harder and the jingle does not play anymore
    - Romantic interactions don't go to alluring and stay at flirty, always going back to friendly between actions.
    - Can’t Marry or Date Bug (existing problem)
    - Sims suddenly being married.

    Traveling Issues
    - Getting no adventures or only simple ones
    - Travelling corrupts family trees (existing problem)
    - Sims not arriving in vacation towns when traveling (existing problem)
    - Travel time does not advance
    - No French food in France
    - Family has no access to vacation home.
    - Explorer with obsessing cloth changing.
    - Vendors act are taking pictures and want autographs non-stop
    - Music instruments are lost from your inventory when you are playing when you have to leave for home.

    Problems with needs/interactions/actions
    - NPCs don't take care of their needs at all.
    - Sims wake up at 4 am or 6 am without having their energy bar full and have to be told to go back to sleep.
    --> for a possible solution, read page 3 and 4 of this thread: Why is my sim waking up at 4 am every day?
    - Clean out bad food does not always show up
    - Sims no longer clean up everything when told to clean all the dishes. They pick one at the time and choose a random sink
    - Hand out interaction persists on Sims even though the opportunity is completed
    - Sim can't use certain tiles anymore. They stomp and can't reach stuff. Might some invisible object that cannot be removed.
    - Actions are get cancel without a reason or drop out of the queues. --> Photo request, freaking out, fires, celebrations .. are all events that have sims drop everything they are doing and forget what they were supposed to do.
    - Interaction with ONE sim not possible
    - Woohoo Interaction in the hot tub makes Sims get out of the tub.
    - Toddlers can't be reached if they are sitting on top/bottom of the stairs
    - Serenading on the piano breaks the piano (first sound and then when the action is canceled the piano is still in use.
    - Asking for Sign resets the romantic interactions to thinks they're okay if they are compatible.

    Troubles with shown texts
    - Missing text for the new features in the interactions and more.
    - Sims with guitar skill before LN are now missing the names of the songs to play. The options are there but empty --> Seem to come back after a while
    - Popups have text missing text--> Might be due to a unnamed lot


    - Townies have strange names --> Might be conected to a mod

    Problems with lights/visibility
    - Windows are not recognized as light source.
    - Blacklights cannot be turned off or the make all light into black lights.
    - Only ground floors of apartments can be viewed
    - New fish are invisible in the HELS aquarium and the bowl (this is NOT related to NoMosaic for it's not all fish. If it's Mod related, it's all the fish).

    - Stuff gets stuck in Inventory
    - Suddently tons of cars in Inventory
    - Stuff disappearing from Inventory.

    - Food truck are rare an drive off very fast
    - Sim goes missing after being sent to jail.
    - Teens go missing after being caught by the police
    - Random Sim come to the lot, stay there and use everything (not paparazzis).
    - Musical instruments and books disappear off community lots because NPCs like to take them home (not clepto sims)
    - No books for the new fish in the bookstore
    - Tons of books lay around the front door of the apartment buildings.
    - Leftover Pizza is disappearing from the fridge
    - Sims run everywhere (Running bug, existing problem, seems not to be fixed)
    - Neverending moving mode. Game just loads and loads and loads --> could be related to too much stuff in house/inventory or certain CC.
    - Story Progression not working (again ?)
    - Sims says that bookshelf is empty and he cannot read although it's not
    - Gems have all the same structure and can't be cut (pre-patch existing ones)
    - Stereos go missing if placed on a hot tub (seems like the sims 'steal' them when getting out of the tub).
    - Graveyard ghosts wake up, get in a car and go to a "home" instead of haunting the graveyard
    - Omniplant seeds can't be ordered anymore
    - Hot tub placed on a field with not tiles spawns water that cannot be cleaned.
    - Stuff in fridge that is still good, immediately spoils when taken out.
    - When inviting sims they say they are coming and then immediately cancel (existing issue).
    - Female Sims turns into a Man after showering (actually the butler)
    - Loosing bladder control seem contagious.
    - Two Sims in a family suddenly seem to 'share' traits and moodlets.
    - Game still thinks Sim plays music even if they don't. Others sims can't sleep and get the enjoying music moodlet.
    - pre-made NPCs (even the muscular bouncers) always become thin-skinny after changing clothes and stay that way.
    - Sim can turn on TV that is not in the same room.
    - Somehow a 9th family member was added that was the boyfriend (ya) of one of the household members (teen).

    Missing Game Objects
    - Tattoos
    - The Dulclnea from the store and the Das Kauker R86 from High-end Loft Stuff no longer appear in the game --> Apparently those two guitars are no longer seen as public items. If you try to make a band venue, you'll only have access to the base game guitar for that community lot. If you are in a residential lot/appartment, you can still buy those two guitars for your Sims (thanks to ZeekSlider for that Info) or you could use the cheat buydebug to find them.
    - Food trucks/ food truck parking spaces.

    Older bugs can be found in this thread: TS3 + EPs & SPs - Known Glitches & Causes
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  • ihatepizza210ihatepizza210 Posts: 1,620 New Member
    edited October 2010
    Hey crinrict, sorry to bother, I just want to know real quick what the excavation bug is. Thank you :)
  • LAWRENCE43566LAWRENCE43566 Posts: 298
    edited October 2010
    The game freezes and never unfreezes so i restart my computer and im saving my game every big event
  • Jodi22Jodi22 Posts: 4,776 New Member
    edited October 2010
    crinrict wrote:
    Any new bugs, guys ?

    I got more bugs to add and just from the base game.

    Sims wont use the beds after a while so you have to replace them with new ones.

    My favorite one when you switch active household the baby/toddlers go missing. They still show up on the tree but they are not in the house. Evicting the family or reset sim does not bring them back. They just go poof. Lost 10 children in a previous game and some in houses I never even played. I have seen many in this forum who have this problem

    The newest patch for base game that matches to the ambitions 4.3.4 patch cuts out sound. EA said they fixed it we'll its not fixed in my game and I only have the base game installed. I never had this before the new patches and at that time had all ep's installed before the new patches

    Also with this new patch the sims control panel causes crashing when I switch levels in a home, go into buy mode. sometimes I crash from using rotate camera!

    I have very little CC but this all happened BEFORE I added the little CC I do have!
  • robsebonesrobsebones Posts: 26 New Member
    edited October 2010
    Problems I'm having:

    1. There are no bartenders at the bar in any of the clubs. They are all dancing. A bunch of 'mixologists' were just standing at the doorway of a club, again, no one at the bar.

    2. My sim cannot play drums/bass/piano. He can play a guitar, and I took him to level 2. But if I tell him to play drums/bass/piano he quickly dissappears and then reappears a distance away. Won't play.

    3. Asking someone to join my band. Again, he flickers off and appears a bit away from the sim he asked.

    Everything else is fine and working but this is just hard cuz I wanted to make a band!!
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010
    There are a lot of other bugs. The ones I listed above are just the ones EVERYONE seemed to have. I have a very long bug list in my german blog. Here I'm just interested in the new ones :)

    I will add them to my first post (will need to read all you wrote still)

    @ihatepizza210: The excavation bug is that since AMB sims were not able to excavate anymore if the excavation site was on a slope.
    Jodi22 wrote:
    Sims wont use the beds after a while so you have to replace them with new ones.

    This usually happens when you patch the game and your sim is sleeping. When you patch, all sims are being reset, taking them to their home lot. When they are sleeping at the time, they will be teleported out of the bed. Sometimes a error occurs which makes the bed unusable. TO avoid this, just make sure, your sim is not sleeping when you patch.
    Jodi22 wrote:
    My favorite one when you switch active household the baby/toddlers go missing. They still show up on the tree but they are not in the house. Evicting the family or reset sim does not bring them back. They just go poof. Lost 10 children in a previous game and some in houses I never even played. I have seen many in this forum who have this problem.

    That's Story Progression doing that. They are actually all dead. Since AMB they must have increased that chance that a random Sim dies. As Twallan explained to me, the system has no safe flag for babies and toddlers but has one for sims with bosses and coworkers. Since that is most of the adult/teen community, it's the children and babies that die. You can use MC to look the children up under 'Dead'.
    Jodi22 wrote:
    The newest patch for base game that matches to the ambitions 4.3.4 patch cuts out sound. EA said they fixed it we'll its not fixed in my game and I only have the base game installed. I never had this before the new patches and at that time had all ep's installed before the new patches.

    Also a known bug. Got no solution for you there.
    Jodi22 wrote:
    Also with this new patch the sims control panel causes crashing when I switch levels in a home, go into buy mode. sometimes I crash from using rotate camera!

    Crashes have so many reasons. I've not heard of these before. No solution for you.

    @robsebones: Will add yours to the first post. Do you have any mods in ?
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  • PeppaharrisonPeppaharrison Posts: 19
    edited October 2010
    So far the bugs I have come across are:

    1, Cant get into the clubs even though I have enough stars.

    2, Cant make drinks at a bar (at home) He goes there and then resets back next to it.

    3, Cant play intruments other than guitar.

    Thats it so far. I havent played much yet but I thought I would give my 2 cent worth.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010
    So far the bugs I have come across are:

    1, Cant get into the clubs even though I have enough stars.

    2, Cant make drinks at a bar (at home) He goes there and then resets back next to it.

    3, Cant play intruments other than guitar.

    Thats it so far. I havent played much yet but I thought I would give my 2 cent worth.

    Added yours. Do you use mods or cc ?

    @LAWRENCE43566: Must have overlooked. Does it freeze at at certain time or is it just getting very slow ? Does restarting help ?
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  • PeppaharrisonPeppaharrison Posts: 19
    edited October 2010
    Added yours. Do you use mods or cc ?
    Opps, I forgot to take the CC out first.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010
    If at mod is the culprit of those, I'm interested in knowing which ones.
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  • ihatepizza210ihatepizza210 Posts: 1,620 New Member
    edited October 2010
    :) Thank you
  • WinterOpheliacWinterOpheliac Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I havent gotten the game yet, im getting it first thing tomorrow, but thank you for posting this, ill know what to look out for. I had been debating with myself whether i should remove my CC before i install LN, and now i know i will for sure, besides, i dont really like playing with CC anyways =D

    Ill keep track of all and any of the problems i get and ill re-post them here
  • SR_in_SimmerlandSR_in_Simmerland Posts: 4,083 New Member
    edited October 2010
    idk if I should mention (or i foyu already know) but people reported problems with sliders not appearing but they appeared after emoving the UI mod
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010

    I'm going to use the first post for known issues and solutions and the second one for collecting stuff.
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  • PeppaharrisonPeppaharrison Posts: 19
    edited October 2010
    I took the CC out and I can now make drinks and play the intruments and now there are mixologists working. So it looks like all good now I hope.
  • BabySezzaBabySezza Posts: 583 New Member
    edited October 2010
    Glad to hear it Peppa :)
    Enjoy Late Night
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 11,062 Member
    edited October 2010
    crinrict wrote:

    I'm going to use the first post for known issues and solutions and the second one for collecting stuff.

    Thanks crinrict for doing this. :D
    AMD 2700X 32 GB Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super 8 GB Rosewill Rise Full Tower SB THX Trustudio LG Ultrawide 34"
    Intel 6700K 32 GB ASUS RTX 2070 Strix 8 GB Stryker Full Tower SB Z-Series Samsung Curved 32"
  • BrittneyLeeBrittneyLee Posts: 102
    edited October 2010
    I already have a thread about issues in the game. Which will probaply go unnoticed by EA. But these are the problems I encountered.

    I call to hire a butler and 50 sims (no joke) come to the house, follow you around everywhere, even downtown and seriously lag your game. I mean who's computer can handle 50 sims at one time? You can't dismiss them over the phone because it says you must dismiss the npc before discontinuting service. So what am I supposed to do click on all 50 npc's that are scattered and all complaining about food, sleep, hygiene, etc.
    Secondly the game doesn't even save anymore everytime it says error....That is seriously annoying.
    The lag spikes encountered in this game or horrible and before late night my game ran perfect.
    Also one has to reset thier sim every hour.

    I removed all CC so that is not it, and I am sorry if the above post is somewhat 'nagging.' I made it in the heat of the moment out of my disappoint of Late Night.
  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 1,997 Member
    edited October 2010
    Im a little afraid to install late night because I can´t play without cc-hair and eyes. EA Furnitures and stuff is okay but EA:s hair is not pretty :evil:...
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010
    @Peppaharrison: Is your problem with not getting into any clubs also gone ? Do you have any idea, which mod caused the problem (aka which did you have). Not hair and stuff, just hacks and mods.

    @Goldmoldar: :-)

    @BrittneyLee: Which save error are you getting

    @Jadeleine: I would say mostly hacks/ mods will be a problem. Hair and eyes not so much. You will need to try it out though. My suggestion: Start a new game without any cc (don't start your old one or all will be replaced) and then if everything is fine, start putting it back.

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  • BrittneyLeeBrittneyLee Posts: 102
    edited October 2010
    Alot of confusion is going around that this patch that comes out today will solve some of these problems. True or False?
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010
    I answered that in your thread:
    crinrict wrote:
    Will this supposed patch today help out players that already have the game?

    No, cause you already have that patch. I don't know if there is going to be a second one right after like there was with WA (there we actually had to patch WA right after installing the game as well, cause something was so buggy, they fixed it right away). Normally the patch that comes with the EP on the DVD is the one that everyone gets a day or two later.

    So far there has always been a second patch 2-4 weeks later.
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  • JadeleineJadeleine Posts: 1,997 Member
    edited October 2010
    crinrict wrote:
    @Peppaharrison: Is your problem with not getting into any clubs also gone ? Do you have any idea, which mod caused the problem (aka which did you have). Not hair and stuff, just hacks and mods.

    @Goldmoldar: :-)

    @BrittneyLee: Which save error are you getting

    @Jadeleine: I would say mostly hacks/ mods will be a problem. Hair and eyes not so much. You will need to try it out though. My suggestion: Start a new game without any cc (don't start your old one or all will be replaced) and then if everything is fine, start putting it back.

    Thanks for the advise :)! I´ll do that... I dont need hacks or mods. Im just happy if I don´t have to ged rid of mah pretty hairs :D...
  • Cyron43Cyron43 Posts: 8,055 Member
    edited October 2010
    @ihatepizza210: For God's sake what are you doing to this cat??? :shock:
    This space is for rent.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,734 Member
    edited October 2010
    Added some tipps on how to prepare for LN to the first post.
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