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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    July - Day 14: "Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes..."


    By the time Cale returned from hanging out with his new packmates in the Moonwood Collective, he was starving and exhausted. He was also over halfway toward going on a rampage again. He grabbed a bite to eat and took a wolf nap right there on the kitchen floor. When he woke up, Somber Howl was again available which helped to lower his rage.

    Late that afternoon, he took Jr. to the pack hangout to meet Kristopher and any other pack members that might be there today. Cale hoped after meeting them, he'd perhaps like to join the pack too.

    "I'd like you to meet Kristopher Volkov, the leader of the Moonwood Collective, my good friend and mentor. Kris, this is my Son, Cale Jr."

    "I'll leave you two to get acquainted. I'll just be over there having a chat with Wolfgang. If you decide you'd like to join the pack and pass the trials he'll have you do, you'll meet everyone else later."
    "Okay Dad, that's cool."

    "It's nice to finally meet you Mr. Volkov, my Dad talks about you all the time and thinks you're pretty special."
    "We think he's pretty special too, but call me Kris. We're a pretty laidback group of wolves here, no need for formalities. Although I'm pleased your Dad has taught you such good manners."
    "Cool, you can call me Jr. or CJ. That's what the kids at school call me."
    "Alright, CJ it is."

    Kristopher's Son, Jacob walked by and gave Jr. a smile. I think he was happy to see a possible new packmate his own age. Just ignore Cale laying in the weeds over there stargazing with Wolfgang. ;)

    Jr. and Kris had a long chat getting to know each other. It didn't take very long at all for Jr. to make his decision.

    "I'd love to join the pack Kris. Just tell me what I need to do and I'll do it."

    Kris had some questions for Jr. and asked him to demonstrate a few wolf activities such as scavenging. Jr. also showed Kris that he knew how to do the pack howl. He'd been practicing with his Dad's help just in case he did want to join. Of course he passed all three trials with flying colors and was invited to join the pack.

    "I've got a good feeling about you CJ, welcome to the pack."
    "So...I'm in?"
    "Yes you are indeed."

    "YES! MWC rules and Wildfangs drools. Go Moonwood Collective!"
    "Right on CJ!"
    "Oh I like this kid so much already!"

    Jr. was so happy and excited he grabbed Kris and gave him a hug. Of course Kris didn't mind, he was touched that Jr. trusted him enough to do that.

    "Thanks for accepting me. It's great to meet some good wolves. Dad told me they weren't all bad, but the only wolves I've ever met was....well, he was a very, very bad wolf, a monster."
    "I know and I'm sorry your first experience was so terrifying. With your help and the rest of the pack working together, one day I hope there are less and less bad wolves and that we can show others we're not all like that."

    Suddenly, Jr. turned and saw his Dad in a fight with one of the other wolves. It wasn't an actual fight though, they were only sparring for fun.

    "Whoa! Go Dad!"

    But who was he sparring with? Was it Wolfgang?

    Nope, it was Lily! Look out behind you Cale!

    "I've got you now young man!"

    "Not for long!" *RAWR*

    "Oh my, you're a clever boy aren't you? But I'm not giving up!" *GROWL*

    "Wow! She's really strong for an old lady."
    "Yes, she is. Lily's age is an asset. She's been sparring and fighting longer than any of us. She's got experience on her side. That's why she's Beta."

    "You're no match for me you young pup! Give up now and save your pride!"
    "No way! I can take you, you're going down lady! Prepare to eat dirt!"

    "Wow, he bested her. Incredible."
    "That's my Dad! I knew he could do it!. YAY DAD! YOU DID IT!"

    "Great match Cale, you're really good at this."

    "Thanks, you're amazing Lily! I'm surprised. I thought I'd take you easy, but no way! This is kind of not my first time 'sparring' for fun, I actually have some experience. I used to do this all the time with my buddies when I was a teen, we had a fight club, of sorts."
    "It shows, Congratulations! I'm impressed and I want a rematch soon."
    "You got it!"
    "That was so freakin' cool!"

    Cale was feeling pretty good about himself. He was honestly surprised at Lily's strength, She was much stronger than expected. She may be an elder, but she fought like someone much younger. It made the match and the win all the sweeter since it was more challenging than expected. Who knew elder wolves could be so fierce!?

    "For me? Wow, cool. Thanks, but...why? We just met."
    "We like to give gifts to each other all the time to show we care and appreciate our packmates. Plus, well, I just like you CJ, I think you're cool. It's nothing much, just a book with tips on being a werewolf I thought you might like."

    "Well alright! High Five Buddy! Packmates forever!"

    "I hope so. I have feeling you and I are going to be the best of friends. It's great having someone my own age in the pack. Love my Dad, Lily and Wolfgang, but sometimes it bites being the youngest by far."

    "I know exactly what you mean, I'm the youngest in our family too so I can relate. I'm glad I met you Jacob, you're really cool."

    I think Jr. is in a bit awe of Jacob by the look on his face. Here's to new friendships, those that hopefully last a lifetime.

    "See you at school CJ, I have to go. I haven't finished my homework yet and Dad'll have my pelt if I don't get it done."
    "Bye Jacob, and thanks again for the gift!"

    "We should go too Jr., you have school too and I bet your Mom has dinner waiting for us."
    "Thanks for bringing me here Dad. I think I'm going to love it here after all, even if it wasn't my choice...or...yours, to be a werewolf. I'm glad to find out there's actually such a thing as 'good' wolves. I think Kris is awesome and I really, really like Jacob."
    "You're welcome Son! Love you."
    "Love ya too Dad, let's go home."
    "So, CJ huh?"
    "Yeah, that's what the kids at school call me."
    "Is that what you'd like us to call you too?"
    "Sure, if you want to. I think I'm getting a little too old to be called Jr., but, you still can if you want."

    Jr., or rather CJ now, just smiled and took off at a sprint toward the house.
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    *Updated my July 14th post above! Comments/replies will have to wait until later today. I need to get some sleep. Hope y'all understand and had a great day/night! <3
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    This is a short chapter, and the "big one" is coming next. Have a great day/night everyone!

    June 3 - Graduation

    The next morning, Dylan entered the small living room and saw that Morgan was still asleep on the couch. After she passed out on the dance floor, Wolfgang and Dylan somehow carried her home and decided to just lay her down on the couch instead of bringing her up the stairs to her bedroom.


    Dylan hated to wake her, but Morgan had to be at Britechester for her Graduation ceremony at 10:01 am. Dylan's was later at 10:44 am at Foxbury. It was unfortunate that they couldn't attend each other's ceremony. Dylan gently nudged her and put a cup of coffee, a glass of water and some pain relief tablets on the coffee table.

    Dylan: "Hey Morgan...wakey, wakey Sleeping Beauty...you need to get ready for Graduation..."

    Morgan opened her eyes and slowly sat up, "Oh gosh, my head. Did I...did I fall asleep on the couch? Why am I still in my clothes?"

    Dylan pointed to the items he brought, "I figured you might need that. You had quite a night last night. How are you feeling?"

    Morgan: "Other than the hammer pounding in my head, I feel alright...a bit groggy...and geez I'm starving...Did I...um...did I pass out here?"


    Dylan: "Well...actually, you passed out at Pepper's Pub and Wolfgang and I sort of half-dragged you here. We weren't risking the stairs, so just placed you here..."


    Morgan made a face, "Oh geez...I passed out? I...oh gosh...I really don't remember much after the game..."

    Dylan: "Yeah, I figured as much. Look, you'll feel better once you take a shower, but you really have to get going...Graduation is in an hour..."

    Morgan shook her head, "Plumb it! I gotta get ready! Tell me about it later, okay? And, Dylan...thanks...thanks for getting me home safely...and...and for taking care of me..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It seemed as if suddenly the house was in a whirlwind with everyone getting ready. They all looked great in their graduation regalia, and they decided to take a quick group photo together. Then, everyone headed off to their respective campuses.


    Cale, DJ, Adam, Morgan and Velma headed to The University of Britechester and noticed how the Stadium was decked out in Britechester banners.


    Wolfgang, Robin and Dylan headed to the stadium at Foxbury Institute, and some of their classmates were already there.


    They also met Aaron and Hunter. [Note: I couldn't get a nice group shot together with Aaron and Hunter because I wasn't controlling them, and then Hunter decided to head to Larry's Lagoon and ran off.]



    And then it was time, and they all disappeared into the stadium. And when the ceremony was over...whoop...they all threw their hats in the air! They have now graduated! Oh what a feeling! Woot!


    Congratulations, Dylan! You did it!



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When the ceremony was over, everyone came back to the house to start packing and getting ready to head to the train station to travel back to Windenburg. There were a lot of sad good-byes, and then, there was just Wolfgang, Morgan and Dylan left in the house...and the mess...the horrible mess that they had to clean up.



    Morgan and Dylan picked up the multitude of glasses and headed upstairs to wash them, and Wolfgang smiled and got out a wrench and started foxing the kitchen sink.


    Wolfgang spoke to Dylan: "I've got this. You go ahead and start making that famous spaghetti sauce you've been talking about. And you're making a lot, right? Because I am already working up an appetite," he said laughing.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I moved the roomies, Aaron and Hunter, and Robin's dog, Pepper, into a house on the Isle of Windenburg. The other challenge sims are still in Britechester and I will re-locate them to Windenburg later and also use cheat codes to give them degrees.

    I used some cheat codes to get Aaron the History degree, and Hunter the Culinary Arts degree. Everyone has a job, and got bonuses with their degrees.

    Aaron is a Courageous Captain in the Military career, so we will probably see him in Strangerville in military attire. Hunter is a Food Critic! lol I thought that would be funny, as we might see him in a random restaurant. Hunter strikes fear in the hearts of sims because he is a vampire in @afai1261 's game, but strikes fear in the hearts of restaurant owners when he visits their restaurants. Yep, Hunter is well-known to have...um...acquired tastes, and hates everything that is served. lol I also added some pieces of clothing to Hunter's outfits, so he is all dressed now.

    All the challenge sims will get a wardrobe make-over in the next world. I have not yet given Wolfgang, Morgan or Dylan a job, so it doesn't interfere with the next part of my story.

    In my game:

    Robin is a Fisheries Specialist (Marine Biologist career-Hons. Biology degree); Cale is a Sap Splicer (Botanist career-Biology degree), DJ is a Futures Trader (Investor-Business career-Economics degree), Adam is a Conservation Regulator (Conservationist career-Economics degree), and Velma is a Symphonic String Player (Musician Career-Hons. Fine Arts degree).
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    @Karababy52 -
    Like the new and the old avatar, but the new one is really cool with the rage eyes. Great job!
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    @RememberJoy ,
    I dont know why but made me "aww" irl when I saw Adam , after that gnome fight and "dinner" to lounge in that bunkbed , outside, looking so sad <3

    @Karababy52 ,
    aww, he must of been tired to nap there in the floor! :) That sparring similar to vampires one?
    Great update, sorry again, im too clueless of the packto comment well :D Yet ;)
    see im slow to give occults a change :) Melody was my first spellcaster, even so i had the back from release :D Aliens and merfolks are still waiting to have an opportunity :p You know my saves are mostly vampires anyway :p

    @SoulGal7 ,
    Great graduation !!! That pic with all in front of the house with bags packed... sad... *snif*

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    July 15th: Another rough day

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Master Maker
    - Reach level 5 in fabrication

    When I got up, I found a couple piles of feathers by my bush.


    A thank you from the cats maybe? Or perhaps just the remains of an early breakfast.
    Whatever it was, I picked through them and found feathers from five different birds!

    Where on Earth did these cats find a parrot!?

    Whatever, I'm not one to turn down an interesting find, so I framed the feathers and hung them over my bunk.


    Really dresses up the place.

    As it was Friday, I went to check out how the NAP voting was going and placed a few votes in for Self-Sufficiency before returning to the Maker space for some more candle making.


    I made another pour candle and tried to ignore the people who gathered around to watch.


    It was bringing fame flash backs, and I don't miss that time in my life as all!

    As soon as my candle hardened I slipped away and eyed up the fabrication machine.
    It had behaved for me last time, maybe the ones here were nicer than the Tinker's, it was worth a shot.


    I choose a self-watering planter diagram from the options menu and added the needed materials before punching the start button. The process took longer than it had before, and just when I thought I was done, the nozzle jerked upwards and sprayed me directly in the face with dye.


    I swear it did it on purpose!

    I stomped off feeling an irrational rage towards machines everywhere, why did I keep trying to make our relationship work!? They obviously all had it out for me!


    Even now I could feel it's beady little nozzle watching me, hoping I'd come back for another round.


    To calm myself down, I went outside and painted a picture of one of the harbor cranes.


    By the time I finished I was feeling better, so I returned home to design my own candle making station so that I might have some privacy when creating.


    I finished my diagram, but by now all of my needs were hitting critical levels, so I sluggishly took a shower and was headed to bed when I once again collapsed into an exhausted pile out in the rain.


    As my eyelids closed I thought I saw a familiar figure approaching me, and I could almost swear she was glowing!


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    Oona Medicci, day 3


    sleep is sleep.. no matter what..
    oh.. whoopsie, sorry :P
    so much red bars.. where to start :D
    just eat it!!!!!
    gym again, in the middle of the night.
    shower here at least...

    Not a full sim day, more like sim night, but shall do :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    June 4 - I See The Bad Moon A-Risin'...I See Trouble On The Way...

    While Wolfgang continued to do repairs and Morgan finished up packing, Dylan got busy in the kitchen. He had a lot of cooking to do, and he started with the spaghetti sauce. No garlic added, of course.


    While Morgan had slept, he had been busy doing a bit of decorating at the outdoor eating area. A few days ago, he had found a shade shelter and some lanterns in the attic, and decided to clean them up and use them. It wasn't much, but he hoped that Morgan would think it was romantic. He placed a tarp down for stargazing, and placed an extra table outside for the food. He stood back to admire it, and thought it looked pretty good.


    Back in the kitchen, he also made breadsticks, salad, and some wonderful chocolate mousse cupcakes for dessert. He really hoped that Morgan would like the dinner he prepared.


    He went upstairs and changed. Nothing fancy since they were eating outside and it was a bit chilly. Plus they would be stargazing later. He knocked on Morgan's door and said that dinner would be ready in about 5 minutes. He then went to talk to Wolfgang.


    Dylan: "Bro, this is it,,,"

    Wolfgang: "Dude, I've been smelling all those aromas coming from the kitchen, and I am freakin' starving. And, hey, I took a look outside...and...dang...you transformed the place. It looks good...everything's going to work out for you and Morgan...I can just feel it."

    Dylan: "Thanks, bro...and...remember...if it doesn't...you've got to be there for Morgan, okay?


    Wolfgang: "Yeah, I will...but that's not going to happen because I've already got my bag packed for my overnight at Bryon's house. So, don't worry...now are we gonna eat anytime soon...?"

    And at that moment, Morgan came out of her room.

    Morgan: "You told me to dress warmly. I hope this is alright."


    Dylan smiled at her, giving her an admiring gaze, "You look perfect, Morgan...just perfect..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    They all went downstairs together, and Wolfgang quickly helped himself to a plate of spaghetti and headed into the smaller living room. He had set up a tray in there and was going to watch some sports, and then it would be back to work on the house.


    Dylan led Morgan to the bar area, "I've been...uh...practicing my mixology skills...and was wondering if you'd like a drink? I did get a bottle of wine for dinner..."


    Morgan flirted with him: "Are you trying to get me drunk, Dylan, and take advantage of me?"

    Dylan swallowed and nearly dropped the bottles he was balancing, "No...I...um...no...I just thought that you might like something, but if you don't...that's okay...we can just head outside..."

    Morgan laughed, "Oh my gosh...I was just kidding. Actually, sure I'd like one. Do you know how to make a Sea of Fire? It's my favorite."

    Dylan: "Wow! Now that's a drink! Yeah, I do...coming right up..."

    Morgan: "And so, what are you having tonight?"

    Dylan: "Well, since you're having your favorite drink, I thought I would make mine, too, which is a Dim and Gusty."


    They sat together at the bar enjoying their drinks and chatting.

    Dylan lifted his glass in a toast, "To the future...whatever it may hold..." he said and they clinked glasses.

    And then Morgan got a call. It was Paolo! Oh my gawd, did the guy have a sixth sense or something about when Morgan and Dylan would be together? Sheesh!


    Morgan spoke briefly and then ended the call.

    Dylan: "So...um...who was that, if you don't mind my asking...?"

    Morgan looked at him nervously, "Oh...um...just Paolo. He was calling to say he was leaving...that's all..."

    Dylan nodded and looked at her thoughtfully, "I see..."


    Morgan looked at her cell and at Dylan's face, "You know...I think I'll leave my cell here while we are outside. I really don't want to be disturbed while we're having dinner..." she said as she laid her cell on the bar.


    Dylan: "Good idea...I'll do the same" he said placing his cell beside hers, "So, are you ready to taste my famous spaghetti sauce? It's been simmering all day..."

    Morgan smiled at him, "I can't wait..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Dylan ushered Morgan outside to the side of the house and they both stopped for a moment.

    Morgan looked at everything in awe, "Oh my gosh! When did you do all this?"


    Dylan: "This morning...while you were sleeping. Just some stuff I found in the attic...and...I thought you'd like it..."

    Morgan: "Oh Dylan, thank you...it's so beautiful..."


    Dylan and Morgan helped themselves to a plate of spaghetti and Dylan poured them a glass of red wine. They sat down together and Dylan sprinkled some hot pepper flakes and parmesan cheese over his and started to mix his spaghetti together.

    Dylan saw Morgan watching him, "What? You've never put hot pepper flakes on your spaghetti before? You should live a little. Here, I'll give you a taste to see what you think...just enough to give it a bit more flavor..."


    Dylan twirled a forkful of spaghetti and offered Morgan a bite. She tasted it and made oohing and ahhing noises.


    Morgan: "Oh, geez....that is sooo good....and this is a family recipe?"


    Dylan smiled, "Yeah, it is. When I was young, my father would make this for us. It was a really special time because we so rarely got to sit and eat together since he was always working. But once a month, he would get up early and start making the sauce. The whole house smelled of sauce. He would let me sneak a bit and placed some in a bowl and gave me a piece of bread to dip in the sauce. I'd sit at the kitchen table happily eating and watching my father chop onions and mushrooms, and as he talked, he'd give the sauce a little stir. And we had some real heartfelt chats. And when I was a bit older, we would cook together and he taught me the recipe. It was a really good time..."

    Morgan: "It sounds like it...and I'm really glad that you shared this with me, Dylan. It makes eating spaghetti with you even more special..."


    Dylan smiled at her and then cleared his throat, "Morgan, would you like another glass of wine? I have something I need to tell you..."

    Morgan: "Wow...that sounds kind of serious...alright, ply me with more wine..." she laughed and held out her glass.

    Dylan poured them both another glass of wine and took a sip, "Morgan, I've reached the top...the top of the Secret Society...and I...I was able to talk to the sprites..."


    Morgan was aghast: "Dylan...oh my gawd...Dylan...does that mean...does that mean that the curse is broken? Oh my gosh...why didn't you tell me? But I don't get it...because I still feel this pull between us..."

    Dylan took a deep breath, "Well, here's the thing...I spoke to them...but...but they won't release me from the Kiss Curse..."


    Morgan shook her head, "What? Why not? Why won't they let you go?"

    Dylan then told Morgan about the sprites and meeting Ester Mudget's ghost.

    Morgan: "She was the founder, right? So....did they...did the sprites kill her because she abused them?"

    Dylan then told Morgan about Ester's story and told Morgan how he had updated the Urban Legends area on the ERAM to have everyone know the truth about Ester.


    Morgan: "And so...Ester talked to them and had them release you?"

    Dylan: "Well...almost...but I think before I tell you we should maybe put some space between us and move over to the grassy area..." Dylan led her over to where the tarp was and then backed up a few spaces.


    Dylan looked at Morgan lovingly, "Morgan, do you see that full moon up there?"

    Morgan looked to the sky, "Yes...it's so beautiful..."


    Dylan: "Well, that is called a Lover's Moon, and Ester told me that if you and I kiss under that moon that the curse will be broken..."


    Morgan turned and looked at him "Is that true or are you just saying that?"


    Dylan: "Well, I'm hoping it will be true. It's not a sure thing, Morgan. But I want to take a chance. It's all I have left. I came to Britechester to break the curse because I wanted to be with you, Morgan...just you...it's always been you. From the moment I first met you, I just couldn't get you out of my mind. You're all I think about. I know that in my heart that you are the one for me, Morgan...my true love. I need you to take this chance with me, Morgan, because I don't know how much more I can take. Morgan...I love you...dang it...I love you so much...."

    Morgan stood there looking at Dylan not quite sure what she just heard him say, "You love me?"


    Dylan walked towards her, "Yes, Morgan, I love you...you're stubborn and feisty, and you're the reason I want to get rid of this curse, so that I can finally kiss you...only you...believe me...that's all I've ever wanted to do...I've just wanted to kiss you..."


    Morgan looked at him and he noticed her lower lip quivering.


    Dylan looked in her eyes, "It'll be alright. Take off the necklace, Morgan. I know you're the only one I want to be with...the only one I want to spend my life with...I truly love you, Morgan. Take off the necklace so that I can kiss you and show you how much I love you..."

    Morgan looked at Dylan and clutched at the necklace and shook her head, "I can't...I'm scared of what will happen..."


    Dylan: "I know...you're scared that this won't work, and I might hate you. How could that happen, Morgan, when I am so much in love with you?"

    Morgan spoke between sobs, "I just....I just don't want to lose you, Dylan. I just want things to stay the same between us...I want you in my life, too, Dylan...but I'm so scared..."


    Dylan: "Morgan...you don't think I'm scared? I am. But I also know that I can't go on like this. Tonight, the pull between us is so intense. If you took off that necklace, Morgan, you would feel how strong it is. I'm fighting it...oh gosh...you have no idea. But I don't want to fight it anymore. I don't want to be like this with you anymore. I can't deny my feelings for you, Morgan, and I want to take a chance, and have something more with you. Didn't you ever wonder about it? About why the pull is so strong between us? Maybe it's been telling us all along that we are meant to be together...."


    Morgan looked at Dylan and she thought she saw some tears in his eyes, too.


    Dylan: "This is my last chance, Morgan. My last hope for breaking this dang curse. If you can't remove that necklace, then I don't think I can go on like this, Morgan. It's too painful being this close to you and not being able to hold you in my arms...to love you like I want to. So, if you can't remove the necklace, I understand, but I don't think I can be around you anymore either. It's too hard, Morgan...just too hard..."

    Morgan stood there looking at him and wondering what she should do. If she didn't take off the necklace, she would lose him anyway. She thought about how she felt about him, and then made a decision.


    Dylan looked at her sadly, "Or maybe you can't remove the necklace because you have feelings for someone else. Do you, Morgan....do you have feelings for Paolo? Do you have some doubts about us?"


    Morgan: "Paolo? No....oh no, Dylan...I don't have any feelings for Paolo...I'm sorry, I should have told you...he's my ex-boyfriend...we dated for a year in high school, and he dumped me. We saw each other at the Debate Showdown...but we're just friends...that's it..."

    Dylan: "Are you sure, Morgan? Because I don't think he just wants to be your friend. Last night he was leading you out to bring you back to his place...I intervened and didn't let it happen. But if....if you wanted it to happen...if there's still something there between the two of you...just tell me Morgan, and I won't bother you again..."

    Morgan: "Oh my gosh...he was going to do that? I can't believe it! Dylan, I had no idea...I don't even remember. Oh gosh, awhile back I told him we couldn't get back together because I had feelings for you...I don't want to be with Paolo...I want to be with you, Dylan. It's true, you're the only one I want to be with..."


    Dylan: "Then show me, Morgan...show me you want to take a chance on us, and stop hiding behind that necklace..."


    Morgan fingered the necklace. She felt her hands shaking and she looked at Dylan's pleading eyes and took a deep breath, "You're right, Dylan," she said reaching behind her to undo the clasp, "I've been hiding behind this necklace, but I don't want to hide anymore. I want to be with you, Dylan...only you...," she said trying to fight back the tears as she fully removed the necklace.


    Morgan dropped the necklace on the ground and was overcome with an intense pull, one that she had never felt before, "Ohhhhh.....it's so strong...how were you able to resist it...oh my gawd Dylan...."

    She saw Dylan come towards her, but he seemed to have that same dazed look in his eyes like he had when he had tried to kiss her in Windenburg and then the necklace had repelled him. He was under the curse's spell and there was no stopping him. He was going to kiss her, and she wanted him to.


    Morgan was sobbing and cried out suddenly, "Dylan....I love you...Dylan....do you hear me? I love you....oh my gosh, I love you..."



    But Dylan seemed oblivious to her words. He was in front of her then, and she knew he hadn't heard anything. And all Morgan remembered was Dylan taking her into his arms and kissing her...kissing her so very softly on the lips. She clung to him and didn't want him to let her go, didn't want the kiss to end.


    And when they parted, Dylan looked at her, "Dang! That was the best kiss I've ever had..." he said half smiling at her.



    Morgan looked at him and thought, "No garlic....there was no garlic taste...and...oh my gosh...Dylan said that it was the best kiss he ever had...oh my gosh...the curse...the curse is broken...!!!"


    And just as Morgan was about to wrap her arms around Dylan and give him another kiss, Dylan suddenly went into a daze. He then clutched at his stomach as if he was in pain.



    Dylan had an agonized look on his face and then suddenly collapsed, and lay prone on the ground.


    And in the still of the night, all that could be heard was Morgan screaming, "Noooooo! Dylan!"


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    "I see the bad moon a-risin', I see trouble on the way" lyrics from the song, Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1969.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Dylan maxed the Mixology skill. And the drinks that he prepared are really Morgan and Dylan's favorite drinks.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    So, yes, the Kiss Curse has finally been broken! Dylan actually kissed 51 sims in total, as I decided to end the 100 Bae Challenge early. It was taking too long to get to the point where he was going to kiss Morgan. Before this episode, he went to visit all his previous baes and asked them to be "Just Friends". Unfortunately, some wouldn't give this option, so he had to break up with them. The only two baes he has left are the ghost girlfriend, and the deceased sim.
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    July - Day 15: "We are never alone. We are all wolves howling to the same full moon..."


    While Cale and CJ were hanging out with the pack, their rage meter seemed to be static. They were there a long time, but it never moved. However, once they went back home, it quickly increased for Cale. CJ's seems to always go up much slower for him. No Somber Howl available again so Cale would have to try to regain control after he was fully rampaging. He did some scavenging for awhile and then isolated himself in the basement once he was near going over the top.

    He took a wolf nap while his family slept above.

    I was checking on his family, in particular CJ, when I saw something flash outside, it was George (formally Greg) running by their house. Gawd, he looks so angry and fierce!

    Cale transformed, fully enraged and immediately tried to regain control, hoping it would work this time.

    It did! Not only was he able to regain control, he is now a Veteran werewolf! Apparently packmates have such a kinship, Kris sensed Cale's accomplishment and promoted him to Delta in the pack as well!

    He received this cool statue/trophy as a reward for his promotion.

    Not only that, he now has the ability to mentor and share experiences with lower ranking members of the pack. When CJ woke up, Cale took the opportunity to mentor his Omega Son.

    Plus, he can now tunnel anywhere he wants and get there almost instantly. By the way, I was wrong about the next day being Monday and the full moon, it was actually Sunday. I don't know what made me think otherwise. After giving CJ tips on how to be a good pack member, Cale used his new skill to tunnel over to the Moonwood Collective hangout and donate some items to the pack.

    When he went back home, Somber Howl was again available, which was a good thing since his rage meter was increasing very fast now. Probably because he has a new temperament about wanting to be clean and his hygiene was tanking.

    I'm skipping the rest of Sunday, the family just did the normal things for them all day; playing video games, reading books, tending to the garden, painting, chat, chat, chat, cooking meals, lots of scavenging and hunting for Cale, etc.

    Cale and Sandy spent Monday morning together just hanging out enjoying some *cough* free time while the boys were at school. When they got home from school, CJ was very angry and on the verge of going into a full rampage. Another skill Cale now knows how to do is Pacify other werewolves when they are raging. He met CJ at the door and had a talk with him.

    "UGH! School was so annoying today! The bully kept calling me 'Wolfie,' a couple girls kept whispering and giggling in math class so I couldn't concentrate, I growled at them and they quit, but then later Jacob told me Kris has put me on probation with the pack because of it and then I snapped at Joe when we got home too. That's why he stomped away into the house when we got here. I'm so angry at myself for doing that and feel guilty too. GAH! This is so hard! I'm sick of it all, I just want to hit something!"

    "I understand. You're just like I was at your age, I was so hot-headed any little thing would set me off and then I'd snap at people. Aunt L. taught me some things that really helped. Maybe they'll help you too. Try taking three really deep breaths and then count to 10. I know it sounds very simple, but it works, trust me! "

    "If it doesn't? Well, you could try boxing to get your anger and aggressions out that way too. I know it helps me when I want to hit something. Why do you think I'm so fit?" Cale said with a wink.

    "Alright, I'll give it a try."
    "You should apologize to Joe too. That'll help with the guilt, and Kris will probably take you off probation as well."
    "I was planning to do that anyway, but good idea Dad. Okay, here goes!"

    CJ took three deep breaths and slowly counted to 10.

    Thankfully, it worked! He felt completely calm and all the rage disappeared. Later, he apologized to Joe and asked his Mom for werewolf sympathy. As a result of both actions, Kris took him off probation and he was again in good standing with the pack.

    Later that night as the full moon rose, Cale tunneled his way up to Howling Point.

    Bathed in the full moon's bright luminescence, Cale felt it pulling at his werewolf instincts causing him to let out an extremely loud, echoing howl to his packmates. He heard them howl back in unison to let him know they understood.

    The Moonpetal flower was said to blossom only during a full moon. However, it wasn't doing anything yet. It looked the same as the other times Cale had visited Howling Point. Perhaps the full moon needed to be higher in the night sky? Since he was tired from everything he'd done that day anyway, Cale curled up on the ground and took a wolf nap to wait. As he slept, the beautiful mysterious plant's petal blossoms unfurled and began to pulse and glow.

    When he awoke, he harvested three flower blossoms to take home.

    Cale was also very hungry but didn't have any harvestables I wanted him to eat in his inventory. At least I didn't think so until he opened some fan mail. Someone had sent him a wolf eel! I knew from afai1261's challenge werewolves could eat raw fish, so that's what he did! Expensive meal, but there was one more thing he wanted to do before going back home.

    Cale lay down again on the cold snow covered ground to moonbathe. However, it was a bad idea! His rage meter started to rapidly increase! D'oh! I should've known that would happen.

    Back home, Cale poured himself a drink and took it into the livingroom to watch a comedy show. Perhaps between the two he'd be able to relax and lower his rage a little.

    (Pfft, who is this hack? He's not funny. I'm funnier than that clown.)
    (This isn't working.)

    Cale stood up with a long suffering sigh to take care of his empty glass and then smiled when he had an idea of what might make him feel better.

    Cale stood staring at Lance's tombstone and then burst out laughing as he'd done before. It did help a little to lift his mood, but once he returned home, the rage meter began to speed toward a full blown rampage. Why? Well, Sandy was awake and seeing her made him flirty. They probably shouldn't have woo hoo'ed multiple times, but...ah well. Cale kissed Sandy one last time and went to the basement.

    Once Cale was safely secured in his rage room, he realized that CJ was also down there, he couldn't hear him tearing anything apart, but as a packmate and his Father, he could sense him there. Here's the reason he couldn't hear anything, CJ was browsing the web on his phone. I guess teens will be teens, even when going through a werewolf rampage.

    Cale was able to regain control once again and walked over to suggest his Son try to do the same. With his Dad cheering him on, CJ tried his best.

    And was successful! His first try and he did it!

    "I'm so proud of you Son, you're stronger than I am, it didn't work for me the first time I tried to regain control."

    "Thanks, but nah, I'm not stronger, it's because I have a great mentor who just so happens to also be my fantastic Dad. You're the best!"

    Cale was speechless. What CJ said choked him up more than a little. He just smiled, struggling to hold back tears and hugged his Son a little tighter.

    The full moon finally set and Cale completed the initial aspiration! Yay! He now has the Emissary for the Moonwood Collective aspiration.
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    June 5 - To Places Unknown

    Morgan was beside herself. She had just kissed Dylan and now he was...he was dead? She knelt down beside him and saw that he was still breathing. But something was wrong, she had to call for help. She reached for her cell phone and then realized she had left it in the house.


    Morgan started to cry, "Oh gosh...Dylan...it'll be fine...you'll be alright...I need to...I need to get Wolfgang..."

    Morgan ran into the house screaming his name, "Wolfgang...Wolfgang...come quickly...something has happened to Dylan..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Just parked behind the moving van, Antonio and Odd Job had been watching the house. They knew, from the comings and goings throughout the day, that there were three sims left. They would just have to bide their time and wait until that Healy kid came out of the house alone. And then they would nab him.

    Odd Job: "Hey, look, there's the kid and that cute girl coming outside. Looks like they're going to have some romantic dinner together..."


    Antonio: "Yeah, she's one of his roomies. One thing I gotta say for Healy is that he's got good taste in chicks. She's a real hottie..."

    Odd Job: "So are we gonna nab him now?"

    Antonio: "No hang on, I'll give the Boss a call and see what he wants us to do."

    Antonio made a quick call and then clicked off and turned to Odd Job, "The Boss just wants the kid, but he also wants the job done tonight. If it gets too late, he wants us to nab both of them. If Healy has a thing for this girl, it might give us some extra leverage for what the Boss needs."


    Odd Job cracked his knuckles and opened the bag containing the tranquilizers, "Ahhh...how sweet...and then they can both sleep in the back and dream of each other..." he said laughing.

    They waited for a bit watching some exchange between Dylan and the girl. And then suddenly, they saw Dylan collapse on the tarp and the girl he was with run into the house.


    Antonio perked up: "This is our chance! That Healy kid must have had too much to drink and passed out. He looks stone cold on the ground. Let's go. Hurry, before "red" comes back."


    Odd Job inched the pick-up truck out from behind the moving truck and parked it as close as possible to where Dylan lay.


    Antonio and Odd Job quickly got out of the pick-up and lifted Dylan and carried him towards the pick-up truck. They hoisted him up on the flatbed and Antonio thought he saw Dylan's eyes flutter.

    Antonio: "Give him the shot! He's coming to..."

    Odd Job took the syringe out of his pocket and jabbed it in Dylan's arm, and Dylan's head suddenly lolled to one side "That should be good for a few hours. He won't be waking up anytime soon..."

    Antonio: "Cover him with that tarp and let's get out of here!" Now!"


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Morgan had run inside screaming Wolfgang's name and heard him shout that he was upstairs.

    Morgan: "Wolfgang! You've got to come quick...Dylan collapsed outside...he's breathing...but he's not moving..."


    Wolfgang was packing one of his bags when he heard Morgan: "What? Did he have too much to drink? Did he pass out?"


    Morgan: "I don't know...he had just...er....kissed me..."


    Wolfgang looked at her and noticed the necklace was missing, "Dang! He kissed you? Freakin'-tastic! Oh plumb...don't tell me you tasted garlic when you kissed...did you...?"


    Morgan shook her head, "No...no garlic...it was good...real good...but then he collapsed..."

    Wolfgang thought for a moment, "Oh yeah...just like in Windenburg when he got cursed to start with...oh geez you weren't there...you don't know..."

    Morgan: "What are you talking about? Come on, we've got to help him..."

    Wolfgang: "He's fine...the curse is broken! You helped him break the curse, Morgan...I knew it! When he first got cursed in Windenburg, he sort of collapsed after he and Veronica...umm...yeah...but then he got up...he was rather dazed, though. I think it's just a reaction to the curse being dispelled. It released him. I knew it...I just knew you two were meant to be..."


    Morgan half cried and half laughed, "Yes...oh my gosh...yes...I think the curse is broken, too..."

    Wolfgang: "Come on, we'll bring him inside. You know, when he told me all about this and wanted me to stay here at the house in case anything happened, I told him not to worry..." he rambled on.


    Morgan stopped and looked at him, "What? You knew all about this? You knew what had happened with the sprites...?"

    Wolfgang: "Oh plumb! I wasn't supposed to tell you...oh dang...don't be mad....he told me...and he wanted me to be here for you in case his plan backfired..."

    Morgan shook her head, "He said that? He wanted you to be here for me in case something went wrong?"

    Wolfgang: "Yeah...Dylan really cares about you Morgan...he has for a long time..."


    Morgan bit her lip and just nodded her head, too choked up in her emotions to say anything.


    Wolfgang: "...and you care for him, too, Morgan...now, come on, let's get Dylan inside and then I'm heading to Bryon's so you two can be alone..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Morgan and Wolfgang exited the house and saw two sims opening the doors to a pick-up truck. One guy turned and Wolfgang immediately recognized him as one of the guys from the club in Windenburg. Plum it! The mob is here! And then he noticed Dylan laying in the back of the truck.


    Wolfgang shouted angrily: "Hey stop! Stop! What are you doing? Where are you taking him? STOP!"

    Antonio turned and recognized Wolfgang from the club in Windenburg, too. The kid who had been twirling his necklace like a chain protecting Dylan, "You're too late blondie...he's mine now..." he laughed and jumped in the truck.


    And even though Wolfgang and Morgan ran after them, the pick-up truck had sped off so fast that they were unable to stop them.


    Wolfgang: "Morgan...it's the mob...they've got him...I recognize that guy from Windenburg..."


    Morgan started crying again, "Noo....Wolfgang...they're going to kill him. We have to do something...we have to stop them..."


    Morgan looked down on the ground and saw something, "What's that?" she said as she was about to pick it up.

    Wolfgang grabbed her hand, "Don't touch it! It's a syringe...they must have drugged him. It might have fingerprints on it...maybe it will track them..." he said as he got a tissue out of his pocket and carefully picked up the syringe.


    Morgan looked at Wolfgang, her tears streaming down her face, "I know where they're taking him, Wolfgang...they're taking him to Strangerville...he's got something they want...he told me the whole story..." she uttered unable to stop crying.

    Wolfgang gave Morgan a hug, "It'll be alright. We need to call the police right now..."


    Morgan: "...He's in danger, Wolfgang...we've got to help him..."

    Wolfgang: "...Don't worry Morgan...we're going after him..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Sorry for the dark screenies and lighting issues. I had screenshotted this chapter and the previous one the entire night, and this is the time of day when it suddenly goes dark. No light fixtures seemed to help. It was also overcast the following day.

    The pick-up truck has a bed in the back, which was placed using the move objects cheat. The bed used is the debug double bed from the Eco Lifestyle pack because it is rather worn. I placed other objects in the truck as well, so it looked like they were just moving someone from Britechester back home.
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    @SoulGal7 ,
    so Wolfie and Morgan are getting after Dylan! Getting exiting!

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    *Updated my July 15th post above! I apologize it took me so long to get this posted and didn't do comments yet. I messed up though with what day it was in Cale's world and I didn't want to delay by another day before I posted about him experiencing the full moon to complete the first aspiration. So I continued to play longer than I should've and it was way too late when I was finished to post. I'll do comments now. Thanks for understanding! I hope y'all have a wonderful day/night! <3
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    hehe Thanks! I'm glad you like it, I do too! I wasn't sure at first, but it just looks so fierce, like werewolf should look I wanted to use it, even if Cale does always try to keep control as much as possible. :)

    I guess I should've had Cale do a Supernatural Smackdown with Nik eh? That was probably his initial instinct and what Nik was there for anyway. Even though I know he's a 'good' vampire, they are natural enemies. Ah well...

    I would LOVE hybrids! I'm still hoping for Shapeshifters too so I can do my tribute to a series of my favorite novels. :)

    I love that screenshot too, he looks so good eh? Thanks for the comments! <3

    Yes, the sparring is similar to vampire sparring, but a bit different animations. No worries about not knowing much about the werewolves pack, you'll get there eventually. Oh yeah, I understand, you love vampires! I love them too, so much more than I used to thanks to you! <3

    AHHH! Poor Sean getting hit by lightening. Especially really fried that one eye eh? o.O hehe I see Oona still isn't very thrilled with eating tomatoes. Girl, I totally understand! Nice that Oona can at least shower at the gym. Hopefully she gets her own house soon! :)

    Very sweet of Dylan to be so gentle and nice to Morgan with her hangover. I wouldn't expect anything less though since he loves her.

    Fantastic graduation screenshots, they all look so good! I've never seen those cap and gowns though, are they in the debug menu?

    Wow, yeah, what a mess to clean up. Very sweet of Wolfgang to hang back and start cleaning and repairing everything. Very cool how you moved Aaron and Hunter to Windenburg after cheating to give them their degrees and plan to move the others with makeovers too. Love you got them all in jobs for their degrees too!

    Thanks about the avatars, obviously I agree since I decided to use the new one already. :)

    YAY! They finally got their spaghetti dinner and kissed! Wow! Didn't expect Morgan would be so hesitant about it at first, but I guess I understand. But then, Dylan...faints? Passes out? I know he couldn't have died. No way would you do that to him, to us! o.O

    Whoa! Okay, I suspected that the mob might've put something in Dylan's plate of spaghetti to knock him out, but that wasn't the case as Wolfgang explained to Morgan. It was just the curse overwhelming his body as it left. However, then those two bozos moved in an took him and DID drug him. Gah! So, so glad Dylan told Morgan his story now so she knows where they are taking Dylan. Go get him guys, you can do it! Fantastic update! Loved it so much! <3
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    July 16th: An unexpected encounter

    When I opened my eyes I found myself in a softly lit capsule that immediately opened up into a brightly lit room as I tried to sit up.


    My heart started to race a mile a minute as I took in the unfamiliar surroundings. Had my father taken me in the night!? I always imagined a vampires residents would be more dimly lit, but what did I know?


    There was a mirror on one side of the room that I was almost certain was a one way mirror. Was I being observed? I looked around for a door and found myself staring into the angry eyes of a vaguely familiar woman.


    "You!" I shouted, even as I scrambled to remember where I knew her from. "Where am I!? What's going on!?"
    "Adam," she said evenly, despite her apparent anger, "We've brought you here for some much needed rest as well as a warning. You have not been careful and apparently do not understand the great danger that you are now in."


    Suddenly I remembered where I'd seen her before.
    "You were in StrangerVille," I said trying to put the pieces together. "You warned me about being watched or something."
    She pinched the bridge of her nose and looked like she was about to let me have it.
    "I said you where being observed," she said shortly, "but that's besides the point right now. Please follow me."
    Well it was better option than standing here in my pajamas being watched by who-knows-what.
    When I rounded the corner I jumped back and almost yelped out loud.


    Aliens!? Had I just been abducted by aliens!?

    The alien ignored me and continued to use their computer-like-thing, and I followed the mystery girl through a few more doors into a room that seemed oddly familiar.
    The walls looked like the inside of one of my containers and were lined with things I'd seen during my travels. But the biggest shock was a framed photo of myself with Kaori and Carol. My fear began to diminish and I started to get a little angry myself.
    "What is all of this about?" I growled, "What are you trying to prove?"
    "Please sit down," she gestured to a couple stacks of tires that looked suspiciously like the ones I was using back home. "Let me enlighten you."
    I sat down and waited.


    "Adam," she began, "I decorated this room to remind you that despite your parentage you've been able to rise above and make a wonderful life with your wife and daughter. You've learned magic, graduated college, defeated the Mother plant, explored ancient tombs, and so much more. Why have you given up all of these things on this mad quest to face your father. He will kill you."


    "Look," I said, feeling my anger rising, "I need you to answer a few questions for me before I go about explaining the reasons behind my actions, who are you and why do you seem so interested in me and my life?"


    She gave me a long hard look before nodding. "I suppose you deserve a refresher," she said with a sigh, "although I do wish you would stop choosing to forget us between visits. This does get tedious."

    OK, now she'd lost me.

    She must have seen my confused look, because she continued before I could begin to ask my growing list of questions.

    "My name is Allyson Estella and I am your half-sister."


    I just sat there and stared, what?
    "We share the same mother," she explained. "Vampires were not her first try at conceiving a child of mixed heritage. I was her first, but my people took me away from her at an early age when they discovered her true intentions where to study me."
    "So are you..." I started to ask, unsure how to phrase it.


    "Alien?" she asked with a hint of a smile. "Yes, of course."
    "Huh" was all I managed to say before she continued.
    "Since then, I have made it my business to watch over all my younger siblings, giving them help when they have need of it.
    You have been up here many times, especially when you where a child as you had very little love in your life at that time and were in need of positive interactions. We would bring you up here almost every night and go and explore different places on Earth as well as Sixam, our planet; but we were required to wipe your memory of it every morning so that you're mother would never find out.
    Once you were older you were allowed to keep your memories, but you told us remembering only made returning hurt worse, so we continued to wipe your memory after every visit.
    After you left your mother we only brought you up here a couple of times when you were really struggling, as we wanted to respect your autonomy, but now I have to put my foot down Adam. You've become far too reckless in your actions, you've passed out cold in the rain twice since you left your family and you are purposely trying to lure a blood thirsty killer to yourself. I can't sit by and idly watch anymore. Please explain yourself."


    Well this was a lot to take in, but it did explain those dreams I had as a child of flying to different planets. I took a deep breath as I tried to organize my thoughts.
    "So this is a lot to take in," I began, "but I want you to know I'm doing my best not to freak out right now. So putting aside everything you just told me for a later discussion, let's discuss your concerns.
    First of all I'd like to point out that if I never face Darius, I'll forever be on the run, myself as well as my family. Second, I've been informed that my father was planning on kidnapping my daughter to use against me. I cannot let that stand unchallenged or Carol will never be able to have a normal life.
    Third, I've been neglecting my needs and looking as pathetic as possible to make myself an easy target. If my father thinks I'm miserable and cast out he's more likely to welcome me into his inner circle, which is the perfect place to discover his weaknesses and use them against him."


    I fell silent and studied her face, gauging her reaction to my explanation.
    "It's a risky plan," Allyson said after a short silence. "There's got to be a better way."
    "You could always wipe his memory of me and my family," I said, "since you mentioned you can do that sort of thing."
    "There's several reasons I can't do that," Allyson said. "My people have rules against interfering with other species. Since we're technically related they give me more wiggle room, but they would frown upon me wiping the memory of another without good reason. There is also the fact Darius is a Master Vampire and may not react to being mind wiped in a typical manner. It would again be too risky."


    "Then if you are unable to help, I see no other course of action" I said, suddenly feeling a bit drained.
    "There is one thing I can give you," Allyson said standing up. "It's not much, but if you get into trouble it may give you some extra time to act."
    She pulled out a box and handed it to me.


    When I opened it I discovered a strange looking gun, and I looked up at her with a questioning look. "A ray gun?" I asked in jest.
    She smiled. "Not quite," she said. "It is a freeze gun. If you point it at another it will temporarily immobilize them for a short time. If you do use it, it will send an alert to me and we will come and remove you if necessary."
    I smiled and gave her a quick hug, "Thank you Allyson," I said, "this means a lot."


    "I admire you're bravery Adam," she said holding me close, "but please be careful."
    I pulled back and put the gun away. "So, an alien huh?" I asked. "Do you have any special abilities?"
    She smiled and put her fingers to her temples, releasing a mental blast that shook me around a bit.


    "I can read your aura," she said. "You are an adventurous sim who doesn't like having to work a normal job but also experiences bouts of paranoia. Of course I could have told you that without analyzing your personality, but it is one of my abilities."
    "And do you look like this or do you look more like the one I saw out there?" I asked.
    "This is a disguise I use when interacting with your kind," Allyson explained. "Do you wish to see my true form?"
    I nodded and she dropped her disguise for me.



    "You look amazing!" I said.
    She thanked me and we sat back down to chat a little more about her life and what she did.


    When I heard she worked with her two half-sisters I asked if I might meet them.
    We returned to the area we'd passed through earlier and Allyson introduced me to Lacy who captained the ship we were on. She saluted me and welcomed me aboard once again.


    The other sister, Maddison, stepped up and also gave me a salute, asking whether I would be choosing to retain my memories this time.


    I chose to remember.

    They set me back down on my property a little while later, clothed and well rested.


    I waved as they flew off and looked around wondering if any of that had been observed.


    I spent the rest of the day doing some cleaning and other small jobs I needed to get done, including building a candle making station.

    I needed some time to myself to process everything I'd just learned.
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    July - Day 16: "Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are..."


    Cale went to his pack hangout the next day to contribute and store some items for the benefit of everyone. He was stopped by Kris just getting there himself.
    "Hey Cale, I just wanted to thank you for everything you're doing for the pack."

    "Keep it up and you'll make Beta in no time."
    "Beta? But...isn't Lily the Beta?"
    "Yes, but the pack can have more than one. It's the Alpha where there can only be one."
    "Oh, I didn't know that. I guess I have some more reading to do."
    "It's okay, you're learning to be a fine werewolf Son and I'm proud of you."
    "Wow Kris, that's high praise coming from you. I'm flattered."

    "There is one thing you could do better though. I know it's tough to get out and be an emissary for werewolves when you're just learning how to control the rage. But I know from what you've told me and from my mentoring you that you're getting better at it. Tell me, do you know any other werewolves or occults?"

    "Not any other werewolves, no. Just the four of you and my Son besides...my Step-Dad, but he's gone now. However, some of my friends are occults, especially Spellcasters since I was one, Sandy and Joe are both Spellcasters too. And of course there's L., which you already know, and the other Sages."

    "But I do also have some very good friends, more like family that are vampires."
    "You do? How wonderful! Do they know you are a werewolf now?"
    "No, not very many from my old life know except L., Simeon and Morgyn, or have a clue we're even here at all."

    "Oh, well that's a shame. I was hoping you could perhaps talk to them and share the pack's beliefs. No matter, there are plenty of occults that hang around Moonwood Mill. Some are just curious, others are looking for answers to their, and our, history, a few are here to pick fights with us as well. You'll find most of them at the bar owned by Celene. She is a friend of the Moonwood Collective."

    "Ah, I see Wolfgang is here, come, let's have a chat with him about this. He's a very good emissary for us since he meets all kinds of beings at the Library."

    After having a chat with Wolfgang and Kris, it was decided that Cale should try the bar first and then perhaps hang out at the Library with Wolfgang and help him spread the word there. Kris told Cale while he was at the bar, he should look for a somewhat hidden entrance to an area only accessible by werewolves. He would know he'd found it when he saw it.

    Cale stayed a bit longer hoping Lily would show up too, but she was busy with other things today it seemed and Jacob was at school. It was suggested he start his new position as an emissary for the collective tomorrow. But Cale decided there was no reason really to wait since the boys were at school and Sandy was busy painting today.

    He walked to the bar and decided to see if he could find the werewolf hangout first. He found what looked like a bunker entrance and knew it had to be what Kris was talking about by the rough painting of a werewolf on the double doors. He tried them, but they wouldn't open. Why? He was a werewolf, they should open for him. Then he realized he was still in his normal form. Cale transformed and the door opened for him after that.

    Unfortunately there was nobody there, he had the place to himself. Looking around he saw all kinds of activities to do there, places to sit and chat, gym equipment, a kitchen and even a bedroom area. Everything wasn't in the best condition, but for new werewolves needing a place to stay, or for werewolf friends to go and hang out in peace, it was perfect.

    Cale turned on some music on the jukebox and decided to do some commando training as long as he was there anyway.

    He looks tough eh? Probably just me since I'm biased, of course, but I think he looks really, really good as a werewolf.

    When he'd had enough of that Cale noticed another door he hadn't investigated yet. To his surprise, it seemed to have another entrance or exit to the area. However, when he took a look inside, he realized it was another way to get into the tunnels below. With nothing better to do at the moment, he went inside to see what he could find. I was hoping he'd find another exit connection, but no such luck. However he did find an area filled with a haunting melody playing from somewhere, crystals dotted around the rounded room and interesting portraits that seemed to tell a story. Looking around he found a Wolfum element too. What luck!

    He left the bunker after that and went to order something to eat at the bar. Hopefully while he sat and ate, he'd meet some other occult members to speak with about werewolves.

    It wasn't long before, as predicted, the area filled with all kinds of different occult members. Cale had enhanced smell now so he could tell who they were. He stopped a vampire just approaching the bar and had a talk with him. He introduced himself and the vampire said his name was Malcom Landgraab. He didn't look too keen on the idea of being friends with a werewolf at first, notice the frown.

    I wonder how Cale would've felt if he'd known he was talking to Marley and Mallory's Dad, the Grandfather to three of his unknown to him children.

    Cale was very convincing with his arguments why werewolves should have the sympathy of vampires instead of being feared and hated. He argued that the false rumors spread by his ancestors shouldn't color his feelings about modern day werewolves, most were good beings and only wanted to live in peace amongst everyone.

    Malcom was won over by Cale and even gave him a high five, promising to spread the word that werewolves weren't savage animals out to kill everyone at all. He admitted that somehow he'd known this to be true anyway. He'd been coming to Moonwood Mill for a long time and hadn't noticed very many bad or mean werewolves.

    Unbeknownst to Cale, Wolfgang had been watching from the sidelines how he would handle being an emissary for the collective. He smiled watching Cale use his amicable personality to win over a vampire! This was amazing! He reported back to Kris what he'd seen who promoted Cale to Beta right away.

    While Cale had been talking to Malcom, he noticed Wynter Myst sitting at the bar looking a bit blue, literally. The girl was freezing! He had a chat with her, talking about the old days in Mt. Komorebi, and then told her the story of how he was a werewolf now. She too agreed werewolves had been unjustly judged by the world.

    He asked her then if she was cold, he knew she was, but perhaps she didn't realize or forgot, maybe had too many drinks or something to think about it. He suggested perhaps she should change into something a bit warmer. Wynter took his advice and thanked him with a hug before she left to go home to her Son, Raine. Of course, Raine is also Cale's Son, but he had no idea about that.

    Sitting at the bar during all this was another vampire, Keisha, one of your Sims @afai1261! She admired Cale for what he'd done to help Wynter, smiling his way. Unfortunately, Cale left right after Wynter to head over to the Library so he didn't get a chance to talk to her. Hopefully she'll be back and he can talk her into having sympathy for werewolves too.

    Cale had just walked into the library when he heard someone behind him call his name.

    "Cale? Cale Conrad?"
    "Yeah, that's me- ERIC! Hey! What are you doing here?"
    "I was just about to ask you the same thing! So good to see you Cale. I've missed you in DSV. The town just isn't the same without you. You left acting and then just disappeared it seems."

    "I live here now, with Sandy and my boys. At least... temporarily anyway."
    "You do? Well cool, perhaps we'll see each other more then. My sister lives here."
    "She does? Well that's cool. Is she a werewolf?"

    "Uh, well, no, but her partner is. How could you know that?"
    "I'm a werewolf."
    "You...you're a...a werewolf too? That's incredible! How'd that happen?"

    Cale and Eric sat down and had a nice long chat catching up on their lives. What a coincidence how their lives had ended up somewhat intertwined in a way. Eric of course has sympathy for werewolves, but hadn't thought to tell anyone else why they should as well. He thought that werewolves only lived in Moonwood Mill and wanted where they lived to remain a secret.

    Cale asked that he not tell anyone, at least for now where Cale could be found, he didn't want hoards of fans to flood Moonwood Mill looking for him, which of course Eric could understand. The two old friends parted ways after awhile since it was getting late promising to keep in touch.

    Back home, Cale was surprised with a hug from Joe as soon as he arrived.
    "What's this for?"
    "No reason really, I just felt like it."
    "Okay, well I'm not going to ever turn down hugs from you, you can hug me whenever you feel like it."

    Cale went in search of Sandy and found her just headed into the kitchen. He took her in his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
    "Aww Cale, you're so sweet, what's that for?"
    "No reason, I just felt like kissing my lovely bride to be."

    Later that evening Cale took CJ with him to go on a hunt for food. He'd learned how to lead a hunting party and wanted to share the experience with his Son.

    "What a rush! That was so fun Dad. We sure got a lot of meat now."
    "Ohhh Yeahhh! Nothing better to eat than fresh raw meat in my opinion."
    "I never, ever thought I'd agree with that, but I do now. Yum!"

    Cale could feel his rage rising. No matter how hard he tried to keep it under control, the moon would always win that battle. Grabbing a book, he went out on the porch to rock and read hoping he could lessen it a bit anyway. Not long after he sat down, Joe wandered out to sit in the other rocker and do his homework. He gave Cale a smile, who smiled back and they both went back to reading.

    I noticed an option for Cale to 'blow off steam' on the punching bag, so he tried that to see if it would help lessen his rage. It didn't lower it, but it did keep it from rising while he was boxing at least. Perhaps a cold shower would help.

    He was just about to get in the shower when Sandy stepped into the room wearing only a towel. She gave him a lusty look that he'd seen many times on her beautiful face before and sent one back of his own as she walked over to him.

    Annnnd, that's where I left off playing for the night. Cale's rage meter is almost maxed out, so I'm sure after he and Sandy have some love in the shower, he'll be headed down to the rage room. Let's hope he can regain control again.

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    July 5
    *screenshots taken before I gave Aaron the wolf form incorporating his facial scars*
    On a drizzly Monday morning, Aaron wandered through the forest, further down the path from Conan and Ricky's home, and came across a clearing he somehow hadn't noticed before for the amount of time he'd been here. There were a couple of planters housing some, well, plants.

    There was the chatter of unfamiliar voices, and he looked up to see a picnic table and quickly surmised that this must be near the Moonwood Collective's hangout.

    And there, emerging from a hole in a large tree trunk, was the Alpha himself.

    "Kristopher," Aaron began, walking over to greet the older werewolf.
    Kristopher gazed at him, smiling gently.

    "I... I think I need to apologise for the amount of times Ricky's had to tell me you wanted to see me," he continued, feeling a bit guilty. "I think I was just... finding it difficult to process everything that's happened since I was bitten..."

    Kristopher held up a hand. "I believe we were all in that situation at some point or another," he said. "There's no need to apologise, Aaron. And as I'm sure Ricky has told you multiple times, we're here to help. Taking in and mentoring young werewolves, helping them become their best selves and taking control of the beast within... It's what I do, it's what we all do. We are so much more than the wild beasts we're perceived as. And please, call me Kris."
    Aaron relaxed a little. It did feel good to actually get out and talk to others, and the reassurance in Kris' words made him wonder why he ever refused to meet him for dinner previously.

    Kris nodded toward the planters that Aaron had been looking at earlier. "We believe in the value of self-sufficiency, and so we like to keep that garden. Ricky told me that you like to garden, yourself...?"
    "Yes!" Aaron said, genuinely grinning for perhaps the first time since his arrival in Moonwood Mill.

    They talked all manner of things plants and gardening into the afternoon, when Aaron excused himself to go hunting. When he returned to the clearing, he met Kris' adopted son, Jacob.

    At the mention of 'adopted', Aaron finally told Kris about the family he was hoping to return home to - his husband, Hunter, and their own adopted children. Kris' expression changed to one of determination, and he placed a hand on Aaron's shoulder, promising to help him become the best werewolf he could be for them, and that he'd find a way to let them know he was okay. There was one thing Aaron had knowingly neglected to mention, and he hoped like mad that it wouldn't be a barrier. He never told Kris that Hunter was a vampire.

    Fresh from his chat with Kristopher and feeling revitalised with the promise that he would see Hunter and the kids plus Yoshi again, Aaron returned home to find Ricky looking at his bonsai shrubs.

    And it was finally then that Ricky told Aaron that he, like the rest of his pack, was a keen gardener, and it was like they were meeting for the first time all over again. Of course, for their first meeting Aaron had been in a great deal of pain after that first transformation, confused and fearful and despairing of never seeing the love of his life again, but knowing now that Ricky shared one of his favourite hobbies allowed for a much greater connection between them, and Aaron was already feeling much better about the future.

    That evening, Aaron headed out to Grimtooth's.

    And back at home, Ricky showed him his woodworking bench, and Aaron crafted himself a new violin.

    He wasn't surprised when Ricky asked him to spar early the next morning.

    And just for fun, Aaron challenged Ricky to tug-of-war.

    As he lay down next to Ricky to cloud gaze as the sun made its ascent, Aaron's thoughts turned to Hunter again.

    When they had married on Mount Komorebi's peak, Hunter had said that no matter what happened, he'd still love him for eternity. Aaron hoped that remained true even now, especially considering that he currently had no way of contacting Hunter at all. Plus the not-so-insignificant werewolf thing...
    He closed his eyes and drifted off.


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    Jul 13: "I spent the majority of the time standing there waiting for the wax to harden" :joy:
    Man candle making in TS4 sounds so boring LOL
    Great that the fabricator was cooperating this time :D Pretty handy invention too!

    Jul 14: Okay I loved this update, absolutely hilarious with Adam fighting all the gnomes :joy: Loved the title too :D
    "...my actions had angered the remaining gnomes resulting in them calling in reinforcements!" HAHAHA poor Adam, always awful when the gnome army triples in size :D
    Your descriptions of the ensuing battle between Adam and his ceramic foes are absolutely perfect, I always love the humour you sprinkle into your updates and this is no exception!
    And that's a decisive victory to Adam!
    Aww, he really needs a hug though... :cry:
    I don't think I've ever seen that bike design in game before, what a great find!
    Lilith is the bartender! o.O This is bad...

    Jul 15: Adam shouting forbidden words covered in dye, looking like a work of art :joy:
    Love the feather collection - "Where on Earth did these cats find a parrot!?" And had a good laugh at this :D
    "Beady little nozzle" HAHAHA
    Great painting! My sims should paint from reference more :D

    Jul 16: Now THIS is a twist I didn't see coming! :o
    I wondered if you were foreshadowing something with what Adam said about other planets in some previous month (when he was stargazing with Kaori in Granite Falls I think) but I definitely wasn't expecting him to actually be related to an alien.
    A half-sister. An alien half-sister... Wow. Of course Adam's mother would be that messed up...
    Adam's story just got a whole lot more interesting!

    Jul 13: Ooh, look at Cale's fierce expression while boxing! :love:
    Congrats for reaching Prime! HAHA oh man, that temperament though :joy: Aaron doesn't have that one, luckily, but he does have a really stupid one... (Wolf Brain, where if they do anything intellectual they get mad about it... So Aaron now hates doing anything at all related to logic and other 'smart' skills :neutral: )
    Oh wow, didn't know that Renga was part of a set of 4! Awesome!
    Love the pics of Cale raging lol, and especially love the one that you have as your new avy!
    HAHA oh man, hey Nik! You look very handsome today ;) Sad his strenuous cleaning efforts went unnoticed!
    Seeing a Supernatural Smackdown between Cale and Nik would have been amazing :D


    Yes, the animation for wolf nap is adorable so I make all my werewolves do it instead of sleeping normally lol

    Spellcaster eyes are just super glitchy in my game for some reason... And I had to remove my default replacement mermaid eyes to 'fix' it which sucks. But I think it worked. Her eyes are back to grey now and haven't randomly changed since :) It doesn't even make sense that her eyes changed colour. I guess I could understand if it was one of the 'occult' colours but they're the basic human grey eyes!

    I'd seen screenshots of dogs howling with werewolves on the forums but that was the first time I'd ever seen it in game :)

    Thank you about Aaron's wolf form! I'm glad you agree that he needed the scars too, it really elevates his wolf look :smiley:
    Prior to this the only experience I had with the paint tool was trying to paint a dog to look like a dragon. Don't ask LOL (and also it didn't work HAHA)

    The CC eyes you got for Cale suit him so well. May I ask where you got them? :)

    I think I do have time for Aaron to do all of the aspirations but I don't have a story reason for why he'd want to be a Wildfang or Lone Wolf so... ehh. Yes, Aaron's in the Moonwood Collective now, but I've played so far ahead it might be a while before it's official in an update here :D
    Glad you're supportive, but it probably won't happen. Just so you know. :)
    No worries, would have been cool though.


    Jul 14: And Junior (I mean, CJ ;) ) gets to meet Kris, yay!
    Of course he gets accepted into the pack!
    HAHA love Cale's facial expression in that sparring pic!
    Yup Lily is a tough one! She's autonomously sparred with Aaron like twice in my game :D Congrats to Cale for winning :smiley:
    Aww CJ looks so happy to have a new friend in Jacob <3

    Jul 15: LOVE the daily pic, such gorgeous colours! :love:
    Oh, that's fascinating that rage was static while they were with the pack. Very good to know!
    Hi Greg George!
    Congrats for reaching Veteran rank! Plus the pack promotion, and that is a very cool trophy!
    Ah, Aaron has that needing to be clean temperament now too! Does Cale have the 'groom self' perk? It's very useful with this temperament. I don't remember if you've ever said he does or not :sweat_smile:
    Glad my discovery about eating raw fish could help Cale :smiley:
    HAHA CJ on his phone :joy::joy:

    Jul 16: Adore confident Cale in that daily pic <3
    Ooh, the bunker! I keep forgetting it exists, Aaron hasn't been there yet :grimace: Just shows how well hidden it is :joy: Though of course I've been there with a werewolf in a different save.
    "Probably just me since I'm biased, of course, but I think he looks really, really good as a werewolf" - It's not just you :love::love: Cale is such a good looking wolf! is admitting that weird LOL
    Hello Malcolm, you don't look too happy :D Glad Cale could convince him that werewolves aren't that bad!
    *suddenly spots Keisha sitting at the bar in the background*
    Me: KEISHA!!!!!!!
    Ugh I know she's my own sim but daaaaang she looks hot in this screenshot :love:
    She's a spellcaster, not a vampire though :)
    Cool that Cale got to see Eric again too, and glad that Eric agreed to not let anyone know Cale's location.

    Jun 3: Aww Dylan taking care of Morgan is so sweet <3
    Look at everyone all fancy in their robes! And Aaron and Hunter! "Hunter decided to head to Larry's Lagoon and ran off" HAHAHA of course he did :joy: How rude of him to ruin the photo op :D
    And obligatory congrats to everyone for graduating ;)

    Aaron's in the military??? Ooh! Bet he'll look super hot in a uniform! Just as hot as he looked in Legacy's game ;) (Also, do you think you could maybe buff him up a bit to suit his new role as a Captain? :smiley: ) I hope he does show up in StrangerVille, that would be so awesome.
    And omg, Hunter being a food critic is hilarious :joy: "Acquired tastes and hates everything that is served" This made me laugh so hard, thank you.

    Jun 4: Freaking 🤔🤔🤔🤔 it Paolo just STOP :angry::joy:
    I did not tear up at Dylan's declaration of love for Morgan, nope! ;)
    FREAKING FINALLY! Took long enough LOL, Dylan and Morgan deserve to be together finally <3
    And then... he collapses... :grimace:

    Jun 5: Morgan crying makes my heart hurt... :bawling:
    And off to StrangerVille... good luck to Morgan and Wolfgang! Wonder how long Dylan will be captured for before they get him out...

    Day 3: Oh good grief, Sean in that daily pic :joy::joy:
    Ugh, poor Oona in all that rain...
    I should probably feel bad for laughing at that pic of fried Sean but it's just too funny LOL
    Also omg did his heterochromia mesh glitch???? That solid black eye is creepy o.O
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    @Karababy52 ,
    I love the first pic of earlier update, plus all the moon /scenery pics too <3 Intresting to read all this wolf stuff :smiley:
    Haha, Malcolm, " the Grandfather to three of his unknown to him children" , haha , Cale, better for you to keep it that way , you dont want to try with their great grandfather :D
    Great updates!

    @afai1261 ,
    Lovely to follow Aaron's doings in new world too! Im always found it funny what sims can craft , hehe like violin, there is much more in it than wooden cover :smiley:

    Oooh, very intresting ending indeed!!!!

    @RememberJoy ,
    wow, Adam had eventfull day :D

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,120 Member

    @afai1261 , Re: Sean's eye, yes, that cc eye did not like lightning xD

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Hi All! Loving everyone's stories. Comment time. Have a great day/night everyone!

    @Ellupelluellu -
    Fantastic daily shot! However, I am sure that poor Sean felt that pain. I love those shots of Oona looking upwards to the watcher like...what? I have to eat a tomato again? lol But the good news is that she found a shower! :)

    @RememberJoy -
    July 15 - Oh, Adam tangled with the fabricator and got "dyed" in his effort! lol Love the painting he did of the crane. And poor Adam passed out in the rain again. He is having a tough time with his needs. And...who is that glowing figure?

    July 16 - Wow! So, Adam has an alien sister, Allyson, who has been observing and helping him alk his life, but wiping his memory each time they connected. And she gives him a freeze ray as protection (love this...just like Ethren gave Dylan a freeze ray to ward against the bad guys. I love that freeze ray! lol). Anything, this is quite a shocker in what Allyson tells Adam. But this time, he decides to retain his memories.

    @afai1261 -
    July 5 - Love the tug-o-war daily photo. Finally Aaron heads over to Moonwood Collective and meets Kris. I think that when Aaron talks about his family to Kris, that Kris is even more determined to help him. Although Aaron doesn't tell him Hunter is a vampire. The love of gardening is universal, and Ricky even tells Aaron that he is a gardener, too. Love that Aaron crafted a violin. Love the sparring shots of him and Ricky. And then, cloudgazing and thinking of Hunter...and...oh gosh...his thoughts of Hunter are telepathically sent to Hunter and Hunter seems to know where he is!

    @Karababy52 -
    July 15 - What a great shot of Cale at the lookout howling at the moon as he experiences his first full moon, and also got the moon petals. Yes! And he controlled his rage, got promoted to Delta and got a trophy from his pack. He can now tunnel everywhere, too. So cool.

    July 16 - Cool that Cale sees Malcolm at the bar...lol...and, of course, gets werewolf sympathy from him. Nice that Kris thinks that Cale can be an Emissary for the group. I also love that shot of Cale as a werewolf, half dressed and doing some boxing, and then later on in his sim form in the same outfit also boxing. lol Nice shots. Oh yes....of course Sandy is going to join him in the shower...hehehe!!

    @afai1261 - On Your Comment to me
    I thought you would get a good laugh about Hunter being a Food Critic. When I had chosen their degrees, it was just so boring to always choose History or Economics, etc. and I chose Culinary for Hunter...and then remembered he was a vamp and would not really like "real" food. But then I saw the career choices, and thought that he could be this feared restaurant food critic and give scathing reviews of all restaurants. lol Sort of like a hot headed Chef Ramsay for restaurants - "you donkey". lol And no worries about beefing up Aaron. I still haven't moved out all the other challenge sims, because I just wanted to get Dylan out of Britechester...it took so long. So when I go in-game again, Aaron will be a new man! hehehe
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    Oh I'm so glad Aaron went exploring and found the collective hangout! Great most of all that he finally talked with Kris and realized he was a good man. I think Aaron mentioning his adoptive children helped too since that's something they both have in common. I'm just speculating here, but would think Kristopher might be a bit concerned Hunter is a vampire, but he wouldn't condem him for it. The biggest thing that he and the other members of the pack want is for all occults to live in harmony together. He might think it would be beneficial for the pack. Especially if Hunter becomes a friend of the collective, which I'm hoping that he does. :)

    I'm loving the fact Aaron is discovering himself his preconceived notions about those around him that care about him, are much different than he expected. They have common ground together which is a very good thing for him. :)

    Looks like he was having a lot of fun at the bar, and it was obviously Bear night. :D Oh wonderful! I'm so glad Aaron was able to make himself a violin. He looks so peaceful and content playing it. I haven't tested the stereotype yet, but I wonder if music in the pack has anything to help 'soothe the savage beast.' Does it help their rage? Perhaps make it static as boxing seems to do for Cale? I just don't know, but it would be cool if it does work.

    Oh I love that sparring match he had with Ricky! He look so fierce! <3 I'm guessing Ricky won that round just because Aaron is sort've bowing at the end as Lily was when Cale bested her. Love the hug they share at the end. Ah, tug-of-war! I haven't had Cale try doing that yet, but soon. :) Ooo! He bested Ricky in that battle, Go Aaron! \o/ So now they are tied as far as sparring goes. ;)

    Absolutely LOVE Aaron's dream sequence thinking about Hunter, the way you had it fade in was brilliant! <3 And then, it seems that Hunter might have the ability to sense that Aaron was thinking about him. It almost seems judging by the shocked look on his face he's figured out Aaron is a werewolf too. I'm guessing perhaps he has that ability because of their deep connection and the fact he's into all things paranormal. I hope this means he'll be able to find Aaron now. We shall see! <3

    Yeah, the Flirty one wouldn't be good for Aaron to have, at least not right now. Gah! I saw that temperament and yeah, I'm glad Cale didn't get that one. o.O Bummer for Aaron though. :( Thanks! I love Cale's new avy I made for him. Once I saw that screenshot, I just loved it myself and wanted to use it. I wasn't sure though given the fact he's not really like that anymore, but I'm sure he still has to have some residuals from the hot-headed and mean traits left since I didn't use a retraiting potion to remove them.

    Perhaps there will be a Supernatural Smackdown in Cale's future. However, not at the moment. He's trying to be a very good emissary for the pack. Something would have to trigger his anger with another occult to make that happen. Hmmm...

    Aww bummer you had to remove the CC mermaid eyes. CC can be a bit glitchy that way sometimes. Yep, it just makes sense Aaron would have his new scars sort've showing through his fur like Cale and I agree, he looks fantastic with them! A dragon? Oh boy, that's an ambitious project. No way would I ever try to tackle something like that, but I know others have tried it. I wonder if Pugowned or theKalino has made one? Wouldn't surprise me.

    Oh Cale's CC werewolf eyes are a default set for all werewolves by SimMelliG called Ravyn Eyes Werewolves. You can find a link here to download them, just scroll down a little to find them. I also use CC to remove the shine from werewolf eyes by helgatisha. You can find a link here to download it.

    Exactly the reason I don't think I'll be doing the Wildfangs or Lone Wolf aspirations. There is no good reason why Cale would realistically do them. I can think of one reason for the Wildfangs, but not sure I want to pursue it, but not Lone Wolf.

    hehe I love his opened mouth look in that sparring pic too! It's just so funny! I really like Lily, she seems like such a 'motherly' Sim to everyone, but look out when she's being a fierce werewolf! o.O Yes, I've been thinking about perhaps making them the best of friends as Jacob mentioned. They need to hang out more though. I've been so busy trying to get Cale's new aspiration finished, not much time for any other members of the family.

    It seemed to be static for Cale and CJ anyway while at the hangout. I could be mistaken, but they were there a long time. Maybe it's just because being with the pack didn't affect any of his temperaments? Ah, Aaron has the 'clean' one too. No, Cale doesn't have that perk or the 'marking' territory perk either, even though he has that temperament. I just...don't see Cale as the type that would go around peeing everywhere or licking himself so I didn't have him get those. CJ doesn't have them either.

    HAHA! Yeah, I laughed when I saw him with that cheesy look on his face, thought it was perfect combined with him standing by the bunker doors with the werewolf painting. Cale didn't know about it either until Kris mentioned it. James Turner did a great job of trying to 'hide' it, even if it is still very visible from the backside of that lot. That bunker would be perfect for Rags to Riches werewolves!

    Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks he looks so good as a werewolf, it's not weird at all! At least to me anyway. hehe

    I used that first screenshot specifically because it showed Keisha and a very blue Wynter. hehe I knew you'd spot her right away. She IS hot, it's just a fact! ;) Spellcaster! Gah! I should've had Cale do his enhanced smell thing so I knew for sure or looked it up, sorry about that. :/

    I was so happy when Eric showed up at the library! He and Cale are really good friends. Incidentally, the Sim with the big hat behind them is the possessed Sim he befriended in StrangerVille and helped him defeat the Mother, Aurora Royal. He has a child with her too, of course.

    Thanks! This is another world that is so beautiful with stunning sunrises/sunsets. Makes for some great scenic screenshots. Love all the snow on the pine trees too. I'm ready for Spring/Summer for Cale now though. Oh! That's right! Greg is both the Great Grandfather and also Uncle to some of Cale's children! He has twins with Cordelia. o.O I wonder how he'd react if he knew his children were related to Grim. :o

    Thanks, those shots are some of my favorites so far. :) Yes, Cale is rising through the ranks quite fast now and has so many more abilities. He's actually Beta now in the pack which is the highest rank below Alpha. Glad you think he looks good as a werewolf too! Cale loves fitness, so it made sense he'd be drawn to the punching bag in the bunker, and at home. It helps to control one of his temperaments which keeps the rage from rising too. Absolutely LOVE the tunnel feature, it saves so much time! <3 Now, his time in the shower with Sandy? All things flirty make his rage rise, so...but hey, I'm not about to try to stop them from loving each other. I'm sure he'd willingly sacrifice getting more enraged for that. ;)

    I wanted to get comments finished first before I play for today's update, I'll post that later. Hope y'all are having a wonderful day/night! <3
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    July 17th: Candles and Bugs

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Master Maker
    - Fabricate 5 items
    - Reach level 7 in fabrication

    Today I threw myself thoroughly into creating. I started by making a candle at my new candle station, and it was nice not to have people breathing down my neck as I waited for my candle to harden.


    When I was done, I realized I still needed a few extra parts, so back to the Maker Space I went to reface my old enemy, the fabricator.


    Fortunately it was behaving today and I was able to make the parts I needed without incident.


    I was even able to finally make the gardening box I'd failed to make last time. It was a good day!

    When I headed outside I noticed a couple of bug boxes people were gathered around, so I went to check out what the hype was about. Once I got to hold one of the beetles I knew I had to have my own box, so I bought a couple from the lady showing them off and she said she'd drop them off later that day.


    I then biked over to the NAP board to see how the voting was going and threw a few more votes to Self-Sufficiency to bring it to the lead.

    Then it was back to my place where I ran into Bess and Jules who were going on a Sunday stroll.


    We chatted for a bit and Bess tried to scare me a couple times for some reason.


    People around here seem to really like mischief I've noticed. We don't even have the Fun and Games NAP in play yet. Seems odd.

    Anyways, after they left I went back to candle making and even attempted to carve one into a fancy pattern.


    I like it.


    I heard a knock and went outside to find my new bug boxes had been set up next to one of my containers.


    I added the beetles and crickets I'd also ordered and gave them both a little bit of love before getting ready for bed.


    After all, I didn't want to pass out in the cold again.

  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,120 Member
    @RememberJoy ,
    I love that first pic, great shot <3
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    edited July 2022
    July - Day 17: "The decisions you make today, both big and small, determine the direction your life will take tomorrow..."


    Cale was able to successfully regain control over the rage again. He was getting more confident in his werewolf abilities every day. He tunneled his way over to the pack hangout to spend some time with his packmates and share his accomplishment.

    You might also notice that his packmates look a little different. I've been meaning to do it for awhile now, but finally gave them all makeovers. Nothing major, I didn't want to change them too much, mostly just eyelashes, body hair for the guys, new hair for Lily and Wolfgang (who we'll pretend is wearing contacts now since he can't have glasses & eyelashes), a few new outfits for Lily, etc. The biggest changes I made were to Kristopher.

    As evidenced by the daily post pic, he has a new beard, eyebrows, just smidge lighter eyes and a skin overlay that smooths out the lines around his mouth and under his eyes. Lily has the same overlay. I thought he was a beautiful man before, but now? Wowzers! Love Kristopher! I think they all still look like their original selves, but hopefully a bit.. better?

    A little later after his homework was finished, CJ showed up to the delight of Jacob. These two are becoming fast friends.
    "Hey Buddy, how's it hangin'?"
    "Low and to the left."
    "HAHA! Oh man, that is so lame!"
    "Maybe, but you still laughed."
    CJ said with a wink.

    "Hey Cale, let's spar. Think you can beat me? I'd like to see you try. I bet you're just full of confidence right now and think you can beat the almighty Alpha, am I right?" Kris said with a smirk, getting right in his face. It was a bit intimidating to Cale, but he was sure that's exactly why Kris asked in that way. He wasn't the Alpha for nothing.

    "Are you serious?"
    "I wouldn't challenge you if I wasn't"
    "Ohhh yeahhh, I'd love to spar with you Kris."
    "That's the spirit, let's go!"

    *RAWRRRRRRR* Cale roared, when Kris tackled him.

    "I've got you now almighty Alpha! Let's see you get out of THIS!"
    *cough* "Just *cough cough* WATCH!"

    Kris was able to get out of the fierce headlock Cale had him in, but was surprised at Cale's reaction. "Ha! Give up old man, you're no match for me, I'll kick your butt into Forgotten Hollow!"
    (Whoa! This kid is strong!)
    "Nice trash talk, but not TODAY!" *SNARL* *GROWL*

    Kristopher suddenly grabbed Cale and tossed him easily over his head.

    "Ah-WOOOOOOOOOO! I am Alpha!"

    "Great match Cale, you're a very strong fighter."
    "Thanks! It was fun, thought I had you there for minute."

    (He almost did! Incredible) Kristopher thought with a hug for his new Beta.

    "I've been thinking Cale. I'm not getting any younger. One day a new Alpha will take over. I've always intended that would be Jacob. But maybe, just maybe if you work very hard at it, you could be the Alpha. At least until Jacob gets older. Is that something you might want to do? I'll warn you, it's a lot of responsibility, but it's also the most powerful position in the werewolf world. I come from a long line that goes way back to the original werewolves. But I never had a Son until Jacob. I think you just might have what it takes one day. Maybe not soon, you're still wet behind the ears as far as werewolves go, but I can see the potential."

    "Wow Kris, I don't know what to say to that. We only came here to find my Son. We didn't know he'd be turned or that I would be turned either. I intended to find a cure for us or try to make one if we can't find one that works. But, I've been so involved with just trying to handle all that comes with being a werewolf, and in a pack, I haven't been doing what I should. I don't know...it's an interesting offer, I won't lie. But...is that really who I am?"

    "It is now, and maybe it always will be. No one has ever been able to find a cure. I think you need to accept who and what you are now. The past is gone Son, you are werewolf now. Think about it, there is no hurry. I'm not ready to give up being Alpha just yet, not for a long time."

    Listening to the conversation between Jacob's Dad and the Father of his new friend, Jacob didn't quite know how to feel and neither did CJ. Jacob walked away, not wanting to hear anymore as CJ bowed his head. He had a feeling his friend was a little hurt by his Father's words.

    "I'll think about it and discuss it with Sandy and my boys. This isn't something that will affect myself alone, it'll change all of our lives, it's not my decision alone."

    "I understand. You're right. Just let me know when you've made your decision."

    CJ went home to get some sleep for school the next day, but Cale wasn't quite ready yet. He headed over to the bar to grab a drink, and think.

    As usual a variety of occults were in attendance. He met a vampire named Lorraine Payne and figured why not try to gain some sympathy from her as long as he was here anyway. It didn't take much to convince here, it was almost like he knew her already. Which, of course he did. They had a child together.

    Surprisingly, there were also a number of ghosts there, including Mimsy from the Von Haunt estate. She also agreed to give werewolves sympathy. Interesting outfit she's wearing. I have a feeling she normally wouldn't be caught dead in such a get-up...oh, wait...

    I was hoping your girl Keisha would show up again @afai1261 and there she is! She doesn't look too happy with Malcom in his bat form eh?

    Oh, well look who else is here. It's Eros looking very angry. It wasn't Malcom annoying her, it was him! Cale has no idea who he is, just another alien as far as he's concerned. However, if he were to meet him, he'd know immediately after getting his name. He'll just ignore him for now and talk to Keisha.

    Cale knew she was a Spellcaster from her smell, so he thought she'd be open to the idea and approached her.
    "Of course, it would be my pleasure." Keisha said before Cale had even finished with his plea.

    "Okay, well that was quick. Thanks on behalf of all werewolves. I have to ask though, why'd you agree so fast? I'm glad, but I'm curious."
    "Oh, well, I can sense you were one of us at one time, am I right?"
    "You're right, that's incredible. How'd you know?"
    "I have my ways." She said giving him a look he'd seen many times on the faces of his female fans.

    "Would you like to have a drink with me handsome? I'm buying."
    "Oh, well, maybe. But I should tell you right up front, I'm engaged. If that makes a difference to you."

    "Hmm, such a pity. But, it doesn't have to mean anything more than a drink between friends. I'll admit I find you very attractive and think we'd be good together. But I'm not a homewrecker. I'll be here for awhile if you change your mind." Keisha said while she turned away to head back to the bar.
    (Whoa! She is one red HOT Mama. Love the hair, but she's not Sandy.)

    Nalani, a mermaid from Sulani was also there and Cale stopped her to see if he could get her sympathy as well before deciding if he should have a drink with Keisha or just go home. Of course Nalani, also agreed. Gah! I wish there was a way to age up their baby together, but it never shows up when Nalani's been asked to join the household for that purpose in the past. Ah well, someday...

    Cale made the decision that having a drink with Keisha wouldn't hurt anything and turned from Nalani who said she had to get home to her baby to walk over to the bar. He saw a ghost sitting next to Keisha and didn't realize who it was until he got closer.

    (HOLY *BEEP*!)

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,120 Member
    @Karababy52 ,
    good fight between Kris and Cale :) Hard decicion to make too.
    haha, Mimsy, I like your original outfit better :P
    oh oh .. is that Lance? o.O

    hehe, well lets hope Cale either never get to know that he has once woohooed with grims grand daughters, his life is "weird" enough, wolf and all :P

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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