June 2nd - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!


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Sul sul Simmers!

Another exciting week is coming to an end, and with that, we can have some weekend fun reading our Friday Highlights.

Ready to see what I've got for you today?

🔸Tuesday was Patch Day and we've released our latest update which adds Customizable Pronouns to The Sims 4. Click here to read the patch notes.

🔹On Wednesday we have shared our update for the new & improved 'Goth family'. Available now in every new game start in The Sims 4 🖤.

🔸Alongside The Goths, come two new Scenarios & a Sims Delivery Express with three new build items & Alice Longyu Gao's hyperpop single "DTM" available now to all players! 🥳 More on the Sims Delivery Express here.

🔹Finally, on Thursday, Inspired by the Parisian creator, Paola Locatelli, swoon over sophisticated sets 😍 flowing shirts 👕 & a slinky 💃 that can help your Sim find that spark with fashions built to last - even if the romance doesn't 😏 - in the #MoonlightChicKit
Build your backyard for a night of creative family fun 🏕️ With DIY toys, blanket-forts, & even an outdoor projector made out of a bedsheet 😱, your kiddos can enjoy a cozy night at home with their friends in the #LitteCampersKit

'Markus contemplating his future, seeking his own best path as he looked at the path in the mural'. This breath-taking screenshot was posted here by @VeeDub.

🔸Our first stop is a question posted by @Nate_Whiplash1 and by coincidence, something I tend to do a lot when playing The Sims: 'Have you ever made your "Sim-crush" in CAS?' Yes, I have, many of them and several times! :D It's going to be interesting to see the different answers to this one. Don't forget to leave your reply as well! ;)

🔹Right next we have another question- this time for those of you that are relationship experts and love to share your "RomanSims" experiences with the community. I'm talking about @LaBlue0314 thread: 'How decide on the next future husband for my sim?'. The competition seems to be fierce so your expertise would definitely shine a light (or should I say a spark)? <3

🔸Time for our creation pick, and I'm honoured to feature yet another brilliant creator today: @soocoolsim. Please guys check their most recent creation, the fantastic 'Bay Cove Waterpark' shared in their own thread "Soocoolsim's showcase ⚜️ new! Bay cove waterpark & sweet sapodilla cream". 🏡

🔹Visiting our Franchise corner, I've found a poll with a question that (at least in my opinion) wasn't so easy to answer. Started by @Ethroptur, 'Which Iteration of The Sims Is Your Favourite?' We have 22 votes so far but I can see mixed results on this poll. Please, come leave your votes! :blush:

🔸For our last stop let's see if we can get anyone from our community to help with this Simmer with a request. Here, @pearlbh is asking to all The Sims 2 players 'Anybody still making content and take requests?' If anyone here got tips and ideas on how they can create Oscar Isaac in the game, please do leave your comments. 🤗

With that, I say goodbye for today. Comments and more recommendations welcomed below ;)

Happy Simming weekend, folks!

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