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The Whitmore Legacy - Generation 3 Bachelor Casting Call! (Applications Closed!)

lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,304 Member
Hello, all! It was a close run thing with the polls, but Hermes Whitmore won the challenge and I'm looking for seven contestants to compete for his heart!

So, let's meet our Bachelor!


Traits: Vegetarian, Cheerful, Slob
Bonus Traits: Weak Bloodline, Creatively Gifted, Good Manners, Responsible, Domestic
Aspiration: Vampire Family

Hermes is looking for someone to join him as the next spouse of the legacy, and who's looking for a large family. He's the thirdborn of four children, and a total sweetheart!

Entrants must be Young Adult, and I'm only looking for gals this time around! Please include a picture with your entry form, and include as much as you can about your contestant's character, as this will follow more of a narrative structure than my legacy has done!

Please do not include things from the following packs:

Any of the kits, Journey to Batuu, Strangerville, Dine Out, Laundry Day, Movie Hang Out, Fitness, Perfect Patio, Moschino, Cool Kitchen. (I think that's all of them! I don't have these ones yet.)

Your Sims should not have any skills yet, so that all the competitions will be fair!

Entry Form

Gallery ID:
Tell us a little about yourself!:

1. Lori Straud (MaggieMarley)
2. Alicia McLain(Shadami)
3. Elsa Stone (VanPelt81)
4. Natasha Deerfield (kkira555)
5. Tara Stoker (MeowchaFrappe)
6. Camille Bellafonte (TheYayToast)
7.Haylee Goth (afai1261)
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