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Sims 411 - Forum Feedback, August 19th


  • Simsgirl843Simsgirl843 Posts: 3 New Member
    I want to say just at least make the base game similar to sims 2 and 3 bring back all the little features that made the sims the sims like the newspaper, burglar, slow dancing, proms, bachelorette parties, actual reputation system with the neighborhood gossip. Where’s the dramatics the sims coming home and divorcing you because they heard outside that you were cheating on them. Where’s the confess to cheating? Sims 4 is watered down for children. You guys stripped 4 so much and it’s truly heartbreaking as I play games to deal with depression. Where’s the team who made 2 and 3? So many packs yet such and empty game. I want to play 4 for 12 plus hours like 2 and 3 not 20 minutes and get off even with mods :(
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,038 Member
    edited August 2021
    In game depth for me means that every set up, situation, and Sim has the possibility of being interesting. As it stands, I tend to make very similar personalities with new Sims because I do not feel the desired impact when I do switch it up. I am more drawn to Sims by their appearance rather than how they play because of this. I end up picking traits more based on IRL connotations than gameplay effects because of the lack of the latter. For a long time my favorite Sims generally had the active, creative, and genius combo which namely effects the emotions they experience. Many still do have this same mix. However, with recent packs I have expanded to genius, adventurous, and animal enthusiast. It is more fulfilling to a degree with special interactions, but the fact remains that my Sim functions pretty well identically to her past personality. There needs to be more traits and stronger effects so my Sims feel more unique. Likes and dislikes were a nice stride in the right direction, but the personalities and traits themselves need a buff, especially since lifestyles are locked to SE. Reviving and renewing the whims system can be a great tool for this, as well as custom/individual autonomy.

    Unfortunately, emotions currently feel like a personality override rather than an expression of said personality. Emotions seem to be the great influencer of the abandoned whim system and of much autonomy, which is kind of a shame. I want emotions to affect autonomy, but not be the top priority. A calm vs. a hot headed Sim may both be angry, but that anger should have nuances that set them apart and they currently do not have enough if any of those nuances. These nuances are what would make the smartest Sims ever, because if all Sims react only based on their standardized emotions then they will all react the same. We have very limited control over what emotions will mean to our Sims and what triggers them. There is not enough to play with in the emotion system for it to be rewarding.

    Like personality, age unfortunately does not have enough flavor to make all life stages interesting to play. Toddlers are very good. I think they are the best in the Sims series and any additions there are icing on the cake. Children need more things to do. I am glad they can now cook and garden, but they feel excluded from a lot of DLC content in particular (such as walking and bathing pets). They also need more aspirations to represent the different goals of that age. I feel voidcritter collecting and battling was set up perfectly to be an aspiration, even with in game lore mentions of becoming a master tamer, but it was never made one. Teens feel like YAs with mandatory high school and it is a shame. Nothing feels special about them. They lack many of the childish aspects of still being children (something I wish could be addressed so they could be a proper bridge between childhood and adulthood) yet are not as free as YAs to play with (mandatory high school, relationship limitations, etc.). On top of that many things associated with specifically the teenage phase are absent such school events, general angst, aesthetics, etc. YAs are great and pretty well the top life stage I end up playing because most of the game is accessible to them. Adults are fine, nothing special really about them but appearance, but I do kind of dislike the mandatory face details. It feels like I have less control over how they look. I'd love to have something special about this phase. Probably mid life crises, etc., but it is lowest priority. Finally elders need more flavor. The most they have is appearance and over exertion. That is a start, but things like canes with general flavor pieces. There is not a lot to set them apart or for them specifically to do once retired. They more or less just ride out their lives like they are not wrapping things up. I considered not mentioning babies since they are objects, but they are technically a very short life stage. Yeah, I age them up immediately. I currently find nothing fun about them from their shrill cries to their object nature. They would need some sort of revamp to be interesting, but I just skip this stage completely right now.

    Relationships can also be quite boring. Feelings are currently always mutual (aside from sentiments, which I do enjoy) and relationships feel very similar no matter the Sim pair. I wish we had more variety like what was introduced with siblings in Parenthood. If these affect autonomous actions, all the better. I would also like more preset relationships in CAS for ease of experiencing these relationships, if possible. Additions of things like the chemistry system cannot really hurt relationship or personality depth, but I am also interested in NPC relationship depth. I miss just how sassy they could be in 2 or just how weird in general in their pop ups. Having a reason to interact with them again would be fun.

    As for challenge, I think the number one thing here will be toggles. Some people will love the changes and some people will hate them. Everyone has their preferences, and options are always a good things. I doubt most difficulty ramps could hurt me. Objects and living costing more can be solved with one cheat if I need it, so I do not mind any changes here. So long as it is not an impossible challenge, most should succeed here. However, I personally do not want needs to become excessively annoying and I do not miss the friendship requirements for promotions, even with cheats. The devil will be in the details here, namely the balance. However, I will say, I enjoy a grind where I feel the pay off. If there were new systems introduced to take advantage of excess wealth, a money grind would be desirable. Same for aspirations, achievements, legacies, and such. When it comes to challenge I seriously hesitate to say to make current content harder when adding more new systems that are more meaningful to grind for would feel better. Lot challenges are a great example of this and I really enjoy them as a system. I look forward to getting more.

    Being a sandbox is not a problem, there just are not enough controls and depth of mechanics for the sandbox at large. I often grinded skills, aspirations, and promotions in older games. More aspirations rewards, the skill journal, and excess wealth systems can encourage these from my personal experiences, but when it all is said and done I was interested in so many things because of the depth of the specific mechanics. In every game I wanted to do everything and I never felt artificial limitations, just my own time limitations. In 4 I continue to want to do everything, but I tend to feel like I have much more quickly. There just were not enough nuances to explore and keep me occupied, rather than the content being too easy. I namely feel I just need more to do, even with all the DLC, because I need deeper mechanics that can have a multitude of different outcomes.
  • Aliamichelle01Aliamichelle01 Posts: 1 New Member
    One thing I would love is something to make teens more unique that young adults, and also to have more family relationships. that would add an element of depth that the game is lacking right now. uncles, aunts, cousins, etc... could add so many more storylines. another thing that could add so much to the game is adoption from other families and putting a child up for adoption. this would add more story options and could allow for a wider range of interactions.
  • llPrincessllllPrincessll Posts: 15 Member
    Sul Sul!

    Thank you for the opportunity to hear our feedback! I love everything that's been accomplished with the game recently. Here's some of my personal suggestions to deepen the core gameplay.


    -It will be more challenging to expand the baby gameplay. I'd like to see babies as actual sims to allow more interactive gameplay like walking them in a stroller, having them learn the crawl skill, taking them to other lots, carrying them around in arms, putting them in baby swings, using baby monitors, using bath/changing stations, washing them in sink, putting them in play pens, playing pick-a-boo with babies, interactions with pets/toddlers, and overall just more immersive gameplay for babies to make them more fun and meaningful.


    -I've always enjoyed how long sims took to eat before the patch update shortened the time. The new short eating times seems great for quick meals, but grand/regular meals are now less enjoyable. It creates issue for family dinner gameplay. The amount of time it takes to drink has also been shortened which breaks immersion when sims finish their drink before their food and stop eating just to wash their glass. I'd like to see regular and grand meals revert to the original eating times and longer drinking animation that ends with the meal. That way sims finish their drink at same time as their meal. In addition, I'd like to see sims have more multitasking when ordering drinks at the bar. That way they can continue dancing or standing socializing with drink in hand along with the longer drinking times.

    - There are many great social interactions in the game, however, half of them are locked from being autonomous. I think enabling all the locked social interactions in the game will add more context and meaningful social topics. For an example, an energized sim at the gym can pump up another sim to workout longer. Or a spa specialist can talk about wellness which will teach the wellness skill to the active sim. It will make NPC's more unique and interesting to talk to. In addition, I'd like to see NPC sims able to propose to player sim, with the player being able to decline or accept the proposal through dialog.

    -I'd like to see some social interactions have a small chance for a response based on the NPC sim moodlets or traits. For an example, if you ask an angry NPC about their day, theirs a low chance you may receive a response, and the response may be negative. If you ask a sim about their due date, they may give a random response depending on traits. A sim that hates children may respond negatively vs a family oriented sim.

    -Sims should be able to share big news about their pregnancy to more sims with meaningful relationships like parents or children. It adds depth to the story.

    -I'd like to see sims on full autonomy use more interactions. But many interactions are locked from autonomy for the player sim to manually use. I think the game will be more enjoyable if sims can autonomously extinguish themselves, use mood showers based on traits, skinny dip in pools/hot tubs, gussy up/admire self at vanity table based on traits, pour backyard tray drinks when thirsty, brush teeth based on traits and oral hygiene need, pay bills based on traits, greet visitor sims based on mood/traits, go jogging based on mood/traits, pay bills based on moods/traits, etc.

    -I think it will be better if some social interactions were only available once a sim is level one in the related skill. For an example; vampire and fishing social interactions. A level one fishing skill will enable the "Discuss Local Fishing Spots" and level one vampire lore will enable all the default vampire social interactions. It will make the game more immersive and related to the player game-play style. It'll also make navigating social topics much easier and cleaner.

    -Id like to see the tests for social topics availability improved. By default, relationships between 25 and 60 get the maximum relationship bonus like share secret, while level 60 and 100 doesn't get a bonus. It causes low level relationships to build very fast with no challenge. I'd like to see only higher relationships get the maximum relationship bonus so that building relationships is much more natural and progress at a slower pace.

    -I'd like for the dislike/likes system to automatically apply preferences in game instead of a dialog popup. It adds depth and makes gameplay more natural.

    -Sometimes stranger sims join private conversations your sim could be having on a date. I'd like to see NPC'S only join conversation if they have a meaningful relationship with the player sim.


    -I'd like it if sims stop crowding sims that are performing and implementation for higher sitting preferences. At a lounge with a stage and lots of seating, sims prefer standing on stage hurdled up while tipping the performer. I'd prefer if sims only stand and tip a performance if they're at a park venue without seating. At nightclubs, it will be better if sims keep a good distance from the DJ as well. Overall, I'd prefer if sims highly prefer sitting to watch performances like instruments, singing, karaoke, DJ, comedy, etc It's more immersive if sims only stand when theirs no seating and never too close to DJs. Also, I'd like it if sims only stop dancing in clubs to cheer a celebrity if they're fans.

    -Sims with certain relationships or family ties to the sim they're visiting should be considered more welcome. It will make visiting family or significant others more enjoyable.

    -Id like to see weddings expanded. Like sims watching the newly weds dance for the first time while cheering them on and sims actually sitting at weddings instead of standing there or not attending at all. I'd like for an important sim to make a toast for the newly weds. Also I'd like bachelor/bachelorette parties with dancers like firemen to come.

    -I'd like divorce to affect child sims more. Also for children to have a bitter sentiment witnessing their parent cheat. Makes for great stories

    -Sims other than co-workers should be able to congratulate sims on their promotion. It makes game-play more meaningful to have more story-like interactions like that.

    -Sims with un-wanted sibling moodlet should start with less relationship points with the new sibling instead of the default good relationship. It will make gameplay more challenging to repair the relationship.

    -I'd like job calls a lot better if they were only pertaining to my sims degree. That way job calls will only offer careers in the related degree field. It will help players know what kind of jobs benefit their degree. It's much more immersive.

    -African male sims uses an Asian template when randomly generated. I'd like to see African males look more true to their ethnicity. It makes the game more immersive.

    -Sometimes I don't want to make my sim a handy sim. I'd like it if I can hire a repairman to upgrade objects around the home.

    -I'd like to see the default child homework subjects work in the game. Children are unable to study different homework subjects because the interactions found inside the game files aren't appearing in game.

    -Sims don't always change their outfit when they're hot or cold. They just freeze/burn to death. I'd like it if sims automatically put the correct outfit on under certain weather conditions. Makes game-play more enjoyable.

    -One big game changer Id like to see is service sims automatically being hired on certain venues. At a park that has a food stall for an example, I'd like for a sim to automatically be hired so my played sim doesn't have to hire a vendor. It will add so much immersion to the game. Another example venue is bars/clubs with multiple bars needing more than one mixologist. Or a lounge with multiple instruments needing more entertainers to play each instrument.

    -Children seem to behave the same as adults on full autonomy. I'd like for children to clean and play chess less and use toys/playground equipment more often. It will make child sims more immersive and the parenting skill more useful to influence children behavior. It seems very easy for children to gain the responsible and good mannered traits because they autonomously do homework, clean, and go to school without any disruption. I'd like some of these interactions to happen less often as children may choose to play with toys, play video games, play outside, etc as higher priority unless their traits influences them otherwise. As an example; genius children may prefer working on science tables, school projects, chess, or homework more than other activities. Responsible sims may prefer some those activities like homework and school projects as well. In addition, I'd like it if only genius, high mental skill children, high logic sims, or elders can autonomously play chess at parks or at home.

    -It will be more enjoyable if parents can autonomously use toddler objects like ball pit, kiddie pool, and potty chair to potty train toddlers. It will make play dates at the park more enjoyable.


    I'd love to see inactive sims who live in homes get married and have children on their own. Not randomly generated homeless townies because I understand it will mess up their careers and new sim will have to generate to take over their position. In the long term that will cause so many sims in the world. But for sims that are already living in homes, I'd like their lives to progress. Also a limit of one or two children per family so that the save doesn't get over populated. Also for children to sometimes inherit their parent's personality traits. In addition, Id like to see inactive sims acquire careers related to their traits or progress in their current careers.

    -I'd like it if children with bad grades/upbringing get bad traits that can't be changed. It will make the gameplay more challenging.

    [b]IN CLOSING[/b]

    Overall to deepen game-play will be to expand on existing behavior/interactions in the game, along with adding related content. Thank you again for this community feedback thread. As my favorite game in the franchise, I hope the Sims lives on for many more to come.
  • jideaumjideaum Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm happy that a lot of people in this thread have the same opinions as me, but I still feel like I should post here. The game lacks depth and challenge because the simulation lacks consequences.

    You can cheat on your spouse and they will be angry and maybe get a moodlet or a sentiment, but it's not going to result in a breakup or divorce. Similarly, I've never seen two sims autonomously break up a poor relationship on an unmodded game. Your sims can go to work uncomfortable or sad and they won't lose job performance. I've had child sims who excelled at school without so much as touching their homework. The list goes on.

    There's no punishment for neglecting game mechanics. There's also no incentive to engage in game mechanics, as all the short term goals we're given are equally inconsequential. A whim will tell me to play video games or troll the forums, but why? What interesting emergent potential is there in having my sim do things like that?

    Wants & Fears in TS2 was a good system for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it encourages the player to poke at the simulation and cause interesting things to occur. But that goes beyond just having a set of tasks for the player to achieve, the game must also support the various repercussions of what the player chooses to do, and there doesn't appear to be much of that in TS4. And even if there was, the onus is squarely on the player to seek these things out and interact with them - there's very little sim-driven goals.

    On an unrelated note, another thing I would like to see is just more conflict in general. TS3 implemented traits in a really cool way where they didn't just unlock interactions for the sim with the trait, but also other sims as well. Other sims could complain about my sim being a couch potato, or accuse them of having a particular negative trait. In creative writing, we're told that character flaws are good because they drive conflict, but giving negative traits to our sims doesn't result in any interesting drama, only debuffs.

    Thanks for reading.
  • doublenoodlesdoublenoodles Posts: 89 Member
    Hello, I would love some story progression with settings similar to a popular story progression mod. E.g. you can select that only married couples have children and population controls. That way story progression will be cleaner than it was in Sims 3.

    Also more rabbit hole jobs and normal jobs. E.g. dentist, model, radio, firefighter, hairdresser, beautician, exercise instructor, a vet rabbit hole, waiter, hotel, driver etc
  • PerfectSimsYTPerfectSimsYT Posts: 1 New Member
    Dear Sims Team,
    Can we please get better babies in the sims like a stuff or kit pack, that would be awesome!!
  • verxationverxation Posts: 1 New Member
  • StoryGirl83StoryGirl83 Posts: 1 New Member
    I've been playing Sim games since the mid 90s. Of course by Sim games I mean SimCity, SimAnt, SimCopter, etc and not just The Sims since they weren't around yet. I remember the first time I saw SimCity at some sort of kids day at my local mall. They had a demo at one of the stores and I was hooked. A few years later a lot had changed in my life, but I still loved my Sim games and one thing that interested me about my SimCity was the little people living in it. Right now I cannot recall specifically which game it was, but you could click on certain things and learn who lived in a place, follow a Sim around the city by marking them and see what they did with their life to some limited extent. Then, one day I was at the story with my dad, one of the Office stores I think, but it's been two decades, so I'm not clear on that. What I am clear on was I saw a box that talked about The Sims and I was so excited. Those sims I could follow around the city, I could see their lives up close and in person and I wanted it.

    Ever since then, myself and my siblings have played The Sims. I remember my sister making a family we were friends with in the game and I will forever associate Michael Bachelor with my brother, because that was his favorite sim to play. I think my favorite family was the Pleasants, though I did quite love Mama and Elden Hick with their three dogs, Bobo, Duke, and Leroy from The Sims: Unleashed. My favorite from The Sims 2 was probably my grilled cheese obsessed Natasha Una.

    So what kind of challenges do I want to see in The Sims 4? This is a tough question, because the answer is just so long. There is probably way more than I can think of right now.

    1) A Whims Overhaul. I know that for some reason you stopped making whims, but I think they are one of the most powerful tools already in the game to help with challenging our sims. I'd rather have a wants/fears system so that you can have a chance of losing those point you earned and so your sim's mood can get down in the dumps if they loose too many points at once. And when their mood is in the dumps, I want their to be consequences, things they won't do and actions that they do, because they are just that depressed. I want the social bunny and the therapist back. I want my fortune sims panhandling and my family sims rocking a flower sack child as if it was real. I want my romance sims to fear getting engaged or married. I want my popularity sims to fear losing a friend. I want their to be whims that are associated with every trait, every skill, every aspiration. If someone has a high skill in skiing, I want them to want to ski. If they are a low level cook, I want them to want to "practice" cooking with their family and to fear burning food. If they like a certain type of music, I want them to want to put that music on. If they have a color they dislike, I want them to "fear" being around it. I realize fear isn't the best example of this, but I want whims and a negative counterpart similar to fears to be intertwined with everything including a desire to avoid the things they dislike. I want you to take this amazing system from The Sims 2 and improve on it.

    2) Memories! Please. I know that you have a super limited memory system with pictures, but it's kind of bad and I think most people don't know it exists. I don't always remember the cameras, so if I forget to take a picture of my sim potty training their toddler at the very moment that the toddler learns the skill, that toddler will never know who trained them. Now, with the way the system is, the toddler doesn't always learn from a parent. An independent toddler may never get any help from a parent at all, so I want a memory system that picks who helped them the most. Mom taught them? "Learned to use the potty from Mom!" Big brother taught them, "Learned to use the potty from Big Brother!" Mostly or entirely learned it on their own? "Learned to use the potty all on my own!" I want them to remember when someone cheats on them. I want it to be in their memories forever. Maybe they forgive them and that lessons the hurt, but it still might pop up again if they interact with them. I want kids to resent their cheating parent for breaking up their parents' marriage. I want them to remember a lost relative or close friend who died. With friends, they have to have a certain threshold to remember, because otherwise they will be constantly grieving the whole neighborhood/world. I want an easy to access area for memories that doesn't require you to go into the pictures of the entire save to find.

    3) Aspirations, Lifetime Wants, and that thing The Sims 4 calls Aspirations. Aspirations should have more of an impact on the sims personalities than just about anything else. They should influence what the sim want to do and what they do not want to do. They should be limited in number and be the core base for who a sim is. If your sim is a romance sim, they should always been a romance sim unless they get a personality transplant or something. Now, I do agree that the two options for romance sims actually make sense, so I would make a romance sim aspiration and a soulmate sim aspiration. The romance sim want to avoid entanglements and long term relationships. They want to play around. They don't want to settle down. The soulmate sim is looking for their soulmate and when they find them, they still want to do a lot of romance interactions, go on dates, woohoo, but only with them. If they loose their soulmate, they grieve that loss, not just the loss of the life, but also of their relationship. Even if it ends in divorce, I want them to have a long term difficulty with moving on, but once they do they do move on. Family sims want lots of kids, want whats best for their kids, adore their partner, but in a different way than the soulmate sim.

    That brings us to Lifetime Wants. I would take the subcategories the current aspirations, or at least some of them, and turn them into lifetime wants. This would allow for you to stick with a Lover Sim who is either a romance sim or a soulmate sim. Their lifetime want would affect how their aspiration sees things. A Lover Sim might want to woohoo, but depending on if they have a romance lifetime want or a soulmate lifetime want it changes who they want to woohoo with. A Lover Sim with a romance lifetime want might end up with a desire/whim to woohoo two different (specific) sims at the same time, while a Lover Sim with a soulmate lifetime want would never want to have woohoo with anyone other than their official partner.

    Intertwining it with the system already in place which as many, many people have pointed out is more like a tutorial than anything else would be interesting and I don't know the coding needed, but I know modders have done things to improve it's challenge and affect on a sim's life. Here's what I would do. The bonus traits, I think are a nice thing, but I would probably toss most of them into the store and let people buy them as traits for their sims rather than making them exclusive to what the sim initially picked as an aspiration. Next I would lower the amount of actual aspirations, change a lot of things to lifetime wants that work with a specific aspiration, and turn the rest into some sort of tutorial thing with a more reasonable name. The tutorial thing would be a temporary aspiration, maybe like Bucket List, Yearly Aims (also putting a time limit on completion), Projects, or Challenges. For now I will call them Challenges. Anything left as lifetime wants I would change to a single goal befitting the specific lifetime want.

    Ultimately here is how I would divide the current aspirations up:
    - Animal Aspiration Category - remove this category entirely and put the subcategory in popularity as a lifetime want as listed below.
    -- Friend of the Animals Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Popularity Aspiration
    - Athletic Aspirations - remove this category entirely and move the subcategories as listed below.
    -- Bodybuilder Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    -- Extreme Sports Enthusiast - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    - Challenge Aspirations Category - This is no longer available, but I would bring it back and make it the entire section that aspirations are now.
    -- The Positivity Challenge Aspiration - As mentioned above, no longer available, but I would bring it back and make it an option for a challenge your sim can complete.
    - Creative Aspiration Category - I would keep this as an Aspiration and keep all of the aspirations under it as lifetime wants.
    -- Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Musical Genius Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Bestselling Author Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Master Actor/Master Actress Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Master Maker Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Lord/Lady of the Knits Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    - Deviance Aspiration Category - Remove this category entirely and put the subcategories in popularity as a lifetime want as listed below. These people want to be popular in a way, they just want to be notorious rather than liked, so I think it fits.
    -- Public Enemy Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    -- Chief of Mischief Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    - Family Aspiration Category - I would keep this as an aspiration and keep all the aspirations under it as lifetime wants.
    -- Successful Lineage Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Family Aspiration
    -- Big Happy Family Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Family Aspiration
    -- Vampire Family Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Family Aspiration
    -- Super Parent Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Family Aspiration
    - Food Aspirations - remove this category entirely and put the subcategories in creative as a lifetime wants as listed below.
    -- Master Chef Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Master Mixologist Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    - Fortune Aspiration Category - I would keep this as an Aspiration and keep all of the aspirations under it as lifetime wants.
    -- Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Fortune Aspiration
    -- Mansion Baron Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Fortune Aspiration
    - Knowledge Aspiration Category - I would keep this as an Aspiration and keep almost all of the aspirations under it as lifetime wants. The last one I would change to a challenge.
    -- Renaissance Sim Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Knowledge Aspiration
    -- Nerd Brain Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Knowledge Aspiration
    -- Computer Whiz Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Knowledge Aspiration
    -- Master Vampire Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Knowledge Aspiration
    -- Archaeology Scholar Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Knowledge Aspiration
    -- Spellcraft & Sorcery Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Knowledge Aspiration
    -- Academic Aspiration - Unlike the others, I would move this to the challenges category. University is usually not a lifetime pursuit and I don't think it fits as a lifetime want.
    - Love Aspiration Category - I might change the name to Lover since Lover Sim sounds better than Love Sim, but other than that, I would keep this as an Aspiration and keep all of the aspirations under it as lifetime wants.
    -- Serial Romantic Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Lover Aspiration
    -- Soulmate Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Lover Aspiration
    - Location Aspiration Category - I would remove this category entirely and remove everything under it from the aspiration/lifetime want system. Instead these would make WONDERFUL challenges and that's where I would put them.
    -- City Native Aspiration - I would move this to the challenges category
    -- StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration - I would move this to the challenges category
    -- Beach Life Aspiration - I would move this to the challenges category
    -- Mt. Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration - I would move this to the challenges category
    -- Perfectly Pristine Aspiration - I would move this to the challenges category
    -- Fabulously Filthy Aspiration - I would move this to the challenges category
    - Nature Aspiration - I would remove this category entirely and put the subcategories in Pleasure or Creative as Lifetime wants as listed below.
    -- Freelance Botanist Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- The Curator Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    -- Angling Ace Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    -- Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    -- Jungle Explorer Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    -- Purveyor of Potions Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Eco Innovator Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Country Caretaker Aspiration - Lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    - Popularity Aspiration Category - I think it's probably clear I would keep this category, so yeah, keep this as an aspiration and keep all of the aspirations under it as lifetime wants.
    -- Joke Star Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    -- Party Animal Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    -- Friend of the World Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    -- Leader of the Pack Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    -- Good Vampire Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    -- World-Famous Celebrity Aspiration - Lifetime Want under the Popularity Aspiration
    - Tutorial Aspiration Category - I would keep them in the tutorial, but change them to lifetime wants under specific categories.
    -- Trend-Setter - Keep this in Tutorial only as a lifetime want under the Popularity Aspiration. Focus
    -- Painter Aspiration - Keep this in Tutorial only as a lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    -- Athlete Aspiration - Keep this in Tutorial only as a lifetime want under the Pleasure Aspiration
    -- Chef Aspiration - Keep this in Tutorial only as a lifetime want under the Creative Aspiration
    - Star Wars Aspiration - Really? Aspirations? Yeah, challenges. Definitely make these challenges. They would make great challenges. If you wanted a lifetime want related to this pack, I would make a pleasure lifetime want devoted to geekdom. And my sim self might get it . . . probably not, because writing is still a thing, but geekdom would be great.

    I would also include more Lifetime Wants under various categories for a lot of the skills and activities. Maybe a lifetime want under the creative or popularity aspiration focused on social media. A pleasure lifetime want dedicated to traveling a lot

    I would keep the kids aspiration as is for the most part except change them to Childhood Wants under the related Aspirations. They pick their aspirations as children, but have the chance to change it if they want when they become teens. Kids can change their minds a lot, so similar to the ability to change their aspiration halfway through university in The Sims 2, I would allow for aspiration changes after childhood and partway through university. Another option is to bring back the "Grow Up" Aspiration for Toddlers and Children, but I'd rather have them pick an aspiration as Toddlers and be allowed to change it when they become teens. I would include the four current childhood aspirations as Childhood Wants under specific aspirations. This might mean that they can only get certain aspirations as children, another reason to allow for a change as teens. The biggest reason to include this is to add whims and their negative counterparts as toddlers and children. Artistic Prodigy would be a Creative Aspiration Childhood Want. Rambunctious Scamp would be a Pleasure Aspiration Childhood Want. Social Butterfly would be a Popularity Aspiration Childhood Want. Whiz Kid would be a Knowledge Aspiration Childhood Want. I would add more Childhood Wants so that you have one more Popularity, one more Pleasure, one more Creative, two Family ones, two Fortune ones, one more knowledge one, and two lover ones. Obviously lover ones will have to be careful, but kids get crushes and something focused on kids getting crushes and something focused on a kid who doesn't get love an marriage, but wants to propose on the playground at five, could be pretty cute. Family might include a kid who wants to be mommy or daddy's little girl or the best big sibling ever or who has an army of dolls they are the "parent of" would be pretty cute. Fortune would be the little enterprise who always has a new idea and wants to run a lemonade stand on the corner.

    Ultimately I would have the following aspirations: Popularity, Pleasure, Creative, Family, Fortune, Knowledge, and Love/Lover and that would be it. Well, I might have the Grilled Cheese Aspiration, because that is the right amount of zany and I told you, I love Natasha Una. I'd also like to see the return of secondary aspirations, because these help make each sim a little more unique.

    4) Personalities, Zodiac Signs, and Chemistry. I'm sure you've heard it thousands of times. We want more personality for our sims. I don't believe in Zodiac Signs actually affecting our personality, but I do like their use in the Sims and would like to have them back. I want my sims to have traits that affect their actions, sometimes to the point where they refuse to interactions when they are not the player character and occasionally were they still refuse it as the player character unless freewill is off. I want them to have chemistry with other sims that makes it harder to build relationships or easier if they have the right chemistry.

    5) One sided relationships. One thing that frustrates me is that no matter what my sim thinks of someone, they think the exact same thing. In The Sims 2, this wasn't the case, and I loved it. Sure, sometimes it was frustrating when my sim had 100 friendship level with another sim and they still weren't friends, but I definitely felt that it left a very good level of challenge to the game. Relationships were so obvious. You could have someone who thought super high of someone else while the other person barely knew they existed. Makes a good play for celebrities and one sided crushes. Obviously you couldn't be friends or lovers without both sims liking each other, but you could have a crush on someone who didn't like you back. A romance sim might crush on a married sim who was faithful to their spouse. The mean kid could look up to the popular kid who didn't like them because they were mean. It was great for story telling and a very nice challenge.

    6) Sim Challenges. It has been pointed out that certain things aren't really personality traits that are listed as traits. With the introduction of unlimited lot challenges, I think it would be great to have a similarly unlimited Sim Challenges (or limited ones, but unlimited would be nice). Some possibilities are Clumsy, Erratic, Lactose Intolerant, Recycle Disciple (not sure on this one, but it doesn't exactly feel like a personality trait either), Squeamish, Vegetarian, and Paranoid. Basically though, the traits that make it harder for sims to do certain things could fit as Sim Challenges. If you used that definition, you would also have Gloomy, Hot-Headed, Unflirty, Freegan, Green Fiend, Lazy, Slob, Hates Children, Jealous, Loner, Noncommittal, and Self Absorbed as possible "Challenges" as well. Toddler traits such as Clingy, and Fussy might also fit under this.

    7) Pick if an offspring is an occult sim in CAS. Not a challenge, so feel free to pass this on, but it would be nice if, when making a family in CAS, we could decide if the child was an occult sim, because sometimes we get the look we want, but they aren't an occult sim and we want them to be or vice versa. It would also be nice for the random generator to be able to get an occult child at random. Also, please fix the skins for this, because a child of a sim and a random parent always has the same skin as their visible parent. It would be nice if there was a chance of something else. I'd also like permanent genetics so if I "dyed" a sim's hair or "gave them contacts" their child would still get genetics from their natural colors.

    8) Interests. I would like for the sims to have topics that interest them, don't interest them, and annoy them. I want them to react negatively and lose relationship points if someone keeps hounding them about a topic they don't like.

    9) I do like how Childhood values and phases work, though it would be nice to have the chance to turn them off individually . . . mostly so that bears don't show up in game play for simmers doing LPs in historical settings (I'm watching one right now and this happened twice so far, which looked pretty odd). Maybe an ability to connect a certain outfit with that mood as an alternative, because the phase is great, just looks weird in certain settings.

    I really appreciate that you are listening to the community and I know we have a LOT to say. Thank you for this game. We all want it to be the best it can be.
  • Cynsue64Cynsue64 Posts: 1 New Member
    Dear Sims team, thank you for taking the time to listen to your players!
    First I think that the Sims 4 has some amazing features, one of them is clubs, thank you for keeping them up to date as new content is added to the game. I appreciate that. I also think you are going in the right direction when you added likes and dislikes, great idea! These are both going in the right direction, please keep integrating them in new packs.

    1. Traits, we need a lot more of them, they would help make our sims feel more unique, especially if they actually effected game play.
    the hobby traits specifically need to be updated, we need need knitting, cross-stitching, skiing, rock climbing, ice-skating, etc. to be added.
    other traits could be natural cook, green thumb, brave, flirty, good kisser. bad kisser. coward, allergies things that make each sims special.
    2. Whims, a system that you already have in the game that has so much potential, especially if paired with expanded and updated traits.
    Right now they are broken, no matter what my sim is into, come spring they always want to buy a bee box, how about if you tied whims to
    their traits? I used to love playing with whims, but they have become annoying in the game, it would be awesome if you could fix them.
    3. Romance is very one sided in the sims 4 and too easy, it would be more realistic if they had to have things in common to hit it off, turn ons
    and turn offs would be great too.
    4. Fixing the lag issues.

    Thank you again for taking the time to listen to the community. I really have loved playing the sims games and have played since sims 1 came out. Though there is a lot I like about the sims 4 I struggle to make it playable for any length of time because of the lack of depth, I think these ideas would help and make it repayable and more enjoyable.
  • swimsimswimsim Posts: 1 New Member
    Sul Sul!
    Its no secret that the sims 4 is lacking in many of ways in the eyes of the community. There is a significant lack of depth when it comes to gameplay- almost as if its been forgotten for the game's very powerful and intuitive build mode. I want to propose some of my thoughts for the future of this game and how reworking some of the games core features could really enlighten the user's experience.
    PART ONE : Emotions

    The Sims 4 was sold to have a very different and exciting emotions compared to the franchises last games. They were supposed to influence your day or how your sim would go about life. Unfortunately, they really missed the mark and ended up becoming a hinderance for most players. Sims often flick through emotions by the minute which doesn't make sense and just feels really buggy.

    My Ideas for this system's overhaul:
    -Lock big interactions behind an emotion. Example. WooHoo (A sim should be feeling flirty to Woohoo because why would my sim who has been happy all day suddenly feel the urge whilst still being happy?))

    -Adaptive Emotions - What i mean by this is that: If a sim's friend/family were to die, nothing should override that. Just because my sim's room is nicely decorated and that they have had a good meal doesn't mean they would just forget the death of a loved one. The birth of a child should not be overwritten by the sad plumbob light causing an emotional aura and bad woohoo. I could go on.

    -Impulsive Reactions - Say a sim was angry at that horrible old neighbour that lives next door. Well they could impulsively go and brawl with them because of this. This would be an action the player can't cancel out of because then it isn't very impulsive. Maybe a sim was feeling playful and decided to autonomously go streaking and so on.

    PART TWO : Worlds

    - Add Toddler items to ALL worlds. Its something that is needed. I don't have much else to say.

    - Townies breaking the immersion - While i enjoy the Sims 4's seamless travelling through worlds feature i have to say seeing Bella Goth randomly roll up to the sandy beaches of Sulani in her red dress and heals really annoys me. I think townies should still visit different worlds but only if it makes sense. You could possibly add some text to say that the townie is a tourist when you hover over them and they can be dressed in different attire so they are recognisable as tourists.

    - World Sizes - Since around Get Famous the world sizes have plateaued to having a very low amount of lots. While I understand that not all lots can be filled because of performance issues, Would it really be that hard just to add 5 or 6 more empty or low furnished lots in. I want as many people to enjoy the sims 4 as they can but there has to be a line where performance and quality must be decided for. If quality is being jeopardized because of the minimum spec requirements then the specs need to be bumped up this leads to my next part.


    PART THREE: Performance

    The Sims 4 will continue to have performance issues if something isn't done. It has wayyyy too many DLCs to not have some form of refinement to aide performance. Many have high spec gaming machines in the community and still receive lag spikes, hitching, graphical issues and stuttering. For a game that was made in 2014 this is unacceptable. The coding of the game has to be compressed and refined to allow things to run smoothly.

    There are also terrible amounts of bugs which constantly hinder player experience and they must be fixed. I have nothing to recommend in this part here other than fix the bugs and stop producing paid content until you can actually provide a basegame which is stable enough and close enough to bug free for those dlc packs to run on.
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 2,093 Member
    edited August 2021
    I also find the rules confusing and hope I'm not breaking them by this post, which is not my intention.

    -loans (the basic system is already there since discover university)
    -income taxes
    -a toggle that makes Sims earn only half the money they earn right now and promotions only available if you explicitly apply for them
    -private school with an application event (director visit from TS2) and a daily fee for pupils. Bonus could be random skill gain chance cards during school and slower fun decrease
    -a lot trait that let's your Sims pay a fee when they want to visit the lot.
    -a toggle that let's you Sim get a bad (unsatisfied/depressed) moodlet when they have not fulfilled any whims for a certain period of time.
    -a toggle that let's +1 positive moodlets fade 50 % faster and disables positive moodlets from decor.
    -Sims that are in a bad mood get a hit on skill gain and complete crafts slower
    -more opportunities to spend/loose money
    -maybe fines could be a thing. It could be like the chance cards that came with Eco Living, just more negative. Like let's say you don't inherit a fortune, but the debts of a deceased sim.
    -job offers on the PC and job applications with a chance of failure

    - funerals
    - in-law relationships
    - memories like in TS 2
    - more individual Sim-2-Sim animations for interactions. Such new Sim-2-Sim interaction should be a part of each GP and EP, at least one of them (examples: mary mack, tickle, cuddling in bed, the Disney princess kiss with the foot flip, holding hands during dinner - there are a lot of good ones in TS1 and TS2 for reference)
    - real babies
    - midlife crisis
    - invite a whole household over for a visit
    - chemistry system

    Btw, I love the game and play it as often as I find time to do so. Thanks for your efforts in making it even more enjoyable. I can see that you are trying to improve the game.
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    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods

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  • RoboSpongieRoboSpongie Posts: 1,040 Member
    Howdy again I just remembered a couple things I forgot to add on to my first post and more notes

    Multiple people in this thread mentioned this but please add more relationship settings in CAS like step relatives, boyfriend/girlfriend/lover, and so on, also please add pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them...) and romance preferences (Guys, Girls, etc...)

    That aside

    Last I've checked, a long while back a couple members from the Sims Freeplay team joined the main Sims 4 team and it kinda got me thinking about a couple of the life stage updates Freeplay had including the pregnancy update

    I really wish there was more to do for parents to be as well it's just the boring waiting game, from what I remembered both Sims 2-3 had some interactions during that period like reading parenting books and what not, Freeplay if I recall correctly had some classes and even a baby doll for new parents

    Pregnancy was also a bit longer around 6-9 days if I recall? While main series is 3 days (would be cool to add an option to adjust the length)

    Freeplay also had an interaction where your pregnant sim could get an ultrasound as well so you could find out the baby's gender and so on without cheating with mods

    Also without custom content and mods plus owning a good chunk of the packs there isn't a whole lot of buy mode stuff for babies and toddlers even kids (we only have around 3-4 types of cribs for babies!)

    In general I think you should implement a handful of some of the family play style activities and interactions (mentioned a few from my first post) and pretty much take some notes from Freeplay and older installments on how they do family gameplay for base game etc

    There isn't enough gameplay for family playstyle players I want to make more wonderful stories with my generation runs, currently it's just pretty boring sadly especially with my playstyle being I let sims do what they want with their own dreams and so on (mentioned it more on my first post)
    = Sims Player for 17+ Years =
  • sireneilessireneiles Posts: 48 Member
    To me, what is lacking is replay value and meaningful and deep relationships. « Why bother? » someone would ask knowing that every other sim plays the same way in a world where nothing happens except the inevitable death of its protagonists.

    Well good question. It seems odd to me that now that we’re 7 years in, the amount of « packs/stuff/bite-sized content » thrown at our faces still don’t make up for how bland and simple everything is. Yes, the sims look good in their pretty cottage mansions, i’ll give you that. But it feels empty. All these pretty furnitures and the players leave the game after a while because there’s no chaos, there’s no drama, there’s nothing happening really. Except maybe that day of the week where your new friend ask you to go clubbing… lol.

    Relationships don’t feel unique, gameplay is too linear (premade storylines packs are the worst thing that happened to this franchise), and when you reach the top you don’t feel satisfied because from a generation to another, from a household to another everything is the same and feel the same. This is supposed to be a life simulation game yet we don’t feel the life at all. It feels robotic, simplistic and to be honest, kind of child like. Even my 14 years old sister told me it was boring after a day playing and there was « nothing to do, nothing happens ».

    Bring back story progression, make it interesting, make it unique and meaningful. We want to know that our neighbors have a mind on their own, that our new lover might cheat, that our friends had a new baby, that our teen is involved in a teen drama in their prom night that marked them so much (good or bad) that they remember it even a few years later. We want to feel that the next generation will have a mind on their own, that the old sims can share their experience and their stories, that all of this have a purpose. Quality over quantity, please. I think the sims 4 could be great… it’s smooth, pretty and very much lag-free for me. It just needs some life infused to it (also please correct the X amount of bugs !!)

    Thank you for reading
  • VikenemmaVikenemma Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see more customisation options in the gameplay. The like which is seen in paradox style of games, look at Stellaris or crusader kings 3 as a great example.
    In the Sims things like how easy death is, how high bills are, exact age length and more would really allow us players to play how we want gameplay wise.
    A system like this would work wonders for the Sims I feel.
  • Micky1888Micky1888 Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello Sims Team! Something I've always wished for is for careers to be more difficult. Sims can apply and get hired for any job which is a bit shallow and unrealistic. It would be awesome if sims needed a certain level in some skills to get a job, pass an interview (good charisma skill could help), etc. Something similar to how auditions work in the acting career. It would also be realistic if sims can't get past certain levels of careers without a university degree if the university pack is installed.
  • sereeenasereeena Posts: 1 New Member
    Starting Out
    1. When first moving into a lot (or really for any purchase), Sims should be able to take out a loan from the bank. The loans should have selectable repayment lengths/schedules with varying interest rates and consequences for missing payments.
    2. It would also be really nice if there was an option for your Sim to be the roommate, instead of asking for roomates! The roommates system, as it currently exists, also is very flat. Roommates are so boring and don’t add any sort of dynamic to the sim’s household.

    1. It’s entirely too easy for Sims to make money. Sure, I can cheat and take away their funds but it would be nice if the game just wasn’t set up for success. The initial household funds available to a sim should be variable or more random. Even the Sims who start with “low” funds still have way too much money.
    2. More things should cost money in the Sims! For example, I would love it if there were lot options that charge for entry/memberships. Going to the gym or spa should have a cost for those services. If a bar or nightclub lot is hosting some type of special event, there should be a ticket you have to buy. Maybe a week before at a discount price, then full price day of the event?

    1. It’s too easy for Sims to get jobs. There should be a limited number of jobs available at any one time, and maybe even at different levels so there’s an extra challenge of actually being “qualified” for a position. Getting promotions should require more work instead of just three days of choosing “working hard”. Getting hired should involve an interview (or several if it's a high ranking position) so there’s the anticipation/anxiety/dejection/excitement/celebration of actually getting a job or being passed up for one. Also, why do RANDOM people my Sims don’t even know call them about job offers?? Recommendations, if any, should only come from Sims my Sims are good friends with.
    2. Sims should be able to have two part time jobs, or one full + one part time job if they’re really trying to hustle to make money to make ends meet.
    3. Unrelated (sort of), but can we bring back newspaper deliveries? But subscriptions so Sims have to pay for them.

    1. I really wish generational dynamics were more developed in The Sims. If you’re doing an activity, “Can I join you?” would be a nice pop up prompt that fosters relationships.
    2. Moving out of a household should come with some sort of a weight for all the sims involved. Leaving for college or moving next door shouldn’t basically reduce you down to an unwanted houseguest. When you visit your family, you should be able to stay the night or make a meal or bath without being told you’re inappropriate. Or they should randomly be able to call you and invite you over, you know, like Sunday dinners at grandma’s house or whatever.
    3. Speaking of, I wish birthdays were more of a social event. I know there *is* a social event for birthdays, but even so, it falls so flat! Sims invited over for a birthday should bring gifts, actively talk to the person whose birthday it is, stand around and cheer when it’s about time to cut the cake. Why does no one care/celebrate around the birthday Sim like the used to in previous iterations of the game? Lol the Sim whose birthday it is has a negative moodlet the following day if “no one celebrated” but yet if they make their own cake and blow out the candles with no on else around that gives them a happy moodlet?
    4. Can there be more social events like sleepovers? Funerals? Graduation? These would be great for increasing familial bonds with your aunts/uncles/cousins etc who don’t live in the same house.

    Babies / Toddlers / Kids / Teens
    1. It would be nice if babies had some semblance of personality on their own. Some babies are easy, some cry all the time. Can they get sick? Can you actually move them to a changing table or bed to change their diaper? Give them baths in the sink? Can children interact with them by holding them or rocking them?
    2. Why are all kids afraid of the dark?! It’s annoying! If you’re scared you literally don’t need to wake up the entire household to let them know. And if ANY light is on in the room, it should quell their fears. Why are there only like two nightlights??
    3. Similar to working, it should require more effort to earn better grades in school and there should be temporary traits (due to upbringing during their toddler/child years) that affect how slow/quick of a learner they are. After school study hall? Detention if they were misbehaving in class? Can you bring back field trips that cost money? After school activities to actually make their lives feel a little more dynamic? Prom? High school graduation?

    Sims / Living
    1. Better personality traits! Or at least make them more diverse and actually applicable. If my sim dislikes children, ‘try for baby’ shouldn’t be an option for them?? Any of the family aspirations shouldn’t be an option for them.
    2. Wants/fears and dislikes/likes could be flushed out to make more dynamic sims.
    3. Sims specific to certain communities should STAY within their communities! Unless you’re on a vacation or event, it seems silly to run into people you normally wouldn’t.
    4. Make it easier to die lol. Please. If a fire starts on a lot, it should spread more quickly. If your Sim gets sick, maybe the medicine they need is out of stock so it’s more risky for them.
    5. Anything that disrupts Sims lives! Where are the thieves?! Phone/cyber scammers that target the elderly sims? Bug infestations in the house that require pest control? Racoons in the garbage!? Can severe weather cause damage to the lots? Thunderstorm = fires or floods, but also the roof got damaged and needs repair ($$). Winter storm = loss of power for two days. Rainstorm = flooded basement and needs repair ($$).
    6. Can our Sims be pursued by others? Like if someone likes my Sim, can they send love letters? Stop by unannounced? When they call for a date can it actually be apparent that they’re trying to woo me and not just on another Sim outing?
    7. Specific to Dining Out (but probably applicable to others) but if a NPC shows up then they should ONLY be there to dine! Why are their actions so unspecific to dining? They shouldn’t be fixing toilets, rummaging through the trash, getting up every five seconds to go chat at another table, leaving their party, etc. It completely takes away from the activity at hand!

    Build / Buy
    1. Can there be more lot traits? For example, “premium lot” or something like that for a lot that has a view/is very large and has the opposite of Tiny Living lots?
    2. All of the BB items are not appropriately tagged with their style! Half the items don’t show up in any of the style options, so if you’re a designer (or just trying to decorate your own house with a certain theme) you just end up being limited by what does show up.
    3. And I know y’all said not to make requests, buttttt can roof walls actually be functional to the room they’re against? Painting an interior wall shouldn’t cause my exterior to also change color.
  • ugh1970ugh1970 Posts: 1 New Member
    I need to add this before I forget. The different packs need interoperability. For example a pregnant sim needs to go to the hospital from Get To Work. Also different illnesses should require hospitalization. Also what about sending criminals to the Get To Work Jail. Find a way to make the hodgepodge of different packs work with each other to increase storyline progression.
  • JackieSadowski15JackieSadowski15 Posts: 5 New Member
    Hi guys! My name is Jackie, I’ve been playing sims since sims 1! I love sims and it’s such a great escape, but there’s definitely changes and updates that could make it even better!

    More Realistic Gameplay

    There's lots of realistic things we as humans go through and our sims should too.

    Sims should have home loans (hopefully car loans too) if they cannot afford a lot, just like for university. They should be able to buy vacation homes as well.

    Since sims can lose power for not paying bills, they should lose power for storms/weather with seasons.

    The lack of "upgraded" items in the build/buy mode is frustrating. Sims should be able to buy upgraded items (for higher price) or hire someone to upgrade them: Not every sim should have to be handy to upgrade items.

    Not all sims have space for workout equipment or not all players want to bring their sims to the gym, TVs should have the workout channel again.

    Accidental pregnancies should happen because that’s life and babies should have more gameplay options. If we can only have them as objects we should at least have more physical actions with them like bathes, strollers, swings, or changing tables.

    Birthdays should be in the same season every year! Maybe there should be a correlation with long-length life option and season lengths to make it more realistic. Also giving sims astrologically signs again could add additional assigned traits that players could enjoy; adding obstacles to gameplay.

    There are careers and jobs we see in the game but cannot be? Sims should be able to apply for NPC service jobs like maid, pizza shop, repairman, adoption agent. We also can be photographers, but not hire one for events or family photos? One thing we always get are new jobs, and this shouldn't stop; just some ideas: wildland firefighter, utility worker, construction worker (maybe related to repairman), dentist, daycare, event planner, travel agent.

    Bring back sneaking out for teens, and maybe even add more activities for them like school dances to help make them less like mini adults.

    There should be private school or homeschool options and school should be harder, more take home assignments like book reports, presentations, speeches, etc. Children and teens deserve more after school activities like sports (cheerleading, soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance team, swimming), band, school council, dance committee, robotics “club”, environmental “club”.

    Another realistic aspect of life are school vacations. With seasons - certain aged household members should be able to have “holidays” off i.e. summer break or winter break for kids/teens.


    Height slider or at least different options to choose from! Not everyone is the same height in the world, allows more diversity.

    Add rainy weather outfit category - we have lots of coats and boots, but can only have them as everyday outfits or cold weather?

    The dislikes/likes gave more much playable enjoyment for our sims; and they should have more especially romantic likes/dislikes, foods, and we have so many activities that sims can do that are not a part of the current feature, like swimming, playing games (table games), reading (not every sims should be a bookworm), sunbathing, riding bikes, etc.

    More Rural World Types - Or bring back Create-A-World

    Cottage living was great with the addition of more natural features; we need more!

    More rural towns, where the neighbors aren’t too close, less sidewalks, and lots of trees and more wildlife and edible/floral plant species!

    Cool additions for sims to "live off the grid", "simple living" or just utilize their surroundings, like chopping trees for wood for woodworking tables or logs for fires, or even tapping maple trees for syrup.

    More swimmable water bodies would make the sims more realistic; maybe even a large lake world with the different neighborhoods in bays; sort of like Sunali.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bring up ideas and thoughts!
  • niemiloszniemilosz Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello, dear Sims Team!
    Thank you for providing us this opportunity to express our thoughts and ideas about the game we all love so much. I sincerely believe that all of its problems can be fixed with a bit of work.
    First of all, I feel as though The Sims 4 is massively lacking in the relationship departement. Such a crucial aspect of every-day life seems somewhat insignificant in the game. Sims feel like strangers to each other. It doesn't matter that my game tells me my Sims are spouses when they don't act like it on their own. I think three main types of relationships - family, friends and lovers should be more prominent and affect gameplay more. I adore parents having cute interactions with their children, spouses showing their affection and friends being genuinely interested in each other. Relationships should be more MEANINGFUL!
    This point fits in with another issue I see in the game - Sims' personalities feeling insignificant and all Sims seeming bland and uninteresting. In my opinion personality traits don't affect gameplay neraly as much as I wish they did. I want my Sims to feel like live, real, distinctive characters. I'd love it if my Sims would actually act, react and interact different based on their traits. The update to some of the base game traits You released a couple monts ago was a step in the right direction, but i feel like more radical measures need to be taken.
    The final point I want to make is via a sentence I've heard somewhere. "I want more control while setting up my game and less control while actually playing". What I mean by that is I'd love to see more customisation options avaliable while creating Sims, their personalities, life goals, relationships and backstories, their houses and the neighbourhoods around them, but while playing I want my Sims' personalities to guide me. I desperately need more RANDOM EVENTS. I want my Sims to lose their jobs, I want them to start fires, I want them to fall in love, be passionate about something, have goals in life. I want them to make enemies and get into fights, I want them to have best friends. I want my Sims to feel like real characters in a real world with real AUTONOMY.
    By the way, I'd love to see some upgrades to the NPC system to make them more "alive". I think that improving neighbourhood stories, relationships and pre-made Sims as well as intoducing a STORY PROGRESSION option are crucial steps to achieving The Sims 4's highest story-telling potential!
    Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to express my thoughts. I deeply respect all of the SimGurus and truly believe You can make this game even better than it already is!
  • WeerW3irWeerW3ir Posts: 1 New Member
    Sul sul!
    I would say im just looking for two addations.
    #1. Romantics and the interations in the game is really lackluster. No Slow dancing together at all and no romantic interactions beside sitting together, or hugging and cuddling. We need more. Sims 2 and 3 had a lot of them.
    #2. Vehicles as was in Sims 2. The engine can handle it with a bit of limitations. Worlds where are no actual streets/roads can be just avoided by them by adding a "no vehicles law" there, or just greying out the ability to actually drive there. The game could even solve it by actually replacing the actual spawnpoints from the lots to the end of the local area street/road. instead of spawning in by foot, you spawn at the street. you drive there. you place your car away or park it. the parking spots can be placed in the world without bothering with redesigning the already prebuilt buildings. So this would actually add more life into the cities.
  • SIMSIM333SIMSIM333 Posts: 1 New Member
    I think that there needs to be more stuff to do in the next sims even without DLC, just make the base game a little more. I'd be willing to pay 50 bucks for a base game if it meant there would be more to do. Also, add theme parks, everything in the Sims 3 was perfect. Keep those elements with the new improved UI and AI from the Sims 4 and boom you have the perfect game. If you could just take the best parts of Sim3 and build off that. Im sure tech will improve efficiency too when running the game in the next couple of years.
  • jonniedewingjonniedewing Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi, I’m jonnie I started playing Sims 4 about a year ago and have been playing constantly ever since. After purchasing all the DLC i’m interested in I felt the sims was sort of done so in consequence I purchased sims 3 for some actual gameplay depth. I think you should focus more on the existing gameplay and less on adding to add a challenge for all players. I think relationships are the first to focus on.
    As a young teen I find this the most exciting and what will add a challenge to the game therefore adding depth.

    Sims Relationships:

    One Sided- I feel as if my sim (me) has to do all the work to create a relationship which is not hard but makes it less exciting. Particularly in romantic relationships and bad relationships. It would be nice if the other sims could carry in a similar conversation with your sim and even take things to the next level. For example other sims might ask the sim your playing as for woohoo, or propose. It would make things more fun as it means you don’t have to instigate everything and makes a more challenging gameplay style in terms of keeping relationships good with a romantic partner. Makes gameplay more realistic and fun. Bad relationships would also have the advantage of this improvement sims could start fights or be mean to each other. Surprisingly, this goes hand in hand with romantic relationships with improvements like your sim cheating in a relationship as an example. It would be good if the sims tour not playing as in a relationship could do spontaneous crazy things like cheat or get divorced with your sims. It makes it challenging and creates great stories for you to follow along with. It would also go along with sims having feelings different to each other in a relationship. Similar to how sentiments work where one sims may feel smitten to another and the other sims may feel hurt by the other. It adds a challenge because sims have different personalities. One my react to a certain thing another sim has said differently to a different sim. One sims could find the iconic interaction “Get To Know” offensive so there would be minus relationship however other sims love it and get positive relationship. Therefore all sims could have side ty feeling about one another. This would create a challenge because as a player you need to know what social interactions other sims like and what social interactions other sims hate. Would be fab!

    Shallow- Relationships are currently merely based on a meter and sentiments (which are a good step in the right direction). It would make base game feel more challenging and fun if perhaps a memory system or type thing. It would add so much lore and make the game much more challenging. I feel it’s probably the key feature for adding lore therefore adding a whole new challenge.Sims could have memories for their personal experience but particularly what’s happened with other sims in this case. When a sim dies or woohoo’s with others if hits a memory could show up to mark that it happened it would just add so much depth. It would make premise sims so mouth more challenging to wrk out their stories. Lore is one of the main draws of the game and creates the most gameplay and the most challenges.

    Family Tree- My personal favourite thing to do in the sims is to make weird crazy families to be able to display in the family tree however none of the family act like it. If we could have more family member options like cousin, aunt, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. If they could have these in CAS as well as they develop as you have kids in the game it would far make families a bigger scale thing and give more gameplay and challenge for us family simmers. Obviously sims technically have aunts and uncles and all the rest but to have it confirmed by the game and have them have relationships already and social interactions. This would make families more fun and challenging.

    I could go on forever but thanks for reading if you got this far! (:
  • TheodoreTheodore Posts: 9 New Member
    !!Create a new worlds like Strangerville!!
    World with the revival of civilization, for example, sims on Mars.
    World of the apocalypse, with a different outcome: the ability to prevent or destroy everything.
    World with zombie.
  • TheodoreTheodore Posts: 9 New Member
    Cars and gas stations would be cool to add to the game...
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