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What kind of lives do your sims typically have?

I’m curious how many of us play our sims. I have seen posts where simmers never let anything bad happen to their sims, such as never letting them die and also posts where simmers prefer to play out their sims lives with ‘bad’ things too, usually using mods. As the sims is a life simulator, I’d love to know how realistic your sims lives typically are!

What kind of lives do your sims typically have? 201 votes

My sims live a ‘rainbows and cupcakes’ life.
crocobauraicmnfrshSikoahGraceTheSpotted_CIsb917MeteoraStormGoddessBylinesimgirl1010friendlysimmersfruitsbasket101ldmarkoToriehunniboo1xMyrtheHarukotyanFLauriefoxybillyOnverserAngelEb95catmando830 40 votes
My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
Akl500PKita5399Icewolfalan650111love7680AlexaiHowGreatThouArtColorist40JueJueBreeNillaPlayerSinger2010HazellMi9shaoscarSimburianBloosmooStrangerthanyesme88elanorbretonDevSims91zagboorules 107 votes
My sims live ‘dark lives’
SimliriousBabykittyjadeCAPTAIN_NXR7dreamprisonerJasonschick80SimmingalBastettemporalgodLT24 9 votes
I let my sims decide how their lives go.
auroraael14bshag4lvMstybl95GalacticGalbandit5IceyJBluebeard45haneulcchant86goodcakebaker62MindofygreydonntinaestelleSimplyJenKatiardguezMizzila1297phantasmkissTeeSeaFinvolatexxx78 45 votes


  • haneulhaneul Posts: 745 Member
    I let my sims decide how their lives go.
    It was hard for me to pick one. Recently, my sims' lives have been more "rainbow and cupcakes" than anything else, because I give them a solid foundation. But I also largely let them do what they want - they generally pick their own spouses, when they have kids, their interests, etc.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,978 Member
    edited March 14
    I let my sims decide how their lives go.
    Most of the "unexpected" things in my game come with whims. I think of whims as sim's desires. Sometimes they just wish to have a nice talk with a friend but their social menu "tells" me that they want to have a kid, so i'll make them try for a baby... I plan some guidelines, mostly inspired by challenges, and then i go with whims and the flow of the game. If someone dies i never go back, even if i had a different plan for them... sometimes they have rainbow lifes, others they have dark lifes, but most of the times they have balanced lifes...
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,575 Member
    My sims live ‘dark lives’
    I mean I have some happy immortal families but even those have few skeletons in their closets

    aside from my own sims i often play premades and many of them yes first live happily but then suffer tragic fates and horrible plot twists and perhaps awful deaths

    and yes surely some soap opera
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,444 Member
    My game changes it depends on the story, I like a mixture, I'm not all family player, supernatural player and single sim player, I like to explore everything the game his to offer, I currently have a family with children and pets, a vampire coven, a witch/human family and a single sim in University at the moment, what's amazing about the sims there's no wrong way of how one plays it
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,496 Member
    My sims live a ‘rainbows and cupcakes’ life.
    I guess mine are probably closest to rainbow and cupcakes. Nothing terrible tends to happen, but they do live in a haunted house
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,807 Member
    They start with rags to riches and end up all having midlife crises and living extremely boring, sedentary lives.
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  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,382 Member
    I would say it's a combination of I let the sims decide along with "dark lives". I love my sims but I like to put a lot of drama in their lives. I like to put them through a lot of trauma and stuff to see if it will break or make them.
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  • MagicaCatMagicaCat Posts: 114 Member
    I let my sims decide how their lives go.
    I give them what they need - ie, shelter, entertainment, education - and let them do what they wish.
    The only time I intervene is if they're standing around awkwardly blinking at each other instead of interacting, if there's an immediate danger like a fire or if there's something needing done and they haven't noticed, such as filling pet bowls or the fridge has gone kaput.

    That said, I do send them travelling and out to explore the world but it's much more fun (to me!) to just give them a nudge and a suggestion and let them decide what to do with it 😊
  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 568 Member
    edited March 14
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    There was no option that quite fit my situation, but the balanced one might be the closest I could get. It really depends on which save I'm in and also which sim(s) I'm playing at the time. I do have one save in which I place special sims who deserve fantastical lives of wonder where nothing bad ever happens, but the rest of my saves vary much more in tone and content.

    Some of my sims are mostly happy and "normal" while others are scoundrels or of an even darker nature. I don't use the Evil trait because it can cause behaviors that cross my "Way Too Silly" threshold, but that doesn't mean I never make essentially evil sims. They're pretty rare, though, because they're meant more for occasional spice when I want a change of pace. I let most of my sims choose their own kind of lives based on their traits, whims, social structures, and/or quirks that some seem to have for no apparent reason. I do tend to direct the lives of my legacy-style households a little more to best fit within a somewhat traditional family structure.
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 2,104 Member
    There wasn't an answer that fit for me. Some of my Sims lead charmed lives, and some of them lead miserable ones---their fates are pre-decided, before I even create them
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 4,028 Member
    My sims live a ‘rainbows and cupcakes’ life.
    I try to give them a better world than the one we currently have.
  • SikoahGraceSikoahGrace Posts: 1,355 Member
    My sims live a ‘rainbows and cupcakes’ life.
    I say rainbows and cupcakes. I like them to be happy. Even my sims that live "dark lives" are happy being dark. If something bad happens it happens. If it doesn't then ok.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,938 Member
    My sims live a ‘rainbows and cupcakes’ life.
    i voted for number 1 on the poll but what makes it a perfect game for me is i do not let my sims age or die since i keep aging fully turn off
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 2,789 Member
    My sims live ‘dark lives’
    Because my own life is rainbows and cupcakes.
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,220 Member
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    It really depends on the stories I have for them. Mine are pretty spoiled not gonna lie :D but sometimes I will allow some bad to kinda change things up and cause drama.
    And then, Chris smiles and it's all ok.
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  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,752 Member
    edited March 14
    i never treat my sims bad if i have no reason for it.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,341 Member
    edited March 14
    I let my sims decide how their lives go.
    I was debating between two choices. The other one would've been the balanced life with some bad and some good things, but I chose the last one because nowdays I let my Sims decide a lot of how they want to live. I often guide them to certain directions, but they don't always do what I want and it's okay for me, unless I play a challenge, then I'm the boss.
    I don't deliberately kill my Sims, that's for sure. I don't like to kill other Sims either. I've had to deal with a lot of death in my real life and I don't see anything fun about it. I try to keep my Sims alive, but any other kind of drama is welcome.

  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,416 Member
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    As I've now found I've got 307 Sims in my latest Save I'm having to let most of them get on with their own lives.

    I give all of them, except babies and toddlers the longest lives and it's interesting to see some of them grown up or deceased when I load them up next.
  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 546 Member
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    I’ve read all the replies, interesting to hear how others play the game! I myself usually have a rough idea of what kind of gameplay I’m going for, rags to riches, family, career focused that sort of thing and make my sim with appropriate traits then play entirely by their whims. Without mods I’d say they mostly have rainbow and cupcakes lives because the vanilla game is like that really, and with mods there is more drama and negative events like cheating and so forth.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,834 Member
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    Some are Black Widows, some have too many children, some are adventurous, some are collectors, some are in-love & some are just too naughty. :D:pB)<3
  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 871 Member
    edited March 14
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    A definite mix. I will say that some of my sims lives gets really DARK (thank you mods!). One sim in particular had the darkest life I ever gave a sim and I left it up to a literal coin toss as to whether or not she was going to come out of it. The coin said heads, so she was able to survive her ordeal. I might have her write a book about what happened to her.

    I just cant have my sims lives be happy happy joy joy all the time. At least I like to have some form of drama or mayhem simmering just underneath their lives. In one of my favorite families, I have a husband/father who appears to be very straight laced and conservative, unlike his openly hedonistic brother, but he's developed a rather unhealthy fondness for visiting "gentleman's clubs" and having secret "dates" with a particular dancer. As a result, the family finances are starting to suffer. Im debating if I want him to get found out.
  • Bluebeard45Bluebeard45 Posts: 3,813 Member
    I let my sims decide how their lives go.
    Basically I just sit back and watch. I only jump in when they do something stupid.
  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 875 Member
    I let my sims decide how their lives go.
    My sims live a balanced life but I also try and let my sims decide how their lives go. I may intervene sometimes though depending on what story I'm going for.
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  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 2,107 Member
    My sims live a balanced life with some bad and some good things.
    The correct a answer would be somewhere between rainbow and cupcakes and balanced. In general the lives of my sims are positive but they do have to work for it (earn money rags to riches style, complete aspirations without cheating, ...) occasionally something bad can happen but that will most likely be scripted by me. I will exit without saving if I really don't like negative events.
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