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  • lone_catlone_cat Posts: 417 Member
    Hi everyone, sorry I've been MIA for a couple of months, but I'm back and hope everyone's new year is going much better than last year. :) I'm sorry I'm behind in everyone's stories, but I am planning on getting caught up. Might take me a while, but I'm still reading and enjoying everyone's stories. :)

    There have been some interesting discussions I missed, so I'll answer what I missed. I put it in spoilers so you can read them or skip them if you want. :)

    Going back to @ThePlumbob 's question on favorite/least favorite chapters.
    My favorite chapter is a toss-up between the epilogue of story 1 and Chapter16: Freezer Dream. I like both because they have a different viewpoint or are different than the previous chapters.

    Least favorite would have to be Chapter 17: Blood Price. A lot of the later chapters in story 2 are some of my least favorite. I think I got a little lost, and I kept changing my mind on what I wanted to happen in the story. I also felt like I was throwing in stuff last minute.

    My favorite to screenshot was Freezer Dream. I just posed my sims in whatever pose came into my head and wrote about it.

    My least favorite chapter to screenshot was the Art Gala chapters in story 1 or the boat scenes in story 2. Both were hard to pose and get my sims in the correct position.

    @Mercuryfoam and without fail writing tags
    - Quirky/awkward/underdog character (s). I like writing characters that are unsure of themselves or characters that say the wrong thing. My favorite characters in books are usually the side characters or underdogs. The ones that hide in the background and are often overshadowed by the hero/heroine. I find them relatable, and I think that's why I enjoy writing them and giving them more of the spotlight in my stories.

    - Romance. I like writing romance and reading stories that have some element of romance in them. I prefer to keep the romance as a secondary plot and not let it overtake my story, but still like to include it. Deep down, I am a hopeless romantic. I love me some good romantic tension and how it pulls at my heartstrings.

    -Mystery and fantasy elements. My two favorite genres to read are mystery and fantasy, and I try to tie both into my stories. I love good plot twists and edge of your seat suspense. I also like trying to guess what will happen next or figuring out the clues to the puzzle. And I enjoy anything fantasy, whether it be dragons, vampires, or magic.

    -Supernatural (unknown) vs. Scientific (known). I'm a science nerd, so I like incorporating that into my stories. But I also like coming up with my own lore that isn't based on anything that can be explained. I also like to have my characters grapple with these two concepts, the concrete hard facts and the abstract or unexplained elements, and how each character comes to a conclusion based on their own personality/what they know.

    -Finding hope when everything is going wrong. Sometimes my stories dip into darker territory, but I tend to stay on the lighter side of things. I am discovering that while I enjoy reading darker stories; I don't enjoy writing them or if I do; it puts me in a really bad funk for the rest of the day. There has to be some kind of light to the darkness when I'm writing. I think it's because I spend so much time with my characters that I can't stay in that dark headspace for long. Maybe it's not the most realistic, but life can be crummy/unpredictable/unexplainable and it's nice to have a little escape when I write.

    @_sims_Yimi and worldbuilding
    How much worldbuilding do you do? How detailed are your locations, cultures, historical events, story lore?

    I think of the sims universe as an alternative reality to our own. So most of the historical events, cultures and pop culture are much like our own. Makes it easier to write that way. Also, I have a map in my head of where things are located and the towns are based on real towns/places. Makes figuring out how far things are apart or how long it takes to travel from point A to B easier. I would say my lore is pretty in-depth when it comes to character creation/supernatural beings. I have lots of notes written that may or may not be incorporated into the story.

    - What bits of lore/worldbuilding do you get excited about, and what do you not care for (for writing and reading both)?

    I like worldbuilding, so I would say most of it is exciting to write. I don't care for cookie-cutter tropes or just repeating things that have been done many times before. I like to try to be original, or at least put a new spin on things if I can. I know it's very hard to come up with something completely original and most things are influenced by preexisting tropes or our own preferences/cultural influences. And it doesn't have to be something completely new and different, but if I can see that some thought and creativity was put into the writing, then I can get on board with it.

    - What do you think about stories that have worldbuilding or lore explained before the plot starts? Alternatively, what do you think about stories that require some (for lack of a better term) “homework” to understand?

    I don't like info dumps, where a bunch of stuff is explained all at once, but I don't want to be completely lost. I don't mind prologues where the basics of the world/people are introduced. I like to have the lore sprinkled throughout the story and learn a little as I read on. That said, I do like maps and if a story contains a map or real-life place names, I will follow the path the characters are taking. I really like the feeling of being immersed in a story, so worldbuilding is one of my favorite things to read about.

    Hmm, not sure that I've read something that required homework (other than textbooks or maybe a dictionary), so not sure if I can answer that fully. It would probably annoy me. I prefer the author to explain things in as simple a form as possible without losing the meaning. Sure, writers can throw around big words or obscure meanings, but that, imo, alienates readers or pulls them out of the story. I don't mind if there is a lot of depth and nuance to a story, and if I don't pick up on everything, that's okay. As long as I can get something out of it and I enjoyed reading along, then I will be a satisfied reader.

    This got me thinking, are there any themes you want to explore in future stories that you haven't explored in your current story (ies)?

  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,745 Member
    Welcome back, @lone_cat <3 take your time! Our stories aren’t going anywhere, though you might find an increasing amount of angrily thrown potatoes in all of them as you read. :joy:
    This got me thinking, are there any themes you want to explore in future stories that you haven't explored in your current story (ies)?
    Hmmm… not at the moment, but I’m thinking of diving further into morality. I really like the concept of weighted choices that aren’t black-and-white, especially if it brings friends, family or partners into conflict. What about you? Do you have big plans for your new story/stories?
    Hosting D&D sessions on the side. Interested in playing through some fantasy-themed shenanigans? Send me a message 😘
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member

    Welcome back! It’s great to hear from you again. <3:smiley:
    You can say that again about Freezer Dream! And to think we’ll get the writer’s pov at the end of Story 1. I didn’t see that coming. I agree. Both chapters were fun to read!

    I love stories with quirky awkward characters too. They’re adorable.
    This got me thinking, are there any themes you want to explore in future stories that you haven't explored in your current story (ies)?
    I’ve recently been toying with the idea of writing a story with happiness and lightness as a theme. I guess it’s not surprising given what I’m writing now. Even so I think it’ll be a challenge so it’ll be worth writing at least for me, not necessarily for reading.
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Heeey @lone_cat :smiley: Good to have you back!
    My favorite chapter is a toss-up between the epilogue of story 1 and Chapter 16: Freezer Dream. I like both because they have a different viewpoint or are different than the previous chapters.
    Ooh I can totally see why! Freezer Dream was such a standout, I loved its trippy quality. And you only had to mention the story one epilogue for the Pina Colada song to pop up in my head :D That's with me for the rest of the day, then :joy:
    are there any themes you want to explore in future stories that you haven't explored in your current story (ies)?
    Err I actually have no idea :D I've just finished writing season 1 of BC, so it's something I'll need to think about, haha. Sorry for this weak answer :D I'll get back to you whenever I figure that out, haha.
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