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One room, One week, One theme


  • liel88liel88 Posts: 631 Member
    Challenge 286
    Theme for the week: A kitchen that contains a thankful item .
    Gallery name of the room: Thankful for Disneyland
    Origin id: Liel88
    The wall is by steemeal

    The thankful item that I used is a Disney painting, wich represents Disneyland Paris for me.
    Over the past 13 years I have been diagnosed with bonecancer 4 times, had many treatments, surgeries and an amputation of my left fore arm.
    I am extremely lucky to still be alive, to watch my son grow up and to be a loving wife for my husband.
    Disneyland has always been a great way for me and my family to escape stressful situations, unwind before oncology check-ups,reload after treatments or surgery, or to celebrate good news.
    I am very thankful that we have found our happy place and that the cast members there always make us feel extremely welcome and go to great lenghts to keep the magic alive for us.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Thankful for Disneyland is a very special and lovely kitchen! @liel88 :) I send hugs to you <3 You have been through so much in your life. Your family would be so very precious to you as they have supported you through everything <3 It is lovely that you can enjoy visiting Disneyland as a family and can have fun there relaxing and recovering with all the stresses of your health. It is caring and kind of cast members to make your time spent there special :)
    Very lovely furnishing and layout of the kitchen! :) The blue and white colour is pretty! The counters looks very nice how they are placed along the edges of the wall and the patterning on them is pretty! Very nice double sinks nook! The Disneyland picture which reflects your thankfulness is very special there <3 The pretty curtained windows look very nice either sides of it! Very nice bar and stools counter for sims to enjoy sitting there and having drinks from the bar. The stone flooring gives a lovely homely and warming look and feel to the room. Very lovely coffee, tea, cakes, and sofa seat windows sitting nook! Sims will enjoy making coffee or tea with the coffee machine and brewer , and sitting on the sofa having the drink and cakes from the glass display case with it! They will enjoy reading books from the bookshelf there or enjoy looking at the cookbooks that are on the corner table. The drink picture is great on the wall.The olive oil bottles, dish rack, paper towel, wall untensils, hanging pans, wall display plates and hanging herbs are very nice homely kitchen touches. The patterned door is pretty!
    It is a very beautiful kitchen both in the design of it and the background details <3 Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge :)
  • QueenV815QueenV815 Posts: 163 Member
    Challenge 286
    Theme for the week: A kitchen that contains a thankful item .
    Gallery name of the room: Hygge Fall Kitchen
    Origin id: QueenV815

    My thankful item(s) are the dog items like the jars of treats, dog bed, statues, food bowl. I am so thankful for my pups. They have definitely helped my entire family cope with the craziness of this year and they are the embodiment of unconditional love <3. I used the Danish concept of Hygge to inspire my build, hence the name. Hygge is meant to evoke a sense of comfort and coziness with contemporary touches.


    Take a trip over to my Showcase thread to see some of my favorite builds I've done: :smiley:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Hygge Fall Kitchen is a lovely warm and homely kitchen! @QueenV815 :) It is very nice that you are thankful for your pups and have the pet themed items as a reflection of your thankfulness <3 Our pets are loving and help us through all that our lives are holding :)
    Very lovely furnishing,layout, colour scheme and design of the room! The white brick walls and the wood textured flooring gives a lovely warm feel and look to the room. Very great design of the combined double stoves counter with a stools area on the side and booth and table dining along the edges! It looks very nice! The seasonal harvest basket on the counter top and pretty Autumn flowers on the dining table are lovely! Sims will enjoy cooking and sitting dining there! Very nice refreshments area for sims to enjoy getting cups of coffee from the coffee maker and tea from the brewer. The teabags and mugs rack are great touches there. Very lovely corner nook with the Autumn plant and pumpkins. The pets themed area with the pet treats,pet bed and pet food bowl is great! Pets will enjoy spending time in the kitchen also! The large glass windows and window wall is very nice to bring in lovely sunshine. The hanging pots and pans, bread box, knife block, items on the shelving,teapot cabinet, olive oil bottle, cake display case,wall cutlery, spice set and wall knives are very nice homely touches. The planter boxes along the window edge are nice nature touches.
    It is a lovely homely calming kitchen! Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge :)
  • JazztizzJazztizz Posts: 621 Member
    I liked your presentation being a poem @Jazztizz .

    Thank you! = ) It was fun to do. Your kitchen is beautiful.

    Find your pack. Love them hard.
    Because life is short, and sometimes they disappear.
    Missing Benjamin.
  • QueenV815QueenV815 Posts: 163 Member
    @rosemow thanks for the lovely review!
    Take a trip over to my Showcase thread to see some of my favorite builds I've done: :smiley:
  • MikkiMikkiMikkiMMikkiMikkiMikkiM Posts: 211 Member
    Theme for the week: a kitchen with something you're thankful for
    Gallery name of room: Thankful for Cats
    Origin id: MikkiMikkiMikkiM

    I chose to be thankful for cats! I have three cats, and they always cheer me up, and I wouldn't know what I would do without them! So in this kitchen I created a little area for the cats, there is 'cat grass' on the kitchen counter, and of course plenty of kibble on the fridge.

    Pictures of the room:



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Thankful for Cats is a lovely Kitchen that reflects your thankfulness for your cats! @MikkiMikkiMikkiM :) It is very nice that your cats cheer you up, and are a very special part of your life <3
    The design of the kitchen is very nice! The blue, white and grey colour of the walls are very nice! Very nice nook area with the pet food bowls, cat gym and cat prints on the walls. The packets of cat food look great on top of the fridge! The cat floor rug is a great touch near the door! The cat grass on the counter is great! Very nice dining area near the windows with the sweet cat plant on the table! Sims will enjoy looking out through the windows and seeing cats that are in their garden. The ceiling candle light is pretty!
    It is a special cat themed kitchen! Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge :)
  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,635 Member
    Jazztizz wrote: »
    xamira99 wrote: »
    Thanks @Jazztizz! It's an honour that it reminds you of the shop from Markath! :D
    Love how cosy is your kitchen is & the messages that you have for your family! That's beautiful! <3

    Thanks very much. I made it all up. ^^ I'm my mom's only child (though I had two younger sisters by my dad I got to see in the summer and on weekends until they moved away). But I did have six kids and 2 grandkids. =) So I'm very grateful for my real family too. That collage of photos though is a favorite. I love it. Btw, I play vanilla too. Sometimes. I love your graphic too and your Saint-Exupéry quote. ♥.

    That's awesome!! Actually, I really like The Little Prince. One of my favourite books! :D
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,283 Member

    Challenge 286
    Theme for the week: A kitchen that contains a thankful item .
    Gallery name of the room: Deseo Cumplido
    Origin id: Airis6962
    Thankful item: The wallart that @rosemow made for me <3 It reminds me her and how much I have to give thanks to her for everything she does for us and for all the time and beautiful words that she give to us always <3
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Deseo Cumplido is such a very special and lovely kitchen! @AIRIS6962 <3 It was very beautiful what you wrote <3 Thankyou so very much for your very kind words! It is very nice that you have used my wallart that i I made for you in your room :)
    The design and furnishing of the room is lovely! Very pretty blue and white colors and patterned floor tiling. The wood texture of the cabinets and counters is warming and homely. It is a great that there is a pet food bowl there for pets that sims have. The utensils, knife block, fruit bowl and dish rack are very nice homely touches. The hand wall towels are great near the sink for sims to use. Sims will enjoy having a cup of coffee from the coffee machine whilst waiting for meals to finish cooking.
    It is a very special kitchen! Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge and for using my art! :)
  • AlphaFFrogAlphaFFrog Posts: 1,213 Member
    edited December 2020
    I’m thankful I managed to submit a room in time!! :bawling: But mainly for being able to read about everyone’s stories behind their rooms and getting to know them better :)

    Sadly, my room has the profundity of a puddle so … good luck ...

    Cucina Ex Machina

    Realise your cooking is an industrial accident waiting to happen? Consider toxic waste your go-to ingredient? Then Cucina Ex Machina is the short-cut to the ER for you! Designed to make you thankful for health and safety legislation Cucina Ex Machina is the latest in AlphaFFrog’s "Tetanus? What tetanus?" Industrial chic! A kitchen where its imperfections makes it perfect ... and its support beam dangerously unstable … :grimace:

    Thankful item - Well-Travelled Rug because life is more beautiful when it’s a bit frayed around the edges <3


    A view from a Health Inspector thankful to not come any closer :unamused:


    AlphaFFrog: Thankful for friends, family …


    …. and not having to clean this kitchen :innocent:

  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,283 Member

    Thank you very much, dear @rosemow <3
    This kitchen is inspired by my real kitchen, although not the same, but your wall art is in the same place :blush:
    And in my kitchen a coffee maker and a bowl for my doggie can never been absent ;)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Cuchina Ex Machina is a great industrial kitchen! @AlphaFFrog :) It is very nice that you chose the well travelled rug as your thankful item, and what you wrote is very special <3 It looks very nice in the room.
    The design and furnishings are very great! :) The supporting beam adds a great look to the room! Very nice weathered brick walls, and the piping on it is great! Very nice industrial style wood kitchen counters and bar and steel fridge, stove,sink and microwave. The stools counter is great for sims to sit and have a meal or a drink from the bar with family and friends. The type of stools suits the room style well! The bottles are a nice touch on the edge of the bar. Very nice coffee corner nook! Sims will enjoy having a cup of coffee after preparing meals. The fire extinguisher is great to have in the room! The wall knives, utensils, food wall board and hanging pans are nice home kitchen touches.Very nice windows for great outside views.
    It is a great designed and furnished industrial style kitchen! Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    edited December 2020
  • QueenV815QueenV815 Posts: 163 Member
    @AlphaFFrog love your kitchen! Industrial modern is my favorite style IRL so it's great!
    Take a trip over to my Showcase thread to see some of my favorite builds I've done: :smiley:
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 727 Member
    @AlphaFFrog Cool! We had the same idea! I love your kitchen by the way!! It looks so cool!!! Mine is a hot mess lol.

    Gallery ID: sarabeth6701d
    Gallery Name: Mi Cocina
    Gallery Link
    Top Down View: utWjZG6.png
    CC used? Nope!

    The one thing I have been most thankful for this year would be family. Its been a very rough month, I have lost my grandmother and mother within 3 weeks of each other. Plus a few pointless family disputes and of course Covid and quarantine meant my large family did not meet together for Thanksgiving (plus I had to work that morning) at all. My amazing cousin and her adorable son decided to spend a last minute Thankgsiving dinner at my house. It was my first time ever hosting Thanksgiving at my house! Lol it definitely was not a traditional dinner since I didn't have a whole turkey. We had turkey chili with cornbread and macaroni and cheese instead! XD Despite that we had a fantastic time and watched movies all day. It was awesome!!

    I chose to recreate my kitchen to symbolize our Thanksgiving dinner. Please don't judge this kitchen build as its a dead ringer for my real life one, including the light placement!! :D Which is now a running joke between my cousin and I. My house was built in the late 50s and I am slowly renovating and updating it. The kitchen has a 50s-60s vibe to it and is very colorful. It looked pretty dang dismal when I first moved in.
    Various views from various angles:

  • emereemere Posts: 1,589 Member

    Hi @rosemow thanks for the congratz <3 I choose this item:


    No matter what I do I'm always listening to music, even my sims builts are always full of stereos (I listen to my custom music). So in this hard year I'm thankful for music, for having the stuff to listen it all the time. Music makes life more colorful :) So here is my entry:

    Entry Form
    Theme for the week: a kitchen that contains a thankful item.
    Gallery name of room: Miso Soup Kitchen
    Origin id: osiazul
    Pictures of the room:


    Thanks for the challenge dear @rosemow and I wish you all a sweet December o:)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    The sims gameversion of your real life kitchen is beautiful! @sarabeth2984 <3 It looks so very homely, warm and a lovely calming place to be, with all the stresses and concerns in life. I send big hugs to you with the passing away of your precious Mother and Grandmother <3 I am sorry to hear of their passing away :( It is a hard time that you are going through. I send love to you in all that the days are holding. It is very lovely what you wrote about your cousin and the different type of Thanksgiving meal! It sounds very great! It is lovely food and a great way to spend the day! Our family is very precious to us and are very much to be thankful for <3
    Very lovely furnishing and layout of the kitchen! :) The blue, yellow, orange and white colours are very nice! The patterned wall tiling is very nice! Very nice warm wood flooring. The patterned curtains are pretty! Very nice windows dining area to enjoy eating meals with sunlight coming in through the windows. The harvest basket on the table is a nice seasonal touch. The ceiling lights look great! It is great that there is a laundry corner nook. The pet food packets, pet treats, mugs rack and hot chocolate items are homely on the shelving. The broom and dustpan, dish rack, utensils, paper towel and the pantry nook are great home kitchen touches! It is great there is a coffee machine to have cups of coffee with family and friends
    It is a very special kitchen, and your real life one would be a lovely place to cook and eat meals in :) Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,068 Member
    Miso Soup Kitchen is a very lovely Japanese kitchen! @emere :) It is very nice that you chose the gramaphone as your item to reflect your thankfulness for Music <3 Music is a very special part of our lives. It cheers us, comforts us, and it is great to listen to when we are happy, or sad or worried or joyful or in pain <3
    The design of the kitchen is lovely! Very nice warm,calming white and natural colours and the wood textured furnishings are very nice! The furnishing of the room using items from Snowy Escapes is lovely,and very nice layout!The plants on shelving are restful and very nice touches of nature.Sims will enjoy listening to the gramaphone music whilst preparing meals there. The teapots wall cabinet,fruit and kitchen items wall pictures, wall clock and the lantern, pretty butterflies picture, and cookie jar on the shelving are nice homely touches. The citrus plant is pretty! Sims will enjoy having cups of tea from the brewer and eating fruit from the fruit bowl. The island sink counter is very nice. The knives block, utensils and spice set are homely to use.
    It is a very nice Japanese kitchen to reflect your thankfulness for music. Thankyou very much for entering this week’s challenge! :)
  • emereemere Posts: 1,589 Member

    Thanks to you @rosemow for your sweet words and your inspiring challenges <3<3
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