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What would you want to see in a Future Free Update?


  • MinaiMinai Posts: 608 Member
    I dont know if this has been said already but more personality trait slots
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,542 Member
    Personality overhaul with interests, likes/dislikes etc...

    But that’s probably too ambitious of me to hope for. I’d also like to see NPCs such as firefighters and burglars return. I miss the life and variety various NPCs brought to the game.
  • RedShoe7RedShoe7 Posts: 241 Member
    I'd really love to get more empty worlds to build in.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 718 Member
    Get to Work: more active careers and more tasks for the existing active careers, extensive retail system overhaul

    Get together: more types of dancing for the dance machine trait, more activities in general for clubs, more club icons

    Cats and Dogs: more pets like reptiles and birds

    Dine out: fast food type of restaurants where sims can order food to go

    Cool kitchen: more ice cream stuff, trash compactor

    Seasons: roller skating outside of a rink, figure skating as a career

    In general: more careers, and more activities for teens and younger, a way to designate a community lot as more than one type all at once, ability to disable the cellphone, improvement of the off grid the system, ability to designate lots as off limits for NPCs to wander through (ideal for off the grid)

    I’ll be back if I think of more.

  • KathMHughesKathMHughes Posts: 160 Member
    I know we won't get a color wheel. But could we filter objects by three more colors? Teal, Clear, and Burgundy? I wanted to make a futuristic glass house with clear objects and there was no filter for clear. Teal stuff is sometimes tagged blue, sometimes tagged green. Burgundy stuff is sometimes tagged red or purple.

    Also, there's no enough consistent shades of anything. Trying to make new matching outfits or make a shirt match shoes is a major issue.
  • OddlyLemmingOddlyLemming Posts: 8 New Member
    I'd like the ability to "live link" to the gallery so that when I make an update to a lot I've previously created (and overwritten with a new version) that same lot replaces the older version that was previously uploaded to the Community Gallery, and from there it propagates to the people who've previously downloaded (or maybe just those who favourited) it. Something like the following:

    1) Create a new Lot,
    2) Upload that Lot to the Community Gallery,
    3) Add time and inspiration,
    4) Make amendments to existing Lot,
    5) Save changes and overwrite Lot,
    6) Updated Lot gets automatically uploaded to Community Gallery,
    7) Community Gallery automatically pushes updated Lot to previously downloaded copies.
    8) Go back to Step 3.
  • ThrosturThrostur Posts: 2 New Member
    Split-level homes and windows on foundations. It's ludicrously hard to make "raised basements" because the foundation feature doesn't bode well with it. It shouldn't be so hard to connect rooms of different heights either, allowing this would make split-level homes so much more easier to build. I get that it's "kind-of" possible with workarounds today, but I've also heard stories about frequent crashes and various bugs.

    All in all, these two "minor" changes would go a really, really long way in home building.

    Also: Please fix door locks. It's really annoying in an 8 sim household where 2 of them share a room and someone walks in, you unlock and send them out, someone else manages to walk in because their free will compelled them to grab a cup of joe or whatever.
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 144 Member
    Personality overhaul with interests, likes/dislikes etc...

    But that’s probably too ambitious of me to hope for. I’d also like to see NPCs such as firefighters and burglars return. I miss the life and variety various NPCs brought to the game.

    Realistically I think a personality overhaul would need to be part of an expansion pack focused on that as there is too much that they would have to do to make a meaningful improvement to that part of the game.

    More NPC's would that behaved like the firefighters and burglars would be great. It would help the game feel a bit less static outside of what you are doing with your household.
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 144 Member
    Sims going to the nearest available table, desk, bookcase when eating, doing homework and reading.
  • MinaiMinai Posts: 608 Member
    Enough of the ugly townies please!
  • RamiSamiiRamiSamii Posts: 208 Member
    A dancing pack sounds adorable! I would love to have couples dance together, even slow dance at Weddings or other events. All for it <3
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 144 Member
    Minai wrote: »
    Enough of the ugly townies please!

    I'd like to see townies dressed from the styled looks pool of clothing and for players to be able to create their own styled looks.
  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 295 Member
    Make all the timed events that are no longer available an optional quest to occur during the respected season, so a free expansion to the Seasons addition. I know these have been requested times before, but it really is frustrating to just get into a game and learn I can't 100% the collections. I'm on console, so I don't think it's available to score from the gallery.

    -Bunny Egg Hunt (can't complete the collection list without it, the eggs look awesome, and I would love the stuffed giant bunny).
    -Spring Challenge (this seems the simplest method of getting the Glowing Fruit; the only other method is from purchasing rare seed packets and that's an expensive gamble, there is also two unique planters I would love access to).
    -Plantsim Challenge (this seems the only way to score the Forbidden Fruit and I would love to be a Plantsim wearing the fairy costume).
    -Positivity Challenge (I truthfully don't know much about this one, but from what little I found it just sounds fun).

    -Day of the Dead (can't complete the Sugar Skulls collection list without it, and without it the Sugar Skull display case is pointless).
    -Team Trick vs Team Treat (for the items associated with this challenge, and the event sounds interesting).

    Some other ideas (you said "free", so I'm trying to keep these small):
    -An option to invite nearby Sims to jump into the Jacuzzi with you (is there an option? I'm not finding one.).
    -More phone skins or even different phone types.
    -More phone ring tones.
    -The ability to block/unblock specific sims from calling.
    -A randomly generated pet that adopts YOU (with the Dogs & Cats addition). It just appears one day and hangs out outside your home. You can befriend it and adopt it, scare it away to make it leave immediately, or ignore it and it will leave on it's own after a few days. Or, and this would be really cool, you could have a small quest to try to find it's owner before you can officially adopt it (put up posters, talk to a vet to see if it's chipped, ask other sims who give you clues.). The end result should always give you the option to adopt it though, but fulfilling the quest should give some kind of bonus (maybe discovering the animal's name which gives you all the tricks it already knows.).
    -The ability to purchase other lots you can use as a garden or other house. I really don't get why I can't own at least a second lot. I love to garden, so I want a BIG garden that can be either open to the public, a garden club, or open to only my selfish self. A summer home would also be nice. Maybe this option is available, because I'm new to TS4 and have only a few DLCs. Please let me know if it is.
    -Seasonal county fairs that include: a caraselle, face-painting, a tunnel of love, a haunted tunnel, a place to either purchase or sell plants/crafted items/collectibles, unique snacks (funnel cake, cotton candy, fried pickles, etc.), the ability to perform/work there (musician, comedian, caricature artist, clown/mascot, cook, etc.), and parlor games with goofy prizes. Something for all ages of Sims. A Renaissance Fair would be epic. Heck, make it big and give me the ability to build my own fair and I'd pay for that.
    -Alien pets (available with the Pets & Dogs and Get to Work additions).
    -A robot that will fertilize your garden with a fertilizer of choice when it's needed (available with Seasons and Discover University).
    -With Island Living, when you go out on a boat there's a small chance of getting caught in a storm and discarded on a small, deserted island. You lose all items on you and any other Sims with you, and must forage for food, shelter, and eventually build a boat to get back where you find all your lost belongings were discovered and kept safe for you. There should be some kind of unique collection available to get while there, and maybe a new trait. This should be a homage to "The Sims: Castaway", which is a personal favorite of mine (please make a new one!).
    -A creepy old fashioned doll (with the Spooky Stuff and Parenthood additions) that will sometimes be found sitting in a different chair than you saw it the last time you were home, rarely is seen moving slightly (head turns to face you, arm moves, etc.), and can cause nightmares or pleasant dreams to all sleeping in the house depending if it likes you (positive or negative energy from sleeping). Randomly found in a toddler's/child's toy chest, where the toddler/child will retrieve the doll and have a tea party with it while talking to it as if it's real and the doll rarely slightly moving. Allowing the child time to play with the doll will cause it to look upon all in the home positively, while denying this will cause negative. Once the child grows up into a teen the doll will vanish, but that child will gain a trait were they will always gain either a bonus or negative to their sleep. A dream icon of the doll will appear while effected sims sleep to show either positive or negative. Only one doll per house is allowed at one time, and the doll is attached to a specific toddler/child (the one that first plays tea with it). If you throw the doll away, it will simply return the next day in the toybox. You can throw the doll into a lit burnpile (leaves, etc.), and this will destroy the doll with no negative effects, but if it was already attached to a toddler/child then that toddler/child can never get the trait.
    -Toddler/child will sometimes get into your clothes and walk around wearing them (Parenthood and Laundry Day additions). Think clothes way too big with floppy arms and legs and sometimes falls down. Goofiness and smiles are guaranteed. Got to take a picture and maybe make a painting.
    -Sometimes you step on a misplaced Lego and dance around in pain for a moment. Collect enough and you can have a toy for your child to play with. Works also as a collection. (Parenthood and Child Stuff additions).
    -Sometimes teens will prank your house at night. Think toilet paper a tree, forks in the yard, egg the house, etc. Should be non-damaging, but slightly annoying. Teens can also do the same to other Sim houses, but only at night.
  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 295 Member
    Oh, and secret doors. Think doors that look like bookshelves, look like just a part of the wall, or trap doors that look like part of the floor.
  • TopNotchToddlerTopNotchToddler Posts: 189 Member
    I'll be modest. The family portrait that was available for a limited time. It shouldn't be controversial because nobody had to buy a pack to get it.
  • Dakota88Dakota88 Posts: 945 Member
    edited February 2020
    3 new life stages:
    - proper baby life stage like in The Sims Freeplay with CAS Items and lot sof gameplay
    - preschoolers
    - preteens

    I want them like toddlers in a free update and a pack release to come along with it (just like toddlers were released and patched in for everyone right before Parenthood came out).

    Like with a Nursery GP (babies), a Generations EP (preschoolers) and a Go to school EP (preteens)!
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 667 Member
    More fitness equipment; exercise bikes, hydraulic rowers. For clubs, be able to choose whether they are gender specific.

  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 295 Member
    > @adamclark83 said:
    > More fitness equipment; exercise bikes, hydraulic rowers. For clubs, be able to choose whether they are gender specific.

    How about things like a synchronized cardio workout with other sims?
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,839 Member
    draggable cribs
  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 295 Member
    Okay, I've thought some more on one of my ideas, and I think it might be a good one. Please let me know what you all think!

    Additions Needed: Parenthood, Seasons
    Additions Optional: Spooky Stuff, Toddler Stuff, Child Stuff
    Item Name: "Elizabeth"
    Description: "A porcelain and cloth doll of a female child from the 19th century, typical in appearance-which is to say typically creepy, but where did it come from?"
    Item Description: The doll stands about half the height of a child and wears a frilly dress that changes in shade of black to white depending upon it's mood, which is determined by the actions of the player in accordance to how the doll is treated. When a player has a Toddler/Child living in the home as a family member (born or adopted), and there is a toy box located anywhere on the owned lot, eventually Elizabeth will mysteriously appear inside the toy box.

    The first clue that something may not be right is the sound of a small giggle from the toy box, which will cause all toddlers/children living on the lot to stop whatever they are doing to retrieve Elizabeth from the box. The first toddler/child to do so will cause Elizabeth to become imprinted upon that specific toddler/child. Elizabeth will only manifest once at a time per lot, regardless of the number of toddler/children. Once the toddler/child is imprinted, the lasting effects can be lifelong as it can be difficult to lift this curse/blessing.

    The toddler/child then must play with Elizabeth at least once a day. Thankfully, Elizabeth is easy to please and this interaction takes about the same amount of time as does watering a plant or two. Every time the imprinted toddler/child plays with Elizabeth, her like toward that child grows, while the opposite is true if Elizabeth is ignored. Playing with Elizabeth is in the manner of the toddler/child sitting on the floor with Elizabeth and having an imaginary tea party. The tea pot and cups, while empty, seem to manifest as mysteriously as Elizabeth did, and they cease to exist as soon as the party is completed. The imprinted toddler/child must also have Elizabeth in their inventory every night while they sleep. If the toddler/child does not, the toddler/child will awake and attempt to retrieve Elizabeth and then will go right back to bed. It's possible to miss playing/sleeping with Elizabeth several days without a negative, as long as her positive is high enough (it works similar to Sim friendships).

    Every time anyone who lives on a lot of an imprinted toddler/child sleeps, they will either experience good or bad dreams depending upon how Elizabeth views the imprinted toddler/child. This effect is equal to sleeping on a bed of a quality +1 or -1 of what it normally would be. A dream icon of Elizabeth will appear to show this effect (along with all the other random dream thoughts), with her either wearing white or black depending upon the effect.

    Some creepy occurrences reported from living with Elizabeth include, and are not limited to...
    -When the imprinted toddler/child is playing alone in a room with Elizabeth, she sometimes is seem moving slighting on her own. The sound of the toddler/child speaking to Elizabeth is sometimes heard, along with the occasional sound of Elizabeth speaking back.
    -When all family members are on a different floor than Elizabeth, the sound of footsteps and giggling can be heard on the other floor, and Elizabeth is discovered to be in another room than she originally was sitting peacefully in a chair (randomly selected unless a chair is located facing out of a window).
    -Elizabeth can be thrown away as trash, but will always reappear in an available toy box the next time the clock strikes midnight. She will giggle, and the imprinted toddler/child will stop everything in attempt to retrieve Elizabeth (unless prevented by player). If the toddler/child was sleeping, he/she will then go right back to bed after retrieving Elizabeth.
    -When all Sims who live on that lot are gone and Elizabeth is left alone, and then someone returns, they may find Elizabeth sitting somewhere other than she was originally. In this case she will always be found sitting in a chair facing a window if one is available, if not she will be found in the imprinted child/toddler's room with all the contents of all the toy boxes scattered about the room along with all children books located from all bookshelves (she's bored and upset, so she'll steal other toddler's/children's toys/books.). This could cause quite a mess, so it's strongly advised to give Elizabeth a nice view outside if you ever plan to leave her alone (place a chair facing a window).
    -When the toddler/child can speak full sentences, an option for speaking to the toddler/child about Elizabeth becomes available. The child will inform the parent that, "Her name is Elizabeth. She's my best friend." (charisma 2),"Elizabeth just wants to play, just like any other kid." (charisma 4), "Elizabeth wants a chair facing out of a window. She says this place looks so different now." (charisma 6), and, "Elizabeth used to live here, in a different house a long time ago. Then there was a fire when the leaves changed..." (charisma 9).

    Once the imprinted toddler/child grows into a teenager, Elizabeth will vanish. That teenager will then receive the trait "Imaginary Friend" or "Imaginary Fiend", which will continue giving the +1 or -1 effect to all beds that sim sleeps in for the rest of his/her life. This effect will only effect that Sim, regardless if they share a bed with another Sim. A parent can then attempt to speak to the teenager about Elizabeth after she vanishes, to which the teenager will say, "What doll? I never had a doll like that." The option of speaking about Elizabeth never comes up again. Sometimes it's best to forget.

    Elizabeth can be destroyed, but only by tossing her into a fire. This can be done from a burning pile of leaves in the Fall. Once this is done, any imprinted toddler/child is freed from being imprinted and will never summon or become imprinted by Elizabeth again for the rest of his/her life. The parent that burns Elizabeth will also be freed from any curse/blessing they may have received upon becoming a teenager with a previous encounter with Elizabeth. This is the only known way to free yourself and your family of Elizabeth, if one so desires to.

    Once anyone from a save has received either of the traits, a new item will become available in the build mode inventory; a glass display case holding an identical Elizabeth doll. The description reads, "Why does this look so familiar?". It has a decoration score of +8. Only one can be owned per save.
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 144 Member
    Oh, and secret doors. Think doors that look like bookshelves, look like just a part of the wall, or trap doors that look like part of the floor.

    There are two bookshelf doors, which are rewards for completing the author branch of the writing career and getting to level 7 of the secret agent career.
  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 295 Member
    coogee78 wrote: »
    Oh, and secret doors. Think doors that look like bookshelves, look like just a part of the wall, or trap doors that look like part of the floor.

    There are two bookshelf doors, which are rewards for completing the author branch of the writing career and getting to level 7 of the secret agent career.

    Nice! Thanks for letting me know!
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 144 Member
    No worries.

    I'd like to see clubs tweaked so they meet at set times each week like university organisations.
  • coogee78coogee78 Posts: 144 Member
    Skill level and job promotion notifications logged in the notepad. I'm always trying to remember which are the harder and easier paintings and so on.
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 667 Member
    See-through walls. More colour choices for outfits.

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