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What should we be able to knit?


  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,565 Member
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    First and foremost - as many others have stated already - I'd like to have a knitting skill with ten levels that unlocks new CAS parts and B/B objects along the way and knitting should raise our Sims' fun!

    - Beginning: scarves/shawls as new accessoires (for toddlers, kids, teens, YA, adults and elders)
    - Lvl 2: decor objects (pot holder, baby shoes, Christmas stocking)
    - Lvl 3 or 4: Voidcritter toys (for toddlers and children)
    - Lvl 5 or 6: sweaters (for toddlers and kids)
    - Lvl 7 or 8: sweaters and wrist warmers (for teens, YA, adults and elders)
    - Lvl 9: socks and stockings (for teens, YA, adults and elders)
    - Lvl 10: beanies, bikinis, mittens, gloves and fingerless gloves (for teens, YA, adults and elders)

    Thank you @SimGuruNinja and @SimGuruSarah for this community involvement.
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  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 268 Member

    I'd love to see goofy-cute hats for pets:

  • angelfall7angelfall7 Posts: 2 New Member
    There needs to be different levels of knitting. So like the basic, uneven, full of dropped stitches scarves made by kids and beginners, progressing to better, neater, more complicated projects. Hats, scarves and gloves/mittens (perhaps hanging on string from the sleeves for toddlers?), socks/slippers, blankets which take ages to complete, decor like coasters, oven gloves and wall hangings, toys (legit want to see toddlers and children with a favourite toy they just carry around constantly and sleep with).
    There should totally be an 'itchy' buff for some jumpers, but also a good buff from using something handmade (and maybe a different one for things made for them as gifts, or for the maker sim seeing another sim using an item they've made). Maybe lower level jumpers have uneven length sleeves or just fit badly on a sim.
    It would be cool if there was like a 'knit ___ for ___' so if it's a jumper then that sim gets it and can wear it, or a blanket/bedspread that gets attached to that sim's claimed bed. Also sims napping on sofas should be covered with a blanket and they should be able to snuggle under a blanket together on a sofa (possibly with drinks).
    And can cats play with balls of yarn (unless they're in a yarn bowl or something)? Mine always goes for the moving string when I'm knitting.

    I just want all the things, really.
  • EmilyJayneEmilyJayne Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love to see imaginary friends return perhaps in the form of knitted voidcritter or other stuffed animal children and child-like sims could hold and play with.

    I’d really enjoy hats, mittens and sweaters that sims can wear (and sell.)

    A blanket for couch or bed would be awesome too, something sims could cuddle up together with.
  • nolurknolurk Posts: 236 Member
    I'd love to see quilts, pillows, throws, rugs (including more rag rugs), doilies (maybe some lace also?), shawls, hats (including those cute knitted animal-head looking hats for toddlers and kids that sometimes have ears on them), maybe Macramé (such as wall hangings or plant holders and maybe hammocks?), along with some of the obvious suspects that others have already named such as sweaters, mittens, blankets, etc.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,335 Member
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    I would like to see is actually being able to use the knitted items. I do hope knitting will be a skill, btw.
    Please let them also knit clothing, hats, scarves... for their toddlers and children as well!

    - scarves, usable in CAS. I wanted them since I saw the hijab added to the game. If you look how that is draped over the sims shoulders, scarves should be possible too.
    - warm winter hats, preferably a little lower than the existing ones and covering sims ears
    - sweaters our sims can make and then use in CAS.
    - stuffed animals or dolls that sims can make and gift to their children
    - oven mittens and other decorations to hang on the wall
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  • LS2121LS2121 Posts: 1 New Member
  • NiamhWitchNiamhWitch Posts: 21 Member
    I knit in real life. My favorite thing to knit is socks... pretty cabled socks, fair isle socks, plain simple socks, etc.

    I would love for the ability to design our own knit clothing. Kind of like the paint tool in Cats and Dogs. Once a sim is a high enough level, you can basically "paint" your own clothing. These, like the custom paintings, can then be uploaded (on a sim) in the gallery.

    Here are some of the socks I've knit:





  • SquixelSquixel Posts: 2 New Member
    Y'know those really puffy blankets that people use their arms to knit? That would be some really cool decor.
  • ShayVanBuren1ShayVanBuren1 Posts: 2 New Member
    I'd like to knit baby sweaters, booties and bonnets. When I was a newborn my great Aunt knitted my mom some sweaters, dresses, booties and bonnets. I wish I still had them. I would love to be able to have some new little outfits for babies in the game plus it would be something new for the babies.
  • StaceysimsgirlStaceysimsgirl Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like my sims to be able to knit clothes like hats and scarfs, jumpers etc and pillows and blankets and to be able to have my sims knit a teddy bear would be quite cute! :-)
  • cheescaekscheescaeks Posts: 730 Member
    i'm in the camp who would like to see the imaginary friend return by knitting a special toy for a child in the family. maybe that's a bit much for a stuff pack's scope but i think it would please some of the people who wanted happy haunts a bit by introducing a new supernatural lifestate (even though its not much different from a regular child so maybe its possible? no skill trees or things like that that would take more time and coding and such)

    i just really would like to see them return, i think they'd be something fun for the child lifestate
  • Moon_WillowMoon_Willow Posts: 713 Member
    Hey party people,

    We’re really excited that Knitting was the winning theme that was voted on by the community! Now it’s time to start thinking about what you actually want to knit! What kind of things do you expect your Sim to be able to sit down and create? What are your expectations? What would you like to see?

    For example, as a kid I fondly remember how my Great Auntie would always knit me & my siblings holiday slippers. Each and every year we would get a new pair. Mine were always blue. Even though she passed away many years ago, this is something that I will associate to her forever and in fact I still have the very last pair of slippers she ever made for me.

    So please let us know what is important about knitting to YOU and the kinds of clothing and/or objects you’d want to create with it! This collaborative exercise will greatly help to determine some of the possible options to include in the upcoming asset votes.

    Thank you so much for your time and interest and let’s collectively make this the best stuff pack yet!


    I would like my sims to be able to knit stylish fashionable clothing, such as sweaters, tops, tunics, shawls, shrugs, skirts, jackets, cardigans as well as sock, gloves and hats. Try to talk to staff members who are keen knitters as well at looking at Pinterest and knitting websites such as Ravelry. Speaking as a 21st century great aunt those websites are the first place I would go for inspiration if I was looking to create something for my great nephew, myself or for other family members. It's not just grannies who are knitting, the younger generation is producing some inspiring and gorgeous items.

    I would like knitted teddies, dolls and animals that combine the functions of the large animals from the Sims 4 with the teddies from the Sims 3. Toddlers and children can talk to them, hug them, play with them, they can be carried in the toddler's or child inventories and toddlers and children get a cuddle moodlet if they go to bed with one in their inventory.

    It's time to bring back the cuddles!

    Knitting should be a skill and this is how I imagine it could work

    Child and older sims can be taught how to knit by sims teen and older who have at least 2 levels of the knitting skill.

    Knitting can increase a child creativity skill. Once a child maxes their creativity skill they can develop the knitting skill.

    Knitting items counts towards the Arts and Crafts badge in Scouting.

    Increasing the knitting unlocks new techniques and patterns.

    Level 1 The sim can cast on, knows the knit stitch, can do a garter stitch, can cast off and can make simple rectangular items like peggy squares (more about them later) and scarves.

    level 2 Sims learn how to purl, they can now do rib, stockinette and moss stitch. They can create a simple one colour sweater or vest from a pattern.

    level 3 Sims can now shape the pieces they are knitting by adding stitches or combining stitches at the end of a row. the garments they are producing are more shaped. they can now make toys, and they can do simple stripes.

    Level 4 Sims can now do decorative patterns using the knit and purl stitches.

    Level 5 Sims can now do simple intarsia patterns and border patterns. They can also knit christmas sweaters, ugly or otherwise.

    Level 6 Sims can now knit socks, hats and gloves. They can now use fibres other than wool such as silk or bamboo. They can purchase custom dyed yarn on line.

    Level 7 Sims can now do cable knit and they can do more involved intarsia and fair isle colour patterns.

    Level 8 Sims can do more complex colour patterns.

    Level 9 Sims can do lacy knits and they can dye their own yarns. They can sell the yarn and the items they knit online.

    Level 10 Sims can now create knitting pattern which they can sell to websites.

    Knitted items can be poor, normal, or excellent quality. Sims can be embarrassed if the item they knit is poor quality. Poor quality items can be unravelled to recover the yarn. Sims won't knit a poor quality item if they are focused, inspired or confident.

    Browsing knitting patterns online produces an inspired moodlet. Watching knitting tutorials online produces a focused moodlet and increases skill.

    Sims can practice a new technique by knitting a peggy square. Peggy squares can be combined to make a blanket either for the home or for a charitable cause. To do the later sims can either post the peggy square to the charity or go to a scout meeting with it in their inventory. Child and teen sims will gain empathy if they do this. Scouts will gain points toward the give back badge. If you have enough peggy squares you can choose to make the blanket yourself. A dialogue box will open up and you can choose where you place the squares. The placement of the squares is reflected in final item.

    I have more ideas but I need to go to bed.

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  • ManakoHimeManakoHime Posts: 265 Member
    knit wear for toddlers since you guys don't seem to care for babies much, hats and scarves etc. knitted toys and maybe usable blankets and pillows!
  • SimsAurelioSimsAurelio Posts: 1 New Member
    It would be very cool to knit sweaters and socks und we can choose the colors of the wool and also the motive on the sweaters. So we don't have color wheel, but a good solution to mix the colors by our own. :) <3
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,686 Member
    How about a spinning wheel to spin your own yarn?
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
  • retroglamourretroglamour Posts: 1 New Member
    Pet clothes! I’d love to be able to knit sweaters for my cats and dogs.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,579 Member
    edited January 10
    also please make it so we have to buy yarn (separate rolls of yarn) so I can make yarn shop!

    +that embroidery hoop wall decal from granny theme is very much a need even if we can't embroider id use the heck out of it please include one singular hoop like that with some different pics on it for wall decor i beg we need more singular circle thingies for our sims walls that ain't made of stone and also ain't a clock or wall light
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 158 Member
    We should be able to see who knitted the clothes when a sim is wearing them somehow.
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    Great, I sound like an inspirational poster now. There's worse things.
  • storyystoryy Posts: 401 Member
    That is such a cute story about your grandma :) I would love to see personal touches like that in the game, even if we as players don't realize they're little Sims Team easter eggs!

    I'd like functional items as well as decor & wearable clothing.

    I'll list my ideas in a spoiler as it's a little lengthy.
    • Place mats for the table
    • Blankets (possibly to replace the one on a Sim's bed)
    • Stuffed animals/voidcritters/dolls
    • Love the imaginary friend idea others have said - Imagine getting the mail from the mailbox and seeing, "You receive a package from your estranged great aunt Tilda! It looks like she knitted a special gift for little Esther," or some cute prompt like that. And viola! Little toddler Esther (idk why I chose either of those names, honestly) now has a puffy knitted dolly that may or may not eventually turn into her imaginary friend! Or maybe just remains a toy
    • Wall decor
    • Embroidery decor (not technically knitting but... It's a thought! :))
    • Tapestries
    • Shadow boxes we can fill with knit creations
    • Flowers
    • Little knit statues and "toys" that maybe aren't functional
    • Pillows
    • Blankets just as display
    • Rugs
    • Curtains - do people knit curtains? I don't know lol
    • Bags/purses
    • Socks
    • Sweaters
    • Cardigans
    • Hats
    • Mittens
    • Slippers :)
    • Scarves if possible to have them on their own
    • Scrunchies, to wear around your wrist like a bracelet
    • Scrunchies for up-do's!
    • Headbands, like the thick ones that can cover your ears a little in winter
    • A sweater dress
    • Leggings
    • Clothes and accessories for pets!!
    • Diaper covers
    • Maybe some swaddlers for all the folks who want more options for babies
    • Toddler onesies
    • This isn't a knittable thing, but I hope there's glasses with the little chain attachment to wear around your neck! lol
    I think what is important to note is that this is a category that can and should hit all age groups. In my opinion, toddlers, children, and elders could be the focus, while YA and adult can take next priority. Finally, I feel like some teens are more reluctant to wear grandmas knit sweater they were gifted but still will... and some teens would love to learn how to knit. So perhaps anything for YA, as usual, can work for teens as well.
  • Jrv91991Jrv91991 Posts: 6 New Member
    I have an idea! Cancel and make Happy Haunts instead.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,579 Member
    edited January 10
    Jrv91991 wrote: »
    I have an idea! Cancel and make Happy Haunts instead.

    that would make grim reaper very sad
    death likes knitting too you know

    just save the haunts for gp releases ~
    grimmy is on holiday
  • Zozotanarg13Zozotanarg13 Posts: 10 New Member
    . Patchwork and regular blankets.
    .Teddy bears that Sims ages baby to child can play with, drag around with the house them and snuggle while they sleep.
    . Something for babies to wear or interact with, like knitted booties, hats, and a blankie that can be added to their crib and covers them when they go to sleep.
    . Jumpers, scarves, hats socks for Sims of all ages.
  • Zozotanarg13Zozotanarg13 Posts: 10 New Member
    Also couch throws and knitted baby swaddles and slings
  • JMEllis2020JMEllis2020 Posts: 4 New Member
    Rocking chairs...I want rocking chairs.
    As far as knitting goes though...
    -I'd like an heirloom item, something we can pass down through generations that our founder made. Maybe like a blanket or wall decor item or any item really. I'd like items that came with the emotion they were knitted with if you are high enough in the skill. Not 100% how the emotional aura would work for a sweater though.
    -Also would like to be able to sell items too with this, so something profitable you can sell from the selling table or a shop.
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