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I think University is OVERRATED!

I've never understood why so many people like university in The Sims!

I will only be for it if its a pack that is based on upgrading the whole schooling system. Active school days for children and teens, teacher career, preschool for the toddlers (though still hoping for a Generations EP in the future), university, homeschooling, boarding schools...

What do you think?


  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,947 Member
    The top reason why I like University from Sims 2 and 3 was it was a time that my sim could work on building up their skills without taking up the time, meaning during that time period they were not aging. During this time my teens when they aged up to a young adult it gave them time to do other things without taking away from their lifespan.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 2,923 Member
    Mostly for nostaglia and immersion for the most part.

    I find the 'go to school' aspect pretty boring myself, especially when I went back to play in S2 and S3. Really only the new activities for sims to do had any interest. I mean you're basically going to school to level up a few levels in a career that'd take around the same amoutn of time to do being stuck in a University. More of a better and updated school system for younger sims I'd be all for and maybe sims being able to home school as well?

    Just something a bit more different, can still have sims go to a university would just like a bit more variety.
  • ManakoHimeManakoHime Posts: 271 Member
    I like those ideas, I love the idea of a Teacher career and maybe bringing back Private Schools again, I do miss getting my sim kids into private school. Some more after school clubs would be nice too and maybe field trips, Homecoming/Prom! There is SO much that could be done for kids and teens!
    I don't think they would upgrade the schooling system sadly as this is TS4 and already people I hoping that TS5 will be better, it would be nice to have more to do with children and teen sims as I tend to get bored with them really quickly but you never know what could happen so I will keep dreaming!
    I did enjoy University in the other Sims games and I played it often as it was one of my fave EPs. I loved the world we got for Uni in TS3, I always thought it was a pretty world.
    I always said that a University EP would be the last thing I buy for TS4 (Pets, Seasons and Uni are my must haves), unless they bring out something really good after then I might but it is a long shot!
  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,363 Member
    I'm dying for University to come to The Sims 4. Going off to college is a huge milestone in life for people and a life simulation game feels incomplete without it.
  • ElaineenicoleeElaineenicolee Posts: 95 Member
    I’m excited for University because I believe it will extend game play really well. But I also hope they extend this to younger generations as well. I don’t really care to send my young adults to college, but I do want to be able to send my kids to school.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,872 Member
    edited August 2019
    I just want it to finally give the Young Adult life stage some purpose, seeing as how this is what it was originally created for and all.
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  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,152 Member
    Personally, I found it boring and hated my post-secondary education experience. But I can understand why other people would want it. It's an important time for many sims, it opens them up to new and different experiences, and it allows sims to get educated and have better jobs.

    I'd rather have a general education pack, though. Private schools, boarding schools, uniforms, after-school clubs activities, prom, impressing a headmaster, getting diplomas and degrees. As someone who's a legal guardian to two young twerps, I've come to really appreciate school and how it changes for its students over the years.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,629 Member
    I had a great time in college and look back at it with fondness, but university has never really been one of my most wanted themes. I like it just fine, but I was surprised it was that popular.

    That aside, I think it would be great if this time around, your sims could earn special abilities or perks based on majors, minors, or electives that they choose to pursue in college. Sims 2 had the end-of-year rewards like extra want slots and locks, which were great, but they're also generic because they apply to all students.

    And maybe give special perks for other experiences like joining a Greek house or other clubs. The clique system in TS3 was also interesting, but it was tedious to maintain influence and I eventually stopped bothering with it altogether.
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  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,084 Member
    edited August 2019
    Having attended university in real life, it's fun to do it again with my sims, and often they have a better time than I did. I liked it before I went to university IRL though. In Sims 2 I loved dorm life, the good choice of the majors and the social aspect. In Sims 3 I enjoyed the wider range of sims who were eligible to attend, the open classes, the fact that you could study for all of the available majors in turn if you so wished.

    I especially liked sending magical sims and pretending they were attending an adult version of Hogwarts.

    The popular thing on many people's wishlists that I think is overrated is cars. In Sims 3 the game endlessly spawned them when you switched to a new household, and in Sims 2 I mostly used them as a woohoo location. But then, as a non driver, I am not into cars irl either.
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,188 Member
    To me it's for immersion and living out a part of a sims life. I enjoyed Sims 2 but had little time to enjoy more than skilling and going to class. I'm looking forward to a Sims 4 version for sure. (Although I'm glad magic is coming first.)
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,341 Member
    I miss having university in my game! I didn't like the TS3 pack so much, but TS2 University is one of my absolute favourites. There was such a variety of careers in that game and so many majors to choose from, it was a dream.

    I mean, it's a life simulator. If you want an overhaul of the education system, them uni kind of falls into that category. Plus it's entirely optional whether you send your sims to uni or not. For me the university pack just adds a lot more variety and life into the game. I can use it to keep things interesting. I'm hoping it's added at some point in the near future.
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 2,016 Member
    I feel like it's needed to separate Young Adult life stage from Adult. Right now it all just feels like one super long life stage.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 1,353 Member
    I just finished getting my first batch of Sims through university in Sims 2, and good God, was it tedious. It takes SO LONG. I had to give my Sims insane romantic lives just to keep it entertaining! On the one hand, it was way too easy to get good grades. On the other hand, the stuff you do to get good grades was very boring. Maybe Sims 4 could do it better, and I never played it in Sims 3, but this is a pack I definitely don't feel the need for personally.
  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,947 Member
    Terra wrote: »
    I just finished getting my first batch of Sims through university in Sims 2, and good God, was it tedious. It takes SO LONG. I had to give my Sims insane romantic lives just to keep it entertaining! On the one hand, it was way too easy to get good grades. On the other hand, the stuff you do to get good grades was very boring. Maybe Sims 4 could do it better, and I never played it in Sims 3, but this is a pack I definitely don't feel the need for personally.

    Something I always did with my college students in TS2 was after they had completed a semester I would send them on vacation for a while. While they were off of the campus, the school timer stopped, meaning when they got back to school, it would pick right back up where it was when they left for their vacation.
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 11,722 Member
    Never liked it. It just seemed like a boring grindfest to me.
  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 4,977 Member
    We would never get all that in one pack. University needs to come on its own like its always been so that way they add the necessary items. New world, school system, dorm system, etc. I really don’t want some half-baked “school” pack.

  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,195 Member
    I never had the opportunity to go to university. You had to have Latin or Greek language passes then and I'd given that up before "O" levels. I went to College after working for 4 years, to get an Associateship. University isn't everything.

    I would rather have 3 types offered, College, University or Apprenticeships if we do have to have an education EP.
  • jacechujacechu Posts: 87 Member
    I don't mind the theme. In fact, it makes the most sense for certain sims (i.e. a super smart scientist/astronaut/doctor, a very talented artist, or really anyone you want to be super sucessful) but I'm quite tired of people crying about how bad they want it, and how they'll be unhappy with literally anything they get until it's University. I don't understand how people can say they literally can't play without it, either. Can you not think of a storyline where college/university is NOT a necessity? If you can't, be more creative and less entitled. Not every person goes to big university. I'd be more interested in an education overhaul. More school options like private schools, online schools, home schools, and cheaper community colleges would be great.
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  • mikamika Posts: 1,659 Member
    I disagree.
  • EchovaEchova Posts: 144 Member
    As a young adult myself who hasn’t gone to university, I see no reason why I should subject my sims to it lol. I play with ageing off, so I have no issue with the amount of time it takes to skill. Only thing I liked about Sims 3 University was the added trait slots. Sims 4 is lacking in the traits department so if they could expand on that it’d be neat.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    Thank you for sharing your opinion. That was very brave of you. xxx
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 1,390 Member
    edited August 2019
    Young adult is not all party or living hedonistic lifestyle you know. I think the most memorable part of being young adult (atleast for me) is being a university student and all the related activities you do.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,519 Member
    Uni has never been a favorite EP of mine. I barely used it in 2 and 3 was so glitchy that I couldn't be bothered with sending sims. I will add it....at 1/2 price down the road if they bring it out for sims 4.

  • VigilKittenVigilKitten Posts: 17 Member
    Idk its not my favorite EP, but its a fun one for sure. Their is something so satisfying about your sim growing up, going to college, and graduating.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,194 Member
    I've never understood why so many people like university in The Sims!

    Because university, (and tertiary education in general) is awesome!

    When was the last time you trusted a doctor who hadn't been to uni? It's a pretty unrealistic scenario. Sims should not be able to reach the top end of most careers without attending uni (and studying the correct fields).

    I always find it so weird when people mention that, but not school of the air.

    boarding schools...
    Which appear to have been fetishised. You should read up on the experiences of Prince Charles and the horror of a boarding school that he was sent to.

    What do you think?
    University is awesome! Education is awesome!
    Sim trade-school should be a thing. It should be the fastest way for your sim to learn to repair and upgrade things.

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