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➠ CaptainStumpy's Studio Lot Showcase


  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
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    Upton Abbey

    This modern upgrade of a traditional English Manor house, is one of my favorite but complicated builds. Like most of my builds it is inspired by my own personal experiences. I've toured manor houses in England and it is based on those visits, plus Downton and internet research. It took about 2 months to build and is so large that it grinds on my current system. I spent hours online, researching manor houses and watching Downton for ideas. Included is an authentic servant's access so servants can remain hidden from family and guests while moving around the manor (not that the Sims servant's do).

    Rooms include:

    First Floor: Entrance Hall and Grand Staircase, drawing and reception room, Lord's study and library, music room, main dining room, coatroom and servant's stairwell.
    2nd Floor: Grand Staircase, Lord's and Lady's bedrooms with master connecting bath, Lady's study, Family Parlour and servant's stairwell.
    3rd Floor: Grand Staircase Kid's bedrooms, Guest rooms and servant's stairwell and roof access.
    4th Floor: Roof Access, workshop, workout room, painting studio and observation tower.
    Basement: Servant's stairwell, delivery entrance and courtyard, servant's entrance, Men servant's quarters (3), Women servant's wing with quarters (3), kitchen, scullery, pantry, laundry, butler's office, servant's dining, bootroom and boiler room.
    Grounds: Classical Greek style folly, Garage with chauffeur's quarters, 2 greenhouses, garden, groundskeeper's shed and servant's entrance.

    Lot Size 64x64
    Bedrooms: 13
    Baths: 11
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Most definitely
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Upton Abbey
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Upton Abbey

    Sample Screenshots (There are many more rooms than these)


    Study & Library

    Music Room

    Drawing Room

    Dining Room


    Lady's Bedroom

    Guest Room #1

    Grand Staircase

    Servant's Common Room

    Servant's Quarters

    Women servant's wing

    Delivery Entrance


    Servant's stairwell


    The Grounds

    Servant's Entrance and groundskeeper's hut
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Upon Abbey is a very grand,elegant and detailed manor build! :) You have put so much work into the build! The furnishing and layout of each room, and the colours used look very nice! Very nice exterior of the English manor! It will be a very special manor home for Sims to live in and explore the different levels and areas of the home
    It is a very well designed, built and furnished build! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited May 2019
    Classic NW Craftsman

    This build is my take on a remodeled early 20th century Craftsman style house. Craftsman style houses are all over the area I live in. I can't count how many of these houses I've been in. Each one is different in some way, expressing the original builder's tastes and layout preferences. This style of architecture was in reaction to the elaborate Victorian style and emphasized simple functional craftsmanship over ornate adornment and elaborate facades. Large covered front porches allow people to sit outside even in rainy weather. This particular Craftsman is a little unusual since I went with a hip roof instead of the more common gable.

    Rooms include:

    First Floor: In the original layouts the living room, dining room and kitchen were typically three separate rooms. In this build I knocked out the walls of these rooms to make one Great Room. This is a very common remodel that I have seen in these houses. First Floor also has a Study and a half-bath.

    2nd Floor: Three bedrooms and a Main Full bath. Master Bedroom includes a Master Bath, a luxury that you would never see in an original Craftsman.

    Basement: Large open basement that could be used for anything but is currently laid out as a rec room. Added modern laundry and primitive full bath.

    Lot Size 20x15! This version was intended for a city lot. If you want a garden, throw it on a bigger lot.
    Bedrooms: 3 or more if you remodel Study or basement.
    Baths: 4
    Use moveobjects cheat. A little.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Craftsman House
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Classic NW Craftsman

    Sample Screenshots

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Classic NW Craftsman is a very lovely craftsman style home! :) The exterior design, front porch and roofing are very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior! The open plan living, kitchen and dining area is very nice. Very nice wall patterned wall panelling. The fireplace armchairs sitting area is very nice for Sims to rest and chat in front of the fire. Very nice windows alcove and dining area. Sims will enjoy the sunlight coming in through the windows as they eating their meals at the table. The flowers are pretty on the table top. Very nice colours used in the bedrooms.
    It is a very nice family home! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited May 2019
    Archer HQ

    Welcome to the DANGER ZONE! One of my earliest works and my first attempt at a really large one. I cannot take all the credit/blame here because the build was based on zosiak0s great Archer 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Headquarters Design but extensively rebuilt and expanded. After downloading zosiak's build I decided to recreate as many of the rooms from the show as accurately as I could and so began the madness.

    This build is ridiculously HUGE and bogs my MacBook Pro down so much I was forced to go back and delete many items and details just to get it to run without turning down the settings too much. You need a beefy machine to run it on high settings. It has many of the rooms from the show plus a few of my own.

    I also built an apartment building next door to house the entire Archer gang. Includes versions of Malory's and Archer's apartments.

    Here's the list of just some of the goodies:

    Main Building

    Ground Floor: 4-5-6 Laundry with entrance concealed by washing machines. Ground Floor also houses businesses carefully laid out so Sims can't unwittingly stumble on the hidden 🌺🌺🌺🌺 complex. The public entrance to 🌺🌺🌺🌺 HQ is also here and stairs lead up to Reception.

    First Floor: Locker Room, Gym and Armory

    Second Floor: 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Reception, Vault, Situation Room

    Third Floor: Malory's Office with escape passage and one-glass that looks into Break/Training Room, The Office Pit with Cheryl's desk, Pam and Cyril's offices, Conference Room.

    Basements: 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Applied Research Laboratories, Kreiger's Office, Firing Range, Hidden Rocket Silo.

    Lot Size: 40x30 packed with all the things that are bound to attract ants.
    Bedrooms: Lots.
    Baths: Loads.
    Use moveobjects cheat. Of course! You're not my supervisor!
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Archer HQ
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Archer HQ

    Sample Screenshots
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    edited May 2019
    Archer HQ is a very detailed build! :) Very nice design and furnishing of each of the areas of the build! The room with the levels and rows of computer desks and the map looks great! The build would have involved many hours of work! It looks great! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited July 2019
    Rustic Dock Shack

    This rustic shack is the perfect getaway for the budget-minded. Why spend a bunch of money on fancy stuff when you spend all your time outside anyway? This build was inspired by a previous build (Vacation Lake House) but is much simpler and cheaper and uses the new pier foundation included in the Island Living expansion pack.

    Lot Size 30x20
    1 Bedroom
    Price: $28,149
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Some. Should work without.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Rustic Beach Shack
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Rustic Dock Shack

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    edited July 2019
    Rustic Dock Shack is a very nice island beach home! :) The exterior design, texture, blue colour, rooting and wraparound deck are very nice! Very nice area for Sims to relax on the loungers and enjoy cooking on the grill and eat meals in the outside sea air. Very nice furnishing and open plan layout of the interior. The new pack furniture looks very nice in the home. Sims will enjoy dining at the table as well as using the computer and reading a book there. The floor rugs under the sofa and bed add a nice look to the areas. Nice armchair sitting area in the bedroom for relaxing.
    It is a very nice home for Sulani! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited July 2019
    Finca Vigía

    What could be a better place to live for an aspiring Sim writer than the house Ernest Hemingway lived in? This is my interpretation of the Cuban house Hemingway lived in from 1939-1960. Since I could find no layout of the house, I based the build on hours of research and pieced it together from photos, videos and Google Earth. Included is the Birthday tower mostly used to house Hemingway's many cats. I built this on the Chieftain's Villa lot in Sulani but any 40x30 should work.

    Lot Size 40x30
    3 Bedroom
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Definitely.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Finca Vigía
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Finca Vigía

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    It is great that you have created a simsgame version of Ernest Hemmingway’s home! :) Finca Vigia is a lovely home! Very nice exterior design! I googled for pictures of the home and you have reflected the inspiration house so very well! Very nice landscaping work with the plants and flower beds, trees and greenery on exterior! Very nice outdoors living table and chairs sitting area on the porch. Very nice furnishing of the interior! It looks very nice that there are many bookcases through the home in the rooms, which reflects Hemmingway very well. Very nice armchairs sitting area in the living room where Sims can enjoy resting there reading books and listening to stereo music. Very nice blue and white colour scheme of the kitchen. The wall tiling gives a very nice look to the room. The library room with many bookcases alongside the walls looks great! Very nice pool patio!
    It is a very special simsgame version of the home! :)
  • 7d3h7d3h Posts: 36 Member
    I can see you have definitely put all your passion on building these houses. These houses are absolutely amazing. Very well captured atmosphere and what an interesting way to create houses by using your own experience and research. Congratulations for an amazing work, you're inspiring !
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited August 2019
    That 50's House

    This build is inspired by the post-war residential suburban architecture of the 1950's. This basic 3-bdrm/2-bath has all the stuff to live the suburban dream right down to the white picket fence and over-the-top interior design.

    Lot Size 30x20
    Bedrooms: 3
    Baths: 2
    Use moveobjects cheat. A little.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: That 50's House
    Online Sim4 Gallery: That 50's House

    Sample Screenshots
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    That 50's House is a very nice family that reflects the 1950’s era very well! :) Very nice exterior design, and the yellow colour is nice.Very nice outdoors grill and picnic table for Sims to enjoy cooking and dining in the outdoors air. The clothes line is a grear touch.Kids will enjoy playing on the monkey bars, Very nice furnishing of the interior to reflect the era. The colour schemes and the wall patterns in the bedrooms, kitchen and family room reflect the era very well and look very nice. Very nice corner homely sofa and armchair area for watching tv together as a family. The ceiling lights over the dining table are pretty! The kitchen design, floral patterned walls, yellow and blue colours, eat in area and type of cabinets and counters used is very nice,
    It is a very nice family home :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited September 2019
    Old Factory Artist Studio

    This build is my interpretation of an old late 19th century factory. It's current layout is as an artist's studio but it could be lots of different residences and venues. The large open layout is great for Sims daily doings and allows for all sorts of Sims professions and hobbies.

    Lot Size 30x20
    Bedrooms: 1
    Baths: 3
    Use moveobjects cheat. Yes.
    Imgur Gallery: Old Factory
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Old Factory Artist Studio

    Sample Screenshots
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Old Factory Artist Studio is a lovely industrial old factory themed studio /home! :) The old factory style design of the exterior and interior, the windows used, street art, and the wall texture looks great! Very nice layout and industrial themed furnishing of the interior! The double garage doors and basketball court area is great! Very nice upper level painting area. Sims will enjoy painting on the easels there.
  • bubbajoe621bubbajoe621 Posts: 86 Member
    @CaptainStumpy I have been all through your showcase and I have enjoyed myself immensely. You definitely have a wide range and every lot is telling me a story. Coral Key Cabin looks you snatched it off the streets of Port O'Connor or Galveston. The color choices in your decades houses are perfect. And I'm so blown away by the starship, it's really thinking outside the box. Reading about how excited you were to add all the new Strangerville stuff reminds me of me LOL. Can't wait to see what your imagination and talent come up with next. Following.
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member

    Thornbush Castle

    Like many of my builds that are inspired by real buildings, this build is based on Thornewood Castle which was built from the bricks of a dismantled 15th-century house from England and imported to the United States. The real property is used as a B&B and is a popular wedding venue and was featured in the Stephen King film Rose Red. I spent months tinkering with this design and hoped to build a large garden for it but it is so elaborate and system intensive, my poor old pc chokes and sputters. I'm just releasing it so people can enjoy it. I finished the interior perhaps someone with a better computer than mine can make a garden to match it. Don't forget to turn on moveobjects when placing.

    Rooms include Main Hall, sitting room, breakfast conservatory, formal and informal dining rooms, 6 deluxe bedrooms with 4 staff bedrooms, basement pub and dance club, grand staircase, staff stairs, industrial kitchen and more.

    Lot Size 40x40 but could be squeezed on a 40x30
    Bedrooms: 10
    Baths: 9
    Use moveobjects cheat. So much moveobjects.
    Imgur Gallery: Thornbush Castle
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Thornbush Castle
    Sample Screenshots
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Thornbush Castle is a very lovely home! :) It is nice that you made a simsgame version of the real life building. The exterior, brick texture, and the layout looks great! The chimneys give a great look to the home! Very nice furnishing, colour scheme and layout of the interior! It is a very detailed build! The wall panelling in the rooms is very nice. Very nice conservatory breakfast nook! It is a lovely place for Sims to enjoy eating meals in the sunshine, and the patterned windows are pretty. The design and colours of the bedrooms is very nice.
    It is a very nice, detailed and special home! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
    edited October 2019
    Castle Frankensim

    I've been working on this Halloween theme build off and on for months. It's inspired by the old black & white Frankenstein movies (and Young Frankenstein). Because of the steep terrain the camera has some issues. But it looks so cool on its crag I decided to live with the playability issues. Cool details include the two-level lab complete with operating table hoist to roof-top lighting collector like in the movies, a cell to keep the monster, and a village you can fill with angry villagers (pitchforks and torches not included).

    Lot Size 64x64
    Bedrooms: 9+ (including monster cell)
    Baths: a lot
    Use moveobjects cheat.
    Imgur Gallery: Castle Frankensim
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Castle Frankensim
    Sample Screenshots
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Castle Frankensim is a great castle for Halloween! :) Very great exterior design, roof towers, grey exterior texture and the layout is great! Very nice interior design and furnishings! The science lab is great! It is great that a village is a part of the build.
    The Sims themed/Frankenstein name suits the build well! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member
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    Windenburg Castle Ruins

    Just in time for Halloween! I know what you are saying...another castle build? True. I do love me a good castle. While not a new build, and the older build has been in my gallery, I've never posted the older build on the forum before so it will be new here. I remodeled an older build with content from new packs released since the original build and included **debug** items. This is a great build to tab into a sim or use first-person camera view to explore. It even gives me the creeps when I walk around in first-person view. Lots of little hidden details! Really fun to play as a vampire!

    Lot Size 64x64
    Bedrooms: 9+ (including coffins for the master and extended vampire family and a few beds for "guests".)
    Baths: 5 I think? There's a few primitive toilets throughout ruins and a fancy one for head vampire.
    Moveobjects cheat used extensively as well as **debug** items.
    Imgur Gallery: Windenburg Castle Ruins
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Windenburg Castle Ruins
    Sample Screenshots
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Windenburg Castle Ruins is a very creatively great castle build! :) The exterior design, layout, exterior/interior wall textures. outer walls and outdoors ruins areas looks great! Very nice furnishing of the interior! The red colour of the furnishings and the candlelights gives a great look to the castle! The coffin room is scary! Your image link goes to Castle Frankensim instead though.
    It is a great castle for Halloween! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 76 Member

    Mid-Century Modern

    I can't resist Mid-Century Modern. This build was inspired by an actual home in Ontario, built by a Bauhaus influenced architect. Its minimalism and clean design was a refreshing project after the cluttered chaos of building my version of "the Burrow". It is set up as a 4-bedroom with an art-studio with a layout for entertaining, but would be great remodeled into all sorts of Sim's lifestyles and hobbies.

    Lot Size 30x30
    Bedrooms: 4 max
    Baths: 2 (one with an indoor sauna)
    Moveobjects cheat. Yes.
    Imgur Gallery: Mid-Century Modern
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Mid-Century Modern
    Sample Screenshots
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,572 Member
    Mid Century Modern is a lovely home which reflects the style well! :) Very great exterior design, large glass windows, and the sunken outdoors dining, bar, fire pit and hot tub patio is very nice! Very nice modern furnishing of the interior! The layout is great! The white and orange colour scheme is very nice. The garage is great!
    It is a very nice home! :)
  • storyystoryy Posts: 401 Member
    This Mid-Century Modern is stunning! Great build, I love its simplicity while still so charming. Which neighborhood were these photos taken? I'm curious because it looks like the build fits very well in its surroundings and I am kind of... picky about where I place certain styled lots :) Regardless, it's beautiful!
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