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➠ CaptainStumpy's Studio Lot Showcase

CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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Well, here it is, my own build showcase. I've always had an interest in architecture and spent decades as a graphic designer. My builds are a mix of historical, classic and modern architecture and my own personal experiences. Many of the structures I build have been places I've actually lived in, people I know owned, or I personally worked or played in. Other builds are inspired by television or film. I always try to put in a touch of realism and make the builds look like they are actually lived in. My Gallery is easy to find by simply searching for CaptainStumpy in-game or the online gallery. I hope you enjoy my builds. Happy Simming!
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  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    Coral Key Cabin

    Put on your tropical shirt and flip flops and leave the hectic Sim world behind at the Coral Key Cabin. The first build in my new showcase is a design I just made for the BuildnShare CHALLENGE #113 - Love Shack. It is a beach cabin based on some houses I saw on a trip in the Florida keys. Many of these small beach cabins and houses are raised to protect from storm surges caused by hurricanes. I imagined this lot to have been built maybe in the 20s or 30s and has a rustic feel. Enjoy.

    Lot Size 30x20
    Sleeps 2
    Use moveobjects cheat: Not needed
    Imgur Gallery: Coral Key Cabin
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Coral Key CabinFwla2AM.jpg

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
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    Coral Key Cabin is a very nice tropical build! :) It looks a very restful and carefree place to live! The exterior design and layout of the build with it being on stilts is very nice! Very nice tropical colour scheme for both the exterior and interior areas! The outdoors dining area under the upper level is very nice. Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the bbq and eating them in the outdoors air. The tropical trees look great! Very nice open layout of the interior living areas . The furnishing of the home is very nice! Nice corner nook bath tub area. The wall pictures are very nice for Sims to see whilst relaxing in the tub. Very nice corner nook sitting area for sims to relax and listen to music. The sunflowers are sunny on the drawers.Very nice light filled sunroom! Sims will have very nice views of the outdoors through the glass windows, as they enjoy sitting relaxing on the sofa or are dining at the yellow dining table. The candles are a pretty touch on the table top. The plants and hanging basket are very nice touches of nature.
    It is a very nice calming home! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    FTL Scout Starship

    Go where no Sim has gone before in this StarTrek tribute build, the "FTL Scout Starship". I used all Star Trek series and movies as the inspiration for this build so fans will recognize many nods to many ST tv and movie scenes. For example the captain's and first officer's quarters were inspired by the original series and the warp core invokes Spock's death scene in Wrath of Khan. The ship is a working residence and has everything to keep your Sims happy including a working brig (simply remove the fencing across the entrance, get a Sim in there and replace it. Turn on the lights and make a Sim sit there and think about what they've done).

    Lot Size 40x30
    Sleeps 8
    Use moveobjects cheat?: You're joking right?
    Imgur Gallery: FTL Scout Starship
    Online Sim4 Gallery: FTL Scout Starship

    Teaser Pics

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    FTL Scout Starship is such a very creatively designed build! :) It looks very great! It would have involved a lot of time and work! It is special that incorporated many special features from the Star Trek series,The Starship design is very great! The night time photos with the lights and the evening darkness look so very pretty!The interior of the Starship is very nice! The design and the layout of both decks looks very great! It was great reading the labels and seeing what each area and room is used for. The lighting gives a great effect!
    It is a very nice and creative Starship build! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member

    That 70s House

    Put on your bellbottoms and disco down with this authentic reproduction of a 1970s house. This house design was very popular among suburban developers in the 70s and there are many variants based on this basic design. Like many of my builds this particular layout and decor is inspired by personal experience, in this case, the house I spent most of the 70s and large portion of my childhood in. Note: The bunkbed looks cool but the top bunk can't be slept in. I used moveobjects for this build but I imagine this design would hold up nicely to being redecorated without it. This showcase is a updated revision of one of my older builds.

    Lot Size 30x20
    Sleeps 4
    Use moveobjects cheat?: I did and my build will break without it, but it could, in theory, be redecorated to your own tastes without.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: That 70s House
    Online Sim4 Gallery: That 70s House

    Teaser Pics

    Living Room
    Kid's Bedroom
    Family Room
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
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    Very nice exterior design of That 70’s House! :) It is special and nice that it reflects the home that you lived in during the 70s <3 The front flower bed is very pretty! Very nice upper back balcony. The cherry blossom tree is pretty in the backyard. Very nice furnishing of the interior! It looks nice and homely. The type of seating in the living room looks nice and reflects well the theme of the home. Sims will enjoy sitting relaxing there near the fire listening to music and reading. The fish bowl is a nice touch. Very nice design of the bedrooms! The pictures on the walls in the master bedroom add a very nice look to the room. The kids bunkbed in the kids bedroom is great! They will enjoy doing artwork on the activities table. Very nice 70s style furnishing of the kitchen. The patterned floor tiling is nice. Very nice family room where Sims can enjoy sitting resting on the sofa watching tv, reading a book or enjoy listening to the piano music.
    It is a very nice family home! :)
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 856 Member
    Great job with the 70's starter but I love and adore that Star Trek ship <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My favorite series as a kid (that wasn't a cartoon) was Star Trek: The next generation with Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Have them all saved <3 ). Also watched the Deep Space Nine, Voyager and some episodes of the original - Spock was the best! Haven't seen the "newer" series but have watched the movies.
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    Basegame Starter Cottage

    Just because you are just starting out as an adult Sim doesn't mean you have to live in an uncomfortable box. This starter house has everything you'd expect in a new house while leaving a few thousand simoleans to buy some furniture and necessities as Sims settle into careers. I designed this simple modern cottage to take advantage of the views on the Am See lot in the Windenburg World included in the Get Together expansion, but as a basegame starter will work great on any small cheap lot.� IMPORTANT: This lot includes base appliances and fixtures you'd expect in a real new house but does not come with furniture and personal items. This was intentional to allow players to have a few thousand extra after placing to spend as they see fit and have fun decorating the house as the starter Sim gets more cash.

    Lot Size 20x15
    1 bedroom (unfurnished)
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Recommended but not necessary
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Basegame Starter Cottage
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Basegame Starter Cottage

    Teaser Pics

    Layout of placed lot.
    Interior of placed lot.
    Example of landscaped exterior
    Example of furnished interior
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
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    Basegame Starter Cottage is a very nice modern starter for simmers to start their sims household in, and furnish and landscape the build to suit their sims family :) Very nice roofing, and the front wall of glass windows and glass doors is very nice!
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    Gwiniel, glad you like the starship! Get ready because there are tons of new stuff that would look great in that build in the new expansion so an update for it is coming soon!
    Gwiniel wrote: »
    Great job with the 70's starter but I love and adore that Star Trek ship <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My favorite series as a kid (that wasn't a cartoon) was Star Trek: The next generation with Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Have them all saved <3 ). Also watched the Deep Space Nine, Voyager and some episodes of the original - Spock was the best! Haven't seen the "newer" series but have watched the movies.
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    Joe's Diner Strangerville Edition

    The Joe's Diner lot, is by far, the most popular download in my gallery. The Strangerville gamepack included so many great new build items that would be perfect for the diner that I had to create a new version and add the new content to this fun build. This greasy-spoon was inspired by the many mid-century diners I have visited in my lifetime that were once spread all over the American West.

    Lot type: Restaurant
    Lot Size 30x20
    Sleeps 1 Sim (cot in office)
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Yes.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Sims 4: Joe's Diner
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Joe's Diner

    Teaser Pics

    Layout of placed lot.
    The Line
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    Joe's Diner Strangerville Edition is very nice! :) Very nice design of the exterior and furnishing and layout of the interior to reflect a real life diner! The blue colour of the exterior is very nice. It looks very nice the way the way the tables and chairs, and booth dining, have been set up for Sims to enjoy sitting there eating meals and having a drink. Very nice bar stool areas for them to enjoy dining on the stools at the counters. The wall art decor adds a great look to the venue. They will enjoy listening to music whilst dining. It is great there is an office for Sims to use the computer for business work or read a skills book. The diploma, plaque, postcards and calendar are great touches on the wall, and the files and filing cabinet look great! . Very nice break room. The lockers and type of wall items suit well the type of room.
    Sims will enjoy visiting the Diner :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    Congratulations on your Strangerville version of Joe’s Diner being highlighted in this week’s highlight thread! :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member

    FTL Scout Starship Strangerville Edition

    Version 1.5 (see original post for description)

    Even though the Starship is a recent build, because of all the great stuff in the Strangerville gamepack I couldn't resist revising the build. Unfortunately for me it took way longer to revise than expected because when I was finished and was getting ready to upload and take pics I realized that somehow I broke the ceiling. After spending an hour or so trying to debug it I decided to just start over from the last upload. Here's a few shots that shows off the changed parts and the new barren world landscaping.

    New landscaping
    New inside airlock door
    New Strangerville stuff in Engineering and redesigned warp core
    Enhanced corridor
    New bridge stuff

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    Your Strangerville edition of the Starship looks great! :) It was great seeing the changes that you made. The new landscaping suits Strangerville well! I am sorry to hear that the ceiling got broken and you lost your work that you had done :(
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    Zen Modern

    This build is based on what I would enjoy living in and is inspired by modern and Asian design aesthetics. I wanted to achieve a design that was both interesting to look at no matter where you are but is also artistically balanced and invokes nature. Features include enclosed Japanese garden, sunken formal living room, family great room, 2nd-floor detached office and mixed modern siding material.

    Lot type: Residential
    Lot Size 40x30
    3-bedroom plus office
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Definitely.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Zen Modern
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Zen Modern

    Teaser Pics

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    The architectural design of Zen Modern is very nice! :) The roofing, layout of the build, columns on the windows, and the pathway with the columns and roof ledges look very nice! Very nice zen garden! Very calming and peaceful interior! The colour scheme is very nice. Very nice sunken living room! Sims will enjoy sitting resting near the fire listening to calming piano music being played. The open plan layout and the furnishing of the kitchen, dining and sitting area is very nice.The textures used through the build for the exterior and interior walls complement each other well.
    It is a peaceful modern home :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member

    Home-Made Trailer

    This design is my best crack at making a trailer. I had to take several runs at it because pathfinding for Sims broke when playtesting because of the tight quarters. I'm not sure if it is possible to fit all this stuff in any smaller of a space and everything be usable. I put the toilet and the shower behind a curtain to squeeze the space even tighter. This trailer was designed for the Lot 42 lot in Strangerville but could go anywhere.

    Lot Size 20x15
    No bedroom but full bed
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Oh yeah.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Sims 4: Home-Made Trailer
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Home-made Trailer

    Teaser Pics
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    Very nice design of the Home Made Trailer Build! :) The exterior design of the trailer looks great! Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the trailer! You have used the reduced space very well! Very nice nook areas in the trailer. Very nice outdoors grill, dining and firepit area. Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the grill and eating food in the outdoors air, and enjoy sitting on the camp seats near the fire keeping warm and having a drink from the cooler.
    It is a very nice trailer home :)
  • SireniaxxSireniaxx Posts: 21 Member
    I'm going to follow you on the Gallery. Your style is so good!! I really liked the trailer home/lot, would fit perfect in for making a story in my game :D And the spaceship build!! HOW? It's amazing and so creative. It looks so cool :D
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 11,926 Member
    I like zen modern, the trailer home and the diner all very much B)
    Origin ID
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member
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    Gilded Age Multiplex Theatre

    This is another lot inspired by an actual building from personal experience. This is modeled on an old turn-of-the-century theatre in my old hometown when we had to dodge velociraptors on the way to school. By the time I had come along it had converted from live performance to movies. I spent many afternoons as a young lad at the matinee in a theater like this. In fact, it is the theater this theater is modeled on that I first experienced the original Star Wars film where Han shoots first. When I was a kid it had one large screen and a huge gilded balcony. Later in an attempt to compete with the boring box mall multiplexes the owner's divided up the building into multiple smaller screens and cheap seats. It soon closed after that and was nearly torn down. Fortunately a preservation organization restored the building to its original performance theater roots where it remains in use today. This version has 4 screens and a lot of fun details. I plan on making a theater, lounge and club version of this build so stay tuned!

    Lot Size 30x20
    3rd story flat apartment
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Oh yeah. Loads.
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Gilded Age Multiplex
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Gilded Age Multiplex

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    Gilded Age Multiplex Theatre is a very elegant and lovely theatre! :) It is very special that it is based on a real life building. It was very nice reading what you wrote about the real life building <3 Very nice exterior of the venue! The front porch steps entry area is very nice! The movie posters look great on the wall there. The signage and spotlights on the roofing are very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior! It looks very nice the way that the armchairs have been set up there for Sims to enjoy sitting relaxing and watching movies on the large screen. The red curtains, golden wall pattern and red patterned flooring are very nice! Very lovely golden wall texture used in the foyer area! Sims will like getting popcorn and snacks from the glass display cabinet there. Very pretty pink colour scheme and wall pattern of the upstairs room for visiting movie stars. The mouse isn’t too good though! It reflects an older theatre :)
    It is a very nice theatre venue for Sims to enjoy visiting :)
  • CaptainStumpyCaptainStumpy Posts: 66 Member

    Jim's Gym

    Here's a quick one. I thought Strangerville could use a Gym, so why not a Quonset Hut?

    Lot Size 30x20
    No Beds
    Use moveobjects cheat?: Yup
    Imgur Gallery: Sims 4: Sims 4: Jim's Gym
    Online Sim4 Gallery: Jim's Gym

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 149,466 Member
    Jim’s Gym is a very nice gym for Strangerville! :) The exterior design and curved roofing are very nice! Great exterior texture to reflect the world and the wire fencing looks great! It looks great that used the two garage doors. Very nice layout of the interior. It looks nice the way the treadmills and weight machines are placed along the edges of the room. Sims will like using the equipment to keep fit. The lockers and showers area is great! The wall and floor tiling gives a great look and feel to the room .It reflects well a real life locker room! It is great there is a vending machine for snacks.
    It is a very nice gym for the world :)
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