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Add Your Pack Ideas that are not on The Sims 4's Radar


  • SprinkleTasticSprinkleTastic Posts: 2 New Member
    omg some kind of University or school would be such a good pack! Like sims 3?
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,478 Member
    edited August 2019
    Nothing too big or anything but I would love a "sim next door" type pack. It would be a play on the girl/boy next door trope and would focus on comfy, casual, everyday clothes and hairstyles for your average neighborhood sim. I could see this being an opportunity to focus on clothes for teens/kids as the trope usually has to do with teens falling in love with the girl/boy whose lived next door since they were kids. They could even add a first crush option for teens. I think it would be a welcome change to all the glamorous, high end clothes that have come out in packs recently.

    I'd want to see things like:
    -plain white t-shirts that don't stop above the waist
    -overalls long and short (boys and girls)
    -casual jeans that don't stop at the ankle

    May be a bit dated nowadays but I'd really like to see something like this.
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  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 294 Member
    @fruitsbasket101 I think that's a cute idea. A lot of people want a teen-related stuff/game pack. Some of your ideas could be part of a sweet first date pack. I'm seeing picnics in the park, putting together a puzzle, going on a walk together (which I don't think is currently an option, maybe?), mini golf, thrift shopping (trying to brainstorm cheap date ideas). Maybe spin the bottle or truth or dare? A climbable lattice (and also ladders please, EA) for outside a bedroom window (not in a creepy way though!!!). Senior prom, possibly--but would that be a rabbit hole event? (and also, I do NOT want formalwear to overshadow the down-to-earth casual wear you brought up)? Slow-dancing, finally?

    I'm definitely picturing all the '90s movies where the boy and the girl live next door and fall in love.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 3,327 Member
    jadonbakes wrote: »
    This netherworld idea is totally cool that would be really fun to explore! What kind of things do you think they could add for a pack like that?

    On this side of the astral plane I'd like to see a funeral event, maybe a will/estate planning. That means they could finally add the Lawyer career, I know it's a stretch, but it's my stretch. *Though the more I think about it, maybe there's a huge "judgment" aspect to the game (sure, living sims will go to court for inheritance disputes, but recently deceased sims are judged on whether they have to go to the netherworld. LOL I'm sorry, that aspect is extremely Christian-centric and not at all inclusive)

    But in the Netherworld world I would definitely wanna see a hellscape: cavernous, fiery, volcanic. It may just be a vacation world, so a few rental lots, and then some local "hangouts." I want some gritty, broken build/buy objects. It's always nighttime. Demons/ghosts pester you.

    Or, I'd like to see ghosts explored here. Ghost skills and aspirations to be a friendly ghost or a spooky haunter.

    Most of these are awful ideas. Does anyone else want to defend a Netherworld Game Pack?

    I can't see the sims ever making anything like that because it's such a "safe" game. But wow I would be totally for it.
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 294 Member
    @Babykittyjade Speaking of "safe," I wasn't a sims player back in 2017, but among the stuff packs the community voted on was a pack called "Dangerous Stuff" which was pretty deathy. Didn't explore the fun, creepy Netherworld, but looked at all the dark topics like death, funerals, wills, etc. I'm not sure at all what the final results of that vote were, but I'm curious to know what percent it got.
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,762 Member
    No idea whether this is on the radar with TPTB, but I would love a pack focused on two things: Elders and crafts.

    It would be nice to have a sort of retirement pack (with accessibility to some of the skills included for age groups from children upwards) where Elders would be able to collect pension and have the option to live in a retirement home/community and get to explore hobbies and crafts like sewing, knitting, crochet etc. Have a place to play bingo or cards, socialize with other Elders in the world, babysit their grandkids (instead of them being sent to daycare or hiting a Nanny, have there be an option to call a grandparent).

    Even not having that as one pack but maybe two stuff ones:
    one for Elders - Elder Community Stuff, with the possible retirement community, additional interactions and activities specific to Elders that I mentioned. Maybe have the ability to write a recipe book that could be given to their descendants so they could learn those recipes when they read the book (instead of, say, having to travel places and trying those dishes first. It could even have an Aspiration: Passing on the Legacy, which would require things like telling family stories, teaching recipes, etc.

    and one for Crafts. It would be cute to have CAS items unlockable via the skill the way books can be written and paintings done - the more you knit, say, the more items you unlock for your save. All these crafts could be: knitting, crochet, jewelry making, hat making, weaving and probably others I can't think of. All of these would have the possibility of creating items either for deco or usability (like weaving one's own laundry basket the way we can make furniture on the woodworking table, or as I mentioned above, unlock items for CAS. Even if the selection was limited the way paintings and woodworking items are, it would add a lovely homey layer to the game.

    (Look I just really want more crafts in the game ;))
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  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,478 Member
    @jadonbakes Love those ideas! The 90s movie vibe is exactly what I was going for. I was thinking some formal wear could be added but I also didn't want it to overshadow the casual clothes either. (Plus it might give them an excuse to make it in to another YA oriented pack.)They could add maybe more date options specifically geared towards teens and a hold hands while walking animation as well. Senior prom would definitely be an open event though, not a rabbithole.
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  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 294 Member
    I've been fleshing out an idea for a Phobias Game Pack (working title). Lots of people say they want the fear emotion in the game, but instead of Fear as an emotion, this would be Fear as in something-you're-afraid-of. Sims will continue to encounter little daily traumas, but as they add up, they will become incapacitating fears. Sometimes they will have strong enough fears that they will avoid certain activities. The sims will combat their fears with some positive coping mechanisms. I think this would be a good pack to introduce a Psychology career. There's a ton I want to say about this pack, but I'm going to hold off and maybe make a separate discussion on this. But does anyone have questions?
  • GorgeoiousGorgeoious Posts: 118 Member
    I like all of the above, even super hero and magic for those who like it. I have a graveyard in my game that I got from the gallery. I use it often. I even had an awesome funeral and wake for one of my beloved sims. I was supprised by how well it turned out. If it was an actual game play item it would probably be easier to get deceased sims to the cemetery.

    I would especially like hotels we can add to current worlds or have more vacation worlds, hot and cold climates. I love the idea of casinos and amusement parks and carnivals. Sure we can build hotels, but they won't function as such. Toddler is one of my favorite life stages to play with. More interactions with them would be great.

    Boot camp could be fun. We could have the option to go with or send alone. If send alone, sims go off for a week and come back a couple levels advanced in the military career. I think they should do university the same way, with the option to go with or send alone. Both would be fun to play though.
  • practicallyperfectpracticallyperfect Posts: 2 New Member
    I would love a performing arts oriented pack — theatre, different styles of dance, bands, expanded musical careers, improv, etc
  • DreamCytcherDreamCytcher Posts: 168 Member
    Posted these in another thread.

    The Sims 4: Underworld

    Don't worry about your Sim's loss, as you are able to play your Sims in the afterlife stage now!

    New worlds : A Heaven and an Underworld. Those are the world that are only accessible if a Sim dies.

    - Sims with good behavior are able to move to Heaven after death, while the normal or bad ones go to the Underworld.
    - Sims are not able to return to the original worlds unless by some ways.
    - Heaven is a world with a lot of clouds, bright light beams, and a peaceful ambience. You will be able to meet other good behavior deceased Sims here, and become neighbors, friends, or even get married with your afterlife partner too!
    - New NPC featured in Heaven : Father Heaven (Sims' God literally), Mother Heaven (Sims' Goddess), Fairy Godmothers, Angels (Including a Cupid) etc.
    - Underworld is another world featured, but is the opposite of it of the Heaven. This world is quite and dark, and has no daytime. The Underworld also featured a spooky ambience.
    - New NPC featured in Underworld : Interactive Grim Reaper, Demons, Gargoyle etc.
    - Sims may earn simoleons by working in the Angelogy, Fairylogy or the Mythology careers in Heaven. Angelogy focuses on jobs like guarding alive Sims, judging the life and death, and also serving for Father and Mother Heaven.
    - Fairylogy focuses on the uses of magic, the production of remedies, as well as healing and blessing.
    - Mythology focuses on management of Heaven's residences , studies on knowledges, histories and myths.
    - While in the Underworld, Sims may do their job by working in the Grim Reaper, Ghost Catcher, or Spirit Hunter careers. Grim Reapers take away alive Sims' life and bring them to the Underworld (only if the Sim wasn't brought to Heaven by Angels). Ghost Catchers arrest ghosts in Sims' world from haunting around and scaring Sims. Spirit Hunters, in the other hand, have to learn about spells and curses, and have to hunt for the devils or demons around Sims' world.
    - In the regular Sims' worlds, 🎁🎁🎁🎁 Matchmaker makes a comeback with a new purpose. She enables Sims to visit the Heaven or Underworld in order to look for the dead family members, without the need to die. However, it's a dangerous action while it will cause death if the process failed, and the visiting Sim has to stay at the Heaven or Underworld world forever.
    - There is a holiday in Heaven and Underworld, which enables the deceased Sims to visit the regular worlds and their original home in ghost form. However, no alive Sims are able to see them.
    - The time of Heaven and Underworld are of their own and different from it of the regular worlds. 1 in-Sim day equals to that of 1 week in Heaven or the Underworld.
    - A new huge feature in the pack is of the reincarnation. The time before reincarnation depends on how a Sim behaves in the afterlife stage. The better the Sim's behavior, the faster the Sim to be able to reincarnate. To be able to reincarnate, you may need to have an alive Sim to be pregnant. When reincarnated, the game will be processed to the family, and the deceased Sim will therefore return to the Sims' world after being bornt.
    - A new memory system will be reintroduced, however, memories are erased after reincarnation, except for some circumstances.
    - Remember the 🎁🎁🎁🎁 Matchmaker? She is now also able to make a Sim to know about his/her previous identity, and some memories of the past life (as well as traits) would be brought back.
    - If The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs is installed, deceased Sims would have a chance to be reincarnated as animals too.
    - The better the behavior of the Sims in Heaven, the more the freedom to choose which family to reincarnate. This is not applied to the Underworld, as the Sims have no choice but to reincarnate randomly. However, the Sims in Heaven tend to be reincarnated in those families that are either rich or knowledgeable.

    The Sims 4: Jurassic World

    In cooperation with the best-selling dinosaur fantasy movie, the once huge creatures are now roaming in the Sims' world, leaving a long deep track of frightening footprints in your Sims' lawn!

    New World : Monster Isle, it is a vacation world that is only accessible by the newly introduced plane (as if a Sim has a private jet in the lot). This world mainly contains areas that are uneditable. However, there are several spots that are editable lots, including a souvenir shop, prehistoric fossils museum, as well as a secret lab which is ongoing a secret project.

    New NPCs :
    - Tour guide. He will introduce the park to the Sims and also educate them about dinosaurs, prehistoric fossils, and genetics cloning. He will also be the driver of the touring jeep, bringing Sims to tour around the park along a fixed track.
    - Tourists. They are formed by existing Sims as well as Townies. However, there are two Sims known as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, same with it as in the movie of the same name, seem to be the dinosaur trainer and the manager of the park.
    - Mad Scientist, who is ongoing a secret project in the secret lab.

    New Animals (Dinosaurs) :
    - Velociraptors. They move in groups and eat meats. Players would see them hunting herbivorous dinosaurs.
    - 3 species of horned dinosaurs like Triceratops. They are huge plant-eaters but will fight amongst each another.
    - 3 species of herbivorous dinosaurs like Stegosaurus. They are tame and slow-moving giant creatures.
    - 3 species of large carnivorous dinosaurs like Spinosaurus. They hunt herbivores and sometimes will be seen chasing jeeps.
    - Pteranodon. This is a general term for all flying prehistoric creatures in the park.
    - Brachiosaurus. They are long-necked leaf eaters, as tall as a skyscraper.
    - T-rex. They chase jeeps and sometimes destroy roads. However, T-rex are rare as they don't appear often.
    - Miniature Gallimimus as pet. They can be purchased in the souvenir shop as Dragon Eggs, and can be kept in Sims' world(s) as the only dinosaur that's not prohibited to bring back together with Sims.
    - A mystery killer dinosaur.

    New Objects :
    - Private jet. Players can buy it in buy mode to be placed in a lot, in order to travel to Monster Isle. Woohoo in Private Jet is also available now.
    - Jeep. They are used to give the Sims a ride around the Monster Isle. Jeeps must be driven on a track/road. They will stop often to give way to dinosaurs across the track.
    - A new Safari-themed buy mode and build mode stuff, including zoo fence, zoo gate, African style furniture, savannah rocks, acacia tree, fern tree and more.
    - Dinosaur stuffed toys to be displayed on racks and only sold at Monster Isle Souvenir Shop.
    - T-rex skeleton, Triceratops skull and other decorative fossils.
    - Jurassic World movie-inspired posters.
    - Miniature Gallimimus pet stuff, including a bowl to feed raw meat, a cage to sleep, and a prey doll for fun and wilderness (Wilderness is a need of Gallimimus as they are wild dinosaurs with beastly behaviors. It can be fulfilled without prey doll by mean interactions such as destroying stuff and roaring towards Sims).
    - Laboratory stuff.

    Trivia :
    - A new death type would be Eaten By T-rex, and it would happen if a Sim leaves the jeep to pee in toilet, when T-rex is around. Gravestone will be brought back to Sim's home or go into a family member's inventory.
    - Miniature Gallimimus has 4 life stages : Egg, Hatchling, Adult and Elder. They are added to the household once hatched, and have 6 needs (Hunger, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy, Fun, Wilderness). Gallimimus eat raw meat and it can be served directly from fridges. They can be trained to pee outside, and also can be bathed in bath tubs. They can play fetch like dogs.
    - It is advised that Miniature Gallimimus has to be kept in a pack of at least 2 individuals to protect your Sims' furniture from being destroyed due to their wilderness need, as Gallimimus is not a solitary dinosaur.
    - There are several pattern variations of Miniature Gallimimus, and breeding them may result a new pattern.
    - A volcano will be seen in the backdrop in Monster Isle.
    - Sims may gain a Tense moodlet when a dinosaur is nearby.
    - A dinosaur nursery is available in the park to watch little dinosaurs being hatched.
    - Sims may now Joke About Dinosaurs as a friendly interaction.
    - A Di-No-Scovery Channel is available on upgraded televisions.
    - There's a new career in the Archaeology field, and also one for Genetic Engineer.
    - New dinosaur toys are available in children's toy box.
    - New necklaces featuring little insects in amber are now available in CAS.
    - Ichthyosaurs hops in the sea around Monster Isle like dolphins, and Plesiosaurs also appear in the backdrop.
    - It is unable to make dinosaurs on Monster Isle to be selectable in any way.
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 327 Member

    I want a theme park Gameplay pack
    You know with the typical things an even more. Carussels, Roller coaster, cotton candy, a haunt house,
    and a theme park venue Type lot so you could create your own personal theme park.





  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,721 Member
    1. Spirit Realms of Heaven & Underworld with Light Angels vs Dark Angels as a gameplay pk.
    2. Master Suite stuff with the Heart Shape Bed.
    3. Zoo Animals as a gameplay pk. ( My Zelena sim needs some Monkey Pets.)
    4. DC Universe & Marvel Superheroes full Expansion Pk.
  • PPowersPPowers Posts: 11 New Member
    > @ListentoToppDogg said:
    > @jadonbakes All of that would be nice. My desire is for the babies to actually feel like members of the family with lots of interactions and not just objects stuck in one room.

    It's obvious. I don't know why they didn't do that in the first place.
  • PPowersPPowers Posts: 11 New Member
    I liked University but I didn't like the only way that you could interact with it was to go and control certain sims and go to a different lot. I really like the idea of adding on top of a uni pack online school/classes for sims, with maybe some interactive assignments. For example we could level up photography by completing some photographs and submit them online for an overall grade.
  • TurloughdudeTurloughdude Posts: 660 Member
    edited August 2019
    What i want to add is a soda bottler factory i been trying to get noticed.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,753 Member
    Battle of the Bands Game Pack
    Sims can form garage bands, basement bands, attic bands, and rock their neighbourhood.

    Online, or using their phones, they can try to book a gig.

    Once they start getting gigs, they can start to become famous... or infamous. If they're bad, they may be booed off the stage, if they're good, fans may throw flowers and lace underwear onto the stage.

    Take a pic of your band, and use it to create merch: t-shirts, posters, cds. All of which can be sold from the merch table at gigs.

    There are 5 levels your band can reach.

    Level 1.
    The newbie band: garage bands, basement bands, attic bands. Friends who get together to jam

    Level 2.
    Dive bar gig band: trying to get recognised, hoping to get signed. Have the ability to produce cds and t-shirts to sell at the band merch table

    Level 3.
    Local music heros: able to get more gigs than just in dive bars, even get compensated... a little, barely enough to put fuel into the band van. Able to sell cds, tshirts and stickers at the band merch table, also able to sign merch, if fans request it.

    Level 4.
    Who are those guys? touring band: can get gigs all over the place, but aren't yet well know. Likely to have flowers or lacy underwear thrown on stage by fans. Able to sell CDs, tshirts, stickers, and posters at the band merch table also able to sign merch, if fans request it. May get signed by label executive, or try to start own label.

    Level 5.
    On the cover of a magazine!: Everyone knows who you are, can get gigs anywhere, including at big gig park. May be harassed by fans and paparazzi in the street. Likely to have flowers or lacy underwear thrown on stage by fans. Able to sell multiple CDs, tshirts, stickers, and posters at the band merch table also able to sign merch, if fans request it. Might signed to a label, might start their own label. If signed to a label, the label will dictate style and gigs, failure to comply may result in a loss of royalties.

    DRUMS!!!! For making loud noises! How do you tell if the stage is level? The drool is coming out of both sides of the drummers mouth.
    Bass guitar, cos you're addicted to bass.
    Standing mini keyboard with attached microphone. Cos only a drummer sits around on stage, and sometimes singers want to play a tune.
    Saxophone, for when you want saxy music
    Tambourine, for singers to play, whether they be backup singers, or the guy at the front.
    Hurdy Gurdy, for the Hurdy Gurdy man who wants to wind everyone up!

    Music styles:
    New Wave/Darkwave
    Folk Rock
    Glam Rock

    New outfits, new hair styles, new makeup.

    New venues:
    Dive bars
    Small gig park
    Big Gig Park

    And the ability to put a small or medium stage in other venues.

    Small stage:
    Barely big enough for a drum kit, and microphone, but you can squeeze in up to 2 other musicians

    Medium stage:
    Can fit drums, singer, and up to 4 other musicians or back up singers.

    Big Gig Stage
    Can fit drums, singer, and up to 6 other musicians or back up singers.

    Rabid fans and paparazzi: The curse of fame.

    Angry band instrument smashing! It's a thing. It's an expensive thing. Some bands even sign the debris, and sell it for charity.

    We're Not Dead Yet! Pack for Elders
  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,895 Member
    edited August 2019
    - Generations Expansion Pack. (Things that expand on life stages such as babiez, kidz, teen-kindas, and overlook-grey haired adults)
    - Nostalgia Stuff pack (regular size telescope, dog houses, drums/bass/synthesizer,toilet stalls & urinals, new gameplay object: ticket machine, etc.)
    - Builders get building! SP (things builder enthusiast had been crying for (various stairs, spiral staircase, stage tool, CAST, etc.), CFE cheat, perhaps CAW or TL respective pack)
    - Why the long face GP (new pet: horses, ranches, barns)
    - Danger Stranger EP/GP (new emotion: fair, less persistent more spooky ghost, relationship dramas mechanic, stronger relationship, burglars, zombie apocalypss, lethal illness /o GTW, )
    - Medieval EP/GP/SP (to cater old decades, an option to turn off cellphones and could include two new gameplay obj: landline phone and newspaper)
    - Wicked Romance GP (provides TS2/TS3 reminiscent activities, objects (heart-bed, hot-tub, etc), and interactions that don't make adults kiss like shy toddlers)
    - Sims are Real EP/GP (dunno what BB would entail, but: turn on-offs, gender preference, zodiac signs (aesthetic), phobia choice, Fears alongside Whims, TS2-TS1 Interests, music/food/color favorites, etc.)
    - Off the Grid For Real Now EP/GP. (eco living basically)
    - Shrunk version of overblown sized objects.
    - Three-vacations-in-one EP/GP.
    - Guru rejected ideas and cut mechanics EP/GP (hotels, buildable apartments (that work /o CL).
    - Welcome back dynamic NPCs EP/GP.
    - Town life EP/GP/SP (grocery stores, video game shops, more lot assignments or objects that 'create' new venues).
    - Not-colorblind furniture SP (objects that match and blend in from given catalog)
    - More Polygon SP.
    - Where's my old stuff SP (*insert other things from TS1/TS2/TS3)
    - Funeral SP (bonus: wake gathering event, thrown from the cellphoe)
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  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 1,271 Member
    Wonderland GP

    a GP for sim children, having 2 worlds like RoM one "normal" world with a portal (an ACTUAL rabbit hole) only children could enter and go to Wonderland, maybe adding a new aspiration for children to become the hero of wonderland, not so much storydriven like Strangerville but more explorational, there will be wonderland creatures arround, flamingo/hedgehog cricket (new skill), an underwater theater, collections (maybe wonderland critters), livesize chess, floating furniture and other stuff inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
    New toys and objects in wonderlandstyle, the return of imaginary friends, new drawings for kids of wonderland things.
    Weird looking houses and BB objects, like curved windows and doors and so on.
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  • Yellow_GeckoYellow_Gecko Posts: 1 New Member
    I think it'd be really cool to have maybe a game pack that adds a bunch of other instruments like flutes, ukuleles, drums etc. This could also mean you could create a band and maybe perform at different venues for money.
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    High School Clique Stuff Pack: Tons of clique-specific items for your teens to dress in, featuring fingerless gloves, broken glasses, and new makeup styles. Have your teens join a clique (like clubs in Get Together) that they can climb the ranks in until they become the dungeon master, cheer captain, or the most infamous rebel!
  • Not_HumanoidNot_Humanoid Posts: 39 Member
    Farming Game Pack!
    -Open a farm with a new lot
    -Sell free range eggs and sheep's wool to companies for money!

    I just really like farming and rags to riches stuff X3
  • Themrsg4422Themrsg4422 Posts: 331 Member
    Generations type expansion that adds events like funerals, wills/inheritance, prom, baby showers, sleepovers, and high school graduation.
  • allsenseiallsensei Posts: 2 New Member
    Maybe a wealth\farming pack. tennis, horses, farm animals, etc. different horse options, such as hiring help or not. it would even be cool to be able to hire ranch hands. wealthy rancher anyone? (something fun to do with large lots, and they could add a Montana like world with a couple huge lots, bitterly cold winters, and cattle tending with horses or 4 wheelers). But you could totally also have a little farm with a couple chickens and an angry goat. This would also be a great time to update the game so animals and pets had their own cas, so we could have a lot more of them, instead of being limited by household size.
  • mikamika Posts: 1,681 Member
    Elderly stuff pack with clothes, walking canes, rocking chairs, bingo games/nights, sewing & knitting skill, and etc for old Sims.
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