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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,908 Member
    Congrats @WrathofCath!! Such a gorgeous home, totally deserved the winners spot! And thank you @BuildnShare for your feedback, you re probably right about the lack of fencing etc, I think I neglected the exterior somewhat because I wanted that medical suite!!
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,658 Member
    edited August 2018
    Starting Out Results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort

    Your Desert Island Lux-Resort looks great! The architecture is interesting and well thought out. The layout works well! You have included so many fun activities for the guests, they will never have a dull moment visiting your resort. The pool area is absolutely gorgeous! I think it is great that you have used carpeting throughout– hotels do that to minimize sound.

    I wish you had used a wall to separate your karaoke area better from the reception– imagine trying to check in to a hotel and all you can hear is someone singing horribly out of tune! Some of your rooms are also a bit on the big side, making them feel a bit bare, despite the warm color scheme. You could also have made the concrete area in front of the entrance more inviting with more plants, your landscaping was a little too minimalistic.

    There's nothing wrong with a beach bum motel! We need those too, and Sandbar is a wonderful example of it. I like how you have used the friezes and the hanging plants to create interest to your exteriors. The blue and white tones with the light wood gives the first floor a very nautical look, which is very suitable for the town you chose. The lobby bar is wonderful! I like how you have given every room their own theme and feel. The layout is well thought out and makes the build very playable, and your rooms have good size. Your landscaping works well with the build and feels very natural.

    I really wish you had taken most of your exterior pics in sunshine (except that stunning lightning shot!), it would really have made your build pop even more. The dance floor in the lobby bar seems a little out of place. I love that you included both a gym and a laundromat, but I wish you had separated the two – dryers in particular generates heat, and could make working out in the same room uncomfortable

    You have kept a consistent color scheme throughout, which makes your build feel very cohesive. It also fits in very well with the surroundings. The layout is great! Your lobby, bar and restaurant all look fantastic. I love how lush your back landscaping is. The balconies with the pergola roofs are cute. The parking spots are a nice touch! I can easily see your visitors spending their days by the pool, and the communal changing rooms/bathrooms are such a cute touch.

    Your build looks a little boxy, despite the lovely turrets. Try to avoid long, uninterrupted stretches of wall. Especially in the back, there's nothing to break up the blue wall and create some interest. Your front landscaping also seems a little unnatural-looking, not nearly as organic and flowing as you have done in the back.
    Although we do not require it at this level, it is a huge benefit for the judges if you label your pictures, as it makes it so much easier for us to know what we are looking at when we are judging your build.

    This is absolutely divine. You have created a picture perfect greek resort. Your MOO work is flawless. Your interiors feels just right for a hotel – hitting that sweet spot between too cluttered and not enough detail can be tough, but you nailed it. How you lined the outdoor walkways with the string lights is just so clever. Love the aquariums you made! The landscaping is wonderful. The place as a whole has a very serene and relaxing atmosphere, and any sim who visits, would keep coming back year after year, I'm sure.

    Although we do not require it at this level, it is a huge benefit for the judges if you label your pictures, as it makes it so much easier for us to know what we are looking at when we are judging your build. Your media also seems to lack an overhead view of the bottom level (you have two shots of the level above) and without it, we can't really see that you have included the rooms necessary to meet the brief, so I had to mark you down for that. With that said, I have no criticisms regarding the build itself.

    Your resort has so much curb appeal and blends well into the surroundings. I think it's great that you gave all the rooms their own balcony.
    Your little front fountain is adorable! The landscaping is right on point and suits both the build and the world very well. Love that you thought about the children and made a play area for them. The pool area looks striking at night! Your restaurant has a really funky vibe to it! I'm amazed by how much you have managed to include when it comes to facilites – there will not be a dull moment here! Love that you have given all your rooms different themes.

    The telescope seems like a bit of an afterthought, it doesn't blend in and the build would not suffer if you removed it. I wish you had had interior corridors to access the rooms instead of the outdoor access - your interiors feels so luxurious, yet the entrances gives me more of a motel feeling. And although I love that you added a child area, I'm not sure about how easy it would be to relax in the poolside loungers with screaming kids right behind you.

    And the winner is… @Kriint!!
    2nd Place goes to: @1HappyMonkey

    Congratulations to you both! @Kriint, we suggest that you from now on enter as Established - consider yourself bumped!


    Sim Challenge results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort

    Your family is really charming – and really accurate, with a gloomy teen being glued to the computer and all. It looks like they are enjoying their stay at Sandbar despite of the horrible weather! The sims look unique - and by looking at their traits, I’m sure they’re a fun family to play too!

    I love how you chose to show your sims getting ready for their vacation since you didn’t enter a build for this round.I wish you had done something more with it - perhaps showing pictures of them trying on swimwear or gathering around their computer booking their vacation. But the family is cute and full of energy, and I love how each of the kids get their looks from one of the parents! I’m sure the parents could use a vacation with the toddler being wild and the girl being a goofball!

    And the winner is… @asap24!


    Room challenge results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort

    Your reception area is really inviting, it gives off a great holiday vibe with the tropical colors you have chosen. Love that you have included a lobby bar - but I think the dance floor looks a little out of place, and I wish you had used up more of your budget for this.

    And the winner is… @asap24!
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,464 Member
    Such beautiful hotels! Congratulations @Kriint and @1HappyMonkey though I really do like all these hotels! And to @asap24 for you win with your sweet family.
    Congratulations to all the winners of both challenges. :)B)o:)<3:*;)
    And Thank you for your patience and all your suggestions, I will certainly take this into account in the future. Silvia ♥♥♥
  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 1,002 Member
    Well done everyone and congrats to the winners. :)
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,695 Member
    Congrats to the winners in the starting out category. All the builds were terrific. Congrats to @Kriint & @1HappyMonkey for your wonderful resorts and @asap24 for your sims and your lobby build. Great job to everyone who submitted a build. I would have still been working on mine if I had entered. It was a huge task.
  • KriintKriint Posts: 12 New Member
    (So the first line disappears when I press preview so you will either never see this, or if you do ignore it, still trying to figure the forum thing out)
    Congrats to everyone who participated! :D And what I won? Wow thank you <3
    As for the tips thank you I'll try to implement them it's called being way too lazy whoops :D
  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 128 Member
    Congrats to everyone! This was a time consuming challenge and everyone seemed to have managed very well in first build a huuuuge building and the upload all those presentation pictures! So everyone should be really proud of ones effort!

    Was great fun!
    edited August 2018
    Lurking In Saying HI.......... TO Such A SWEET PERSON!!!!!! @FruUtter & Tight Hugzzzzz <3<3<3 Wonderful To See You On The Forums!!! In The Name Of OTTER ;););););)
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,418 Member
    @FaithofKaela, I just noticed your comment this morning... Thank you so much! :)

    Congratulations to @Kriint @1HappyMonkey and @asap24! B) Beautiful work on everyone's resorts, sims and rooms! :blush:
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,464 Member
    @WrathofCath Congratulations on you Maxis favorited win!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,658 Member
    Expert Results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort


    Hound's Head Resort is a fantastic place to take a vacation with lots of activities and entertainment provided. As soon as I saw the overheads I thought of Brindleton Bay, the lighthouse was a sure giveaway! This beautiful feature certainly makes the resort prominent and I really enjoyed reading your account of how the development began and grew. The coastal theme with the pale wooden exteriors fits in well with the surroundings and you have picked the perfect location with a private beach at one side and a public one at the other. I really love the swimming pools at the centre, great idea to have a sports pool with lanes as well as a leisure pool with netted hoops either side for fun. The pool bar is beautiful and the hot tub is well placed in this area. Going inside I really like how you've designed the rooms with varying sleeping options to cater for any amount of guests. I also like how spacious the interiors appear and the clean crisp appearance of the rooms. The gym is a wonderful option for those who are more active.

    Suggestions: Overall the interiors are a little too light and 'clinical' for me. I would have liked to see more 'pops' of colour introduced via curtains, mats and indoor plants for example. This would enhance the interiors greatly I think. Regarding the chapel, this would have been a perfect wedding venue within the resort for those who'd like to marry. Restoring it as a chapel really would have been a bonus to the site.


    Wow, Inn By The Sea is an absolutely stunning build both inside and out, a perfect family resort for all ages to enjoy! The coastal theme of the design is very appropriate for the surroundings and is wonderfully sited overlooking the ocean, magnificent views from many angles. The lighthouse tower is updated beautifully to blend with the rest of the Inn and the roofing all round is just awesome, the dark shade contrasts so well with the light colours of the exterior walls. The main path makes a welcoming statement with it's decorative design and I love the sailboat planter at the side, very creative. The winding paths meandering to the different areas provide much interest and intrigue as to where they might lead and the gardens are beautiful and well maintained. The wedding venue is a great addition to the resort and the large winding pathway to the wedding reception hall ensures guests have easy access. Wonderful idea to have private seated areas scattered about to enjoy romantic trysts overlooking the ocean, I can almost hear the waves! You really have thought of everything for everybody, even a small herb garden for guests to enjoy fresh fruit if they're a little peckish and the bin storage area is well enclosed. Going inside the Inn I feel a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The reception lobby is well designed with many cosy seating areas to relax and unwind, the hostess and coffee station is an added bonus. The games room is also a favourite with it's mix of seating textures, this really enhances the room and adds to the cosy, comfy feel. The suites are all beautifully designed and decorated in cool blue and white themes providing a calm soothing environment.

    Suggestions: Really I cannot suggest anything that might improve this resort other than the placement of more trees, especially at the right hand side.


    Lakeside Retreat is a fantastic resort with it's magnificent structure towering into the sky and beautiful views overlooking the ocean. The private beach and lake make this hotel all the more attractive for guests and it's wonderful to see all the various activities provided in this area. You really have thought of entertainment for everyone with the fishing, diving and yoga, etc as well as boat trips, petanque and skittles, very creative! The loungers are perfect for those who simply wish to relax and the outdoor dining here is perfectly placed to watch all the goings on. The staff entrance is a great idea and I absolutely love the design of the back office, so neat and orderly with all the filing cabinets, shelves and cupboards. Gorgeous colour theme of the reception, a lovely sea green with light trims. This is so cool and refreshing and provides a wonderful coastal atmosphere. The arch to the restaurant really opens up the area and I love how you've placed the little fencing sections to divide the main dining from the work stations and such. I also like how you've varied the table sizes to cater for any amount and the buffet table is a fabulous addition. The basement bar looks to much fun with it's beach bar theme going on and the darts and football table. The half walls and columns make fantastic dividers from the bar itself. Another favourite room is the housekeeping/laundry, awesome design work here, it's spot on!

    Suggestions: Take pics in live mode to avoid the white line around the lot, I find it really interrupts the blend of the lot with the surroundings. Regarding the suites, I would have used walls/fencing for example to divide the balconies in order to give each one their own private space. Plants and greenery would add ambience to these areas also.


    Seaside Heights Hotel is a very appropriate name for this magnificent build which towers high into the sky and has the most breathtaking views of the ocean and the town itself. A very majestic architectural design with light exterior walls which contrast well with the darker roofing. This is very fancy in places with the placement of elaborate glass. The VIP parking at the front is a good feature and you have certainly provided plenty of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. I absolutely love the cool infinity pool and can almost imagine actually being in the ocean here! Fantastic interior design and layout starting at the very pleasant reception area, wonderful idea to have a guests registry table and 'cubbies' for messages and keys. The fountain provides a wonderful focal point in the main lobby and the gift shop is a great touch, a hotel wouldn't be complete without one. Wow, The Kingston Club is a very exclusive gourmet restaurant with a wonderful variety of seating options and I can imagine the grand piano playing it's ivory tunes. The gym is a great addition to the hotel and I really like how the treadmills overlook the pool, a great incentive to work out. I also love your choice of windows in the yoga studio, they create a very ambient atmosphere and it will be good to visit the juice bar after partaking in these activities. All the suites are beautifully designed and decorated in their themed colours and the luxury suites are indeed very swanky.

    Suggestions: A very grand hotel but I was a little disappointed regarding the landscaping. I would have liked to see many formal flower beds for guests to stroll around as well as herb and vegetable gardens perhaps for the chefs to use in their gourmet kitchen. I also believe a hotel of this size would benefit from surrounding fencing/hedging which would provide privacy and security from outsiders.



    The winner is… @WrathofCath


    Sim Challenge results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort


    What a fantastic presentation of your couples visiting 'The Heights', I thoroughly enjoyed reading the storyline you provided for each of them and seeing them having so much fun at the hotel. They are all indeed a very varied bunch who you have portrayed most splendidly with your choice of attire and distinguished physiques. The fire was a little traumatic but has certainly made history for the hotel!

    The winner is… @Rostri-Jodu


    Room challenge results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort


    This is such a beautiful lobby with it's mix of pale coastal woods and dark earthy ones, what a great contrast! I really love the green theme running through which neutralises the wooden features and brings in a sense of nature. Wonderful layout with the stairs behind the front desk and I really like how you've divided the waiting areas and given definition to these spaces. Wow, the coffee table cluster is fabulous, very creatively designed and a great feature.

    The winner is… @Talea12345


  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 1,002 Member
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,695 Member
    Wow! These are great builds! Congrats to @WrathofCath for that fab build. I really loved all the builds, fantastic job everyone. And @Rostri-Jodu - I loved those sims. Was that the hunky guy shot with all the muscles? lol @Talea12345 - what a wonderful lobby. Congrats!
  • Rostri-JoduRostri-Jodu Posts: 669 Member
    Congrats to all and thanks to the BNS team for the feedback and Sim win! Yes, @SoulGal7, the hunky guy was one of them. *smirk* Be sure to check out the bonus Sims I did, too. Lots of hunkiness in that group as well.
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,418 Member
    Wow! Thank you so much @BuildnShare and @SoulGal7! :)

    Congrats to @Rostri-Jodu for your cool sims and @Talea12345 for your Beautiful lobby! :)
  • 1HappyMonkey1HappyMonkey Posts: 22 Member
    edited August 2018
    Congrats to all the winners and thanks again for the suggestions. I had some personal stuff come up and just checked the forums for the first time in a week. I had a couple of the same thoughts as was brought up in the critique. I wasn't completely sure of the play area or the telescope placement, but I got somewhat overwhelmed at the size of the build. I kept the room entrances on the exterior in keeping with my inspiration hotel.

    I loved so many of these builds and know that everyone put so much time and work into creating them. Congrats to everyone who managed to finish this big project and thanks to the judges for their time in reviewing everything.
  • FruUtterFruUtter Posts: 128 Member
    Congratulations to everyone in the expert group! Great buildings and so different!
  • asap24asap24 Posts: 48 Member
    edited August 2018
    Thanks for the win! Sorry, had to irl life. Been a while. I really appreciate the feedback. Congrats to all the other winners, I really enjoyed looking at all the builds and fams, from all the participants for this challenge!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,658 Member
    Established Results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort


    I love the addition of the bowling alley, roller rink and rock climbing wall – guests will have plenty to keep themselves entertained! The fountains at the front entrance are beautiful. I love the nautical feel of the downstairs furnishings. The color scheme throughout is very beachy and soothing. What a charming wedding venue and garden.

    Suggestions: Check out our Showcasing your Lots guide for tips on improving your pictures. I would also suggest taking your pictures during sunny weather instead of in the rain. It’s not very realistic for a resort to have so many open arches with no way to keep out the critters and weather. Working on adding more interest to your roofline.


    Wow – that is one amazing resort! Great job on making the most of your budget and squeezing out every last Simolean you could. The pool area is so nicely done. I can picture relaxing there and taking in the rays. Your public spaces are beautiful with great attention to detail. The color scheme is perfect for the resort with its soothing colors. Love the showers and changing area. Great reception area. The childrens’ area is precious. Super job on the luxury suites. I like that you’ve given each room its own personality. I can see guests coming back year-after-year and requesting the same room. I love the landscaped beds that provide visual interest as well as a bit of privacy for guests. Fantastic detail on the reception and office areas.

    Suggestions: Not a whole lot I can add. My one critique would be the roofline of the guestrooms. It’s good to make sure your roof doesn’t have valleys where water would pool IRL. Also, captions on some of your photos would be helpful (doesn’t have to be on every single one!).


    WoWza. What a gorgeous resort – it just screams “Cape Cod” to me. I love the layout and the fantastic color scheme of the landscaping which contrasts so nicely with the grey siding. LOVE the anchor shaped pool – how clever! The siding and trim choices are just perfect. I love how you’ve broken up the horizontal with vertical siding in strategic spots. The little awnings over the front windows are so charming. Love the little gift shop – so cute! Great job on the restaurant and lounge. There are so many superb design decisions and little touches throughout the landscaping, architecture and interiors - I can't even begin to mention them all!

    Suggestions: There’s not much I would add or change! My one suggestion would be to experiment with scaling back the red check flooring around the pool. It felt a tad busy and not in keeping with the charm of the rest of the build.


    I just love the scale of your resort and the way you’ve been able to make it appear to sit on top of a rocky outcrop. The landscaping is beautifully done with so many little details from the parking lot to the statuary. I love the red carpet leading up the grand stairs to the front entrance. The combination of sidings you’ve used to create the look of a tudor manor is fantastic. Great job on the restaurant area with its patio for outdoor seating. Love the sweet little turret! You’ve done an amazing job of providing entertainment options for the guests from the photography room to the sauna and massage area – guests will love the variety. The interiors are beautifully done with the proper level of grandeur for an historic property.


    I love your take on this challenge! Great job on creating a “floating hotel” that evokes the feel of a Polynesian resort. This hotel is a perfect fit in the Selvadoradan vacation world. I know guests will love being able to step out of their rooms and right into the water for a refreshing swim. I like your use of wood and tile in the lobby. The employee areas will provide a welcome retreat for workers that need a little break for the demands of the guests. Good job on creating a cohesive color palette and design theme throughout the build.

    Suggestions: Take a look at our Showcasing your Lots guide for tips on getting the best pictures you can. Please provide pictures of every part of your build as that is what we judge by. You left a lot of Simoleans on the table that could have been used to provide more luxurious furnishings and decor.


    Atlantis is beautiful and perfectly situated with the water in the background. I love the white and light blue exterior and the fountains and pools that surround the property. The flat roofs with ½ walls are nicely done. Cute job on the café. I love the bakery counter. The double rooms are nicely laid out. I’m really enjoying the serene color scheme throughout. Nice job on the luxury suites.

    Suggestions: The interiors felt a bit sterile. I would expect a luxury resort (even a sleek modern/contemporary one) to have more decorative details both inside and out.

    The winners are...


    Sim Challenge results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort


    I love your action shots of the family staying in the hotel and interacting with the other guests. This is a lovely household, and you can definitely see the family ties.

    The winner is… @FruUtter


    Room challenge results for #BnS100 - Oceanside Resort


    I love the beam pattern detail! Including concierge desks and a pamphlet rack lends a realistic touch. I like the neutral black and tan color palette with touches of red for impact. The lovely flowers on the front desk are welcoming, and I love the view from the lobby to the ocean through the expansive glass entry doors.

    The winner is… @TresaofPern


  • kimwriter75kimwriter75 Posts: 1,837 Member
    Congrats to all with BnS challenge 100. It was a monstrous task, yet so exciting. So much talent in all categories and so much eye candy. I do have to mention a few that stood out to me, @Kriint, I love the Greek look, and purple is my fav. Outstanding. @1HappyMonkey, your build reminded me of something I'd see irl. Nice job. @WrathofCath, I bow down before thee, teach me, Sensei, lol! :P You're amazing. 'Nuff said. @FruUtter, dayyuuuum! Brilliant architecture!

    Everyone blew me away. Also, someone had a redrum bar or lounge, or something. That made me giggle and I thank you for that. Please tell me who you are!

    This was my first BnS with Sims 4. I'm rusty. Been out of Sims now for 4 or 5 years. Getting my chops back, hopefully, and I look forward to more challenges. I did mess up. Took for granted a few things. It is not actually like riding a bike, lol. I had to relearn a lot, like how to upload a build in Sims 4, lol, a new photo site, instead of photobucket. I did not realize (or read this part, I may have been lazy, shhh) that I should have labeled my screenies, and take more pics. And I have a whole lotta more excuses :P I intend to improve, however. :)

    Imagination > Knowledge
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,789 Member
    Congrats to @Pallystyle, @RachelShennan and @FruUtter. So many fantastic builds!

  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,154 Member
    Many congratulations to all the winners, epic creations all round :)
  • RachelShennanRachelShennan Posts: 163 Member
    edited August 2018
    Omg can't believe I placed! It was my third creation as I wasn't happy with the first two. Thanks! :D:D:D
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