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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • lindaylinday Posts: 1,332 Member
    I'm actually kind of speechless! To win this challenge, with such close competition and so many amazing entries... I did not expect that. I mean, look at all the amazingly talented people in here!! This made my day. Thank you so much, everyone!

    Thank you so much, @BuildnShare, for your time and feedback - I really don't envy the judge this time around! Or the playtester... Wow, that deserves a special round of applause, the entry list this time around was insane.

    Congratulations to @Corwim, @WrathofCath, @Ninnster, @Oliana and @kilra0 too - and to @Sbodine89 for her win.
    @Corwim - I love your paintings!!
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Thank you so much @FaithofKaela , @JojoMOMSTER and @linday ! :smile: I had such a great time making these paintings, they brought back so many great Buffy the Vampire Slayer memories, such a fantastic tv series. B)
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    Heya everyone! Especially those waiting for the results of the Established entries of Five by Five #BnS101. I've explained the long delay for the results in the main threads here
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    Established Results for #BnS101 - Five by five


    Adorable build! Even though it is tiny, as requested of course, the layout is very practical. Quite impressed with what you managed to get in there. I just love the glass roof you managed to use, and I just adore the sink area in the bathroom. Well done! Also great work on adding descriptions to your screenshots.

    Suggestions: The kitchen/bedroom feels a bit too much of a mix of different greens that not quite match exactly. I would suggest either using a neutral colour as a base, or make sure you break up the colour with some neutrals.


    Ooh! I like what you did there. A bit of a secluded treehouse feel. I like that you went up for this build. And the trees around it to make it more secluded are a great touch. You have all the basic needs right there in the house, and even made sure that the dining area, although it's outside, it's still dry when it rains.

    Suggestions: I miss a bit of clutter or decorations, especially on the deck area, there's nothing on it. I know the budget was very tight, but I would have liked it to see at least something there.


    What an adorable build. The roofline is interesting, making this tiny build a eyecatcher with it's simple forms. Love how much landscaping you managed to get in, and where you got your budget from shows on the kitchen counters. I think it's a nice touch. The layout is very functional and easy to navigate, no Sims will get stuck here, even if it's a tiny house. And there is even a pool!! Great budget management

    Suggestions: Not much, but I think some contrast on the exterior of you build would've done it good, especially the front. The bench you placed blends in with the siding of the house. Maybe if you made it pop a bit more, that would break the image of it.


    Cute build! Love the colour use you did on the inside. The red really pops, but isn't overbearing. Great work on that! And I think it is amazing you fit in a pc in the budget. Nice framing with the landscaping around the house. And the fruit tree at the entrance is quite nice!

    Suggestions: Your images from the slide show are quite small, which is making it hard to see some details in it. I'm not sure how tumblr works exactly, but perhaps if the images were clickable to bring up a bigger image.


    Lovely modern build! the landscaping in front is very minimalist, but the flowers also add a touch of colour. The interior is very industrial, despite what the exterior seems to let off. Love the kitchen area, the little bench area works wonderful in the space.
    The way you divided the bedroom area from the other parts with the divider works wonderfully.

    Suggestions: I missed the overview with grid on, or a overview of the floor plan in general. Especially for this challenge this was crucial, as there was a limit on 25 tiles. I can not check if you stuck with the brief this way.


    Just love the build. It is eye catching and I'm amazed you got all that for the budget, especially the landscaping with it.
    The layout is very efficient . The blue is cohesive and not clashing. Most favourite thing for me would be the bedstead you created.

    Suggestions: Not much to suggest. Only thing I would probably have done different is the blue chair at the dining table, it doesn't quite fit as well as the other blues you have used.

    Cute container build. Love the harmonious colours you chose for the interior. Using the pastel colours makes it colourful, but not overbearing for such a small space.
    The layout is very efficient. I like that you managed to create a separate kitchen from the living. That is not an easy thing to do in 25 tiles.
    The landscaping is clever too. Cheap items, but strategically placed making is a whole.

    Suggestions: The interior looks so vibrant and happy, the exterior feels a bit bland in comparison. Perhaps more contrast, doesn’t even have to be bright colours, would’ve worked here.

    Lovely barn house. The landscaping is adorable and you went full out on it. Efficient lay out inside and very usable. I like the little nook for the fridge.

    Suggestions: I noticed the roof lines seem to intersect each other. I would give a more cohesive and finished feel if the roofs were a bit more aligned to each other.

    Adorable cottage. The style is very simple, but homey. The landscaping in around it really finishes it. (LOL! Is that a toilet fountain?!) Having the bed raised to create more usable space was very clever. The colours on the interior match the exterior very well too. Making is still fit together when you go outside to eat.

    Suggestions: I missed a place to cook indoors, but it’s not specified in the brief that that had to be indoors. I’m not marking you down for it, but I do feel that was missing.

    Lovely secluded place! You really thought of the window placement in terms of privacy, which is a neat thing to do.
    The flow inside the house works well, the interior blends seamlessly from one area to another, which makes it a calming place.

    Suggestions: Perhaps you could’ve mixed up the trees a bit with different ones. You could even use MOO to combine greenery to create something different, so that you don’t see the exact same tree 4 times.

    Such a romantic setting. The lighting you used for the screenshot really enhances that.
    The inside works well too, the colour scheme really complements each other. Well done. I’m also impressed you managed to create an actual bedroom inside of it. My favourite thing is probably the little pergola on the outside. Perfect covering.

    Suggestions: Not much to say, though I think a bit off clutter could’ve helped. The shelves in the kitchen are a bit bare (there wasn’t anything on it).

    Cute mid century build! Love what you did with the rooflines. Creative with the glass roofs. The interior has a nice industrial feel to it that flows through the entire build. The rugs give it a pop of colour, but subtly. Impressive you managed to wedge in a double bed.

    Suggestions: Only thing I noticed is that the back yard felt a bit cold in the colour scheme compared to the rest of the build.

    Love the little patio area at the front. It really fits the style you choose for this build. And the flowers around it give it life. The interior is lovely as well. The kitchen and the living work well together with the colour scheme.

    Suggestions: Sadly you went over budget with your build. I also noticed there was some fish eye effect in the screenshot of the bedroom. If a space is too small to take a screenshot, it helps to change the angle a bit up or down, or just take more screenshots from different angles. I also missed a floorplan screenshot for the total of tiles. Overall you had a lovely build. Keep at it!

    The winners are...


    Sim Challenge results for #BnS101 - Five by five


    I really enjoyed your slideshow showing off Faith’s life. I may have seen more than I would’ve liked of here musts (seriously, that made me giggle). I really got a feel of who Faith is.

    I loved that you included a bit of information about Agoraphobia. I had never heard of it before, and it gave some insight of it. Faith looks gorgous too and I loved getting to know her better by your story.
    The winner is… @SimsIslandheart
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,824 Member
    Congrats to the winners.

  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Yay, congratulations to @sawdust and @SimsIslandheart on your wins and to @Cebu2cool and @4Sanne for placing! All builds and sims were super creative, fabulous job everyone! B) And a big thank you to all the judges, playtesters and other staff members for making this challenge possible! <3

    I am wondering a little thing @BuildnShare . Will the sims of people who were in the expert category still be judged? I didn't see them in the results there, so figured they might be in the sims section of the established results, but it looks like they are not. Always looking forward to feedback on the simmies I make as well. :smile: Apologies if I missed them anywhere else. :blush:
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,461 Member
    Congrats to @sawdust, @Cebu2cool, @4Sanne and @SimsIslandheart :)

    Thank you @BuildnShare for your feedback it wasn't easy using 25 square space I must've deleted a few times until I was happy with the living space :D
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    EXPERT Sim Challenge results for #BnS101 - Five by five


    Thank you for providing pictures of all of Faith's outfits - it helps to give an overall picture of her personality. Great action shots of in her 5x5 space. The traits you've chosen fit well with the brief and your chosen career of author.


    I can really see the "Buffy" inspiration of this sim. The choices of aspiration and traits are spot on. She really looks like she's been training hard and could be the slayer! (those abs!) Love the candid pics of her in her 5x5 home.


    Wow - love Faith's backstory and your unique take on her. I love how her aspiration and traits fit with her mysterious alien background. Great shots of Faith in her 5x5 home in her different outfits. And how clever that she has a "human disguise" as well!


    The winner is… @Ninnster

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,510 Member
    @Ninnster Congratulations on you win of the SIM category. All three I lovely and unique and so well presented ! They might be showing up in my library, just saying.

    Hooray for alien Faith Sims !!!
  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 632 Member
    edited September 2018
    ... sorry wrong post :#
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,215 Member
    @JojoMOMSTER @kilra0 Thank you very much guys! :blush: As someone who only dabbles in CAS when I need a break from building, I am quite surprised, and of course very happy! Especially when I am up against @Corwim who has been someone I look up to as a CAS creator since I first got on the forums, and @BreeMiles who is an all around amazing creator that I admire greatly :heart:
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  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Yay, congrats on your win @Ninnster ! B) Hehe, that's exactly how I felt when I saw my build pop up in the expert category. ;) Having said that, you have become a super accomplished sims creator too since you first visited the forum. Your Faith is super creative, absolutely love the storytelling you did here, and her two sets of outfits are coherent, very pretty and suit her character and backstory soooo perfectly. <3 And oooh, @BreeMiles , your sim is such a cutie, can't believe I missed her before! :blush: Must Fav now! :smiley:

    Aaw, thank you as well @JojoMOMSTER for your wonderful comment on all three simmies! <3 And thank you @BuildnShare and all judges for the fantastic feedback!
  • PearLadyPearLady Posts: 207 Member
    congrats winners of this challenge (didn't realize the results had happened. I shall flog my notifications for this violation later. heh) Thanks for the opportunity and the tips. I'll continue to work on the screenies. *G*
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    Established Results for #BnS102 The Hawthorne Project Part VIII


    Beautiful build, wonderful design, & layout of the trailer park, looks neat! Your use of the terrain paint looks wonderful, beautiful curb appeal! The gathering area for the sims looks good, it’s wonderful how you have the garden laid out and a place for the sims to enjoy the outdoors! The name of your lot suits the build perfect! Your colour scheme seems to go well with each home! Your terrain tool work looks neat! My favorite trailer is Maggie’s and Millie’s! I could see myself living there!

    The build looks overall great, but I think some of the trailers seem a bit empty, and maybe needed to feel a bit more lived in, also could have used a few more area rugs!


    The bird's eye view, looks wonderful, the landscaping and your use of the terrain paint is wonderful, great curb appeal! Our sims will have a wonderful time just sitting outdoors and enjoying the view! The overall layout of the lot, looks wonderful! The pastry shop for the sims looks great our sims will enjoy meeting up and having coffee and cake! The greenhouse and gardening area looks wonderful! All the homes have a nice colour scheme and look well lived in! My favorite area is sitting at the picnic tables by the pond/pools and enjoying the view!

    I'm not sure I would change anything about the lot! It has a very welcoming feel to it! The only suggestion I could make is the bathroom in the homes could have used some throw rugs!

    (Insert as many of these as you need) The overall look of the lot is wonderful! The outside tv area and the maze looks amazing! The landscaping is well tailored to fit the lot and the homes! Wonderful how you have set up the outdoor area with the tables by the pool! You even have something fun for the grandkids to enjoy when visiting! The garden area looks nice! The club house looks wonderful! My favorite area is watching tv by the maze!

    I think the build has an overall good vibe to it! Only suggestions I could make is maybe add a bit more clutter to the Club house, such as flowers on the tables and so on, and could have maybe put an area rug under the beds!


    The layout of the lot looks wonderful! The craftsman style is beautiful! The landscaping has wonderful detail, and fits the lot well! Great curb appeal! The homes are well sized with plenty of room for our sims to spread out and have a comfortable life! You color scheme goes good together! The outdoor area for our sims to watch tv is beautiful! My favorite area is sitting & watching tv from the back porch!

    The overall lot looks nice! I would have liked to seen some pictures taken in the light of day! The homes feel a bit empty and could had a bit more lived in look! Like curtains on the windows and a bit more inside clutter, like flowers, and such!


    I have to say that birds eye view of the lot looks wonderful! Nice placement of all the homes! The landscaping is wonderful! The placement of the outdoors tv looks nice and the garden area is nice! That pool really pops! The color scheme you have chosen, suits each home nicely! The community spot is grand! The inside pool is a nice touch, and the sauna really sets it off! My favorite area is the community center, I can see me spending a lot of time there!

    The overall feel of the lot is wonderful, I can't say that I would change anything! I maybe would have added a few area rugs to the homes and in some of the bathrooms, and maybe a bit more terrain paint detail!


    The birds eye view of the lot looks wonderful! Wonderful color scheme of the homes! The community center looks nice! Wonderful work with the move objects on! You even added a place for the visiting grandkids to enjoy! The park area looks wonderful, I think our sims will enjoy being there watching tv with the beautiful view! It’s hard for me to pick my favorite spot, I really enjoyed all of them, but I think I would love live in trailer #3 please!

    The over all lot is lovely! I think some places could have maybe used a bit more landscaping plants, and some added clutter inside maybe would have made them feel a bit more lived in!


  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,690 Member
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    Expert Results for BnS 102 - The Hawthorne Project Part VIII

    Twin Oracle Point is a very well planned retirement community. It is obvious that you put a lot of thought into this build. The ramp going into the pool was a very nice touch and the community garden is huge. Each trailer had the same layout, however, each one was uniquely personalized for the residents living there. The back stories that you provided for each resident was well done and explained why each trailer was decorated and landscaped in the style that they were. Each trailer was very well detailed and completely fit their residents. The amenities that you provided are quite nice. I commend you on putting more trailers then the brief called for. Overall... well done!

    When an item or items are required on a build, please make sure that you clearly show these items in your pics. I really had to look to find the required objects in some of the trailers. My first suggestion would be to change the kitchen sink... the faucet is coming out of the window and because you used identical trailers it is the same in every one. Lady Eleanor von Berger’s trailer had landscaping blocking the bottom of the ramp, no wall covering around the toilet and is that toilet paper holder a bit high? I also could not see a musical instrument. Mikki's trailer I didn’t see a computer and the toilet paper holder seemed a bit too high here as well. Pistol Pete’s trailer seems to be lacking a musical instrument and poor Pete doesn’t have a toilet paper holder at all. Gnomia Meier and friend’s trailer I couldn’t find an easel (maybe they could borrow one from Mikkii) or a musical instrument. Luna & Duke Havanese's trailer was missing a computer. Harvey’s trailer had landscaping blocking the base of the ramp. Clubhouse building and area. It’s great that you had a large area for dancing, however, there were only 3 bar stools for seating, perhaps you could have only used 1 dance floor and put in more seating. My last bit of feedback is that I did not see any outdoor trash receptacles. This may seem like a lot, but take into consideration that you had 8 buildings on this lot and on a build this size it is easy to overlook or forget some things. Overall this was a very well done build, you should be proud.

    Sunny Palms RV Park is a stunning retirement community. Excellent use of terrain paints. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about its residents and their interactions. I think that it’s great that Harvey and Bunny are hitting it off. I saw a lot of creative thought put into your build. The crosswalk was inspiring. I also enjoyed that you played off the instruments in every trailer and created a community band. Carlos & Juanita’s trailer and the attention to making every part of it wheelchair accessible. Juanita’s wheelchair was very clever and the fact that sims could use it as a chair... excellent! The chairlift at the pool was very inspired. The laundry room in the community centre is a great addition. There are so many clever details that you put into this build, that I can’t possibly mention them all. Very well done!
    Your build was very clever, however, there were some things that I noticed. Most of what I saw was minor. On the Green’s trailer and also Bunny’s trailer, I noticed plants sticking into their AC units. Carlos & Juanita’s trailer, the sunflowers at the front of the trailer were cutting into the wall. I would also question the use of glass doors on the bathroom. At the Community Center, it would be nice to have access to the bathrooms from the inside, as the residents don’t move as quickly as they used to. In the Jingle’s trailer, the snowman in the bedroom is floating above the dresser, so unless Chris Kring.... um I mean Jingle used some magic on it, be careful when raising objects up. This also happened with the pots on the table in the community garden. One last thing.... mailboxes, I didn’t see any. This was a very well thought out and creative build. Excellent job!

    Mobile Home Park is an outstanding retirement community for active seniors. Wow, a skating rink, bowling alley, yoga garden and so much more. I couldn’t imagine getting bored living here. Your landscaping is very lush and full. Excellent use of terrain paints. The elevator in the main building is very creative and well executed. The portrait studio, library, laundry room and admin offices are great touches. The guest rental was a very insightful addition. Some many magnificent details, I couldn’t possibly mention them all. A splendid job!

    Mobile Home Park is a very impressive build. There were only a few issues that I noticed. I saw several fireplaces in the community, but not a single chimney. On Adam & Rose’s and the Rossi’s trailer, you have additions and the roofs create a valley. Had the addition roof been turned 90 degrees and then tied into the main roof, this would have eliminated the valley. I also did not see a musical instrument in Harvey’s trailer, did I miss it? The dancing studio is very well thought out and designed, however, I was disappointed that it wasn’t handicap accessible. Perhaps you could find room for another elevator. Overall your build was very well thought out and it was difficult to find fault.
  • FidgetyAtomFidgetyAtom Posts: 128 Member
    Congrats @OhSnap @TinkPlays @Cebu2cool and @Soulgal!! You guys/gals rock! The builds are amazing.
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  • kilra0kilra0 Posts: 632 Member
    Congrats @OhSnap @TinkPlays @Cebu2cool and @Soulgal!! You guys/gals rock! The builds are amazing.

    what @FidgetyAtom said!! :smiley:
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,918 Member
    kilra0 wrote: »
    Congrats @OhSnap @TinkPlays @Cebu2cool and @Soulgal!! You guys/gals rock! The builds are amazing.

    what @FidgetyAtom said!! :smiley:

    What @kilra and @FidgetyAtom said ;)

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    Wow!! I'm so chuffed :D Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    Great feedback, thanks @BuildnShare !
    I am trying to work hard to make my builds look more lived-in. I think when I can buy some more Stuff packs, I'll have a bit more choice XD

    Well done to all the other winners and builders. You guys are all so inspiring!!
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,510 Member
    Congratulations everyone who made a cute place for Mr Wallbanger and co! Each has character and some fun and quirky extra special touches.

    As for me I am going to have to recuse myself until after business year end. My IRL is overwhelming these days.

    I am not going away, I have a big virtual jar of likes and awesomes to sprinkle liberally on entries. I will be lurking, liking, doting on builds in the gallery as much as I can.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,812 Member
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    @BuildnShare - thank you so much! I am astounded! Harvey will certainly enjoy all these builds. Just so you know, each trailer did have a mailbox, you can just see a part of one in the front landscaping at the Green's trailer. Also, the bathroom in the community center was accessible from inside, just through the laundry room. As for the glass door in the bathroom, yes, I know that is kind of strange, but I was trying to get the feel of a handicapped access door that slid open. Not a lot of choices for those types of doors. I did have a chuckle when you told me about the floating snowman in the Jingle's trailer and the floating pots in the community center. Yes, there really is magic in this retirement community! lol This was the hugest build I have ever done and the most simoleons I have ever spent on a build. It was a real challenge, especially when my computer kept crashing when I tried to load pics into imgur. It took me 2 days to do that, and I was still working on it the night before I left for vacation. At one point, I almost gave up with imgur and didn't think I would do it. Thank you so much. @kilra0 & @Talea12345 I looked at both your builds and loved them both. I think we were all winners. :)

    Congrats also to the Established Builders @TinkPlays @Cebu2cool & @ohSnap - such great builds! To everyone else, you did a great job and Harvey really appreciated all the time and effort you took to build these retirement parks. Everyone did a fantastic job!
  • TinkPlaysTinkPlays Posts: 80 Member
    Thanks guys, this was my first ever entry so I'm chuffed and I enjoyed doing it. Congratulations to everyone else, all the entries were impressive.
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    Expert Results for BnS 103 - Dream a Little Dream


    BnS Design Firm is a stunning new modern office building. The monotone shades of the exteriors contrast well and I love how the recessed windows are in a darker shade, this looks very effective. Excellent choice of fenestration, the large windows will provide for light and airy interiors. The on site parking is a fabulous idea making it easy and convenient for visitors. Going inside is a wonderful experience, so fresh and clean with the turquoise and orange theme going on throughout. The reception is lovely and spacious thus creating a very peaceful atmosphere. The shelves behind the desk are a fantastic focal point and the tv is perfectly placed on the wall. Another favourite feature is the set of shelves containing the plants and I really like how you've designed an extra seating area which is sunken. The staff room has a great sense of ambience and contains the essentials such as a coffee machine and microwave. The main office is delightful overlooking the neighbourhood, great views! The 'L' shaped desk arrangement looks awesome, you really are amazing with 'moo' and I particularly like your attention to details such as the sized down dolls house and the bottle with glasses on the coffee table. The debug items chosen all add to the beautiful decor. The photoshoot room certainly is special, wonderfully decorated and designed. The cork boards are very creative touches and show off colour and texture swatches well.

    Suggestions: I thought the rooftop terrace looked a little sparse compared to the rest of the building. Maybe the flooring could have been designed to bring more interest to this space by using for example the half floor tiles to create a 'feature' or even using a mat(s) to liven this terrace up. Also a bbq/bar would be a nice idea for entertaining guests.


    Envision Design is a truly fascinating build using many different styles of architecture, landscaping and interior design. An ingenious and very creative design idea and I love the floating cottage nestled among the modern structure. There is so much interest to the unique facade both with the structure and also the exterior wall textures and I really like how the planter at the left balances with the cottage. Very interesting design to the front sidewalk and the fountain looks like a little oasis among the desert planting. I also like how this leads to the rear garden with it's beautiful landscaping and dream outdoor kitchen and seating area. Going inside is equally interesting starting with the industrial style reception area, the brick walls are brought to life with the colourful urban wall mural and the elevator design is spot on! I must say it was much fun to adventure along the different storeys, each one holding something completely different from the last. The conference room and lounge has a great country feel and visitors will feel at ease in this comfortable space. The break room and kitchen is bright and colourful, very cheery and uplifting. Entering the third floor looks clean and crisp with it's modern style, perfect for neat and orderly offices. Great idea to have the computer on the back desk so as not to get in the way of meetings. Talking of meetings what a fabulous area for children and toddlers to play while their guardians are discussing briefs, the security camera is a wonderful touch to keep an eye on the children.

    Suggestions: The soil/earth under the plants looks a little 'squared off' to me which would be good if bordered off using some kind of edging such as small fencing or little stones. Otherwise I would have gone for a more natural look with the soil 'rounded' under the plants. I also feel it would have been good to see the landscaping continued along the left elevation as it would give this side more interest.


    Lots of Linday HQ is a fantastic modern office building with it's unique and interesting structural design and contrasting exterior textures. Great choice of large windows and doors which will ensure plenty of light inside. The facade looks very balanced with your choice of landscaping and the trees give extra shape to the overall look. The entrance is very welcoming with the walkway lit up and fountains either side and I love the ramp leading to the parking bays. Going inside I am in awe with the green 'living' wall behind the reception and the clock arrangement above the seats is a fabulous feature for this area. It's good to see you've taken the turquoise theme throughout the build, it looks so clean and fresh and brings life to the rooms. I love the open feel of the break room which includes all the essentials such as coffee and cake! The boardroom is another favourite, again the 'living' wall is very effective and you have designed the table very creatively. The second floor looks very ambient and peaceful with it's comfy waiting area. Absolutely love the skylights on this floor which let in even more light and seem to bring the outside to the inside. Very lovely and spacious executive office with it's reading discussion nook, private bathroom and balcony and the water features look very soothing nestled inside the 'living' wall.

    Suggestions: I felt there were too many concrete floors, especially on the ground floor, which brought a little 'coldness' into the build. I think the rooms on this floor would benefit from floor designs/mosaics/patterns using half floor tiles or simply placing more mats around. I also feel the backyard in particular would benefit from some fencing/hedging as edging, this would give more privacy to the seating area.


    Dream a Little Office is an outstanding renovation of an old bread making factory into such a fantastic office building. The industrial style ensures a lot of the original features are maintained but with a fabulous contemporary vibe. Your choice of fenestration is spot on and the decorative features such as the canopies and window boxes enhance the appearance greatly. Minimal but very effective landscaping, perfect for this location by the docks. You have paid great attention to detail throughout even down to the AC unit, fan and vents nook! Excellent idea to place Karl's office near the entrance so he can keep an eye on the comings and goings. The waiting area and refreshments nooks are wonderful additions to this space. The pops of red bring life, colour and vibrance to the offices as well as adding warmth to the brick walls. The 'L' shaped desk in the main office looks fabulous and I really like how the computer is placed away from the clients' seating in order to free up space to discuss plans, etc. Other great features are the original logo of the factory on the wall and the bread making machine both adding much character to the building. Fantastic idea to include a basement apartment for overnight stays or short visits and I like the idea of an 'en-suite' wine cellar!

    Suggestions: I honestly wouldn't change anything about this build other than the roof material. I would have used the 'Gravel Delite Roof' as it adds further interest in my opinion and looks more realistic.


    From the Ground Up is a very exclusive penthouse office building right in the heart of San Myshuno. The 'boxy' design of the exterior is unique and interesting and the combination of colours enhance the various blocks. The turquoise colour brings life and freshness to the other monotone shades and your choice of large windows will ensure plenty of light to the interiors. The outdoor terraces are all wonderful places to relax in the fresh air and have magnificent views of the city. Going inside it's good to see you've continued with the turquoise and monotone scheme, it all looks to clean and neat. The large open plan reception area is wonderfully spacious and has a light and airy atmosphere. The waiting area and coffee shop are fabulous additions to this space as are the WCs nearby. Beautiful offices which are well laid out and I really love the desk arrangements, very creative. The displays of house models are also fantastic features to these areas.

    Suggestions: Overall I felt there was a little too much 'concrete' going on as well as many bare walls. I would have overcome this by placing blinds at the windows, adding more large pictures/wall sculptures around the building as well as further plants for greenery.


    The Winner is ....

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