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The Going Solo Challenge (main) Updated to include TS4


  • jazenjazen Posts: 5,608 Member
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    @Piazzagirl1015 I don't know why they made it so complicated.

    howdy @NewToTheSims I think you'll like Spa Day. I enjoy that one. I debated on getting either the kid stuff pack or the outdoor one, but settled for only the dine out game.

    I did take the last spot. This is my guy Dorsey Duvall and you can read his bio HERE


    I was kinda annoyed by the muscle detail on him in the swimsuit shot since I had it at zero. I think the skin I used on him has it built in no matter what weight you put them out which plum!

  • MischiefTheKittenMischiefTheKitten Posts: 3,635 Member
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    Hi everyone! *waves*

    I've finally got a moment to catch up! I'm sorry I've been away for so long :/ My SO starts uni on Monday, so I'll have a bit more time in the mornings again :) You guys always get so chatty when I'm away :P

    @LittleMinxUndr We did see Suicide Squad in 3D, but to be honest we forgot that it was in 3D. The effects didn't seem that impressive, and we went to a very good cinema so it's not like it was a cheap screen. We still really enjoyed it though ^-^

    @Piazzagirl1015 I think it grants immortality if it's a ghost that's eating the ambrosia. Once you've planted the trees and such you'll keep getting the ingredients so you can keep making it, which might be easier than accumulating the points for the reward again :)

    There are no Labradors in Pets? :O That's strange, they're such a popular breed! I'm sorry I missed the poll :( I adore the winner, and I'm sure Bae will do, too :)

    How's your Iron Woman Challenge going?

    Catalina looks so blue (hehe... sorry, that was terrible), I hope Illusion can cheer her up! It's been ages since I've seen him, so I'll look forward to that! :)

    @jazen Do you feel that the athletic skills take the skinniness levels a little far? I was quite worried about Lilliana by the time Sophia took over! :'D She looked like she had no meat on her bones!

    Maybe they close some threads if they've been inactive for a certain amount of time? That would make sense, but I don't exactly update some of mine often... Maybe I should check on them :/

    The Burn Something Nearby trait looks more like a pyromaniac trait! My sims never had children with genies or fire men though, so I can't say for sure.

    @HollyhocksFluff Yay for getting your thread reopened!! I need to catch up over there soon ^-^

    @Vuneca I agree, sadly. I like TS4 and there are parts that I enjoy and love, but I do get bored with it quickly. I usually always end up going back to TS3. I don't think it's about the amount of content now, I just have more fun with it. TS4 feels quite different, really.

    @jazen @NewToTheSims I enjoyed the Spa Day pack, too :) Sophia starts every morning with a yoga routine ^^

    @Everyone It sounds like EA have been closing a lot of threads! I think mine are okay, but I'd better check them :/ I don't update regularly so if they think my threads have become inactive then I can't blame them. Honestly, I don't know how many people use them. I think almost everyone who wants to follow one of my stories just follows the blog.

    I know it's been a while since I updated Luca, and Gary needs more attention, too, but I'll focus on my rainbowcy now until it's done. It's on the last generation now and I'd still like to wrap it up this year.

    How are you guys? <3


    Edit: Oh, btw - Are any of you still using SimPort? I have an acrobat in a fun-only save, so no one you'd know, and I'm struggling to find an audience for him :) In-game gifts await!
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  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,105 Member
    Hello! I played a little TS4 last night, and of course didn't manage to play any of the expansions LOL, as usual, I had some snafus when I started it the first time. The first time I opened it, it wanted me to place the spa, which I thought I did, but then nothing happened, so I don't know if I forgot how to play or whatever, but I typed in free real estate, and then all of a sudden I couldn't select anything. But I just restarted the game, and then it didn't ask me to place the spa, so after that I just bought them a house like normal, which was the size of a shoebox, if that, LOL. Every time I decide to play without motherlode, it goes kind of slow haha, because I'm trying to buy them the least amount of furniture, and then they don't have anything unless they wish for it. LOL. I did manage to get the sims to become a couple so that they could finally share one bed though, so that saved some space and then I could get them a couch. Now their fun bars won't be so terrible because they can woohoo to relieve stress. I have always enjoyed that feature of Sims.

    @jazen I read your contestants' bio, he sounds like he is a nice guy who cooks with love. That's admirable. Sorry your default skin was giving him muscle definition when you didn't want him to have any. LOL. *slaps default skin* Stop that. XD
    @MischiefTheKitten Hey! Nice seeing you again. Hehe. I'm gearing up for Halloween, and I'm planning on doing the Halloween Photo Challenge again because I had so much fun with it last year. This year I'm doing a lot more prep work for it so that taking photos goes faster, and then I'll have a higher change of finishing it. I'm still trying to figure out what to do for some of the prompts, cause there's one that's a Wild Card, and then a Spooky Movie one, don't know which movie, and don't know what random thing I want. Haha.

    Late Knight Simmer
  • VunecaVuneca Posts: 1,678 Member
    @Piazzagirl1015 try collecting postcards (via penpals on the computer) quickest and easiest collection to complete
  • LittleMinxUndrLittleMinxUndr Posts: 4,195 Member
    Hey girls,

    A quick note to inform you all that the image resizer that I use has been greatly updated and has moved hosts. The tool can now freely be had from this link:

    Mostly posted for when the OP to this thread is updated.

    Personally: my old PC's power-supply exploded (luckily I was at the fridge stuffing my face) and that caused a small fire. A friend who was with me at the time (she helps me out between roving nurse visits) grabbed the extinguisher from the kitchen and put the fire out quickly, but the damage of course was done.
    None of us were harmed, but the both of us were shaken up! So the damage was merely material, thank Allah! By now everything is cleaned up, repaired and in the case of my PC, fully replaced for bigger and better. ([email protected], 32Gb memory and a GTX1080) The new install of TS3 runs like a demon, I tell you.
    But the story is a goner. So this was the conversation after the fire was put out:
    Minx: My story!!
    Friend: Your desk! Your PC!
    Minx: Who cares!!
    LOL, the things one think are important after something like that, huh? I do believe though that Chandell is by now behind the curse that rests on my stories. *Shakes both fists at Chandell*

    Truth is that I should've future-proofed my old PC a long time ago. But with all the things that I have going on in my life that thing was just taken for granted and I kept using it as if I got the PC from the store yesterday. Total sum is that my lastest attempt at Going Solo is yet again a bust and I'm currently trying to come up with a new idea for a Going Solo attempt in my personal canon. A part of me is leaning towards a remake of the original story where Topanga and Persephony found the Foursies to form a front against the Aubies. Mostly because I also want to flesh out Sean Vidal's colonial answer to the two factions with his Edgers. And of course, to bring back Tank, the ugly duckling that became a beautiful swan and turned out to be Nephalim Mars' daughter.

    But first I have several things coming up in my personal life which will take a lot out of me. It's not all bad though as one of the things is my birthday at the 27th this month! =)

    I hope all you girls are doing well!
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    Howdy all. I spent the weekend working a music festival. It was crazy, a plum ton of people came through over the course of two days. Luckily I landed a cush job assignment working at the hotel checking in the Super VIPs for the day and handing out vouchers. No being outside in the sun and rain (it poured down yesterday). The downside is my car was towed Saturday night. :( I parked where my supervisor told me too but get off around 9pm only to find my car missing. Let me just tell you that is a TERRIBLE feeling!!! My husband had to drive to pick me up from downtown. It was bad. 2 hours and $175 I did get my car back but still I'm ticked it was taken.

    @MischiefTheKitten the muscles do get out of control in S4. I don't think I've ever had such a muscular sim as I have in Anahi now. I'm almost tempted to see what happens if she stops working out and just sits around to eat. That won't happen since she does have workout equipment at home and is always autonomously going to work out if I don't have her doing something else.

    I don't use my threads either. I know my Fiendish thread was still open last time I checked it and it's not had any activity since the story ended. My for fun thread was closed down, but I never remembered to update that one much anyway. I think you're right, most people that follow stories comment on the blogs and not the threads themselves. I'd had a few make comments on the Kiss thread, but not many. It was mainly an advertising opportunity. Speaking of Kiss, @NewToTheSims I saw your comments and will hopefully get to replying this week. :) Hope you enjoy the story, I promise you the writing and the pictures get WAY better the more you go. LOL

    @NewToTheSims I don't think you can actually live at the spa. Maybe I'm confused on what you were trying to do with the building. If you go into the gallery under your library, you'll see the spa building there and you can place it still. I messed up trying to place the restaurant the first time and had to track it down afterwards to get it in town.

    I'm the same way when playing without money cheats. I'm letting Anahi build up her funds through the game instead of cheating her into a nice house or whatever and it's been hard. She struggled for a while, but I'm getting to where I can let her do improvements. I'm not moving her since she really doesn't need a ton of space, just making her house nicer. I have noticed that as I do that her bills have increased. :( They use to be only $300 something but last time I was in game they'd gone up to like 5something. Kinda plum and she even has that frugal reward that is supposed to make the bills cheaper.

    The woo-hoo to increase the fun is a nice and quick way to bring that bar up. ;)

    I am very annoyed that Dorsey still has muscles :( From the side his belly is also flat which shouldn't really be the case for a sim with some extra meat on his bones. Hopefully he won't be seen shirtless too much. LOL

    @LittleMinxUndr oh wow...that is scary about your computer. I'm glad you and your friend weren't hurt. On the upside, yay for a new computer. :)

    Good luck with the new reboot, I'm sure the right option will come to you. Happy early birthday!!! I love birthdays, they're the best.

  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,473 Member
    @NewToTheSims I took advantage of the sale also and purchased Spa Day and the kitchen stuff pack. I haven't used Spa Day yet but my daughter loves it. I have your update open but I'm off to work soon so I might have to read and comment tonight when I get home.

    @Jazen I loved Dorsey's bio. He sounds like a fun character :)

    I'm glad to hear that you got the better job with the VIPs this weekend especially with the rain which is now in my neck of the woods. I'm sorry to hear about the car and that $175 to have it towed. It probably wasn't worth it for you to show up to work with that happening.

    @MischiefTheKitten That is good to know about the ambrosia with the ghost but I figured out how to keep Marissa immortal without it. It seems that I was able to set it that aging is off for her while the rest of the town ages in game options. I also found out that each save file can have different aging which is something I wish we had in Sims 3.

    I know its strange that there are no labradors in pets but there are two labrador mixes in the game. Bae will be getting the lab and the golden retriver is going to Raven. I don't have plans for the 3rd dog yet but he will definitely get a home.

    I'm sure Illusion will cheer her up but for now I'm keeping that sad attitude with her. Its really not much of a story but its not totally just commentary. It will be somewhere in between.

    @Vuneca Thanks I didn't know how to do the postcard collection at all :)

    @LittleMinxUndr It's good to hear from you again. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer but no one was hurt in the fire which is the main thing. Now that you are set up better to run Sims 3 I'll be looking forward to your new story. Let me wish my fellow Libra an early Happy Birthday.

    @Everyone Sound the trumpets and start the fanfare:

    She finally completed a collection and finished that aspiration! I don't know why the other two with the icon doesn't count for the collection but I'm not questioning it. I'm just happy its over. Never again will I do that one.

  • MischiefTheKittenMischiefTheKitten Posts: 3,635 Member
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    @NewToTheSims Isn't it interesting how everyone plays differently? I don't like playing with motherlode because it makes the game too easy :P

    @LittleMinxUndr Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that your old PC blew up, loosing everything is so frustrating :/ The new one sounds like a huge improvement, though, so hopefully you won't have that problem again! I'll look forward to your new story :)

    @jazen That's the same as mine. People comment on the blog but the threads tend to collect dust. Which makes sense, but it does make me wonder why I have them in the first place if no one's using them :P

    @Piazzagirl1015 I believe Marissa will only stay alive that way if you don't start playing a new household, since it only changes the ageing for your active family. I'm not sure, though, I usually do it differently - in Gary's save, only my active family ages to prevent Morrigan and Milan from dying of old age again when they're supposed to be immortal.

    Well done on completing that collection! It looks like a right pain in my butt, so I'll be saving that one for later ^-^


    Edit: I wasn't censored! :O Can we say butt now? I swear I've been censored for less...
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    Hello. I've been doing a bunch of different things. Thinking about the next Proposal chapter, Echoes chapter, and getting my Tumblr stuff ready. I played my Rebuild challenge again and tried out poses in TS4 for the first time. *shakes head* Only when absolutely necessary will I do that again. You can see my mis-adventures with it in this post. I know that there is a tool that makes them stand still somewhat, but I didn't think I needed to get that just for some simple poses of them outside their house for their OC pages. Oh boy was I wrong. LOL. As of now, I'm going into my Halloween House save and getting some Sims ready for Halloween. I am dressing Simself & her hubs up as vampires, and zombies, and some other stuff, LOL. Plus I made an elf Sim.

    Trying to Pose in TS4

    @Vuneca Whoa I didn't know you could collect stuff from the computer. That's really cool!
    @LittleMinxUndr Glad you weren't harmed from the fire, but sorry your story was. T_T On the plus side your new computer sounds amazing.
    @jazen No worries, I've had my share of improving upon my writing as well, especially on those early on stories, so you will be getting no judgment from me. LOL. Kiss was your first, right? ROFL, I wasn't trying to live at the spa. That is funny though. I had tried to just place the spa at the beginning of the game, thought I'd placed it, and then apparently it wasn't placed. That's good to know I can find it later and then place it. I like the muscles in TS4 for the male Sims, because it's nice to look at, but yeah, probably for the female Sims it makes them look like those extreme female bodybuilders? Yeah, that's wierd that when you make a heavier Sim, they don't seem to get those rolls you'd expect on a larger stomach or something LOL. If you play with sliders, you might be able to find one that expands the tummy out, but I guess, you already submitted Dorsey so it's a little too late for him, but maybe for a different heavy Sim later on? Also you mentioned the bills, I thought my Sims could pay bills on their phone, but it wasn't there, does it only show up when the bills are due?
    @Piazzagirl1015 Oh cool! I hope you enjoy it. Hehe, I was debating about getting the Kitchen Stuff too but I was like nah, don't want to spend too much LOL. I know they were only $5 each, but I still didn't want to make like 10 $5 purchases, cause that still adds up. XD Maybe another day haha, like a Black Friday sale or something. Congrats on completing the collection! That's exciting.
    @MischiefTheKitten LOL I agree, I do love how the game is the same game, yet there are what seem to be an infinite number of ways to play the game. That's what makes Sims so unique. I personally usually use motherlode first to get them the house they want, that's really pretty, nicely decorated, and then after that they have to work to keep that house LOL. Cause... on average, they always end up with about $10,000 left in their bank account, cause I spent $40,000 remodeling and decorating their house after using motherlode. Hahaha. LOLLL about your comment about "butt."

  • MischiefTheKittenMischiefTheKitten Posts: 3,635 Member
    @NewToTheSims I haven't tried poses in TS4 yet, but used them quite a bit in TS3. Are they this annoying in TS4?

    Your Halloween challenge sounds like fun! I'll look forward to seeing the pictures :)

  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,105 Member
    @MischiefTheKitten Umm.. well to answer your question, if you don't like posing in TS3, you will definitely hate posing in TS4. In TS4, the Sims don't stand still, and you cannot move them after you pose them. So you have to get them in the exact right spot before you pose them. After that, they will go through a series of poses and you have to pause at the one you want. My main issue and why I will most likely not do this on a regular basis, hence no serious story ever, for TS4, is because getting them in the right spot is the most tedious thing in the entire world. I had my Sim stand in front of her house, but since you can't move them, you have to click "Go here" a billion times until they are turned in the correct direction. As I went to click "Pose", she started posing, but then when her husband came and talked to her, the game canceled out the posing. Then I had to move him. I tried to pose him so that she wouldn't be interrupted, but then she went over and stood in front of him and tried to talk to him. When I finally, FINALLY, got both of them to pose, at the last second, the husband turned to face the house instead of away. By this point I was so effing frustrated I just went with it and took pictures of him with the background that I didn't want. So. yeah, posing in TS3 is A BREEZE compared to TS4. Granted some of my issue could have been solved by turning off Free Will, turning her around 80 billion times by clicking "Go Here" is not fun. There is a tool that I think allows the Sim to become still, but I thought since I was just getting simple standing poses that it would be unnecessary. Apparently it is highly necessary. Maybe with that tool it would be less annoying, but I doubt it simply because there is no moving the Sim after they're posed. I can't even imagine what trying to pose a couple kissing would be like in TS4. Hehe thanks! I look forward to sharing the Halloween pictures here with you guys! Hope you're doing okay too.

  • MischiefTheKittenMischiefTheKitten Posts: 3,635 Member
    @NewToTheSims I was wondering if you had free will turned off! I used to have a similar problem in my rainbowcy where, every time my sims' parents would take a portrait of my current heir, I'd sit my sim down (I wanted all portraits to look similar) and by the time her Mum was ready to take the picture she'd have gotten up again. It was extremely frustrating until I turned off free will, and even then they sometimes can't sit still! (which part of 'don't move without my permission' don't you understand??)

    Thanks for the explanation, I guess I won't try posing in TS4 :) I'm coping all right without it anyway, but it's good to know for future reference that it's not worth the hassle, until someone comes up with something easier.

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    Hey everyone! I'm thinking I might want to participate in Simblreen this year. It's part of Tumblr's Halloween thing, where people who can make stuff have "trick or treat" and if you stop by their blog and knock on their door when their "porch light is on," they'll give you a gift. I make poses, and I was making some for my prompts I want to do this year, so I thought, hey why not release some for Simblreen? I'll give it a try and see if I like it, haha. I don't have any pictures or updates to post today, yesterday I was at my sister's hanging out all day, and then didn't get home till like 1 because of all the flash flood warnings in my town last night. My basement got a little flooded so I've been tending to that and making some poses for my prompts today. I kind of want to open my game but IDK what I would play right now haha.

    @MischiefTheKitten Haha, yeah, I always forget to turn free will off mainly because for all my story saves, it is turned off already, but I recently had to reinstall my TS4, which meant all the defaults were back in place, including free will. LOL. I think there's a tool for getting TS4 Sims to sit or be somewhere or something, but I didn't use it because I thought a simple standing pose in front of their house wouldn't be that big of a deal. Plus I hadn't planned on posing them anyway for any sort of continuous reason, so I didn't want to download stuff I didn't really need you know? I'm glad it was helpful for you.
    @Piazzagirl1015 Thanks for all the comments on Echoes! I am going to answer them sometime in the next few days. I'm trying to prep for Halloween at the moment, so I've been putting that as first priority, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you leaving comments! <3

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    @Piazzagirl1015 thanks. If I'm going to enter these things, I like to try and make different characters. Makes it a little more fun for me that way. :)

    It was a bummer to have my car towed, never want to have that feeling of walking out and having my car gone again!

    woot!! Congrats on Marissa completing her collection. I know you were ready for her to be done with that. I think I'm going to attempt the postcard one @Vuneca mentioned, sounds easier. LOL

    @MischiefTheKitten yeah I only had my threads as a way to announce updates. On Kiss, I had a few that would comment on there, but not many. Kiss started out on the forum, that was another reason I had a thread, but that didn't last long since I didn't like all the steps it took to add pictures.

    @NewToTheSims yep, Kiss was my first. Man looking back at those early chapters when I answered your comments made me cringe. LOL So bad!!! But hey, we all start somewhere don't we? :) I don't know why I thought you might be trying to live in the spa. LOL Yes you can find it later when you need it. :)

    Anahi is ripped! She has muscles coming from all directions, it's crazy. The weirdest part was when when was pregnant, she still had her six-pack abs while very pregnant, it looked so strange.

    I do have sliders, a lot more than I used too, but I didn't see a belly one in my options. I'll have to go look for one I guess. I thought EA used to let the stomach expand but it could have been the custom skin he used.

    As for the bills, yeah, I think you only pay once it says the mail has been delivered. I still just send my sim to the mailbox and haven't tried the phone option yet.

    I won't be posing in S4. I know some do, but it's not for me. I like easy and S4 isn't' there yet. LOL

    New update for my Iron Sim Challenge


    One Woman Show: Update 8

  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,105 Member
    I've been working on my thing I wanted to give as a Simblreen gift this year, and trying to think of what else I could do for the other two days of it. *shrugs* I'll think of something. LOL.

    @jazen Ahh yeah, so true, those skins that just come with muscles on them, LOL. That most likely was what it was, because I don't think that the muscles set at 0 would show anything if it was just EA skin. Sometimes the sliders are named really wierd things and located in really wierd places LOL. I remember finding one that was for like their butt, but it was like located in some section I didn't expect, but I guess they kind of have to be because there isn't a CAS section for butts. Hahaha.

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  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,378 Member
    So i decided to try this. I only started playing TS3 late last year so there's a ton of stuff I've never tried before. I made a werewolf for the first time and am trying for the Leader of the Pack LTW. I'm finding her a bit of a challenge, it's a pain to get her to sleep during full moons so she ends up exhausted for going to work. I think I'm starting to get a better feel for it all though and I'm pretty sure I've got her baby daddy all lined up, so that's something at least. Anyway, cool challenge!
  • absin0901absin0901 Posts: 44 Member
    Good post
  • jazenjazen Posts: 5,608 Member
    @NewToTheSims yeah I'm sure it was the skin that left the detail there so I just have to hope Dorsey isn't shown shirtless often. LOL

    Good luck with your simberleen gifts. I would participate, but I don't make anything. I don't even know if I'll get the pictures done this year because I've just been super unmotivated. :(

    @MocaJava hello and welcome. :) Sorry you're having trouble with your wolf. I've not played them often so I don't have any advice. @Piazzagirl1015 has had a few so if she pops in maybe she can give you some advice. :) Looking forward to seeing your family.

    @absin0901 hello :)

  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,378 Member
    @jazen I'm getting the hang of her. But for some reason, I can't get her pregnant. I know she can' t get pregnant in werewolf form, that's not the problem. Her boyfriend is also a werewolf but about 10 try for babies later still no pregnancy. Gonna have them try in the shower instead of the bed tomorrow and see if that works. Otherwise I may have to adopt.
  • jazenjazen Posts: 5,608 Member
    @MocaJava that's odd that you can't get her pregnant. Do you play with mods? If so, try resetting her through master controller to see if that helps. You can also do the cheat to reset her if you don't play with mods. After 10 tries, she should have gotten pregnant, even with them both being wolves. Again hopefully PG will chime in since of the group, she's the one that has played with wolves the most so far.

  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,105 Member
    Spent today making poses for my prompts, I realized I didn't have the ones for day 2 made yet. *cringes* LOL. But I'm all good now with it. My Simblreen gift however, is all good to go, which is what I was the most concerned with at the moment. It seems October crept up on me. LOL. I also don't know how busy I'll be during October. O_O My birthday is in that month, and also some real life stuff. Thank God for the queue on Tumblr LOL, I can just queue posts if I can't be there to hit "post" when I need to.

    @jazen Hey! The only thing I make is poses, as I have no desire to make clothing, LOL, making sure the clothes flow correctly when the sim wears them just sounds to me like something that should be left to the sim clothing making professionals haha. Aww, don't worry, (not that you are), the unmotivated thing is something I'm fairly sure everyone understands. I mean, he...ll, remember when I disappeared for a long time? That was due to unmotivation. I hope you find your spark again, otherwise, it's fine, just do what you feel like for the month, no more, no less.
    @MocaJava Sorry you're having problems with your sim getting pregnant, I wonder if the fertility lifetime reward would help you. It's mainly for people who want multiple births, but if you don't mind that, using that might be a solution. I'm just guessing though, I've never used that reward as a way to get a sim pregnant, so I don't guarantee anything, LOL.

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    @jazen I don't use nraas anymore, I did at one point and discovered that my game actually runs way smoother without it (go figure). I'll see if a reset helps. I've had certain sims before that could not get pregnant from woohooing in a certain spot for some reason (thought usually that was the shower, don't know why).

    @NewToTheSims I was searching the problem on the web and a lot of the ones I saw with this problem already had the fertility treatment, so I'm not sure that would help.

    EDIT: OK so I did some research and apparently when a male is in werewolf form he can't get anyone pregnant. The problem is every time he comes over he's in werewolf form. So guess it's adoption or a roll in the hay with someone else.
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    @MocaJava ah, yeah, if he's in werewolf form then that could be a problem. If you reset him will that make him revert back to human form? Otherwise you can have him move in with your sim temporarily so that you can force him to switch out of wolf form. Just adjust the funds (if he adds any to the house) back down using the cheats.

    @NewToTheSims I did manage to take 2 shots from the movie list I have, but none from the tumblr one. I may try again today, we'll see. I also need to take shots for my next chapter of ALG since it's been written for a while. LOL

  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,105 Member
    @jazen Ahh, I see, LOL. You're still not technically late on any of it, since it doesn't start till October, but I could see since you'd said you usually have those sorts of things scheduled to post on the appropriate days that it might feel like you're late? I need to work on my stories too, LOL but I'm mainly doing Halloween right now. Stories will come back later. I did write a little for The Proposal last night. LOL.
    @MocaJava Oh, I see what's happening. LOL. Glad you figured out the problem. Too bad he keeps coming over as a werewolf though, that's got to be frustrating. I suppose you could cheat and move him in and then change him back to human form LOL, but that would be up to you, I know some people don't like cheats for certain things. XD

  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,378 Member
    Eh I considered moving him in briefly so I could turn him back human temporarily, but I adopted instead. I love supernaturals but I'm not sure I'd want to keep playing a werewolf, they're a bit more stressful for me than I care for :D Anyway have a shot of my girl Kate and her always-fuzzy boyfriend Kenji.


    Gotta love them tighty whities :D

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