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What Do You Hope the Next Two EP's Will Be?


  • HennriettaHennrietta Posts: 212 Member
    For me I really want a Seasons pack first! That one is a must for me. Summer day after day really gets dull. If a Generations type pack would include toddlers I'd say that next, but if not definitely Pets! I reeeeeeally want my Sims to have dogs and cats!
  • RoboSpongieRoboSpongie Posts: 1,014 Member
    Generations & University

    Since now it's gearing towards family play

    Yes University counts because it's growing up and going to college
    = Sims Player for 15+ Years =
  • AudGirl9000AudGirl9000 Posts: 45 Member
    Seasons. I hate that they typically get released towards the end of a TS games's life cycle. I'd like to have Seasons early on for when all the other stuff gets released-- weather is an every day thing and holidays are important events, so why not have them early so we can experience all of the other expansions w/weather etc to take into account?

    Other than Seasons, I can't really think of a specific one I want 2nd. Generations and Supernatural are tied, me thinks. :) I really want a good, popular one to be released!

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  • AudGirl9000AudGirl9000 Posts: 45 Member
    mordarlar wrote: »
    Farm. With farmer's markets. Oh, and a ticket booth thrown in. Been waiting a LONG time for one like this.

    That would be awesome! Maybe they could roll this in w/'Pets', since having a horse ranch and stuff kinda goes in line with farms and what-not. I don't see why not as farming simulation/ sand box games are HUGE!!!

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  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,198 Member
    I would love to have Generations and Season back. Seasons is usually a very dense pack with all kinds of new objects and interactions to go along with them. I believe that Generations is second in that regard.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,645 Member
    Pets and Supernatural :)
  • clue1234floclue1234flo Posts: 55 Member
    I would love Generations and Seasons. They both really made my game play experience amazing :smiley:
  • CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,546 Member
    Generations and Late Night but if we're not getting Generations I would like University Life.
  • Sara74469Sara74469 Posts: 512 Member
    Seasons and Pets. I want pets because I'm sure they'll look very very cute with the sims 4 graphics!
  • ahmee12ahmee12 Posts: 2 New Member
    PETS Pease please, I went back to playing my SIMS 3 because I had my little dogs that I have in REAL Life, I have been playing Sims since the game was introduced, My daughter got me hooked, ha ha, I am 60 years YOUNG and retired so I have the chance to play SIMS A lot. Anyway one of My little Dogs recently passed away and she was 18 years old. I miss her so much I stopped playing SIMS 4 and went back to Play 3 so I can at least pretend my sweet little pup is still here. She has been in all of my SIMS games since the beginning. Please Please let's Have PETS for our SIMS 4, I just know with all the great changes in emotional response that SIMS 4 has, Loving a pet will be so rewarding.
  • burryshortcakeburryshortcake Posts: 5 New Member
    I'm hoping for supernatural, because I really miss vampire's, fairy's, etc.
    And also university for great education for my sims o:)
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 21,469 Member
    1. Freetime with lots of hobbies and sports.
    2. University
    Do more of what makes you happy. 🌞
  • TarruviTarruvi Posts: 1,227 Member
    ChadSims2 wrote: »
    Generations and Seasons no question they would add the most game play for me.

    Ditto to that! Well, all DLCs do well for me. I love to get the CAS assets, mixing and matching build/buy objects is handy in some builds, and the gameplay mixes up pretty well. :P
  • TarruviTarruvi Posts: 1,227 Member
    Sim Shady wrote: »
    Seasons first & then Pets. <3

    Seasons could take longer to make. And the wait could produce something great! Pets is probably coming soon, it's predecessors were early packs in their games. I can't wait to make a Husky, and have little Husky puppies running around! :P
  • TarruviTarruvi Posts: 1,227 Member
    doedear wrote: »
    showtime/pop star related and generations

    A pack that extends the musical elements already in the game would be a perfect fit for my sims in a band! I also can't help imagining one of the sims starting a family, it would be fun seeing the rocker parent raise a kid or two(or until the household limit is reached). :P
  • GarysuGarysu Posts: 4 New Member
    I would like an expansion about travel all over the world,and you can customize your travel destination,because travel is what we always need in real life,they can add plane and airport,make the sims have a good time travel all over the world. and add a new career: tourist guide. add a destination like Thailand,beautiful buildings and beach, and lady boys take pics with tourists for tips,the sims 4 can do it now since we can create transexual sims .what do you guys think?
  • shygirlshygirl Posts: 221 Member
    Generations and Pets
  • TarruviTarruvi Posts: 1,227 Member
    shygirl wrote: »
    Generations and Pets

    Oh! Generations and Pets would truly liven up the households! Toddlers and Puppies are cute! :heart:
  • KeysSoBadKeysSoBad Posts: 2 New Member
    I Love everything so far. I just want toddlers, seasons, generations, and I want something for the pregnant women. Baby showers, and check ups with sonograms!!! Super cute!!! University too!!!
  • buydebugbuydebug Posts: 197 Member
    I don'f care what the second is as long as University comes soon.

    I do know that I will never buy a supernatural or fantasy pack though...

  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 5,500 Member
    Supernaturals! I don't even care what comes afterwards, I'd be happy with anything if I could just get my monsters back.
  • doogeriedoogerie Posts: 733 Member
    I think the next one will be Pets i assume they will let that out of the stable mid September (see what I did there) but i just saw an interesting looking picture that seems to hint at a uni EP so I think the next two will be pet's followed by uni.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,387 Member
    I second all the people that said University Life! <3
  • OxanaPihlajamaaOxanaPihlajamaa Posts: 153 Member
    I have three favorites, no matter which we get first (if we do at all): Generations, Seasons, Supernatural. I can't wait to see what the supernatural beings will look like in TS4, how lovely the winter or the autumn must be or how magical generations can get. But since they've been developing for so long, it must be super ultra amazing. B)
  • aceflamingo26aceflamingo26 Posts: 27 Member
    war and decay EPs
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