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How many packs do you own ?


  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,537 Member
    edited January 4
    Between 40 and 48
    I purposely do not have the star wars pack as I have ZERO interest in anything to do with that (in fact I purposely mod out the free star wars items). I also only own about 4 kits since that is all that interested me. Most of the content I bought at half price or more off.
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  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 1,699 Member
    All the 49 packs (11 EP, 10 GP, 18 SP, 9 Kits and 1 FP)
    All packs. Pretty well the same for all the other Sims titles, too, but any of the online store stuff was too out of reach for me at the time. I realize now there were some deals and stuff, but I still didn't have my own money at that time much less a card to charge for Sim points (and honestly the prices are still rough looking at them now). Anyway, I do have a few store things now, but there is no way I am completing that collection at this point.
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 690 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    SheriSim57 wrote: »
    Elliandre wrote: »
    DaWaterRat wrote: »
    Elliandre wrote: »
    @DaWaterRat Just curious, but are you allergic to dust? ;) That's why I didn't want to get it lol, but then I changed my mind when I heard the dust bunnies are little cash cows that find treasure and that you can vacuum messy toddlers with the handheld vacuum and I got sold on it.

    I don't find having my sims perform chores to be fun or entertaining, so I don't care how useful/cute those dust bunnies are, I'd never have the Dust system turned on so they'd never show anyway... so there's no point in my getting the kit.

    @DaWaterRat Yeah, it is just mainly adding chores like vacuuming. I like doing Sim's laundry for some reason and I hate doing them irl. :confused: I bought the plant kit I just haven't put out a single plant yet. I don't know why but I was hoping since it was a kit then it would have gameplay where my Sim could go around the house and water them.

    I had to laugh at this because if I had to remember to water sims plants, they would probably all die like mine do….

    Haha I'm so bad at taking care of houseplants too. I just got a little potted plant recently for my birthday. I should go water it before it dies. I'd probably check on the plants in the game more often than my real ones.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,382 Member
    Between 30 and 39
    9 eps, 9 gps, 15 or 16 sps, no kits. I do have the free stuff. Should get Cottage Living for Christmas and plan to make a bundle with Snowy Escape and Nifty Knitting when they release a game pack I want. No plans to get Dream Home or Tiny Living because I don't like building enough to put them to good use. Not sure on kits on the long run but too much money for too little content for me right now.
  • LeccaLecca Posts: 25 Member
    All the 49 packs (11 EP, 10 GP, 18 SP, 9 Kits and 1 FP)
    Just got modern menswear yesterday so back up to all the packs, can’t wait to try out some of the new fashion on my sims.
  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,894 Member
    edited December 2021
    Between 40 and 48
    Again, I voted wrong. I'm missing almost all kits and Star Wars.
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  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 693 Member
    Between 20 and 29
    I own all 11 EPs, 5 GPs (the non-occult ones; I'll be buying Dream Home Decorator when the holiday sale comes up), 9 SPs, and the Holiday Celebration Pack. That's a total of 26.
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  • KristinSKristinS Posts: 2 New Member
    Between 1 and 9
    I stuck with the Sims 3 for so long, I'm way behind LOL. I have like 1 Expansion pack, 2 game packs, 2 stuff packs, and 3 kits. The variety is killing me, I don't know what to get next LOL
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,488 Member
    Between 1 and 9
    2 EP'S and 1 SP for me that I just got last week as an early birthday present.
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 1,015 Member
    Between 20 and 29
    Right around 20. I have the ones that match my play style at present. The only other one I’m considering is Jungle Adventure
    Dream Wild Moon Child

    Tales From The Myst
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,884 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    Right now, the only packs I'm missing is mainly the kits...the retro gym wear kit, industrial loft and the "menswear" and I don't plan on getting any of them at a later date. The only pack/kit I regret buying is the dust disaster. :s
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  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 1,628 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    Missing 5 kits, including Bust the dust, which I'll never get. Also not interested in the pure fashion kits. I found very very few CAS items I'd want in those.
  • ncisGibbs02ncisGibbs02 Posts: 1,384 Member
    Between 10 and 19
    I don’t have that many packs.

    2021 has so far been the most I’ve bought.
    Earlier this year I got two older expansions Cats and Dogs plus Get Together.
    Newer packs: Paranormal Stuff and the waited to get Cottage Living on sale.
    4 kits.

    The Sims 2 and 3 I was buying so much! Sims 3 also had the store, I don’t even want to think how much I’ve spent in there! 😱😂.
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  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 666 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    I'm just missing three of the CAS kits, the fitness, Korean, and London ones. I may eventually get the fitness one, but the other two don't interest me at all.
  • SnaveXsSnaveXs Posts: 3,991 Member
    All the 49 packs (11 EP, 10 GP, 18 SP, 9 Kits and 1 FP)
    I have them all but I wonder if this game is too expensive for teens even though it's rated teen.
  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,134 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    Not really interested in most of the kits, I might get a couple down the road and there are some stuff packs I do not want.
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  • SkyrryxSkyrryx Posts: 136 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    Everything, except the last 2 kits.
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  • ArcaArca Posts: 105 Member
    All the 49 packs (11 EP, 10 GP, 18 SP, 9 Kits and 1 FP)
    I have got all...
    However, I started to play this game in 2019, not 2014.
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 390 Member
    Between 30 and 39
    I actually bought the base game and cats and dogs in 2018, but it wasn't until 2020 where I got most of the packs. I got them on sale. I just have two fashion kits, most of the expansion packs, except the newest one, which I plan to get later. Pretty much every game pack except the newest one. For stuff kits, I am missing at least four, but I have not interest in them.
    Most of my packs were part of bundles that I got on sale. It brings my stuff around 35 or so. I held off on Eco Living and Journey to batuu for a long time, and wasn't originally going to get them, but I did a trial for Eco Living, it wasn't my favorite, but I got more living spaces. It still isn't my favorite, but I don't hate it. Journey to Batuu was a whatever it is on sale type of purchase.
  • jpsulsuldagdagjpsulsuldagdag Posts: 196 Member
    Between 10 and 19
    I have 5 EPs, 3 GPs, 3 SPs, and 1 kit. So in total I have 12. I only buy during big sales on Steam where the bundles are better (which doesn't happen quite often). I'll buy another kit when they go on sale. And I'm not really interested in getting everything.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,200 Member
    Between 40 and 48

    7 years later, is your collection up to date ?

    Packs I'm missing:

    Game Packs
    Star Wars: Journey to Batuu*

    Blooming Rooms Kit
    Fashion Street Kit
    Incheon Arrivals Kit
    Industrial Loft Kit
    Modern Men's Wear*

    *I do not want these packs due to personal feelings about them. Not my taste at all.
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  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    I don't have the new kit.
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  • maggiemae8135maggiemae8135 Posts: 191 Member
    Between 40 and 48
    I too love my Sims! I own all the Sims 2 and Sims 3 packs, and all the Sims 4 except for the last 4 kits. Between birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, finances have been limited. I hope to buy some of the kits (especially the Blooming Room one!) after Christmas.
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 302 Member
    Between 1 and 9
    Lol, I only have a grand total of 7 packs (+ the 2 freebies)

    Get Together
    Get Famous
    Get To Work
    Cats & Dogs

    Game Packs:

    I just don't have interest for much else. Though I might crab City Living during a sale (was highly critical about its' content first but I later realized all the possibilities for improved roleplay plus I'd love those lot traits to make the game a bit more challenging). Paranormal stuff has a slight chance to be the only stuff pack I might grab at some point since I hear it has a surprising amount of gameplay.
  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 14,026 Member
    All the 49 packs (11 EP, 10 GP, 18 SP, 9 Kits and 1 FP)
    Oops I lied... Forgot I don't have the most recent kit yet. I had too much Christmas shopping to do this month.
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