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Family Fun - An Appreciation Thread

EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,922 EA Community Manager
Sul sul Simmers!

While I was playing Sims last weekend (as you do on a Sunday) and tinkering away in CAS, I was thinking that today would be a great day to create a (hopefully) fun thread. :smiley:

Since it's almost the weekend and it's always nice to spend time with loved ones during those days off, I thought the topic "family fun" would be a good choice! :love: I'm aware that many of us have been unable to see our families and friends for quite some time now and that can be really tough. Even though this is definitely not the same, I still feel that this situation is even more of a reason to have some wholesome family play in your game enjoy some "family fun" with your Sims!

So, let's celebrate the love that our loved ones give us by showing our favourite "family fun" snapshots!

Needless to say, in this case, "family" can refer to whatever you understand by it: your favourite Sim and their fur babies, a big, multi-generational family, your latest Sim and their bestie(s) (aka their chosen family), your single mum/dad Sim and their cute offspring, your lovey-dovey Sim couple ... whatever you consider to be family!

I'll kick things off - this is my "girl power" family - three generations of strong ladies who are always there for each other and don't take life too seriously. :heart:


I'm looking forward to meeting your Sims families! And, of course, this covers all the Sims titles! :)

- Leeloo

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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,109 Member
    Sisters sledging together :)

    Their first try was not that successful..
    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
  • kokoro80kokoro80 Posts: 580 Member

    Here are some pictures from the Benali family living in Brindleton Bay. Even though Salim is a bit of a lazy sim, he is a great dad and always there for his kids.

  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,389 Member
    I’ve been playing with pose packs a lot lately and I was inspired to “toddler-ize” some of my favorite Sims. Here they are playing at the park

    Diego Lobo is clogging up the slide while J Huntington III, Don Lothario, and Thorne Bailey try to make him slide down.


    Then they wouldn’t let him sit with them, lol

    Here’s (promo Sim) Raj Khemlani, Don Lothario, Thorne Bailey, J Huntington III, and Diego Lobo hanging out


    My first Sim, Jasper Sweet’s, parents are the ones caring for all of these babies
    Jeremiah and June Sweet with a bunch of munchkins in the spoiler

    Here is their son Jasper, being the daredevil of the group,


    This group is toddlers of my own YA Sims, not premades. It’s Jasper Sweet under the slide, Bronx Bellamy furthest back, Dash Parker at the top, Lawrence Willis sliding down (he’s the young man in my siggie picture) and Joey Holiday at the bottom of the slide.


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 20,034 Member
    Mother Daughter Lunch

    Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. 😊
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,526 Member
    Using this thread to celebrate my favorite family's newest member:

    "So, uh, I made a little impulse purchase..."


    Here we have Daniel Reed returning home, with his husband Gavin waiting for him. The children are Rick Fowler, their foster son (biologically the son of Gavin's boss at the police station), and Peggy Reed, Daniel's daughter via alien abduction. Not shown is their cat, Argus.

    Well, and now they also have Plum (That's really her name not the forum swearword replacer. I don't remember if the game suggested this name or if I had the old swearword replacer in mind when I named her). Plum is a horse (technically a cc bicycle) and has a little backstory.

    I wanted Daniel and Gavin to enjoy a special weekend together, so I tracked them down in the Sims 3 exchange and put them in my horse ranch save. Since I wanted them to relax, I didn't create their children or the cat.

    Here the husbands just rented two horses, the right one being Plum, a foal born on my ranch, that I sold to the community stables:


    Plum is "untrained" and "friendly", what resulted in her relationship to Daniel shooting up during the weekend. She even made friends for life with him.


    Now Daniel is very family-orientated, family and loyalty are his key characteristics. Returning Plum to the stable would have made him a traitor in his opinion. He couldn't have lived with that, therefore he returned to Appaloosa Plains and outright bought Plum. As a result the family now has another member in my Sims 4 rotational save.

    And as a bonus, I also have my OTP in Sims 2, but they are only in their second year there. There are engaged, don't have children yet, only a kitten by name of Minerva:

    [url=[/url] Currently running: The Villareal family at Sulani
  • SwanSimmer09SwanSimmer09 Posts: 3 New Member
    I am a new member and cannot really post any pictures or things, but my favorite Sim was probably Riley. She was a male-to-female trans-Sim I had in my first legacy challenge. I loved her as a male but was only using females as the heirs so I decided to have Riley transition. She was so good looking :)
  • HolidayHoliday Posts: 468 Member
    Family trip to the park :smile:

    keep my dolls inside diamond boxes!!
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 828 Member

    Winter has become my favorite season in the game because of all the fun activities included with Snowy Escape.

    Denton decided to take his nephew and niece sledding. Everything started off great.

    Denton became worried because
    he definitely didn't want his nephew, Tanner, to fall out of the sled. Tanner, on the other hand, was having the time of his little life. Winter-2.jpg

    Origin ID: littlebonnieblue
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 20,034 Member
    Some pics from my Sims 3 game.

    Picnic in the park.

    Pillow fight.

    Baking lesson.

    Advanced baking lesson.

    50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.
    Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. 😊
  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 119 Member
    You all have beautiful sim families. :love:

    I don't know if this counts as "fun" but I wanted to share a picture of this lovely mother-daughter chat. :smile:

  • HolidayHoliday Posts: 468 Member
    Another one from me, this time we're bowling! Featuring a random who just decided to join us... :lol:

    keep my dolls inside diamond boxes!!
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,237 Member
    This is a family I'm playing with. Trey, Audra and their daughters Chloé and Tisha.

    And here are their pets, Tex (German Shepherd), Willow (terrier mix) and Nina the cat. (No idea why Trey is sitting like that).
  • mlnov39mlnov39 Posts: 2,118 Member
    I’ve been playing with pose packs a lot lately and I was inspired to “toddler-ize” some of my favorite Sims. Here they are playing at the park

    Love these!

  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 20,034 Member
    Enjoying a visit from Grandma.

    Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. 😊
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