Help need with 2 sims in The Sims (Thread for WDStudios)

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I have a question. I signed up for these forums for the sole purpose of asking this one question, and now I find that I cannot create a thread to ask my question. This policy does more harm than good.

What would be the best way to ask my question? Do I just post it here, in this thread? I see no reasonable alternative.

In The Sims 1, every time Bob and Betty Newbie socialize in a non-user-directed way (Hot tub, TV, eating dinner etc), it makes Betty hate Bob more and more, even though Bob likes Betty. Or maybe it's the other way around. The tooltips are pretty vague with the pronouns. Either way, what's going wrong and how do I fix it?

If anyone can help @WDStudios with this, it would much be appreciative... :)


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    Hi :)
    I don't really remember but it seems their interests aren't the same. Can you send them to town to get some magazines to boost the same interests?
    I hope I'm remembering right. :)
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    In The Sims, read the bio it really does matter. They may not get along as Rflong7 stated because of their interests are so different (in the Sim panel) and don't forget about the bios. This is something TS2 didn't do. It didn't put much consequences in the game that couldn't be changed by the player concerning a Sim's bio. But in The Sims those bios matter a lot.
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