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Glimmerbrook Academy + More ☾✩☽ Updated 20/08 ~ A Supernatural Mash up of Epic Proportions

KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
Hey All and welcome to my threat on my game play!

I am loving my Glimmerbrook Academy Family at the moment. Please enjoy their story below!!!

There will be more families joining this story and it will expand outside of the small town and into other occults (you can read my original post in the spoiler down below) but for now I'm keeping it focused.

Hey All!!!

Long time no see! I've missed you all so much!

I have been lurking in the shadows following your stories...mwahahahahaha!

I haven't shared my game play in a long time and I miss it...ALOT.

I plan to update this thread when I have something to share...

....and I have LOTS to share.

So strap in and get comfy...there's a number of updates coming to catch everyone up!


I've basically played about 6 generations of gameplay. It's an immortal origin story for the occult types in game and I worked in my Selection Challenge/Royal Family into the picture as well. I'll post the origin story for the sister's shortly and update you all on my Royal Family but for now I'd like to introduce you all to....

☾✩☽The Three Sisters☾✩☽

Left to Right: Cyrene, Anthe & Veria

Cyrene pronounced - Siren (the youngest sister) was cursed to live her life in complete frivolity as a mermaid, forever splashing around in the waves and never able to find a soulmate.

Veria (the oldest) was cursed to the shadows she preferred to keep to rather than defend her sisters. Her heart was hardened against her sisters and allowed evil to dwell within. Cursed to never bear children of her own Veria has been raising an entirely different and wicked family of her own.

Finally we have Anthe she was cursed with neither long life, fangs or fins. Her punishment was to grow old and pass away, unable to defend her sister's past the end of her natural life. Luckily for her sister's Anthe decided to take matters into her own hands. She grew in her knowledge of the magical arts and become a powerful Spellcaster. She unlocked the secrets to enteral life and has been a thorn in the side of their enemy ever since.

Why were they cursed? Well, you'll just have to wait to find out.
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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited August 2020

    Anthe Sangrey & August Fleming
    Age: 386 years old & 234 years old
    Occult: Spellcaster's
    Affinities: Untamed Magic & Practical Magic/Alchemy
    Traits: Outgoing, Neat, Goofball & Clumsy, Bookworm, Geek
    Aspiration: Spellcraft & Sorcery, and Purveyor of Potions
    Married: 107 years +
    Aine Sangrey
    Age: 17 years old
    Occult: Spellcaster
    Affinity: Untamed Magic
    Traits: Bookworm & Genius
    Aspiration: Spellcraft & Sorcery
    Extras: Ancient Bloodline
    Bestfriends: Cassandra Goth & Morgan Fyres
    Crush: Alexander Goth
    Cassandra Goth
    Age: 20 years
    Occult: Spellcaster
    Affinity: Practical Magic
    Traits: Romantic & Creative
    Aspiration: Musical Genius
    Extras: Strong Bloodline
    Bestfriends: Aine Sangrey & Morgan Fyres
    Crush: You'll never know
    Morgan Fyres
    Age: 18 years
    Occult: Spellcaster
    Affinity: Mischeifl Magic
    Traits: Outgoing & Good
    Aspiration: Party Animal
    Extras: Weak Bloodline
    Bestfriends: Aine Sangrey & Cassandra Goth
    Crush: Eldridge
    Alexander Goth
    Age: 18 years
    Occult: Spellcaster
    Affinity: Untamed Magic
    Traits: Bookworm & Self-Assured
    Aspiration: Purveyor of Potions
    Extras: Ancient Bloodline
    Bestfriend: Aine Sangrey
    Crush: Seriousy...who still has these?
    Xavier Green
    Age: 20 years
    Occult: Spellcaster
    Affinity: Mischeif Magic/Alchemy
    Traits: Self-Assured & Outgoing
    Aspiration: Soul-Mate
    Extras: Weak Bloodline
    Bestfriend: Alexander Goth
    Crush: Cassandra Goth
    Eldridge East ~ Guest Professor in the Art of Mischeif Magic
    Age: 36 years
    Occult: Spellcaster
    Affinity: Mischeif Magic
    Traits: Self-Assured, Bookworm & Good
    Aspiration: The Curator
    Extras: Strong Bloodline
    Bestfriend: Nah...!
    Crush: I don't go to highschool. Ha!
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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited August 2020
    Reserved - The Mermaid Amazon Challenge
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
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    Reserved - The Vampire Family Challenge
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
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    Reserved - The Royal Family Legacy
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    Reserved - Their Origin Story
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,930 Member
    That sounds fun! I like that each of the sisters is an entirely different life state, but they definitely do share a resemblance and are still very much connected, in spite of their clashing worlds. That should bring up some interesting storylines! :)
  • PieceOfPrincessPieceOfPrincess Posts: 113 Member
    Looking forward to it!
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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited August 2020
    Left to Right: Morgan Fryers(Get Together Townie), Xavier Peters (My Creation), Cassandra Goth (Yeah...that one), Alexander Goth (He got a looks upgrade), Aine Sangrey (Daughter of our Middle Sister), Anthe Sangrey (The Middle Sister), August Fleming (Husband of Anthe Sangrey and the love of her life).

    ~*~ Glimmerbrook Academy~*~
    Part One


    I'd like to say this was a unique situation for me.
    I mean, who wants to admit that they got their plumbob handed to them on the daily?
    I was the baby of the academy and my friends certainly liked reminding me of the fact.


    I remember it well, at this stage Cassandra was about to age up and get the chance to focus on her specialty.
    Can you say jealous?
    We've got to have a taste of each of the three schools of magic (Mischief, Untamed & Practial) before we can narrow our focus.


    Morgan Fryers started at the same time that I did. She had an instant affinity to Mischief Magic. I'm partial to Untamed Magic myself. They say it’s instant for some people.


    Not that Morgan ever admitted it...but she had a bit of a crush on Eldridge - he's the guy in the back with the grey sweater and green top.



    He used to come to the Academy constantly. The three schools of Magic need to be represented during rituals. My parents are the only offical teachers. Mum specialises in Untamed Magic - much like me - and Dad’s a whiz at Practical Magic and Potions. My parents try to fill in the gaps but Eldridge is basically our unofficial tutor in the school of Mischeif.


    I miss all of it. Every little the sun beating down through the glass roof in the Great Hall, the moonbeams casting the grounds in a blue glow or the friendships I had. It is the little moments, like the giggles in the hallways, the whispers in corners and the tricks we’d play on each other. Cassandra, Morgan and I were thick as thieves. They were like the sisters I never had. We fought just as much too.


    There were only five of us at the time. The academy has never had too many students at once. We are a dying breed. Magical kids are being born less and less and even when we are... over half of us reject the craft and live normal lives.

    I guess it’s why Xavier was so full of himself. He’s the first spellcaster in his family in three generations and he knew he was special.


    Alex was the same - he still is. He taught me alot of what I know about the craft.


    He is younger than his sister Cassandra but there hasn’t been a spell caster with his level of power in a long time.

    There is no rhyme or reason to it but it is why I spent so much time following him around. We both came from ancient bloodlines. He liked having someone with the same raw power to teach and I liked the attention. My parents were always busy with the Academy.






    I know I shouldn't complain. I was treasured more than anything else in my parents lives.



    I had a pretty enchanted childhood.
    I was very much wanted. They waited a long time to bring me into the world.







    They've been together for hundreds of years....



    ... and even though they single handedly built the academy from the ground up...






    ...Mum always told me I was her biggest adventure. Dad and I had her heart, the academy had her blood, sweat and tears. We were all like one big, messy, beautiful family.





    I miss it more than anything else. It hurts... I hurt.
    I was constantly reminded to count my blessings. I didn’t head the advice.
    You don't know how good you’ve had it until you lose it.
    I am Aine Sangrey...the child of Anthe Sangrey and this is my story.

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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited August 2020
    I made a siggie for the story. I am kind of a fan. I am currently debating make this thread specific to Glimmerbrook academy....but we shall see.

    I also added character profiles under the Glimmerbrook Academy overview high up. I'm kind of proud of it....not going to lie.

  • PieceOfPrincessPieceOfPrincess Posts: 113 Member
    Fun to see that the Goth's are taking a part of it!
    Love your banner btw :smiley:
    Play the "Pac(k)-man Challenge" Find it in my Google Doc
    The Rules
    The Rolls

  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,930 Member
    I'm liking this so far - Aine seems pretty relatable, and it helps the story has some of my favourite premades in it (I love Morgan Fyres!). I'm enjoying your writing style too, feels bery breezy, but there's a looming sense of impending doom hovering about.
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    @PieceOfPrincess - Thank you! I enjoy getting the premades involved every now and then...I think it makes it fun :)

    @ThePlumbob - I don't know if I am going to keep it going in story format...or just kind of comment on my gameplay going forward but there will be moments of - in character commentary.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 3,488 Member
    The story seems interesting so far, and your sims are good-looking. I like that the Goth siblings are included.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,577 Member
    I'm going to consume all of this just as soon as I can. Kamio! You've returned! I need to find some glitter to throw in celebration!
    "There will come a poet, whose weapon is his word. He will slay you with his tongue, a trickster to be sure.
    There will come a ruler whose brow is laid with thorns. He will be your rival and greatest danger in this world.”
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited August 2020
    ~*~Glimmerbrook Academy~*~
    Part Two
    Crushes & Duels
    This one was a lot of fun! I have finally settled on a structure for the Academy. I wasn't sure how I wanted to handle it originally. The Students go to 'normal/Sim' school during the day... have free time once getting back to the academy until 8pm. Classes in the different schools of Magic go from 8pm - Midnight and then they get free time again.

    I've shown you all before but can we just appreciate how beautiful the Academy is for a moment....


    I mean, I am ridiculously proud of the glass roof over the great hall....yes it is not an original idea...but I mean come on! It is an academy for spellcasters...I was pretty much obliged to have a glass roof.


    Also...before I get into what's been happening in game can we also appreciate this shot of Cassandra? She looks formidable.


    I mean, I wouldn't be keen to challenge her to a duel. Xavier hasn't had much luck with thoughts are he's gotten to the point in his crush that any attention is good attention...even if that means annoying his crush to the point of a duel.




    Aine happened to find the entire thing hilarious. Xavier kind of broadcasts his feelings to the entire world.


    I'm pretty sure he was trying to impress Cassandra with his spellcasting prowess....



    It has to be somewhere around when his feet left the ground...



    ....and when he landed flat on his face that Xavier realised this wasn't the best idea he'd ever had.


    That, or maybe when Cassandra audibly shouted in triumph after completely obliterating him.


    Alex was in stitches after the show Xavier put on.


    The other's got involved in friendly duels of their own- deciding it would be fun to gauge where everyone was sitting.







    Aine ended up going the same way as Xavier when she decided to take on Morgan. It was nothing unusual for her there and she didn't to leave it to the one duel.


    Morgan ended up beating everyone other than Alex. She was dangerously overcharged by the end of the evening and had to discharge or risk the consequence of all of her spells.


    Overall it was a super fun evening for everyone



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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
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    ~*~ Glimmerbrook Academy ~*~
    Part Three
    Wait, is this "School" School or Magic School?
    To say that Morgan was giddy with excitement when Eldridge walked through the Academy doors on Thursday Morning was an understatement.



    Elridge came to the school or exactly two reasons - to lead a class in Mischeif Magic or to participate in a feast or event. They didn't have any events for awhile. Morgan beamed the entire day. She beamed through breakfast, high school classes and was giddy with excitement when they sat down to try and get all of their homework out of the way. Morgan didn't even care that they'd all been given a last minute assignment. Juggling two loads of school work was hard and they were skating on thin ice with Sim School.


    Dinner passed in a blur...


    Come on less obvious buddy. He can't stop staring at Cassandra.


    ...especially for Morgan who wasted no time nabbing the seat next to her favorite teacher.


    She was the first one into the room when it came time for class to start for the evening.


    I mean....can you really blame her? He's kind of a cutie.



    They were about ten minutes into practice...


    ...before Eldridge realised they were all a little distracted.


    "Ok guys." He waived his hands before himself for effect, "What is going on with everyone? You all look like your minds are elsewhere-"

    "Morgan's is-" Xavier snorted beneath his breath loud enough for Morgan to hear.


    Eldridge shot Xavier a look and Xavier had enough sense to shut his mouth. You did NOT mess with the professor or Mischief. Aine's parents may have never used their powers against the students but Eldridge was different. He wouldn't hesitate to 'morphiate' a student into a bunny statue for an entire class if they annoyed him enough.

    "It's out Sim School Sir," Aine pipped up, "He got given some extra credit science projects to do today. We ah-" Aine hesitate when everyone's eyes turned to her, "-um, w-we didn't get enough time to even get them started before class tonight."

    Eldridge nodded his head, rubbing his chin in thought, "Well get them out and let's get going. I can't have you falling behind."

    You could have heard a pin drop. There was audible silence as shock radiated through the group. Sim school was such a touchy subject around the Academy especially when so many of their generation were turning their back on the craft to pursue 'normal lives'. They'd have never dared to see the two worlds cross.

    "Come on," Eldridge clapped his hands, "let get this done."


    Elridge was a bit of a whiz in science and math when he went to Sim School. They were all up until 2am getting their projects finished. Eldridge gained alot of respect in the students eyes. Aine's parents made room for Sim School and no one was every shamed if they made to choice to live a life away from the craft...but they never made room for projects or homework outside of the few hours they were given each afternoon Monday-Friday.

    They wasted no time getting stuck into it.



    Eldridge bounced around helping them all out with their projects...



    They teamed up to help each other finished off as well...



    It was a late night and plentiful needs was definitely used.

  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 893 Member
    edited August 2020
    @Kamio You take some really beautiful pictures :love:
    The magician fight tonight gives some great pictures.
    I can understand Xavier having a crush on Cassandra. She is a very beautiful sim.
    You can safely be proud of your Academy. Both exterior and interior are very nice and emphasize a magical atmosphere.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,577 Member
    I keep thinking Aine looks like Christine from Phantom of the Opera, the live version.
    "There will come a poet, whose weapon is his word. He will slay you with his tongue, a trickster to be sure.
    There will come a ruler whose brow is laid with thorns. He will be your rival and greatest danger in this world.”
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    @Irishsong - I do return. Yay!!! And now that you said that...that is all I can see now. Hahahaha!!!

    @MonaSolstraale - Thank you :) I take waaaaay to many screenshots.
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
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    Glimmerbrook Academy
    Part Four
    You, Me, Them & Us
    Early Spring

    Life was easy and the rhythms familiar and comforting. We studied together, went to sim school together and hung out as a group every moment we got.




    Xavier continued to chase Cassandra and tease Morgan. I'm convinced Morgan and Xavier tease each other, not just because they have fun testing out their Mischief Magics, but because it gets under Cassandra's skin.


    As much as Cassandra refuses to admit any feelings in return for Xavier....she seems to be the most annoyed by their teasing.


    Morgan has got a long way to get before she is on the same level as Xavier. There was a particularly hilarious moment the day before May Day. Morgan tried to get the jump on Xavier and threw a Deliriate spell after he teased her a little too much about her red hair.



    She managed to get him but not before he managed to shoot off his own Chillio spell in return.


    I pretty sure Morgan died of embarrassment when we had to track down Eldridge to use inferniate to dissolve Xavier's ice and save her fingers from freezing off.



    There was no way we were asking my mum for the help. She'd have kicked all of our plumbob's for using those kinds of spells against each other.

    I think she figured out something was going on when Xavier had to be herded inside after wandering around the grounds for the better half of the morning. But you know....we liked to pretend she was none the wiser.


    Alex joined me on a few scouting missions to Spellcaster Alley to try and secure another Phoenix Familiar for Mum's collection.



    She is determined to find one. She hasn't found another one in over 50 years, why she thought my luck would be any different is beyond me....her name is on every waiting list around. I can't say they have been the most glamours times we've spent together.




    But he looks out for me. He is fairly aloof around the others, removed actually and almost cold at times... but when its just us he softens.



    As spellcaster we don't really have the need for sleep. We can keep our bodies going forever...its our minds that tire out. Everyone rests in their own way. Morgan and Xavier go jogging, Cassandra relaxes in a dark room, Alex reads or mindlessly plays chess...



    ....Me, I like to lay out on the grass and watch the stars disappear from the sky as the world awakens around me. I haven't found anything quite like the beginnings of birdsong greeting the rising sun.



    Things only really started to change the Friday after May Day. We went to Glimmberbrook tavern as a group following a challenging week at school.


    Xavier challenged Morgan to a game of fooseball and Alex and I jumped in as back up.



    Cassandra tapped in at one stage to replace me...


    ...and we absolutely obliterated them. The boys were none to impressed with that I can assure you.


    My parents and Eldridge ended up coming to the tavern not to long after we were there....


    If I am being honest...I really only think, things happened the way that they did because they showed up.

    Morgan suggested we play a game of darts which we were all keen on...



    No one was really keeping score. We were just mucking around and having fun. It was fine...until Morgan shot a flirty wink Xavier's way and he reciprocated it.


    I know you'd like to think it is because there was genuine interest there...but to anyone who knew to look beyond the surface it was plain to see what was going on.

    Morgan knew Eldridge was watching and I think Xavier was at a point where he'd take whatever he could get.


    Unrequited love will do that to you and neither of them were getting anything from the people they wanted. Cassandra didn't really notice anything until Xavier put his arm around Morgan...


    ...the way her face fell made my heart hurt for her. She was miserable for the rest of the evening.


    I think that was the start of it all. I can't say why...but that's when things changed.







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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,166 Member
    edited August 2020
    Also....please enjoy this blooper. I though it was hilarious. They had all just gotten brooms...and well this happened when they were heading home after the tavern and had had enough of walking...


    Mid air collision....for Xavier, Morgan, Aine and Alex.

    Cassandra meanwhile, is killing it.


    the landing.....if you can even call it that.




  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,577 Member
    Lol, I love the bloopers! And Cassandra should have a serious convo with Xavier about the state of things.
    "There will come a poet, whose weapon is his word. He will slay you with his tongue, a trickster to be sure.
    There will come a ruler whose brow is laid with thorns. He will be your rival and greatest danger in this world.”
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