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Hint at a Vacation Pack In Nifty Knitting?

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,764 Member
Sims who complete the lord/lady of the knits aspiration get the 'sacred knitting knowledge' trait and in the description of this trait it says that sims with this trait:

 "have the ability to craft unique knitted items, like a very special companion from a strange land, or the Forbidden Sweater which, honestly, is forbidden for a reason…"

the wording "companion from a STRANGE LAND" seems odd. Maybe a hint at a vacation pack?

Actually I know I'm probably stretching here since it's been pointed out that the "special companion" is probably Yarny who is straightforwardly from a strange land... So, feel free to shoot me down. Starting to think it's not a hint at anything :D


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