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Whats your favorite way of killing of sims?



  • DonLandgraabDonLandgraab Posts: 20 Member
    Just lately I've had a blood thirsty vampire family trying to assert dominance by picking off strategical targets.

    Sacrificial's Extreme Violence Mod has a "Drain All Blood" option and a "Slay Vampire" option.
  • superkyle221superkyle221 Posts: 1,028 Member
    My favorite isn't on the list, but it's waiting until winter and then having them freeze to death.
  • EliteGirlEliteGirl Posts: 78 Member
    edited June 8
    I prefer to keep my sims alive if they are good looking and haven't had kids yet. After they had kids and I have no use for them, then I kill them off by making them elders at the end of their life. I also kill off ugly sims, too. I know it sounds shallow, but I don't like sims that are ugly (no offense).

    But the option of "Death By Woohoo" isn't on here. "Death By Woohoo" seems interesting to me. If "Death By Woohoo" were a poll option, I'd select that.
  • Patch__2008Patch__2008 Posts: 493 Member
    Having them laugh to death is always the most entertaining to me. It's also one of the quicker ways to off a Sim lol
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  • Patch__2008Patch__2008 Posts: 493 Member
    Camkat wrote: »
    I guess pufferfish is the most amusing to me and it's kind of like a death lottery. Who will survive? Hahah

    How chaotic lol
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  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 4,254 Member
    The reason I bought city living
  • SuzyCue72SuzyCue72 Posts: 511 Member
    I didn't vote because I never kill any of my cute little sims. Instead I always try to keep them alive. I've had aging turned off since day one, and I usually put at least a couple of death flowers in their inventory. Long Live The Sims! :)
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,139 Member
    All the above and any of Sacrifical's mods ways to die, life force drained from a vampire and of course magic. In fact, I don't have a favourite way of killing off sims.
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  • Queen1kob1_Queen1kob1_ Posts: 7 New Member
    I haven’t killed off any sims until recently when I tried out the black widow challenge and gave bad puffer fish! I can’t believe the ghost sim doesn’t hold a grudge or anything ... I mean this sim is the cause of your death but you still love them ..?? But odd.
  • bees123bees123 Posts: 12 New Member
    I love making restaurants that only serve poorly made pufferfish and watching half the Sim world die off, but making a secret underground fight club with Get Together was very fun. Obviously I couldn't make them actually fight, so I made them tell jokes until all but one died of hysteria
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,947 Member
    edited July 30
    I have NRAAS. (City Hall>Master Controller>Town>Total Annihilation)
    The "nuclear" option when you just don't want ANY sims wandering in your world any more.
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  • amp107amp107 Posts: 141 Member
    I always feel so bad if I have to kill a sim...but, if it must be done...the complant is the way to go in my opinion :D It's efficient and silly, not too morbid, and it leaves a nice vial of essence for the surviving sims to utilize.

    My second preferred method would be bad pufferfish. Quick and easy deaths where I don't have to watch the sim suffer. I can't handle starvation or drowning - I always end up saving the sim because I feel too bad about it! lol
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 338 Member
    Drowning is my favourite way of killing Sims (for added drama). Second favourite method: Fire. Usually I allow my Sims to die of Old Age
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  • franka44021franka44021 Posts: 113 Member
    I rarely kill off Sims anymore, but starvation was a favorite.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 3,865 Member

    Modded ways that are even a surprise to me.
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 1,428 Member
    edited August 14
    Sunlight cause the ghost looks awesome
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,182 Member
    I just do my best to keep them alive
  • gothbuniegothbunie Posts: 43 Member
    My fav is death by cowplants. Most of the time I use drowning cuz it's the easiest.
  • candy8candy8 Posts: 3,801 Member
    Drowning is the fastest for me any way I use starvation if they do something I dont 'like and I want to get rid of them to punish them.
  • troshalomtroshalom Posts: 697 Member
    This is a sadistic thread.

    I let sims die naturally.
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  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 965 Member
    I have a little too much fun with Pufferfish Ngiri.

    I also find it the most fun as it's the easiest way of killing other sims, locking a sim in a pool for 12 hours gets boring pretty quickly. Whereas with pufferfish, just open a restaurant with one menu option and it's a fun game of luck! Who's gonna get out alive? Nobody knows!
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  • alliehuealliehue Posts: 16 Member
    I'm like many of you who do not like to kill something you work so hard on.

    I did have a fireman Sim trying to put out a fire he died I was just floored I was so mad and cuz I worked so hard you know.

    But I have built a room before and Sims one without a door I don't remember if I let it die or not but I've been considering it so reading through your posts have been quite insightful.
  • adduapinaadduapina Posts: 530 Member
    Drowning. A legendary way to go lol. Pufferfish is nice too.

    I used to favor fire (as in fireworks inside a room) for a long time in the previous installments.
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  • SavorySageSavorySage Posts: 69 Member
    The option I like for killing off my sim wasn't on the list. So my option, is to use the wishing well as a way to kill off my sim, when and if I am in that mood. You never know what you are going to get and when the death of a sim will come. It could be by fire, anger or laughing to death. Those are the three I have seen so far.
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 70 Member
    Is laughing to death a thing? how do I do this? lol
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