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separate categories for pack discussions again please?

I know there are 3 categories: Expansion pack, game packs,stuff packs - but it was much easier to look for info on a certain pack when each expansion, game and stuff pack had their own discussion.

When looking for discussions on Cats & Dogs or Seasons, it's so frustrating when all the most recent posts are about the most recent packs.


  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,434 EA Community Manager
    Hi @flippinmary,

    @lisasc360 remembers well, we used to have a category per pack back in the day. This was changed some years ago, and I don't think we will go back to that in the future.

    While I understand where the idea comes from, having too many categories on the forums makes them difficult to navigate. If we created a system like that, most of the categories for older packs would have very low activity, and the forums would end up very cluttered.

    Imagine the opposite situation: you are not looking for discussions on a specific pack, but you want to see what discussions are going on related to The Sims 4 packs. You would have to visit many different categories (one per pack) to see which ones have active discussions that catch your interest.

    My recommendation if you want to search for discussions regarding a specific topic is using the search tool. Advanced search has some pretty neat filters. Some tips:
    • You can select which categories you want to search in. Remember to select 'search subcategories', if you are not searching in a single subcategory already.
    • You can choose to search only 'discussions' - this will return only topics, and not replies to them.
    • 'Date within' is very handy to limit your search to recent threads. For example, you can select to search for posts within 1 month of 'today', and that will only give you comments posted in the last month.
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