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Weird mandatory update?

MaggiedollMaggiedoll Posts: 241 Member
It's telling me that I must update at exactly 9 PM EST? I'll be locked out as of then, but can't update it an hour earlier?

There are plenty of "must update by.." software updates.. but does anybody have any idea what it even means to have an exact time like that? Restatging now apparently doesn't help. It has to be... 9pm EST. Exactly?


  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,528 Member
    For the sims?
  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 910 Member
    fullspiral wrote: »
    For the sims?

    An Origin client update from the looks of it. i haven't seen any patches for TS4 yet now i got that laptop in some working order.
    There would also be some notification here on the forums about it as well if there were a patch.
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 502 Member
    From what I understand, it's an Origin update, not a Sims update. I can't seem to find what it is about, but if you close your game and restart the Origin client, it should be fine, even before 9pm. It's just that if it's not done by 9pm, they will put you in offline mode (no gallery etc.). I'd recommend you restart Origin right away. It doesn't seem to be a very heavy update, as it took only a minute to download and install here.
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  • CaprianaBCaprianaB Posts: 385 Member
    I updated my Origin account, and now it's telling me I have no games. I went to the EA site and see my base game and the free holiday pack listed. I'm so confused. How can I re-add my game and all my packs to origin?
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,701 Member
    they must be preparing for the tiny living sp next week i do not know
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition please note that it is also to keep the gallery

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  • MaggiedollMaggiedoll Posts: 241 Member
    Seems to be working now... But yes, it had to be restarted at 9 PM EST. Restarting it "right away" did not count. It had to be at that time, not before. I don't recall any other updates for any program or game having that kind of requirement.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 505 Member
    I got the same thing. Just updated my Origin (it was 8 pm for me). It took a minute or two but have no idea why it was needed...
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,513 Member
    I noticed every time there is a Windows update, Origin has an update shortly after. (Within a day or so)
    That's all it is, I think.
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  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,601 Member
    edited January 16
    Everything had updates. Windows, Dell, NVidea, plus Origin updated three times in four days on my PCs, along with updates for various other programs I use so that's pretty much how I've spent my time the past few days. We've been stuck at home, snowed in because the plows are busy trying to keep the main roads and highways open. No power outages this year, so that's a plus. If we had to we'd be able to get out in our big truck, but with three feet of snow on the ground, staying home is just a smart move given the condition of the roads. I would have preferred playing my games to dealing with the updates though. As soon as a Windows update drops it seems everyone has to update around the same time. The Origin ones were a bit much because it happened three different times on different days. Not sure what was up with that. But it borked my Sims4 desktop shortcuts again so I had to create new ones after each update. Whenever I see the notification Windows has a new update available I know I am going to be scrambling for a day or two because we have a lot of devices using the Windows OS. Hubby is a structural engineer but he is lost when it comes to anything related to computers so it falls on me to get every device we own up to date and running smoothly. It'd be helpful if these updates didn't randomly change settings, bork shortcuts, turn off security programs, or basically act as if my devices are not private devices and they have permission to do anything they want while rummaging around in my private files and programs. And it's been a huge problem since Windows 10 came along. Since Microsoft has recently dropped support for Windows 7, and I have one PC that is still using that OS, I am going to be forced to upate it to Windows 10.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,513 Member
    @Paigeisin5 I've been dealing with ice and snow myself. I'm curious where you're at.
    Anyways. Yes, Windows 10 forces updates and has reduced privacy. Something to do with the "Patriot Act". I think.
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  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,601 Member
    Admiral8Q wrote: »
    @Paigeisin5 I've been dealing with ice and snow myself. I'm curious where you're at.
    Anyways. Yes, Windows 10 forces updates and has reduced privacy. Something to do with the "Patriot Act". I think.

    Yes, just one of the liberties we've relinguished for the sake of national security: Our right to privacy. I live in the foothills not far from Seattle, and we experienced a sudden winter blast of cold and snow a few days ago. We often get snowed in during the winter so it was no suprise it happened. Just a few days of inconvenience. But being snowed in has it's perks. LOL It forces us to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings.
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