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Blueprint Builds


  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 435 Member
    My first entry!

    Challenge Number: 5 March
    Origin ID: Takissis
    Gallery Name of Build: Blueprint Challenge March
    Gallery Link:[url="https://www.ea.com/en-au/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/9B99E927728D11EA8DD63A0A7F8BC425?[/url]
    Additional Notes: 1 paint by reference painting by me
    Space for Pictures:

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,195 Member
    Blueprint Challenge March is a lovely family home! @Takissis :) Very nice wraparound porch and the flowers on the edges and flower box windows are very pretty! Very nice pool area! Sims will enjoy swimming in pool or relaxing poolside on the loungers. Very nice glasshouse and gardening area! Sims will enjoy growing plants there. Kids will have fun on the swings. Very lovely furnishing of the interior! The blue and brown colours are lovely! Very nice computer study desk area between the bookcases.
    It is a very nice family home! :)
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    Beautiful home @Takissis ! Thanks for joining in the challenge :)
  • LionessInMNLionessInMN Posts: 478 Member
    edited March 30
    This was a really fun challenge. I decided to try to build a magical house! I rotated the house on the lot, but other than that the floor plan is the same. Here is my entry:

    Challenge Number: 5 (March)
    Origin ID: Nihlia
    Gallery Name of Build: Enchanted Blush
    Gallery Link: Enchanted Blush
    Imgur Gallery




  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 435 Member
    This is lovely! I love it.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,195 Member
    Enchanted Bush is a lovely magical family home! @LionessInMN :) Very lovely exterior design and great roofing! The curved windows are very nice! Very pretty statue and water fountains feature! The magical garden area with the cauldron. spell book and flowers over the stone arches looks great! Very nice furnishing of the interior! The pink and white colour scheme is very pretty! Very nice floor rugs. The back patio is very nice for Sims to enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating outdoors in the air. They will enjoy having drinks from the bar. Sims will enjoy relaxing in the hot tub. The blossoms and the flowers through the outside areas are pretty!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    Great job @LionessInMN I love the magical garden!
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,187 Member
    @LionessInMN love it, especially the magical garden. Very creative.
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 480 Member
    @Becka28 I really like the slatted roof over the entry way of your house. And the ladybug rugs in the kids' room are such a cute touch!

    @darrenfroggy Your house is an example of monochrome color scheme done really well. You have enough variations in the shades of gray and enough pattern and texture detail in rugs and other decor to keep it interesting. I like it!

    @Takissis A really nice house! I love the greenhouse and pool area, and the wrap around porch.

    @LionessInMN Your magic house is adorable. That peaked roofline for some reason, just says "magic" and "whimsy" to me. :smiley: That potion making area outside is gorgeous! And I really like your interior color choices.

    Excited to see what April's challenge is!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    edited April 1
    Thank you to everyone who took the time to create such beautiful entries for this month’s challenge. I have really enjoyed seeing all the different ideas that you all come up with every month! I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new challenge :)

    @icanhassims Your contemporary desert home looks very nice! I like how you added the driveway to the front of the house and the nice brown colors on the exterior looks great especially with the windows you chose. Great idea to have an above ground pool in the back yard. The inside looks very nice as well with the pops of color that you have added to complement the brown nicely. I really like that you added a nice sitting area in the master bedroom. Great job!

    @sparklili Pastel pebbles is a very nice cozy modern desert home. The exterior is so nice with the soft pastel colors and the pool with the curved fence around the one side looks great! The Yard looks so warm and inviting. The inside is decorated beautifully, again the soft colors look so very nice. The purple bedroom is my favorite 😊 and I love the way that you combined the rugs together in the master bedroom. Very well done!

    @MikkiMikkiMikkiM Your home looks lovely! The yard looks like it has a lot of fun activities for a family to enjoy and the deck looks great with the vines growing up the wall. I like that you added a car port as well. I really love what you have done with the living room and your headboards in the bedrooms are so creative! It is also very nice that you have included items for a pet <3

    @nali272 your home looks like a lovely place for a family to live. You have made a beautiful backyard with a wonderful pool area. I love the wraparound deck and the glass rail that you chose. Great lighting at night as well! The inside looks nice and bright. I love the blue rug in the living room and the tile on the kitchen walls suits the house very nicely. I like that you can see the personality in each bedroom. Great job!

    @CharmedSlayer6 Your house is beautiful! I love the curved deck that you added to the front of the house and the black color that you chose for it is great. Nice idea to add a skylight to the house and the hot tub in the back is perfect. The interior looks really nice as well. I especially love the grey brick that you used for the smaller bedrooms and the texture of the walls for the main living area. It is very nice that you created a family for your house 😊

    @MonaSolstraale Your North Sea Cabin looks very inviting! I love the fire pit area in the yard and the pool is great! Inside, you have done a wonderful job of decorating, all the little details are wonderful. I really like the rugs and the colors that you have used. They definitely give it that warm cabin feeling. I love that you added a picture of the cat 😊 Very well done!

    @JojoMOMSTER You r Library in da hood is such a great idea! The colors make it look very much like a community lot and would definitely draw me in! It is great that you have added a playground, basketball court and an observatory for the sims to enjoy. I think you have all the needs covered on the inside. I love that you even added a family bathroom. I think the basement with the rec room is especially great. You have made a wonderful library!

    @pearlbh Great job for creating your build without the shell! Rooms for rent is a lovely home! The exterior looks so nice and cozy and I really like that you added the dormers. It gives it a nice touch. I like how sleek and clean it looks on the inside, and for some reason I love the geometric flooring in the one bedroom, it really works well in there. Very nicely done!

    @GlacierSnow Artist’s urban hideaway is so very nice! I love that you used the blueprint to make a penthouse. The outside areas look like a great place to relax and do some gardening as well. On the inside I really love the colors that you chose. The tile is great and the round purple rug looks so impressive! I think it is great that you made two of the bedrooms into their art and music studios. Fabulous job!

    @nucleonide Mahi-Mahi is a beautiful beach house (and family as well)! Great idea to use only base game and island living. I love the rustic metal roofing and the beautiful deck that you have on this house, and the interior looks so nice. Very rustic and beachy. Great use of clutter throughout the house and it was so nice to see your family enjoying it as well. Great job!

    @luckyheather What a beautiful basegame modern home! I love the different textures of grey that you have used on the exterior and the pond that you have created is simply just great! The interior looks so nice and light and fresh. I love the way you have made the entrance go into a beautiful entertaining room and the feature walls with brick are great. All the artwork that you have added to the house is superb and adds such a nice touch! Wonderfully done!

    @joRN1414 Twisted Lane is a very nice house for Strangerville. The landscaping in your yard suits the town very nicely. The interior of the house looks very nice with the colors that you chose as well as the rustic floorboards. Removing the one bedroom to place your kitchen there looks very nice as well. Great idea to add a secret basement to the house! It is perfectly cluttered with all sorts of treasures 😊 A perfect basement bunker! Wonderful job!

    @Becka28 Oasis Springs Basegame looks so good! I like that you have added a covered entry to the exterior of the house and the stone, siding and columns look wonderful. The back-yard patio looks great and the plants are such a nice touch. On the interior the expanded kitchen looks great! I love that you chose to decorate in red and also added the office area. The lady bug bedroom is so cute and the master bathroom looks so grand. Beautifully done!

    @darrenfroggy Your Monochrome house looks very nice with the simple color scheme. The greenery added to the exterior of the house is wonderful and I like the greenhouses that you have added to the back yard! The black and white interior looks very nice! I really like that you extended the kitchen counter over the side wall and your dining room table is my favorite. The way you have laid out the bedrooms works so well; you were able to fit so many nice things in the rooms. Very nice job!

    @Takissis Your house looks wonderful! I love the wraparound deck that you have made and the back yard is so lovely with the hedged in pool area and the greenhouse! The interior of the house is decorated very nicely and I really like that you used the large bedroom as a living room and made the front entrance through there. Great idea to turn the bathroom into an office! I like that you included a paint by reference made by yourself. Very well done!

    @LionessInMN Enchanted Blush is a lovely magical house! The colors on the exterior are beautiful and I really love the landscaping with the fountain and the magical garden. The rounded deck looks very nice and you added my favorite, a hot tub 😊 It is nice that you kept with the pink throughout the interior as well. The bedrooms look very nice and I like how you created the kitchen with the dining room beside, making room for a chess and office area in the middle. Great job!

    @jadeiam Your Mid-Century Moderna home is so nice! You have done a wonderful job of the landscaping and your front entrance is just great! The exterior of the house suits the world so nicely. I love the way you have decorated the interior. The oranges on the wall in the kitchen are a great idea and the retro furniture looks great as well. Great use of colors and clutter throughout the house! Very beautifully done!

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  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,103 Member
    Thank you, I can't wait for April
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  • jadeiamjadeiam Posts: 146 Member
    I managed to get it on the gallery in time but am a day late to do the post, works been crazy lately!
    I also decided to flip this blueprint back to front, hope that's ok :)
    Can't wait for April's Blueprint, loving this monthly challenge! Looooove seeing all the different designs people create using the same house plan, so much fun checking them all out.

    Challenge Number: BB5
    Origin ID: jadeiam
    Gallery Name of Build: Mid-Century Moderna
    Gallery Link: Mid-Century Moderna
    Link to slideshow: Mid-Century Moderna - Slideshow
    Additional Notes: Blueprint Builds, one of my favourite ways to build! If you enjoy bringing house plans to Simlife then check out the monthly blueprint challenge on the Sims4 Forums. Mid-Century Moderna was built from this months challenge. A lowset design with open plan living, 3 bedrooms, awesome entertaining area and pool, and take a look at those cactii! Your Simling will love it :)


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,195 Member
    Mid Century Moderna is a lovely family home! @jadeiam :) Very nice exterior design, sloped roofing and lovely cactus plants on the edges of the home. Very nice outdoors areas! Very nice pool, outdoors dining and bbq area, and hot tub patio. The interior furnishings are lovely! Very nice orange, blue and white colours, and the wooden texture of the furnishings is calming.Very nice living room sitting area for Sims to enjoy watching tv and reading books together. Very nice leafy wall pattern in the master bedroom.
    It is a very nice mid century home for a family :)
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 480 Member
    That's a really cool house @jadeiam ! There's something about brick and wood textures together that I just love, and I like your color choices too. I feel like I would be instantly comfortable in that house. The living room/dining room/kitchen area is beautiful.
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    Ack! I'm so sorry @Takissis One of my fears has actually happened, forgetting someone :( I will add you to my post
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    Beautiful build @jadeiam I have added you to my post along with the others :)
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    April Challenge


    The challenge for April is to use this blueprint to design a home. This is a classic blueprint of a Victorian house. There is only one bathroom and houses were built a little differently back then. You can choose to restore this home to its original beauty OR do some renovations; remove interior walls or add some bathrooms. I only ask that you please keep the exterior shape the same as it is on the drawing. Your build can be on any size lot and any style you choose. There is no budget for this build. Please do not use any custom content and hashtag with #BB6 and #aljay2000 when you upload it to the gallery. If you wish to make a household for your new build, please feel free to do that as well!

    If you need a starting point, I have uploaded a shell to the gallery for you to use. BlueprintBuilds – April Shell This is just a guide and can be put on any size lot with any wall and foundation height.

    Have fun! I look forward to seeing your designs!
  • nucleonidenucleonide Posts: 183 Member
    I didn't have time to comment on everyone's builds. But I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of March's entries. Great ideas that I want to steal for inspire my next entry. Also, I'm itching to make a build in Oasis Springs now :D

    @AlJay: Does "exterior shape" include the roofing (I plan on using the base shell you made as usual)?
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  • TakissisTakissis Posts: 435 Member
    nucleonide wrote: »
    I didn't have time to comment on everyone's builds. But I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of March's entries. Great ideas that I want to steal for inspire my next entry.

    This made me chuckle.
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    Nope @nucleonide it doesn't include the roof. Go ahead and rip it off :)
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 951 Member
    edited April 2
    Oh @AlJay you know me and historic house plans. You have posted the irrisistable.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my library!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 700 Member
    I'm glad you are looking forward to it :)@JojoMOMSTER
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 303 Member
    Challenge Number: 6
    Gallery name of room: Classic Victorian
    Origin id: icanhassims

    Top-down views (2 photos)

    First floor (5 photos)

    Second floor (5 photos)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,195 Member
    Classic Victorian is a lovely Victorian family home! @icanhassims :) Very nice exterior design,roof tower and pretty flower windows and flowers on home edges! Very nice outdoors dining and laundry area. The garden tools are homely on the wall. Very nice sitting area on front porch. The interior furnishings are lovely! Very nice wall patterns and the type of furnishings suit a Victorian home well. Very nice fireplace sitting area for Sims to chat in front of the fire. The candles are a calming touch on the dining table. Lovely furnishing of the kitchen! The wooden texture of the furnishings is very nice and nice homely kitchen items on the kitchen counters. The fridgenook is great! Very lovely design and furnishing of the bedrooms! The colourful rugs, cute animal chair and heart teddy in the kids rooms are very nice! Very nice computer study desk nooks in the rooms.
    It is a very nice family home :)
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