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    I like a lot of them. I'm not bothered by houses having a lot of empty space because I can fill them up myself little by little. I don't like too much clutter anyway. Also I tend to concentrate on Sims and their actions and relationships on community lots, so the lots don't always have to be pretty.

    My favorites are:
    Rattlesnake Juice bar in Oasis Springs (it's very cozy and I take my Sims there quite often).
    Springscape home in Oasis Springs (lots of space for a garden and I can have a big Sim family in one story, easy to play).
    Brook Bungalow home in Willow Creek (very well functioning home, I tend to change the furniture, though).
    Blue Velvet nightclub in Willow Creek (if I want my Sim to get to know a lot of Sims, this place works well, also great place for pianists to rehearse).
    The Narwhal Arms nightclub in Windenburg (also great place for Sims to get to know other Sims and I like it more than the other nightclub in Windenburg).
    Straud Mansion in Forgotten Hollow (nicely decorated home for vampires).
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    Most of them, honestly, because they don't use that awful MOO cheat and cause routing issues for my sims.
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    I love the spooky public pool in TS3 Supernatural (Midnight Hollow). My first thing when pools in TS4 came out was to build a remake.
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    My favourite residential lots are the Windenburg starter, the Strangerville trailer, and the house in the Spice District of San Myshuno.

    I like to add a rock climbing wall to the Oasis Springs gym because I like watching sims use it.

    I don’t get why people get so annoyed over the starter houses using base game furnishings, especially since the stuff added in packs is usually way more expensive.
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    There are actually quite a few lots that I like. I usually keep them (or add them) to my saves and just update or change them up a bit. I added a picture of each lot under the spoilers.

    Our Cozy Home - can be downloaded on the gallery from the Maxis account

    Commodious Residence - was added to the library with the Parenthood pack

    Vintage Villa - it's the Goth's family home, updated by SimGuruGraham (I think?) for the Vintage Glamour SP

    Stargazer Lounge - in San Myshuno. I changed into a restaurant, but pretty much left the layout the same. I love to take my Sims there for romantic dates

    Skye Fitness - in San Myshuno. Again, I changed it up a bit (added a glass roof for Seasons, because I also placed yoga mats on the top floor) but always keep the layout

    There are more, but these are the ones I thought of first.

    If I just posted an outfit you like, I have good news - there is more where that came from!
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    I don't really remember but as long as its not oversized i usually find them good enough with some renovations
    (oversized ones i just bulldoze)

    i do really love vatores house tho
    and straud mansion and goths house
    its all rather playable even without renovating (even if my inner builder wants to renovate all and everything regardless of how good it is)

    and i think i ended up bulldozing almost everything in brindleton (oops)

    but i still like having premade houses even if they are not the best looking
    gives me ideas
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    I like a few of the mid-century builds in Oasis Springs.
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    Perfect Balance Spa from Spa Day is my favorite.


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