Who to pair with Brandi and why?



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    I play Pleasantview with La Fiesta Tech. I am not sure what to do with Brandi in my present game, though.

    You might look into the male sims in the fraternity.

    I forgot the "why". Brandi needs some help with the children, and a teenager should not spend his time raising his brothers. Sims graduated from college have a chance of better careers than other sims, meaning they add more funds to the household.

    Thinking about it, the male sim from college might be Dustin, provided room can be found for his girlfriend, too.

    So far, Dustin is still in love with Angela Pleasant. On the other hand, they live together with seven playable sims more in a dormitory, and just started their fifth semester. They have to leave campus in 17 simdays which is a long time in Sims 2.
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    I would create a new sim for Brandi to be involved with, considering I don't think they are any real suitable matches in the neighbourhood that I'm aware of. Darren Dreamer also in my mind belongs with Cassandra.
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    I usually let Brandi be John's side chick because she'll roll wants for more kids, not to get remarried. They usually have a lot of bolts for each other and John also rolls wants for kids, and Jennifer rolls fears. Everyone is happy that way.

    Incidentally, Brandi is almost friends with Nina Caliente, who is a Romance Sim with the Woohoo 20 Sims LTW. At some point, it's a matter of convenience to hook them up. They look kind of bored together. I have a screenshot somewhere, I took pictures of all 20 of Nina's partners when I completed her LTW before.
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