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Thoughts on remaking parts of Sims 2 in Sims 3

DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
So ive been remaking bits and pieces of Sims 2 and its spinoff Stories games inside Sims 3 for some time now, as a lot of people have done. I believe my initial inspiration was the bits and pieces of the families from Sims 1 and the first three neighbourhoods from 2 that kept popping up in the worlds of 3, usually younger versions of premade families (We got everyone but the Oldies from Pleasantview, and the Grunts, Smiths, Loners and most of Singles from Strangetown were missing, pretty much all of Veronaville was accounted for)

Barnacle Bay and Riverview of note, had the only sims from AFTER Sims 2, Don Lothario and the Caliente sisters, with Don being explained by timetravel. Barnacle Bay being in the same timeline as Sims 2, gave me an idea on how to change the University so it didn't inexplicably have the same students as Sunset Valley 50 years ago, all the same age. I was playing Sims 2 at the time, going through its university as the premades, getting them all out into the main neighbourhoods so that the exclusive careers actually had some use, and I got to thinking, what would it be like to play these same sims, in the same dorm, in Sims 3, with its different mechanics and open world? So I started revamping Barnacle Bay's university, tearing down the homes from 50 years ago, taking down the dorms, and started making the same sims I had played in 2, in the next game in the series.

Its not as easy as I thought it was in my head; Sims 3 has very different looking faces, a lot of the iconic details of sims I could not reproduce, and often clothing has no similar match, resulting in some conversions I wasn't too happy with, but could still hopefully be identified as 'hey, its that one guy from Sims 2 Uni!' Then you have the traits and favourite colours and foods and music, and how to take Sims 2's aspiration and personality points, and try to fill in blanks as best you can. Lifetime Wants from 2 are terribly designed and often nonsensical, so those arent always something to follow either; far too many good sims in Sims 2, have Criminal Mastermind set for example, clashing with their entire character. Vincent Moore from Sims Life Stories is a great example, no way would he ever be the type to want a life of crime. Interests are generally a non-factor, especially since you have little to no control over them, and don't assign them at creation. All too often you had a premade cook who was all about food in thier bios and family descriptions, but had no Interest in it :p So I only ever look to those if I have no clue how to fill out trait slots. For university, I handled the extra social trait slot the same way that Sims 2 does with its extra want slot; only those premades that started with the extra slot, get the extra trait by default, like Jane Stacks.

Lot building has been very fun, the more realistic and darker graphics of Sims 3 have lead to some of my favourite lots from 2 to come to life in new ways, but im constantly frustrated by obvious buildmode items that EA left out; there are so many weird one-off windows for example, not a single good size two-wide window, everything has to be GIANT and spanning the entire wall or some cultural oddity with a specialised use. Ive had to overuse Bahaus(?) windows quite a lot, even though they often dont 'fit', but theres no other option! There are also some things that cannot be replicated, like certain staircases, as Sims 3 requires one extra open tile above, and things like clothing stores and grocery stores will require a bit of reimagining. I havent actually gotten to community lots yet aside from the Secret Society lots, which I converted into Lounges with exclusive areas for celebrities, but i'll likely tackle one of the two Strangetown lots soon, probably the pool (Which brings me to mention...that Sims 3 does not have any cactuses, at all D:)

I wish I could use Create-A-World, I can likely recreate the entirety of the Sims 2 neighbourhoods with enough effort and drive, but without a recreated world to populate with them, will feel odd personally, to put things in existing worlds. I remade every single thing in the Sims 2 Tutorial World already, and every playable sim from Wanmami Island, and dont see myself stopping anytime soon. I plan to at least bring the Stories sims to 3, as so few Sims players have experienced those families, and EA is unlikely to ever reference them (I dont think they even acknowledge the extra 3 neighbourhoods from 2, come to think of it, its always the original 3 from 2 + the Sims 1 neighbourhood)

Anyone else recreated people or lots from Sims 2, or even 1? Interested in hearing from other points of view, given that im an insane completionist with it and go so far as to recreate each outfit each sim had, and even keeping design flaws intact in some cases :p



Two homes from Strangetown that ive built in Sims 3 in Lucky Palms, both with some necessary changes and a couple of adaptions. For example, the house with the basement, now has a REAL basement that can be expanded, and I needed to use some building cheats to accomplish that. The Curious family house has a little extra area on the roof that is visible in the screenshot, which was neccessary due to weather; otherwise every time it rained the house would flood :D (I even went out of my way to make the tile maze keep the same tile elevations the Sims 2 version does)


  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,044 Member
    Yes, I have built many things from the other games into newer games. It's done often by many people. I like to see if I can do it. I spend time counting tiles, lol, to see how close I can come to the actual size and build of a lot from TS1 or TS2. Yours look great!
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,777 Member
    Hi :)

    I've not tried to do all of them. I didn't play all of the neighborhoods nor families.
    I did recreated my share of Sims 2 Sims and I recreated Twikkii Island (with additional areas) with CAW. I didn't worry as much about getting their personalities just right because I couldn't.

    There are several maps made from TS/2 for TS3.

    Your lots look Wonderful. :+1:
  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,224 Member
    I am a sims 3 fan and I love your lots ^^ :)
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    edited July 4
    I spent the last few days playing Sims 2 on PSP, with its extra areas of Strangetown not seen on PC, and im looking into making some of the stuff from that in 3, to go alongside my PC Strangetown lots and sims. Its even more of a challenge, as Sims 2 PSP was a very different engine.

    A Strangetown made today in CAW would need the original long road, an area for the workplaces, and the PSP exclusive areas of Paradise Place (small grassy residential area) and Deadtree (rundown community area with a bars, library, graveyard and dairy/barn), with Division 47 as a science/military region, probably two or three lots (one for each rabbithole, and the PSP lot with the barracks and lab, which were both basement areas)

    I even have an idea on how I might be able to do Roberta Rossum (Robot wife thats human on the outside and can usually pass as a human) and Lincoln Broadsheet (disabled guy in a wheelchair, who in Sims 2 PSP hovers about like a ghost thanks to a special belt
    Cinebar wrote: »
    Yes, I have built many things from the other games into newer games. It's done often by many people. I like to see if I can do it. I spend time counting tiles, lol, to see how close I can come to the actual size and build of a lot from TS1 or TS2. Yours look great!

    for Sims 2/Stories, tile counting isnt as difficult, theres a button in build mode that shows the lot dimensions, you just have to subtract ten from it, as it includes the unbuildable road area (30x40 is generally a 30x30 lot for example). Im gonna need to download a custom lot size mod for the Grunt family though, thier home is an odd size that Sims 3 cant make on its own. That or, I shrink their lot down, as the obstacle course isnt in sims 3, but that damages the authenticity approach im trying to do :p
    Rflong7 wrote: »
    Hi :)

    I've not tried to do all of them. I didn't play all of the neighborhoods nor families.
    I did recreated my share of Sims 2 Sims and I recreated Twikkii Island (with additional areas) with CAW. I didn't worry as much about getting their personalities just right because I couldn't.

    There are several maps made from TS/2 for TS3.

    Your lots look Wonderful. :+1:

    Twikkii Island and the vacation destinations are probably the biggest hurdles for me, so much stuff there is non-standard with no obvious counterpart. I do plan on making the tourist 'families' though, only having them as ACTUAL families this time! (In the original they werent coded properly and werent actually related in any way, was a group of sims sharing a last name >_>)
    I am a sims 3 fan and I love your lots ^^ :)

    Thanks, I recently uploaded the complete set of Sims Life Stories lot bin homes, the game had some designs in there that were totally unique and not seen anywhere else! This is the second time ive made those homes, also rebuilt them in proper Sims 2 :p its slightly disorganised, but every Life Stories lot bin lot should be on the first page. Also has some stuff from my University revamping
  • KaronKaron Posts: 1,508 Member
    I understand why the SimGurus create new worlds and new Sims for new iterations, i just don't understand why they don't remake some of the old stuff as well... The people that doesn't care about the premades/premade worlds just don't care, they don't care if its a new world or a remake, so why they don't give something to us that love playing with premade sims? I would love seeing the future of the roomies from SIms 1 (what happened to them?), what about Jamie Jolina? Did she marry Thornton and got all of his money?... Thta makes me afraid about the Pancakes,a afraid that they are goign to be discarded in Sims 5.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 1,508 Member
    anyway, i love your recreations, i am doing the same in SIms 4. Recreating SIms 1 and Twinbrook lots and families.
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    I have been busy the last few days working on Strangetown content again as a break from the Sims 2 University reimaginings

    A rather easy house to remake, have Ajay Loner already living there. Gotta make his family tree soon.

    The grunt home's exterior is done, and the empty house next door is complete. Even kept in the weird gravel line. The obstacle course is not present in any way in Sims 3, so I will likely make a makeshift pretend one that leads to the rockclimbing store content, I dunno. Also replaced Buzz's punching bag with a martial arts dummy.

    Had to change up a few things here due to design differences in Sims 2 and 3; the front gate of the old version caused noone to be able to actually route into the lot in Sims 3, so its gone. Also added a few railings at the front to match other railings on the raised area, and made the mens bathroom bigger, added gender-locked doors so woman dont wander into the one with the urinals, and converted the redundant bathroom on the far left to a shower room using the communal shower store content. The grocery store is now staffed by a food merchant from WA, with the fridge replaced with a vending machine, and since he EA description calls this lot the Strangetown Spa, I added the spa items to the empty rooms. The townies sure do flock to them!

    This was actually the first strangetown house I rebuilt; couldnt resist trying to rebuild her spooky manor with Sims 3's ghosts. The process of making so many people just to kill them off and stick them in her garden is a long one.

    I also have progress on the Smith house, needs landscaping mostly, and a lot of the second Strangetown community lot is done. Havent even started Loki's house. Still need to finish making the Curious family, and add in the final member of the Singles household, already got Erin, Chloe and Lola in there due to the official version of Erin from Aurora Skies, and all those interlinked relationships with the Curious and Smith family. Ive even made PT9's alien parents and grandparents!
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    I figured that after making the Monty ranch (not complete, only the basics are done) I'd make the OTHER Monty house from the console version of Sims 2 as a challenge.

    Sims 2 on console has massive wide open spaces and minimal decoration, and everything is one story with no roof visible, so theres a lot of room for imagination. This particularhome is supposed to be a cliffside bed and breakfast, one spot in sunset valley was almost perfect for it, but it required shrinking the lot size, and im trying to keep those exactly the same as humanly possible.
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    edited November 11
    Since theres but one desert world for Sims 3 thats actually properly playable, am using this same world for both Strangetown and Mesa Flats content. Today ive worked on the 5 exclusive lots from the Sims Pet Stories lot bin, two of which are meant to be plopped down in Mesa Flats.

    The 'Noveau Chateau'
    In the background you can see a WIP Strangetown lot. I will probably reuse this house to home Edmund Montez and his dog, or Theda Gilbert, the people from Mesa Flats who are homeless and in the lot bin.

    The 'Happening Hacienda'
    This one is pretty similar to the home the main character of Mesa Flat's story lives in, and I had quite a struggle getting that second awning represented, almost gave up on it. Hopefully its not too terrible, Sims 3 has no real awning tool :p

    Have one last home to build, then I'll upload the set of five.
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    Finished all the Stories games lot bin homes. Some of them are pretty neat, the Stories lots tend to have quite a lot of colour to them, and the Pet Stories ones have all been much more advanced than the ones ive been doing for a while. Hopefully someone gets some use out of them.

    The Pet Stories version of the Cape Cod Classic, and why I put PS and LS after the lot bin homes just in case they conflict with the main game. A nice little home intended for Garden Heights. There was a bizarre untextured halfwall in the kitchen that messed up the kitchen counters, due to it being untextured and nonsensical, I removed it and considered it a bug in the design. Theres quite a lot of texturing and build errors among EA's homes afterall.


    The "Modern Riser", this home is an interesting use of space for a small lot, with the double half-gable roof. Thankfully it seems weather cant get inside, had that problem sometimes. There is an awkward looking spot on the second floor where a roof wall meets a real wall with a noticable seam, might have to replace the halfwall by the toilet with a wall wall to hide it. But as usual, I went for as much accuracy as possible.

    The "Green Gables" monster of a home, this home is rather large for a Stories game, and is more expensive than all the others, the original's interior was all classy and rich, guessing you were meant to plop this down in Garden Heights and consider it an upper tier house. Took me forever to finish this one compared to the other 4

    Get the Pet Stories lot bin homes here:

    Will probably get back to Strangetown next; the only house left to finish is the community lot and the Beaker home, after that its just filling out those family trees. Blegh, I have more fun making the homes. Maybe I should make Riley Harlow's home from Life Stories..

  • GoulsquashGoulsquash Posts: 710 Member
    I love it! Instantly recognized the strangetown lots. Never played the stories games, but the lots look lovely :) I'd love to see pictures of the sims you're making as well, if you'd be open to sharing them!
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,777 Member
    It's coming along Awesomely! :cookie:
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    edited November 14
    Goulsquash wrote: »
    I love it! Instantly recognized the strangetown lots. Never played the stories games, but the lots look lovely :) I'd love to see pictures of the sims you're making as well, if you'd be open to sharing them!

    Sure, although Sims 3 sims look VERY different, a lot of people needed large liberties. Ive had a lot of trouble reproducing facial quirks too, like certain noses and chins and so forth. But lets take a look at a certain well-loved family from Strangetown thats coming along quite well and is near 'export' level.

    Everyone's favourite alien who thinks hes blending in with humankind, Pollination Tech#9 Smith! As an actual alien from Seasons. I took a couple of liberties with his skills, he has maxed out Advanced Technology, and his Creativity point is assigned to the Laser Rhythmicon. I have his ENTIRE family tree made with futuristic graves on the lot, players can hide the graves or bury them in the mausoleum, they exist so his family tree appears in full. Technically these graves would be back on his homeworld, not haging around in his pocket or in his attic, but theres no other way to have family trees intact :p

    Jenny Smith is currently the only Curious sibling to be made, Lazlo, Pascal, Vidcund and Tycho will be made at a later date after I finish up editing the Hoggleg ancestors. I gave her the Eco-Friendly tait...just so she can talk to people about going green >.>

    Johnny Smith is a regular sim with his father's skintone (and 19.9% alien DNA, the exact cutoff point to have no alien powers and regular eyes, 20% DNA and higher and you have full on alien powers, black eyes and an echoey voice. EA really should have made it so powers gradually fall off as the DNA dilutes..) on his final day of teenhood, His shirt was pretty impossible to reproduce, but hes recognisable right?

    Jill Smith, like her brother, has 19.9% alien DNA, instead of the 50% she technically should have. Kids have so few options in CAS, so reproducing her was more difficult than it needed to be. I did however sculpt her face as an adult using Sims 2's Adult Jill, so she SHOULD look somewhat accurate once aged up to teen and older. She also has the Pyromaniac trait, since Sims 2 PSP revealed she has pyrokinesis due to her alien heritage.

    PT9 having full alien powers does change the gameplay up quite a bit. But hes also up for housework and gardening almost 24/7 as a result!

    Since Johnny is literally on the verge of young adulthood (for those that have aging on :p) he comes with his Driving skill maxed out and a certificate for players to place. It was neat seeing this.

    Ophelia Nigmos came over to see her boyfriend on prom night, surprised me. Note that her clothing and hair isn't quite right, but that's no fault of mine, gotta work with the assets I have :p

    And finally the actual home itself. Several changes have been made inside; the staircases in Sims 3 cannot have the tiles above covered unlike Sims 2, so the bathroom had to be made smaller and Johnny's access to it has been removed, as two tiles of bathroom were above the stairwell. Secondly, the chess table had to be moved to the spare room, as they cannot be placed in an enclosed three tile room anymore. Not even with moveobjects. Thirdly, the empty little room next to the master bedroom is now a laundry. I love my laundry systems okay? Expect all the old families to have a laundry in their house now. I also place recycling bins when I remember, and move the trash bin an mailbox somewhere 'smart'

    EDIT: Oops, seems I forgot to change the swingset to the Sims 2 colours, and also left the temporary parking space I placed to give Johnny a colour-customised car. Gonna have to fix that. I swear I forget something everytime I think im 'done'

    I'm currently working on the Goth manor from Pleasantview, expanded the graveyard to include Bella's ancestors and the additional Goth family members from all across Sims 3 will be present on the family tree, even Samuel and Olivia from Moonlight Falls. Just hide the graves of Frida, Olivia and Samuel and assume they are still in Moonlight Falls. Something interesting about Frida is that according to Sims 2, she didnt STAY dead in Sims 3, and eventually revived herself and died again as an elder later. Hecuba and Menelaus, Cornelia's cats from Sims 1 are also in the graveyard. I will have to kill off Bella, as theres no way to keep her alive on the family tree but totally unplayable. I intend to keep her as a 'hologram' ghost thats kinda like a living memorial to her, while her REAL self will be alive and well in Strangetown (I intend to put a copy of her in a remake of Espiritu Estate from Sims 2 PSP)
  • GoulsquashGoulsquash Posts: 710 Member
    The Smith family was always my favorite! I always give my sims 3 aliens Hawaiian shirts as a throw back :p you did an awesome job on them!
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  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    A small update, with some older material. Currently working on Olive's graveyard ghosts, so her lot is properly haunted, but progress is slow, lots of other things in life taking up my time.

    Nervous and his father, this is the same Nervous from Midnight Hollow, just aged up.

    Hugh and Lou Thanasia, Hugh is from Midnight Hollow and properly humanised, along with his outfits matching his Sims 2 counterpart. Lou had his character data deleted in Sims 2, so all I had to go on was his mugshot. His grave is now present in her graveyard, in the same spot as the development photo of Olive's graveyard a simguru posted. Knut Futa is also present.

    I edited one of the aliens in the town into Sims 2's Pollination Technician. Due to the nature of Sims 3, he is best added by replacing the body of an exisiting alien in the neighbourhood; Mods seem unable to assign sims to the hidden alien household that governs all the abductions and alien visitors. He will be used to father Tycho Curious once I finish Pascal :p

    Chloe Curious and Erin Beaker chatting outside the Curious home. Erin is her Aurora Skies official appearance, aged up. I only need to make Kristen Loste's family tree and edit the half-alien twins faces a bit, then Singles family is done

    And here is Ajay Loner. His family tree is also in need of construction.

    The Curious family has a full family tree now, and all that needs to be done is tweaking the Curios bro's faces and making baby Tycho. Since Tycho is the canon name, and he is born very quickly after the family is first played, not the mention the nightmare of packaging pregnant sims at proper times and so on, im going to include him as a newborn, premade with a blend of Pascal and the Pollination Technician's DNA, with 50% alien DNA (Sims 3's alien babies are 100% alien DNA and seem to not take DNA from the sim that births them)

    The Smith family is in the final stages of completion

    The Beaker family needs the most work; Circe does not exist yet, the house needs to be finished and furnished, and the family trees of Loki and Circe need to be made (Fortunately, Gundrun and Bjorn exist in Sims 3, so im partway done already)

    The Spectre family is only needing the finished graveyard, as the home, Olive and Ophelia are pretty much perfectly done. Zog and Hecate Nigmos, the parents of Creon Nigmos, did not have tombstones in Olive's garden in Sims 2 at any point of sims 2 development, so I will not place their graves there; they will be in a chest placed on the lot for players to place as they see fit. Also, Lyla Grunt will not be in the graveyard, due to family tree reasons with the Grunt family, but her grave WILL be present with a lightning tomb to identify where it is, if players place both the Grunt and Spectre family in the same world, they can place her grave in the correct spot.

    The Grunt family I have yet to even touch, as not a single member of their family ever existed in Sims 3 as a starting point; their home IS done however. Its going to be strange making them, as the top Military rank is an...astronaut?, and Tank cannot get a military job in this one till hes a young adult.

    And now a small look at my University work, which differs by being less accurate due to everything having to be adapted to fit into Sims University, on the premise of all the students transferring to a new university.

    Here are all 5 student bin sims from Sim State University, they are finished and uploaded to my gallery in multiple forms.

    The big dorm from SSU is present and adapted to fit Sims University's style. It now has a carpark and the bottom floor is adapted to convert the extra dorm rooms into activity rooms for the various groups. Since there is a hard cap of 8 residents in a dorm, extra rooms beyond 8 were wasted visual fluff. now the top floor has 8 dorm rooms, and the ninth is the laundry room.


    A small look at the everyday life of the dorms when in Sims 3's engine, with familiar characters. I quite enjoy how much richer the world feels, and seeing the inactive Sims 2 Uni sims wandering about the world.

    Delilah O'Feefe looks much less dorky in Sims 3. Her small home now has a driveway and a small building out back for her art, and she of course, has a nice yellow car to drive now.
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    Gotta say, im having a lot of trouble with the Grunts. Sims 3 really dropped the ball on the military, Astronaut as the top rank? No real military hairstyles? No camo facepaint? I cannot make Tank and Buzz look right at all. They just look...wrong.

    But at the very least, Buzz has his camo teddy bear from Sims 2 PSP xD
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